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Eli joins Julie with his babies at her home and praises her Christmas tree, saying you’d never know the Devil set it on fire. Julie responds that it will take more than demonic possession to stop her from having the Horton family Christmas tree. Julie presents Eli with a Christmas gift for the kids. Eli suggests waiting until Lani is done helping Doug in the kitchen but Julie says she’s too impatient and wants to see it now. Eli opens it and it’s Christmas ornaments for Jules and Carver with their names on them. Julie asks if they can hang them together which Eli agrees to. Eli declares that the twins are now officially part of the Horton Christmas tradition and always will be.

Allie and Tripp get up with her son Henry at home. Tripp talks about Devil Marlena turning him in to Jan Spears in a coma. Allie wishes it was just a bad dream and encourages that it’s over now and that it’s Christmas, the one day of the year where miracles can really happen. Allie says they are together so they’ll just be happy. Allie gets a text from Johnny, saying he’s back from Italy and he has some news. Allie wonders what it could be.

Chanel wakes up in bed with Johnny. He calls her Mrs. DiMera and wishes her a Merry Christmas as they kiss. Chanel wonders if his parents are getting used to the idea of her being their daughter in law. Johnny thinks they have bigger things to worry about; like EJ being in jail for kidnapping Sami.

EJ sits handcuffed to the chair in the interrogation room. Nicole enters and wishes him a Merry Christmas. EJ says he was surprised when they told him he had a visitor as he thought Nicole would be with her daughter Holly. Nicole says she just dropped her off with Maggie and Victor. Nicole asks if EJ got any sleep at all. EJ says not much as the accommodations are not up to his usual standards. Nicole then asks if EJ really had Sami kidnapped.

Sami sits at John and Marlena’s, hoping for Marlena to beat this. Lucas arrives and asks if she’s alright as he just heard that EJ was arrested. Sami says she can’t think about EJ right now which Lucas questions. Sami then reveals that John has Marlena locked in the bedroom, tied to the bed. Lucas questions what they are doing in there. Sami says God only knows.

John sits with Marlena tied to the bed and declares that it’s Christmas morning so it’s time for her to come home to him. The Devil jokes that it’s a nice day for an exorcism and wishes him luck with that as he laughs at him.

Chanel questions Johnny about EJ having Sami kidnapped. Johnny says the cops must think so or else they wouldn’t have arrested him. Chanel asks what he thinks since he knows EJ better than the cops. Johnny responds that nothing EJ does surprises him as he’s a DiMera. Johnny asks if she’s having second thoughts about marrying in to his crazy family. Chanel says no way and assures that she’s in for the long haul as they kiss. Johnny suggests they forget about his family drama and go see Allie to give her the good news. They continue kissing in bed.

EJ argues that the police can’t possibly make a case against him because he’s innocent. EJ assures he had absolutely nothing to do with Sami’s kidnapping. Nicole says she heard the cops caught one of the guys who was guarding Sami and asks why he would say he worked for EJ. EJ argues that he’s lying and that someone is setting him up.

Sami tells Lucas about Devil Marlena setting fire to the Horton Christmas Tree Angel. Lucas can’t believe it. Sami talks about it being the thing in her and not really her. Sami says it turns out that Marlena is the Devil’s favorite place to go for the holidays. Lucas never thought it would happen again. Sami hopes John knows what he’s doing and that they get her mom back before it’s too late.

John tells The Devil that he’s losing his power and isn’t as strong as he used to be. John raises the bible and the rosary and begins praying Our Father. The Devil argues that God can’t hear him and that he’s wasting his breath. The Devil adds that John isn’t even a priest and Marlena is lost to him. The Devil laughs as John continues the prayer.

Paulina runs in to Abe in the town square. They wish each other a Merry Christmas. Paulina mentions finishing up her Christmas shopping. Paulina adds that she has a new son in law to buy for. Abe assumes she means Eli but Paulina reveals that Chanel came home married to Johnny DiMera.

Johnny and Chanel go to Allie’s. They stop outside as Johnny asks her what’s wrong and if she doesn’t want to tell Allie that they got married. Chanel says it’s not that but she’s worried about how Allie will take it. Johnny insists that Allie and Chanel kissing is way in the past and she’s married to him now. Chanel worries about it being weird for Allie. Johnny says she’s going to find out eventually, so she might as well find out from them. Johnny then knocks on the door. Allie opens the door and greets them, welcoming them home. Chanel mentions bringing Henry a Christmas present. Allie says that Tripp is putting Henry down for a nap. Tripp comes back out and wishes them a Merry Christmas. Chanel gives Allie a Christmas present from her and Johnny. Allie says she got them stuff too and suggests they open them all together. Johnny asks if they want to wait on the presents and hear the big news. Allie claims she already knows what it is; that EJ kidnapped Sami.

Nicole asks EJ who would want to set him up for kidnapping Sami. EJ says he’s made more than a few enemies in Salem like Victor and Melinda. Nicole suggests narrowing down his list to one plausible name. EJ responds that he already has.

