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Billy: Hey! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa.

Lily: Hey.

Billy: Let me help you with these.

Lily: Thank you. Okay, don’t look inside of here.

Billy: I won’t, I won’T. How’d it go with all the other last-minute shoppers out there?

Lily: It was good. I was laser-focused. I went in and got my stuff and came right back out.

Billy: Anything fancy in here for me?

Lily: No, stop. Maybe, if you’ve been good.

Billy: I’ve been exceptional lately.

Lily: And very busy. What’s with all the mistletoe?

Billy: I didn’t want to, you know, take my chances.

Lily: Well, when have I ever turned down a kiss from you?

Billy: I’m hedging my bets.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: How’d I do? Was it worthwhile?

Lily: Definitely.

Nikki: Oh, I love this time of year. The chill in the air, the music, and catching up with loved ones without one mentions of business tonight or all day tomorrow.

Victor: Well, not even one word?

Nikki: Ideally. Consider it a gift to me.

Victor: Well, I’ll try my best.

Nikki: [ Chuckles ] Most of the preparations are taken care of, but I still have so much to do.

Victor: As do I.

Noah: Hey. Thought I’d drop in and say hi before heading home.

Victor: Noah! Don’t head home, don’t head home. As a matter of fact, I can use you. You will be my right-hand man, okay?

Nick: [ Sighs ] Yo.

Sharon: Hey. So what’s the game plan for christmas day?

Nick: Oh, let’s see. Christian is gonna wake up sometime around the crack of dawn. He’s gonna run into my room and jump on my bed and wake me up from a very deep sleep, which i have, you know, earned because i was up all night wrapping presents.

Sharon: Because you had to procrastinate.

Nick: Naturally. After I get fully awake, then we’ll go out and check and see that santa ate all of his cookies and gave out the carrots to rudolph and the rest of the gang. Then we’ll open up some presents and play with every single toy he gets.

Sharon: Wow. I’m exhausted already.

Nick: Then we’ll get dressed and then go to my mom and dad’s, and he will open up even more presents and we’ll hang out for a little bit and then come over to your place and hang out for the rest of the day.

Sharon: It all goes by too fast, doesn’t it?

Nick: Yeah, but we’re gonna make memories that will last a lifetime. Can I bring anything for this incredible christmas feast I’ve been promised?

Sharon: No, just bring yourselves. Rey and I have it all under control.

Nick: You sure? I mean, that’s a lot of people to feed, especially the way noah’s eating these days.

Sharon: Yeah, we have taken that into consideration. Um…you know what? I can’t remember the last time that we were all together on christmas.

Nick: Eh, it’s gonna be noisy and messy.

Sharon: Well, I can’t wait. And everybody’s looking forward to this. Noah, faith, mariah.

Nick: How’s mariah doing?

Sharon: I spoke to her earlier today. She sounds great. I think that she and tessa are finally in a good place again.

Nick: I’m so glad. You think about the last few months those two have had.

Sharon: Yeah. Well, I can’t really describe it, but she just seemed lighter, like truly happy instead of trying to sound happy.

Nick: Well, it sounds like she’s gonna have a great christmas.

Sharon: We all are.

Nick: I hope. I mean, you know, we should.

Sharon: Mm-kay, spit it out. Something’s bothering you?

Nick: Did I say that?

Sharon: No, but you didn’t have to. And I think I know exactly what it is.

Victoria: Oh. I wasn’t expecting you this early.

Ashland: I’m actually a few minutes late.

Victoria: Oh, gosh. I’ve been so busy, I guess i just lost track of time.

Ashland: Well, it is time to clock out and celebrate. Enjoy the lights, the music, and a wee bit of holiday cheer.

Victoria: I really — I wish I could, but I just can’T.

Adam: Come on in. I know you want to.

Sally: It’s christmas eve. You shouldn’t be here.

Adam: Uh, well, that makes two of us.

Sally: Yeah, but I am not the one with tons of family waiting for me to show up and sing carols and make cookies or whatever it is that people with families do. I am soup for one and solitaire, with nothing but time to kill until the holidays are over.

Adam: Wow.

