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Chelsea: I keep wondering how we messed things up so badly. What we had was extraordinary. I mean, our family, this beautiful home…and we let it all just fall apart. I mean…how could we do that?

Adam: Chelsea, I don’t think that revisiting our break-up is gonna do either one of us any good. Okay? I own all the mistakes I made, and I caused you a tremendous amount of pain. I was toxic for you.

Chelsea: You’re taking responsibility for the damage?

Adam: I am.

Chelsea: Okay, well, that’s — that’s very noble of you, adam, but we both know my actions are what finally broke us. I just… I have so many regrets. I just wish I could go back and fix things.

Adam: But you can’T. And there’s no value in going down this road, chelsea.

Chelsea: Just listen to me, okay? I have to say this. I know there is still something between us. Can you honestly tell me there is no chance we can recapture the love and connection we once had?

Chance: Yeah, keep on sleeping, buddy. You keep on sleeping. Your mom’s had a lot on her plate lately, so I want to show her a really special night tonight, okay? My man.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Happy new year!

Sharon: Same to you.

Rey: Hey. Place looks great.

Abby: Thank you. We dressed it up a bit to rise to the level of our guests. Sharon, you look incredible.

Sharon: Oh, thank you. That’s so sweet.

Abby: Let me show you to your table.

Rey: Thank you. We didn’t think you’d be here tonight.

Abby: Well, I am headed home to chance and the baby right after this. I just wanted to make sure our most important guests were taken care of. We have a special menu for the evening, including a signature cocktail.

Rey: Ooh.

Sharon: Oh, wow, I feel so important.

Abby: Well, please, enjoy your special night.

Sharon: We will.

Rey: Thank you.

[ Clears throat ] Happy anniversary.

Sharon: Happy anniversary.

Devon: Now, how do you just keep getting more beautiful?

Amanda: [ Laughs ]

Devon: How’s that work?

Amanda: Well, all of the credit needs to go to my hair stylist, but she’s also the reason why I’m a little late.

Devon: Oh, you are definitely worth the wait.

Amanda: Oh, new year’s eve is really bringing out the sweet talker in you, huh?

Devon: Oh, you’re bringing it out of me. All you. And that’s all I want tonight to be about — just you. No legal work, no family drama, just us dancing to jazz music in the ballroom and me showing you how much I love you.

Amanda: Mm.

Entresto is the number

one heart failure

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Sharon: Hard to believe it’s been a whole year.

Rey: Yeah. We haven’t gotten very far in that time.

Sharon: What do you mean?

Rey: Well, it feels like we haven’t traveled more than a couple feet since our wedding, since it happened right over there.

Sharon: Yeah, that was a magical night.

Rey: It was. And our love grows stronger with each passing day.

Sharon: I agree. And I have very high hopes for 2022, also.

Rey: Mm, I don’t know, i can’t imagine being happier than I am right now.

Sharon: Well, you know what would make the new year even better? Is if you and I just spent more time together.

Rey: Mm.

Sharon: The two of us.

Rey: Mm, I think we can make that happen.

Sharon: And some travel would be good, too.

Rey: Yeah. I’d like to get down to miami again.

Sharon: Yeah, we should do that before the spring because I’d love being in the hot weather knowing everyone back here is in the freezing cold.

Rey: Mm, no argument here.

Sharon: We should take a trip in the fall, too. Maybe europe.

Rey: Oh. Okay. I like that idea. Tell me what else is on your list.

Sharon: I’m pretty content right now. I’m just glad that we’re both healthy and happy, and I want more of the same. And for the kids, too. Faith is in a much better place now than she was a year ago, and mariah and tessa are starting a family together. I know that the adoption process will be a lot, but I think they’re up for it, and I just think that they’re gonna make great parents.

Rey: I think you’re right about that. It’s been nice having noah here, too.

Sharon: Yeah, I know he’s been going through a lot, and he’s still not ready to talk about whatever happened in london, but I think he’s doing better now than when he first arrived.

Rey: Yeah. You know, whatever’s going on with him, between you and nick and everybody here that cares for him, he’s in the right place.

Sharon: Nick’s been struggling himself latelY.

Rey: Ah. He’ll figure it out. You and the kids are a source of strength for him.