Sami worries about John being in there a long time and hopes Devil Marlena doesn’t turn him in to a goat or something. Lucas encourages her to relax. Lucas says he doesn’t know a lot about exorcisms but he’s seen movies and knows it takes awhile. Sami argues that Marlena should be enjoying her Christmas with her family but instead she’s battling for her mortal soul. Sami remarks that if anyone deserves to be possessed by the Devil, it’s her. Lucas jokes about not being able to tell the difference if she was. Lucas knows she’s very scared for her mom but thinks they should talk about this EJ situation. Sami doesn’t want to talk about that. Lucas questions her own husband kidnapping her and hopes that she is now done with EJ.

Johnny still can’t believe that EJ would do that to Sami. Allie says she can after how he’s treated her in Rome. Johnny argues that they got back together. Allie brings up Sami cheating on EJ. Johnny states that’s not the news they came to tell, so Tripp asks what it is. Johnny then announces that he and Chanel got married, shocking Tripp and Allie. Chanel informs Allie that they are not just best friends anymore, they are sisters in law.

Abe questions Johnny and Chanel really being married which Paulina confirms. Paulina says she’s trying to make the best of it but she’s heard stories about the DiMera family. Paulina knows Abe’s late wife was a DiMera, which makes Theo half DiMera, so there is some goodness in that gene pool. Abe says that every family has it’s problems.

EJ brings up Chad wanting DiMera Enterprises all to himself while Jake knows he organized ousting him as CEO and Gabi hates him for that. Nicole thought he narrowed it down to one name. EJ declares that he doesn’t think anyone hates him more than Rafe does. Nicole tells him not to be ridiculous as Rafe would never do that to Sami and he wouldn’t break the law just to get to him. EJ argues that Rafe has always been jealous of him and it’s even worse now that he’s with Nicole. Nicole calls it absurd but EJ disagrees. Nicole asks what about Lucas.

Sami tells Lucas that she knows he hates EJ and doesn’t need to hear it anymore as she needs to be here for her mother. Lucas argues that EJ kidnapped her for weeks and tortured her. Lucas questions how she could go back to him and how that would help Marlena. Sami argues that they don’t know that it was EJ. Lucas questions why the police would arrest him then. Lucas asks if Sami is still fighting the divorce. Sami reveals that EJ doesn’t want a divorce anymore which Lucas questions. They then hear a noise from the bedroom causing Sami to worry for Marlena.

The Devil knocks over a lamp which John calls impressive as he has telekinetic powers but John declares that he has God on his side and Marlena’s love. John picks up the bible and rosary to begin reading the bible about Satan being cast out. John then throws holy water onto Devil Marlena, sparking flashbacks to Marlena’s original exorcism. John continues while reading bible verses until Sami rushes in with Lucas, telling John to stop. Marlena pleads for Sami to help her, telling John to look at what he did to her. John assures Sami that it’s not her but Sami says he has to untie her. John tells her that it’s the Devil playing with her while Marlena pleads for Sami’s help. Sami says she can’t stand to see Marlena like this. John then takes Sami out of the room. Lucas goes to follow but the Devil shuts the door and stops Lucas, saying they need to chat alone.

EJ questions Nicole thinking Lucas has the brains to set him up. Nicole says she’s just saying that Lucas hates him about as much as Rafe does but she doesn’t think either of them would do this and that he’s just grasping at straws. EJ is unsure and says he didn’t put Lucas on his list of suspects because he always seemed ineffective. EJ then decides maybe it was him.

Eli and Lani walk through the town square where Abe and Paulina are. Lani wants to keep walking but Paulina asks if she can wish them a Merry Christmas. Eli says Merry Christmas. Lani says they need to pick up the kids from Doug and Julie then get ready for their Christmas dinner. Lani tells Abe that they will see him tonight. Paulina stops Lani to inform her that she has a new brother in law.

Allie questions Johnny and Chanel being really married which he confirms. Allie asks when that happened. Johnny says it was in Rome at the little church that Sami used to take them to. Tripp congratulates them. Chanel notes Allie not saying anything. Allie responds that Chanel just made the biggest mistake of her entire life. Johnny can’t believe she just said that. Chanel thought she’d be happy for them. Tripp points out that they just threw this at her which Johnny disagrees with. Allie questions how long they’ve been together and brings up how many times she’s seen him fall in and out of love. Johnny argues that they know they are in love and this is different. Allie remarks that Johnny is always the leading man in his own movie and just the girl changes. Allie mocks Johnny marrying the girl before breaking up with her. Allie tells Johnny that the movie is over and he’s back in Salem now. Allie asks what happens when Chanel is stuck with a guy who is bored of being a husband.