Sally: What?

Adam: Was that your attempt to snag an invitation to deck the halls?

Connor: You’re not really good at this.

[ Both laugh ]

Chelsea: You’re right, I’m not. But you are very good at wrapping gifts.

Connor: Think dad’s gonna like it?

Chelsea: No, no, I think he’s gonna love it.

Connor: [ Chuckles ] What are you giving him?

Chelsea: Can you keep a secret?

Connor: Sure.

Chelsea: I got your dad two gifts this year, but I’m not sure which one I’m gonna give him. First one’s over there.

Connor: What’s inside?

Chelsea: It’s a jacket i thought would look good on him.

Connor: What’s gift number two?

Chelsea: Right over there.

Connor: That picture? I thought you bought that for yourself, for here.

Chelsea: Well, if I don’t give it to him, I’ll give it to myself as a gift.

Connor: Why’d you pick it?

Chelsea: You don’t like it?

Connor: Mm, it’s pretty, i guess. It just doesn’t seem like the best match for him.

Chelsea: Once he sees it, he’ll understand, if — if this is the gift I decide to give him.

Connor: If you say so. I’ll get ready to go.

[ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: [ Sighs ] It used to match us both perfectly. Wow. This place is amazing. Where are we?

Adam: Home. I bought it for us. I wanted to surprise you with it.

Chelsea: And it’s really ours?

Adam: Mm-hmm. I hope you like it.

Chelsea: Like it? Oh, adam. Never, ever in my wildest dreams.

[ Sighs ] How did olay top expensive creams?

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Ashland: You’re canceling christmas? I never took you for an ebenezer scrooge.

Victoria: No, what I meant is I’m not really ready to leave this minute, but I’ll be ready…

Ashland: Soon?

Victoria: Well, eventually.

Ashland: Oh, I don’t like the sound of that.

Victoria: I just have a few details that I need to handle.

Ashland: You know, I can’t tell you how many holidays and birthdays I sat out because there was so much work to be done.

Victoria: Well, then, so you get it.

Ashland: Well, I’m looking at things and life much differently these days.

Victoria: So am I. My life is so much better because of you. But I do have some loose ends that I need to tie up.

Ashland: Are you toiling over the locke side of newman/locke affairs?

Victoria: Yes, I am.

Ashland: I just happen to be well versed in those issues. Perhaps [Clears throat] We can get out of here tout suite if we put our heads together. What do you say?

Victoria: I say that I am so lucky to be married to such a brilliant man.

Ashland: I always thought i was the lucky one.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: You know, you keep that up, we’ll never get finished.

Victor: Now, I finished the christmas shopping, but I could use a helping hand with all the presents I got for connor, you know?

Nikki: Chelsea’s bringing him over in a little while, and victor’s gonna take him riding.

Victor: Well, I’d love his presents wrapped before he gets here.

Noah: Grandma, isn’t that a little bit more your speed? My lack of gift-wrapping skills is almost legendary.

Victor: Oh, he won’t know the difference. Are you kidding?

Noah: Alright, what are we talking here, stacks of toys and video games?

Victor: No, no, no, no, no. You know what he expressed he wanted? Hockey gear.

Nikki: So, of course, your grandfather went right out and bought every possible piece of hockey gear known to man.

Noah: Well, as someone who has been the recipient of your generous nature for many, many christmases, connor’s gonna be stoked. I’m in.

Victor: Alright, it’s a deal.

Sharon: Here I am, going on and on about how everyone’s gonna be together for the holidays, but a part of your family is very far away. Summer. She’s all the way in milan, and I know you must miss her like crazy.

Nick: Yeah, of course I do, but, you know, I also know she’s really happy there with harrison and kyle. I also know any time I want to see her, I just have to hop on a plane and go.

Sharon: Still, you must be thinking about how different things were last christmas, when you and phyllis were still together.

Nick: Definitely having some bittersweet feelings about that. But I’m working through it.

Sharon: Okay. Well, what’s bringing you down? I mean, you don’t have to talk about it, you know, if you don’t want to, but I think it will make you feel better.

Nick: You mean it’ll make you feel better.