Sharon: Well, he values your friendship, too. That’s why he was best man in our wedding.

Rey: Yeah, well, we’re family. And there’s nothing that family can’t get through when we work together.

Sharon: And you have a way of making me feel like everything’s gonna be okay.

Rey: [ Chuckles ] It is the start to a new year. No better time for optimism. Anything’s possible.

[ Door opens ]

Abby: Hi.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: [ Gasps ] Look at all of this!

Chance: You like it?

Abby: Uh, I love it. You did all of this while I was at society? I was not gone very long.

Chance: I move fast.

Abby: You certainly do.

Chance: Mm-hmm, and there’s dinner in the oven.

Abby: But, I mean…

Chance: Oh, no, don’t you even worry. Dominic is fast asleep, and he actually agreed that you needed some pampering tonight, so he’s giving you the night off.

Abby: He can do that?

Chance: Yeah, yeah, sure. He was actually really adamant about you having a good time tonight. You should’ve seen him — so forceful.

Abby: Well, you didn’t have to go to all this trouble, but I’m glad you did.

[ Chuckles ] Oops, we forgot to put away an ornament.

Chance: Oh, well, yeah, that — that’s a special one, huh? I couldn’t just throw it up in a box in the attic. Just couldn’t do it.

Abby: It’s my favorite.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: I remember when you gave it to me. Yeah, it seemed like a distant dream.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: And now we have a new beginning with baby dom. I’m just so grateful that we were able to celebrate this holiday season together as a family.

Chance: Oh.

Adam: Chelsea, we have talked about this. Okay, we will always share a connection, but we’re in a different place now. And I think that is a great place. Don’t you think?

Chelsea: Sure.

Adam: Okay, well, then getting back together, even if there are some feelings between us, would be a mistake.

Chelsea: I understand you’re worried about what would happen if we try and we fail, but this can’t be the end of our story, adam. I mean, we — we could end up stronger than ever.

Adam: I think you need to ask yourself if this is really what you want. I mean, is this really about rekindling our relationship or is this about trying to prove to yourself that you’ve — you’ve healed emotionally?

Chelsea: Why can’t it be both? I understand that in order to have a future together, I have to prove to you and to myself that I’m in a better place. It will take time and it will take a lot of work, but…I’m willing to do it. It’s worth it. Isn’t it?

Adam: [ Sighs ]

Chelsea: Adam. We owe it to ourselves to see what is possible. And I have to tell you, spending time with you and connor over christmas, I mean, it made me so happy — happier than I’ve been in a really long time — and i got the sense that you felt the same way.

Adam: [ Sighs ] I had fun. It was a great time, really. And it meant a lot to me to see connor and how happy he was seeing us all together, chelsea, but —

Chelsea: Our son is proof that together, adam, we can make something perfect, something so beautiful.

Adam: Chelsea, that is not enough of a reason.

Chelsea: When connor looks at us, he sees all good things. Despite everything we’ve been through, despite all of the mistakes we’ve made, our soon looks at us and he sees love. I want to be like him. I want to focus on the positive. I want to concentrate on all of the ways that we are great together, because there are so many of them. Can we go back? Can we go back to the time that we believed in each other when nobody else did?

Devon: You can go ahead and admit that those shoes are killing you.

Amanda: I’m finE.

Devon: You’re not fine. I saw your face on the dance floor. You were grimacing in pain.

Amanda: Okay, maybe it is possible that wearing a brand-new pair of heels tonight was not the best idea that I’ve ever had.

Devon: Hey, you think so? You should wear sneakers next time and be comfortable.

Amanda: Oh, no, no, no. I’ll just grab another glass of champagne — it will dull the pain — and then I will be back in the ballroom.

Devon: I’m in no rush.

Amanda: What are you thinking?

Devon: Nothing about anything. Nothing important.

Amanda: Oh, come on. What’s on your mind?

Devon: Nothing. Really. I meant what I said earlier. I want tonight just to be about you.

Amanda: Oh. Well, then in that case, you have to do everything I say, right?

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: And I want to know what’s going on inside. No matter what, I promise, it won’t spoil the mood.

Devon: Okay. Well, I just can’t but wondering how abby and chance are spending new year’s eve with dominic.

Abby: Well, that was delicious. My compliments to the chef.