John brings Sami a glass of water as she cries. John knows how hard this is for her and how she hates what he’s doing because he hates it too, but a successful exorcism is the only chance he has of bringing her mother back to her. Sami understands and mentions bringing Caroline’s rosary to help but says it’s really hard to see her like that. John insists that wasn’t Marlena, but Satan preying on her as he wants Sami to stop him. Sami says she understands and she loves Marlena so much even though she doesn’t always show it. John assures that she understands that. John says that where ever Marlena is, she can feel that love. John says whether Sami realizes it or not, what she is doing is making Marlena stronger and he needs her with him on this. John brings up the Bible saying that a house divided shall not stand and they are up against the forces of darkness so they have to be a united front.

Nicole tells EJ to slow down as she doesn’t really see Lucas as the kidnapping type. EJ brings up Lucas pretending to have a brain tumor to get close to Chloe. Nicole argues that Sami put him up to that because of Kristen’s threats. EJ then brings up Lucas almost letting Sami receive the death penalty for a murder that he committed. Nicole points out that Lucas manned up and stopped that. EJ says he’s sorry but Lucas is more malicious than she gives him credit for.

Lucas tells the Devil that there is nothing he can do for him so he tells him to stop playing games and open the door. The Devil says they have a few things to get settled first which Lucas questions. The Devil reveals that he knows what Lucas did. The Devil remarks that people think of him as the boring one but he knows what a bad boy he is. The Devil reveals that he knows Lucas is the one who kidnapped Sami and held her captive which is not very boring. Lucas argues that the Devil doesn’t know anything about him. The Devil calls him an imbecile and says he gave Lucas the idea to kidnap Sami. The Devil says he didn’t make Lucas do it. Lucas questions what he did. The Devil says he just planted the idea in his brain but the rest of it, Lucas did voluntarily because he couldn’t resist the temptation. The Devil warns that if Lucas doesn’t get him out of here, he will tell Sami everything.

Lani questions Chanel running off to Italy and marrying a DiMera, remarking that she knows how to keep life interesting. Lani thanks Paulina for telling her and says she will send them a wedding present. Paulina then informs her that she bought presents for her grandchildren.

Nicole argues that EJ can’t pin this on Lucas. EJ asks who did it if not Lucas. Nicole declares that EJ still hasn’t convinced her that it wasn’t him.

Sami assures John that she is with him. John says they can do this and they are not going to stop until they save her, so they will need all the support they can get from their kids, friends, and especially the man upstairs. Sami calls out to Lucas but realizes he’s not in the room so she wonders where he is. John points out that Lucas was right behind them when they left the bedroom.

The Devil tells Lucas that all he has to do is untie him and then he’ll make sure Sami never knows that he kidnapped her. Lucas argues that setting him free would mean he can do whatever he wants to Marlena, so Sami would hate him and everyone would. The Devil argues that everyone will hate him anyways if they find out that he kidnapped Sami and framed EJ. The Devil declares that Lucas is screwed no matter what he does and suggests doing it his way. The Devil asks Lucas to just untie one hand and he’ll do the rest. Lucas gives in and starts to untie Devil Marlena when Sami bursts in and questions what the hell he is doing.

Chanel decides she needs to talk to Allie alone so Tripp takes Johnny to go see Henry. Allie guesses Chanel didn’t hear a word she said and brings up Johnny being with a lot of girls before. Chanel insists this is different and real. Allie brings up Chanel marrying Xander. Chanel admits that was a scam while this is love. Johnny comes back and argues that he loves Chanel and she loves him, so they got married and questions Allie not accepting that. Allie says who cares and it’s his life. Johnny thought she’d want to see him happy. Allie says she would but she also wants to see Chanel happy and she feels like Johnny is going to make her miserable. Johnny is starting to think Allie is jealous which Tripp questions. Johnny remarks that Allie wants his wife all to herself.

Paulina gives Lani a kaleidoscope of pictures of her parents, her and Tamara, Lani and Chanel, the whole family. Abe calls that very thoughtful. Paulina says she and Tamara had one when they were little and she made Chanel one too. Lani talks about Tamara making her one and how she stared at it for hours. Paulina calls it a family tradition. Lani says she’s sorry but she can’t accept it. Eli points out that it’s Christmas. Paulina asks Lani to let her do this for her grandbabies so Lani accepts it and thanks her.

Nicole says that she and EJ have gone out to dinner several times and have had sex once. Nicole still doesn’t know who this new EJ is and what he’s capable of. EJ responds that he told Sami that their marriage was over and that he wanted a divorce. EJ recalls Sami sobbing when he ordered her out of the house. EJ questions thinking he’s such a sadist to also have her kidnapped. Nicole admits she doesn’t think he’s a sadist. EJ asks if she believes him now. Nicole confirms that she does. EJ thanks her. Nicole says not to thank her yet as he still has to figure out who kidnapped Sami, or he could be ringing in the New Year in prison.

Lucas claims that he was on his way out and Devil Marlena loosened the restraints so he didn’t want her to break loose. The Devil then tells Sami that Lucas is lying about everything.

John sits alone and talks to God, saying he doesn’t know if he has the strength to see this through so he needs God’s help. John asks for a sign that it’s God’s will that Marlena’s soul will be saved for a second time. There’s a knock at the door, so John answers it to see Eric Brady has returned!

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