Sharon: [ Chuckles ]

Nick: [ Sighs ] Okay. It’s not like anything specific or anyone in particular. Um…you know I’ve been going through a lot. My breakup with phyllis and fighting with my dad and victoria. And…it’s just got me asking a lot of questions about my place and purpose.

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Billy: Did you talk to charlie and mattie?

Lily: Yeah, we had a video chat earlier, and they’re gonna call me tomorrow from the beach.

Billy: Mm. Christmas in hawaii — that’s living the life right there.

Lily: I know. I’m so happy for them. I’m glad they’re spending time with their dad and sam, even though I miss them. Speaking of kids, where is johnny and katie? I thought they were gonna be here.

Billy: They were, then one of the kids from school decided to have a little christmas eve playdate thing, so they’re over there hanging out for a little while.

Lily: Very smart. That way they’ll be exhausted and go to bed at a decent hour.

Billy: Bingo.

Lily: Genius.

Billy: We had a blast, though. You know, we put on some christmas carols, we decorated the place. Look at those gingerbread houses right there.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Did a fantastic job. It was great.

Lily: Aww.

Billy: We had a good time.

Lily: Sounds fun.

Billy: Yeah. And it was nice for me, too, to put everything else aside and just focus on them, you know, have some quality time with them because, after the holiday, they’re going to boarding school.

Lily: I know. That’s why operation “billy pretends to implode” is on hold.

Billy: Well, yes, and that’s not the only reason. You know, you deserve your fair share of attention on christmas eve, as well.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Well, actually, since we’re here and we’re alone, there is something that I want to do with you.

Billy: Oh, yeah?

Chelsea: Hello!

Connor: Hello?

Chelsea: Hi! Merry christmas eve.

Victor: Come here, boy.

Connor: Hey, grandpa.

Victor: Hey. How nice to see you. Well, you’re dressed, look at that.

Noah: [ Chuckles ]

Victor: Cold outside.

Connor: Hi, noah.

Noah: Hey, bud. You working on your ninja skills? I didn’t even hear you come in.

Chelsea: Oh, I hope it wasn’t a bad time.

Victor: No, no, no, no. Why don’t you go down to the stables? I’ll be there before you know it.

Connor: Are you trying to hide something?

Noah: That depends. Are we doing a good job at it?

Connor: Not really. No offense.

[ Gasps ] Is that hockey gear? No way! Is all that stuff for me?

Victor: Well, now, would you like it to be?

Connor: Are you kidding? Yes, I’d love it.

Victor: It was supposed to be wrapped for you to open tomorrow, you know.

Noah: Can I try it out now and we can go riding tomorrow?

Victor: Up to your mom.

Connor: Mom, please!

Chelsea: Oh, connor, I don’t know.

Connor: I can skate.

Chelsea: And you’re a great skater, but hockey is a contact sport.

Connor: Tell her — it’s totally safe. Fresh air, exercise.

Noah: I mean, I learned on the pond before I was connor’s age.

Connor: See?

Noah: It wasn’t my best sport, but I always had a good time. I could show him the basics.

Victor: Why don’t you try it out, okay? It’s a beautiful evening, and we don’t want to waste it, right?

Connor: Please, mom.

Noah: I promise, no frostbite, no broken bones. You have my word.

Chelsea: You better bring him back with all his teeth.

Connor: Yes! Thanks, mom!

Chelsea: Come here. Noah, please take a bunch of pictures. Connor, wear your gear. Listen to everything noah tells you to do. Have fun. I’ll pick you up later.

Connor: I will.

Adam: I’m sorry to disappoint you, but I have a full night planned with connor and chelsea.

Sally: Yeah. Of course you do.

Adam: Mm-hmm. I’m gonna be spending christmas day with my family, too.

Sally: [ Scoffs ] Yeah, I wasn’t angling to be your plus-one.

Adam: Really? You weren’t?

Sally: No. In case you haven’t noticed, i am a lone wolf. Totally independent, and I’m more than capable of spending christmas on my own.

Adam: Well, that’s good, because I don’t give pity invites.