Chance: Ah, well, if I ever meet him, I’ll pass it along. I just warmed it up.

Abby: Well, you turned on the oven all by yourself. That’s very impressive.

Chance: True, true.

Abby: You know, you are the kindest, sweetest, most generous man in the world.

Chance: Oh, stop. You’re going overboard.

Abby: No, I’m not. See, you don’t even know how wonderful you are.

Chance: Why are you being like that?

Abby: Like what?

Chance: Well, you’re being all effusive in your praise, you know? It’s like you’re compensating for something.

Abby: I guess I’m just in the holiday spirit.

Chance: [ Chuckles ] Okay. Well, then let’s pretend it’s not new year’s eve for a little bit. Tell me what’s going on.

Abby: I just want to have a good night, celebrate with my amazing husband.

Chance: You know, abby, you’re allowed to be honest and open, too. Just like you tell me. It’s a two-way street, girl.

Abby: Yeah. You’re right. I guess there is something on my mind.

Chance: Yeah, I know. You’re thinking about what happened with devon earlier and how he legally wants more time with dominic. I get it, it’s upsetting.

Abby: It is, yeah, but, um… that’s not what’s on my mind tonight.

Chance: No? What is it then?

Abby: I’m concerned about what’s going on with you.

Adam: We can’t go back, chelsea. Okay, it would be unfair to all of us to pretend like we could do that.

Chelsea: Great.

Adam: What?

Chelsea: I don’t want to go back either, adam. I want to move forward. Together. In the past, we’ve hurt each other, we’ve always found our path of forgiveness and happiness when no one thought it was possible.

Adam: Okay, that — that’s one way to look at our history, but, chelsea, every time that we’ve reunited, we ended up hurting each other. I mean, if we could’ve parted ways for good a long time ago, we could’ve spared each other so much pain.

Chelsea: You are focusing on the negative.

Adam: Yes, because it is very real. Chelsea, I mean, last new year’s, I came and I found you unconscious on the floor. The result of a head injury that I was responsible for. I literally can see you right there. I thought you might’ve been dead. Okay, I was scared out of my mind.

Chelsea: But I survived.

Adam: Yeah, but it was an omen, it was a sign that the whole year was gonna be filled with pain, chelsea, and you know what? It was.

Chelsea: No, we made it through, adam, and now I’m grateful. We have another chance to start over.

Adam: Yes, and I am, too. You realize it is a miracle that we have managed to get where we are now.

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, because miracles happen.

Adam: Look, I’m — I’m so glad that you are in a good place. You know I want the best for you. And I want you to be successful at newman media. I want you to be an incredible mother to connor, and I’m gonna do everything I can to help you at work and as a co-parent, but that — that has to be enough, because, if we try for something more, something romantic, we’re gonna hurt each other and we’re gonna hurt connor. And we will regret it.

[ Cellphone vibrates ] I have to go.

Chelsea: What is it?

Adam: Something’s come up at the office.

Chelsea: What? On new year’s eve? Who’s working this late?

Adam: I don’t know, but i have to go check. I have to go. Look…I’m sorry that tonight did not turn out the way that you hoped it would. But I know you have many great days ahead of you.

Chelsea: I believe that, too.

[ Sighs ]

[ Sighs ]

Who’s on it with jardiance?

Abby: I’m worried about you.

Chance: Why?

Abby: I saw how distressed you were earlier when you couldn’t get dominic to stop crying, when you couldn’t get him to calm down. I know that you’ve been struggling with some of the details of becoming a parent.

Chance: Yeah, well, i couldn’t get my son to stop crying. It’s not really a detail. It’s pretty basic, I feel like.

Abby: No. That happens to everyone. It takes time to learn how to soothe babies and what works in different situations.

Chance: Well, how long is it gonna take?

Abby: I don’t know. I mean, I can’t give you an answer. I just feel like this has been harder than you than you’d like to admit. And if it is, then we’ll work on it. I just — I — I need to know how you’re feeling.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Abby: [ Sighs ] Hey.

Chance: Look, baby, I… I realize how lucky I am. I am truly blessed, and I thank god every day that I’m here with you and our friends and our family and around people who love and support me. You know, I appreciate that. I-I do. But — but sometimes it just feels like — like, I don’t know, that I’m at sea. I feel disconnected. You know, it’s like there’s a wall between me and what I think my life should be right now, and I…I don’t know. Does that make any sense?

