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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Abby and Xander talked about Sarah. She was ready for him to leave when he stopped. He said he wanted to do more to help out. She told him that Gwen felt she was coming between them. Xander assured her that Gwen was mad at him and not her. He said he was looking for Sarah on Maggie’s behalf. She didn’t believe him, but she could use the help. They kept searching and didn’t see any records of Sarah booking a flight out of town. Abby thought she might have chartered a private plane. She said she was going to talk to the DiMera and Kiriakis crews to find out if Sarah booked with them. Xander wanted to talk to the dodgier crew members who would talk for the right price. Jennifer let Gwen know that she was glad she worked things out with Jack. She hoped Gwen would stay on good terms with Abby. Jennifer suggested they get to know each other better. Jennifer mentioned Laura so Gwen put a wall up. She wasn’t trying to be funny with her. She wanted to talk about it. Gwen assured her that Laura’s death was an accident. She wanted Jennifer to believe her. Jennifer said it was hard to think about the end of her mother’s life but she believed her. Gwen thanked her for believing her.

Paulina wanted to throw Chanel a wedding party. Chanel wasn’t sure it was a good idea because of what happened with EJ and Sami. Paulina thought Chanel married into a crazy family. Chanel reminded her about her family drama. Paulina wasn’t happy when Chanel told her that EJ was against the marriage. She was determined to make EJ change his mind. She wanted to take Chanel home so she could talk to EJ. John wanted to make sure Marlena was okay. She assured him that the devil wasn’t inside her anymore. Johnny showed up at their place. They talked about moving on from the devil. Johnny flashed back to being in the red suit. Marlena wanted to know if something was wrong. He said he was feeling off, but he was okay. He told them that he got married. They were happy for them. He was appreciative because his parents weren’t happy. Johnny, Marlena and John talked about EJ kidnapping Sami. Johnny said he didn’t want anything to do with his father after he did that. He said he gave him back the money he gave him for the movie. John wanted to know if he was still filming the movie. He said that he wasn’t doing it anymore. Marlena didn’t want to see him give up on his dream. He said he would find another project to film. Johnny got a message from Chanel. He told them that he had to go. EJ heard Kate and Chad talking. He wanted to know what they were keeping a secret. Kate said it was about Lucas. EJ told them that he knew about Lucas and Sami leaving town. He wanted to know why Chad would want to keep it a secret. Chad said he had Sami kidnapped so he didn’t know what he would do if he found out they left town together. EJ told him that he thought Lucas was the one who kidnapped Sami. He tried to get Kate to side with him, but she stood by Chad’s side. EJ felt letdown by her. EJ and Chad argued just before he left. Kate wasn’t sure if she did the right thing. She did say that Stefano would be proud of him.

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