Sally: Well, good, ’cause i don’t accept them.

Adam: But you know what? I do have a few minutes before i need to meet connor and chelsea. Just enough time to have an after-work/start-of-holiday drink. Would you like to join me? Hi. So you’re the scientist here.

Nick: I love this peppermint mint concoction.

Sharon: Well, I thought you deserved something special for confiding in me.

Nick: Well, what was i supposed to do? You are relentless.

Sharon: That’s only because i knew that you needed to talk.

Nick: Well, I appreciate you listening. I’m just not sure there’s anything you can do that’s gonna make me feel better.

Sharon: This is more about soul-searching than problem-solving, but that doesn’t mean I can’t help.

Nick: I’m not gonna like this, am I?

Sharon: You may not be sure of who you are, but I am.

Nick: Oh, boy.

Sharon: You truly are a good man, nick. You’re a thoughtful friend. You’re a wonderful father to four fantastic children. You’re an outstanding member of the community ’cause of your commitment to new hope.

Nick: Yeah, I mean, the way you make it sound, I must be a real catch.

Sharon: You are.

[ Chuckles ] You know, sometimes people can’t see that it’s the simple things they do every day that are important and valuable. And as for the rest of what you said, I’m not gonna go into the part about phyllis because you know I’m a little bit biased.

Nick: Oh, just a little bit?

Sharon: When it comes to your relationships with your family and who you are to them and where you fit in, just follow your heart.

Nick: Thanks.

Sharon: See? Aren’t you glad we talked?

Nick: I mean, you did have some flattering insights.

Sharon: It’s because, after all these years, we know each other better than anyone else. And that’s why I know that you’re — you’re gonna work your way through this.

Nick: You think?

Sharon: There’s not a doubt in my mind.

Victoria: Done.

[ Exhales sharply ] Thanks to you.

Ashland: My motives were purely selfish. I wanted you all to myself.

Victoria: What are we gonna do first? The kids are with billy, so the possibilities are endless.

Ashland: We could go for a walk, take in the holiday decorations, listen to the carolers. And if we’re lucky, maybe we’ll get a little snow.

Victoria: That sounds wonderful.

Ashland: We’ll see where our feet take us, and then we’ll head back home and enjoy dinner by the fire.

Victoria: Perfect.

Ashland: You know, this is our first christmas eve together.

Victoria: [ Chuckles ]

Ashland: Tomorrow, we will have our first christmas. And then new year’S. And then…I can’t tell you how grateful I am to share all of this with you, to share my life with you.

Victoria: I feel the same way.

Adam: So, what does a lone wolf do on christmas?

Sally: Oh, well, I have tons of traditions. First I like to turn off my alarm clock and sleep as late as I want on christmas morning.

Adam: Wow, that’s very luxurious. Since connor will expect me to be up at the crack of dawn to watch him open gifts, I have to say, I’m a little jealous.

Sally: Well, whenever I am done with my beauty sleep, i then go to my side table christmas tree and unwrap my gifts.

Adam: Oh, you mean the ones that you buy for yourself?

Sally: Wow. You think I’m really pathetic.

Adam: No.

Sally: No, that my grams and my sister bought for me. My grams normally gets me something a little bit tacky that I secretly love, and my sister keeps it classy.

Adam: Well, that sounds nice.

Sally: It is, and at some point during the day, we all call each other and conversation starts off sweet, then turns into a total gossip session. And then I will probably watch “it’s a wonderful life.”

Adam: Ooh, a true classic.

Sally: Although I have to be honest, I would rather live in pottersville than bedford falls.

Adam: Oh, no, me too. Okay? I mean, they have jazz clubs and pool halls. What’s not to love, right?

[ Both laugh ] Chelsea, come on over.

Chelsea: Am I interrupting?

Adam: Uh, no. No, not at all. Where’s connor?

Chelsea: I just dropped him off at the ranch. I have a feeling he’s gonna have a story for me when I pick him up.

Adam: Uh-oh. Why? What has he gotten himself into?

Chelsea: Well, we got there a little early. Noah was busy wrapping connor’s gifts, and our eagle-eyed son was able to figure out who the gifts were for.