Abby: Yeah. I mean, of course. You can’t just come back here after being away for months and have it be normal. I mean, everything’s changed. We have a new baby, and, well, I mean, you can’t just figure everything out overnight.

Chance: I don’t need to figure everything out. I just need to figure out some of it. I mean, any of it.

Abby: I am so sorry. I did not realize how hard this was for you. Look, I want to help you. I really do. I’ll do whatever it takes. Unless…

Chance: Unless what?

Abby: Unless you think that i can’t help you. I mean, that distance that you were talking about, does that apply to me, too?

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Sharon: Chelsea. Happy new year.

Chelsea: Hi. Oh, same to you. Looks like you’re having fun tonight.

Sharon: We are. What are you up to?

Chelsea: Well, connor is at a friend’S. Chloe invited me to go out with her and kevin, but I’m looking forward to a quiet evening tonight.

Sharon: I understand, believe me.

Chelsea: Yeah. So I’m just gonna get some takeout and video chat with my mom and get to bed early. I mean, I’ve been so busy since I got back, it’s — it’s exactly what I needed, you know.

Sharon: Yeah, I completely understand wanting something more mellow. Um, but if you do want some company, you’re welcome to join us.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s — no, I couldn’t intrude on your evening.

Sharon: It wouldn’t be an intrusion if you have an invitation.

Chelsea: That’s very nice of you, sharon, thank you. But I should probably just —

Rey: Chelsea. Why don’t you join us? Make it a party.

Adam: Sally.

Sally: Ta-da!

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Uh…was the emergency that you ran out of tape for the decorations or…?

Sally: The emergency is that it is almost midnight.

Adam: Right. And we said that were not doing anything for new year’s eve.

Sally: Right. And as you can tell by the decor, we are not even acknowledging new year’S. All of the other holidays, sure, but there were no rules about that.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Okay, so this is a loophole.

Sally: Yes. But the clock is ticking, and we’re running out of time if we want to not celebrate before midnight.

Adam: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: You don’t need to feel bad for thinking about dominic. He’s on my mind, too.

Devon: It’s just ’cause i haven’t gotten a response yet from abby and chance, you know? But I need to let that go for tonight.

Amanda: No, no. I’m not letting you wiggle your way out of this.

Devon: Mnh-mnh.

Amanda: Mm.

Devon: This is new year’s eve. I don’t need to be worrying about something that I can’t control or the fact that me wanting to spend more time with dominic has put abby on edge.

Amanda: But you can’t help it, and that’s one of the reasons why I love you.

Devon: You do?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: You also love my inability to relax and clear my mind?

Amanda: I love that you care so much about this little child.

Devon: Mm. Not — not everyone in your situation would be as supportive as you’ve been, and I really appreciate that.

Amanda: I know that I’m bringing my own history into this, but when I see you with dom, it reminds me of my own father. A man that I — I never knew, i never got to meet, but he never stopped searching for me. He never stopped wanting to be my dad. He just never got the chance.

Devon: Well, I take that as a huge compliment.

Amanda: Sometimes I feel like this may get a little too personal for me. Maybe I’m trying to rewrite history, you know, and I lack perspective.

Devon: I don’t think so. I think that your experiences give you amazing perspective when it comes to me and dominic.

Amanda: Yeah, well, his situation is nothing like mine. Dominic is — he is loved, he’s wanted, he’s cherished. But every child deserves all of the love in the world. And you are a better father than I have ever known, so I want to help you on this journey.

Devon: I’m not his father, though.

Amanda: Yeah, you are. It is exactly what you have been from the day that he was born. And a child deserves his father’s love. And that’s chance’s and yours.

Devon: Thank you for saying that. You know what I want to do now?

Amanda: What?

Devon: I would like to go home so we can finish this celebration in private. How’s that sound?

Amanda: Oh.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

[Upbeat acoustic music throughout]

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Devon: Welcome to our own private party.

Amanda: Oh, is that what this is? A party.

Devon: Yes, it is. See, ’cause I promised you a night of dancing and champagne, and we’re gonna keep that going here.

Amanda: Okay.

