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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen was upset when she found out Abby was going to look for Sarah. Gwen wanted to know why Abby was going to find her. Kate told Chad not to be too cocky about EJ’s downfall. Chad said he had a right to be. She asked him if he really thought EJ set up Sami’s kidnapping. Chad said he did. She thought it was too convenient that he happened to find the evidence on the company computer. Nicole was angry at EJ for dumping her for Sami and for getting rid of Duke. Rafe accused Ava of destroying Duke. She said she didn’t have a reason to hurt Duke unless she had a reason to worry. He said she did it because of his friendship with Nicole. Ava said they told her she had nothing to worry about. She asked if that was true. Abby told Gwen that Sarah was her cousin and she wanted to find her. Gwen told her that wasn’t the reason why she was looking for Sarah. She said she was looking for Sarah to hurt her. Rafe told Ava that she had an opportunity to hurt Duke. Ava said she didn’t have a motive. She asked if she had a reason to worry about him and Nicole being together. He said she didn’t have a reason to worry. EJ told Nicole that Sami wouldn’t hurt Duke, but he would ask her. Nicole told him Sami left town with Lucas. Kate asked Chad if he was the one who planted the evidence against EJ. Gwen told Abby that Xander would be hurt if Abby found Sarah. Abby thought she didn’t want Sarah to be found because she would lose Xander. Abby said Gwen always thought she was the source of her problems. Gwen said she was always keeping people who loved from her. She said she started it with their father and was doing it with Xander. Rex told Xander what happened with Sarah. Xander said it was bizarre if you factor in Kristen. Rex wanted to know what he was talking about. Rafe wanted Ava to leave. She said he owed her an apology. He apologized to her. He said Nicole thought it was Sami who destroyed Duke. Ava said she thought she saw a bottled blonde. He asked her what time. She said she didn’t know. He said there were cameras so he could check. EJ couldn’t believe Sami would leave town with Lucas. Nicole said she did. He said she believed him. She said she believed him when he said he was finished with Sami. He said he didn’t kidnap Sami. He said Lucas did it. She asked if he had any proof. He said Chad framed him. Kate told Chad that he had a motive to set EJ up. Chad said he didn’t set him up. She wanted him to swear on his father’s grave that he was telling the truth. He told her Lucas planted the evidence.

Jack told Gwen that Abby was looking for Sarah because they were worried about her. Abby said she wasn’t looking for Sarah to hurt Gwen. Abby told Jack and Jennifer that the paper needed them. She told them to keep their promise that they were coming back home. They said they would. Jack asked Gwen what was going on. He asked why she was afraid she was going to lose Xander. Xander told Rex that Kristen tipped him off about what she did to Sarah. Kate told Chad Lucas wouldn’t frame EJ because he didn’t have a password to the computer. Chad said he had her password. She realized he was telling the truth. Chad said he thought the kidnapper was Lucas. Nicole asked EJ if he thought Chad framed him. EJ asked if she knew him to leave a paper trail. She said she didn’t. She said he thought Chad framed him, but Lucas set up the kidnapping. He said Lucas was the one who set him up. She said she didn’t care what happened to him after the way he hurt her. He apologized for hurting her. Rafe told Ava that he was going to look at the security camera to see what happened. She said he was making a big deal about a stuffed animal. He said the bear was a message. She said Nicole slept with Sami’s husband. She said Nicole was lucky she didn’t do worse. Gwen told Jack that she was awful to Abby. He said she was. She said no one loved her the way Xander has. She said she didn’t want to lose him. He asked why she was afraid to lose him. She said Xander loved Sarah. Jack said Sarah dumped him. Kate asked Chad why Lucas would set up EJ. Chad said to get EJ out of the picture. She said she didn’t believe it. He said it was hard especially knowing about Philip. She wanted to know what he meant. He said he meant Philip being dead. She said it meant she failed two sons. He said he wasn’t going to say anything. She said he should. Nicole thanked EJ for his apology, but she didn’t forgive him. She said he humiliated her by dumping her for Sami. She yelled at him for not telling him that he was going to work things out with his wife. Jack told Gwen Xander loved her. He said Xander risked his life in prison for her. He said Sarah left Xander for Rex so he wouldn’t want to go back to Sarah. EJ apologized to Nicole for ripping up the divorce papers. He said he wanted to be with her. She said he only wanted her because Sami dumped him. She wanted him to leave or she would call security. He asked her not to do it. She said she would leave. Kate told Chad that Lucas was wrong for framing EJ. Chad told her Lucas would never forgive her. She said they shouldn’t let EJ go to prison for something he didn’t do. Chad said Lucas did what he did for love.

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