Days Short Recap Tuesday, January 4, 2022

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Ava was upset about Rafe and Nicole making a fool of her. Rafe walked in the room and wanted to make plans with her. Nicole called him because she had an emergency. Ava told him to go to her. He decided to go. Ava threw her coffee across the room. Later, Rafe arrived at Basic Black so Nicole showed him the bear. He wanted to know who destroyed the bear. Nicole thought Sami was the one who did it. She thought she was paying her back for breaking up her marriage. She wanted to know who else hated her enough to do it. Rafe called and found out that Sami and Lucas left town. He said that it probably wasn’t Sami. Nicole wanted to get back to work. Abby went to see Maggie at the Kiriakis mansion. She wanted to let Maggie know that theĀ SpectatorĀ was going to do a story about what happened to Philip. She wanted to let Maggie and Victor know before they read about it in the paper. Maggie appreciated it and wanted to know if she could help find Sarah. Abby was willing to do everything she could to find her. She told her that she was going to be running the paper now because Jack and Jennifer had other plans.

Steve was about to leave when Jack and Jennifer showed up. They told Steve and Kayla that they were leaving town. They were leaving to take over another paper. They said they would be back as soon as the paper was on its feet. Xander arrived and found out about Jack and Jennifer leaving. Xander made a comment about Jack leaving town without telling Gwen goodbye. Jennifer told him that Gwen didn’t make it easy for Jack to love her. Xander let it go and wished them luck. Jack and Jennifer left Steve and Kayla’s place. Xander asked Steve to help find Sarah. He let him know that he was on another case. He suggested he talk to John. Xander called John, but he wasn’t taking any cases until Marlena was fine. Xander realized he had to find her by himself. Kayla wanted to pack her things and go with Steve. She said John couldn’t be with him so she wanted to go. He was worried about her being around Kristen. She reminded him that she saved him numerous times before. He finally decided to let her go with him. Gwen showed up at Rafe’s place to see Ava. She said Ava was the only one who could help her with Xander. Ava was certain that no one would find Sarah. Gwen said that Xander was going to hire Steve to find Sarah. Ava changed her mind and said that Steve could find her. She said it could work out in her favor. She said if Steve found Sarah without any involvement from Kristen, no one would know that Gwen knew about Sarah. Gwen thought she would lose Xander to Sarah.

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