Devon: I just didn’t want anybody to intrude on our time together. I knew those shoes were killing you.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] Well, the good thing about dancing at home, I get to do it barefoot.

Devon: That’s right.

[ Chuckles ] Mm.

[ Jazz playing ] I know I told you that I was gonna show you how much I love you, but I know that you’re a woman of words, so I should probably start by telling you just how brilliant I think you are and how incredibly beautiful and strong you are. And how patient you are.

Amanda: I am also a woman of action.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm. See, I think that this is the part of the evening where I get to show you…

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Amanda: …How much I love you.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: I can help you with that.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Yeah.

[ Both laugh ] Mm.

Sharon: So I heard from noah that connor is becoming interested in hockey.

Chelsea: Yes. Yes, and noah has been so great with him. Connor just loves spending time with his cool older cousin.

Rey: You’re not worried about how rough hockey can be?

Chelsea: Not until you just mentioned it, rey.

[ Laughs ] I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding. I was concerned in the beginning, but noah’s assured me that it’s safe and it’s not as dangerous as everybody says.

Sharon: Yeah, I remember bumps and bruises, but no serious injuries.

Chelsea: Yeah, I mean, I’m just surprised at how fired up connor is about hockey all of a sudden. First it was soccer, then it was lacrosse, and now he’s all about pucks and skates, and just this game of hockey. It’s crazy.

Sharon: Oh, believe me, noah was the same way. He played three sports, and if you asked him which one was his favorite, he’d just say whatever one he played that day.

Chelsea: Were you like that?

Rey: I liked other sports, but soccer was always my first love when I was young. Now it’s only second to sharon.

Sharon: Aww. That’s sweet. Now, I knew I was in your top two, but I didn’t know I came before your team.

Rey: You kidding? I adore you so much, it doesn’t even come close.

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Rey: [ Laughs ]

Chelsea: Well, you know what? It’s getting late, so I should go home.

Sharon: Oh, are you sure?

Chelsea: Yeah, yeah, I have to video chat my mom before it’s too late.

Sharon: Well, the time just flew by.

Chelsea: It did. This was fun. Thank you for asking me to join you. It was very kind, sharon. It means more than you know. Good night. Happy new year.

Sharon: Happy new year.

Rey: Happy new year.

Adam: No champagne, huh?

Sally: Mm, it’s a little too new year’s-Y.

Adam: Now, I do remember you saying something about pizza. Is that still happening?

Sally: So I have something a little more interesting — caviar and smoked salmon.

Adam: Fancy.

Sally: Hey, goes a little bit better with a hitchcock movie, don’t you think?

Adam: Well, now, that depends. What are we watching?

Sally: Okay, well, I have “north by northwest” cued up. Or “to catch a thief” or “notorious.”

Adam: I’m kind of sensing a little pattern here.

Sally: Well, if cary grant in a pristine suit is a pattern, then, yeah. I could literally watch that guy do anything. He is sublime. There’s never been a more perfect man.

Adam: Well, no argument here.

Sally: Plus, there are beautiful women wearing beautiful clothes, so it also counts as newman fashion research.

Adam: Excellent. It’s a very efficient use of our time. And I have to say that I vote for “north by northwest.”

Sally: Terrific choice. Alright, well, then I will get the snacks ready and we will proceed with the motion picture momentarily.

Adam: Sounds good. I have to say, I am — I am very impressed by the measures you’ve taken to make sure that this, it’s not a date.

Sally: Well, I’m a woman of my word.

Adam: No, I was not expecting to be summoned to the office. I was kind of glad for the interruption.

Sally: What exactly did i interrupt?

Adam: Just some family stuff. Smart choice of venue.

Sally: Yeah, well, made the most sense. My apartment is not appropriate for our non-date. And we couldn’t go to the ranch because of nikki and victor and all the looming security. So the office was perfect. It is a cold, sterile work environment with not a hint of anything romantic. Which is exactly what we wanted, right?

Adam: Right.

Sally: Alright. Well, let’s get to it. Gordan ramsey

Chance: Abby, I hope you know that you are the one thing that I am certain about.

Abby: I’m the only thing?

Chance: Yes, and it kills me every time I think about what i put you through. I mean, I was the one that wanted to rush into marriage. I was the one that wanted the baby right away, and then I left you. I left you here all alone for months.

