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Imani: Hello, you two. Long time, no see.

Nate: Hey.

Elena: Has it been? I hadn’t noticed.

Imani: Nate, that shirt is such a great color on you. It makes you look even more handsome.

Nate: Why, thank you. I never had someone pay so much attention to my shirts.

[ Both laugh ]

Elena: Hey, since you have such an eye for color, why don’t you help me resolve this issue? Which rug do you like better?

Imani: Oh, well, they’re both nice. It all depends on the decor of the rest of the room. Where’s this going to go?

Elena: Our bathroom. I moved in with Nate.


Sally: All I’m saying is a little later would be better for him.

Chelsea: He’ll make time for me.

Adam: I thought I told you that I was —

Chelsea: It’s me.

Adam: Nobody knocks anymore. Why do I even bother having a door? I should just take it off the hinges and let everybody waltz in and out of here at will.

Chelsea: Well, you’re in a good mood. Something happen?

Adam: It’s nothing.

Chelsea: Save it for someone who doesn’t know you like I do.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Billy came in here, shooting his mouth off like he had just won the lottery or something, when everybody knows that he is a complete and utter failure and he always will be.

Chelsea: I don’t get it. You made all these changes in your life. You’ve got everything going for you. So, why can’t you let this go? Will this battle between you and Billy ever end?

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