Abby: But you’re back now. And we have everything that we talked about.

Chance: I know. I’m here, but I’m not the man that you and dominic deserve. I mean, I have screwed so many things up lately, and I do not want to screw this up. But when it comes to being a father, I… abby, I just feel like I’m failing.

Abby: No. Chance, don’t say that.

Chance: Just listen. Just listen to me. There’s a void where my paternal instincts should be, and I’m not like devon. I’m not. Who just automatically knows what to do all the time. He knows exactly what dominic needs. I’m constantly asking myself what to do. And I don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t here when dominic was born or…maybe it goes further back than that, I don’t know.

Abby: What do you mean?

Chance: My father left us when I was little because he couldn’t handle being a dad.

Abby: Okay, just stop. That’s a completely different situation. I understand why you are thinking about your father right now, but, no, it’s not the same. Phillip was a teenager when he had you. He wasn’t ready for a baby. And he felt overwhelmed and he had issues that he had to deal with, and he left, but, no, he…he came back. And he built a relationship with you — a good relationship.

Chance: Years later, when i was a grown man.

Abby: He’s still your father. And you love him, and he loves and supports you.

Chance: I know, and I’m not blaming him. See, abby, I’m just trying to figure out what’s going on inside of me right now, what’s missing. You know, because as much as i love dominic — and I do… I just don’t think I have what it takes to be a good father.

Rey: Thank you. What is this?

Sharon: It’s dessert. I ordered something ahead of time, but I didn’t want them to bring it out when chelsea was here, so we had to wait.

Rey: You know, what you did, inviting her over like that, that was — that was very compassionate and generous.

Sharon: Well, it’s really hard to be alone on the holidays.

Rey: Mm-hmm.

Sharon: But my generosity only goes so far, because this needs to be enjoyed by just the two of us, so open it up.

Rey: Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Wait a minute. Is this… is this our wedding cake?

Sharon: That’s right. They say it’s good luck to save a piece for the first anniversary, brings you prosperity.

Rey: Year-old cake?

Sharon: Yeah, it’s been frozen all this time, and now thawed.

Rey: [ Laughing ] Okay, okay. Well, I am all for prosperity, so let’s dig in. Come here.

Sharon: That’s a big bite.

[ Both laugh ]

Rey: [ Laughs ] Mmm. I could use some milk. Yeah?

Sharon: What do you think? How is it?

Rey: Mm. Mm, it tastes a little like our freezer.

Sharon: I agree.

Rey: [ Laughs ] But it’s good. It’s good. I mean, it’s — it’s not as delicious as it was on our wedding day, but I like the tradition.

Sharon: I do, too.

Rey: You know, when I think back on our wedding day, my favorite thing wasn’t the cake.

Sharon: Oh, shocker. What was it?

Rey: Let me show you. Dance with me.

Sharon: I would love to.

Sally: Okay. I have to pause it.

Adam: What? Why? We haven’t even gotten to eva marie saint yet.

Sally: Well, I need a refresher on my drink, and then we can talk about how ridiculous stylish all of the stars of this film are.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Well, I know that you are dying to, so do I even have a choice?

Sally: Not really.

Adam: I still don’t understand why we need to sit so close to each other.

Sally: Well, the movie is on my laptop, which is on a small screen. I guess we could go to the conference room or try and hook it up to the tv, but it’s just so technical, you know? But I guess we can try, if you’re uncomfortable.

Adam: It’s fine. Why do dermatologists worldwide recommend la roche-posay?

Chance: This was supposed to be a fun and sexy night. I turned it into a therapy session. I’m sorry I dumped all that on you.

Abby: Hey, no need to apologize. I wanted to know how you were feeling, and I’m glad I know what’s going on.

Chance: Yeah, but, you know, it’s almost midnight, and I feel like I kind of killed the mood, huh?

Abby: All that matters is this. Ending 2021 with the man that i love. I know this new year is gonna be fulfilling and rewarding for us. I’m gonna help you overcome your fears. We’re gonna work through this together. I love you.

Chance: I love you more.

Devon: Oh, it’s almost time.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ]

I couldn’t take mine off of you

I felt my heart

beat through my chest

I could’ve sworn

you stole my breath

I can feel you

a thousand miles away

I won’t let go

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