Adam: Oh, nothing gets by that kid.

Chelsea: Luckily, victor saved the day, suggesting noah give connor his first hockey lesson.

Adam: Hockey?

Chelsea: Yeah, that’s what the gifts were. Hockey gear. I mean, is he old enough for this? I don’t want to be the person to say no, but I’ve also seen those toothless grins.

Adam: Eh, he’ll be fine.

Chelsea: I hope you’re right. Anyway, I didn’t disrupt all the fun over there, so I thought I’d come over here and grab a bite and head back to the penthouse.

Adam: Well, why don’t you join us?

Chelsea: Are you sure?

Adam: Yeah. We were just talking about what’s next for the fashion platform.

Chelsea: Well, how can i possibly say no to that?

[ Chuckles ] Did you know some deodorants may not last all day?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: Something we can only do while we’re alone? I can’t wait.

Lily: Let’s open our gifts early. Like, right now.

Billy: Yeah. That’s exactly what I was thinking.

Lily: Yeah?

Billy: Yes.

Lily: Okay, good! I thought you were gonna so, that you want to wait.

Billy: I can’t say no to you. You’re the boss.

Lily: Okay, let’s — but just one. Our favorite gift to each other.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: Yeah?

Billy: Yeah.

Lily: Okay.

Billy: Now.

Lily: Okay, go get it.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Okay, you ready?

Billy: Ready?

Lily: Yeah. One — wait. Okay, merry christmas.

Billy: Merry christmas. This is —

Lily: That’s weird.

Billy: Okay. You go first.

Lily: Me?

Billy: Yeah, yeah.

Lily: Okay. Ooh!

[ Gasps ] Oh, my god, you didn’T.

Billy: Yes, I did.

Lily: Tickets to “intimate apparel,” the broadway show I’ve been wanting to see!

Billy: Best seats in the house.

Lily: Oh, my god, thank you.

Billy: You’re welcome.

Lily: I don’t know what to say. Okay, open yours, open yours.

Billy: Okay.

Lily: Wow.

Billy: Are you kidding me?

Lily: You like it?

Billy: [ Scoffs ] Lily, are you kidding me? Vip passes to springsteen in new york city?

Lily: Are you happy?

Billy: Happy, are you — this is ridiculous. How did you do this?

Lily: Well, I had devon pull some strings.

Billy: Wow. Devon, thank you. And this is the same weekend as the tickets I got you.

Lily: That’s pretty crazy.

Billy: Great minds think alike.

Lily: So madison square garden one night and broadway the next.

Billy: This is gonna be amazing.

Lily: It’s gonna be unforgettable. Thank you so much. I really love my gift.

Billy: I love you. Mm. Now we can do that thing you were talking about earlier.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Chelsea: And I’d like to see us spotlight more size-inclusive lines, a wider range of models.

Sally: Definitely. Different body types, ethnicities. Everything.

Chelsea: We need more boots on the ground everywhere, all over the globe, for fashion week. New york, milan, paris.

Sally: Oh, and maybe we can get a model’s perspective of walking the runway, like from the fitting to the final show.

Chelsea: No, I think more maybe the designer — you know, from the sketch to the manufacturing.

Sally: Oh. Do you still have connections in the industry?

Chelsea: I have a very long, very strong track record, and i haven’t burned any bridges.

Sally: Well, that could definitely come in handy. But let’s not forget, we also need to showcase our own designs, ’cause everyone’s still dying to know how I came up with the idea for victoria’s wedding dress.

Chelsea: Oh, that’s old news. Let’s focus on the next hot thing, you know, new and exciting trends. What do you think?

Adam: That we should put work on hold and enjoy some holiday cheer.

Chelsea: Yeah, absolutely. Well, connor is just — he’s over the moon about our plans tonight, so don’t be late.

Adam: Wouldn’t miss it for the world.

Chelsea: And it’s great that you’ll be there bright and early tomorrow. He’s just so excited to hang with us and open gifts, and i got all of his favorite food for brunch.

Adam: Well, you know you’re welcome to join us at the ranch afterwards.

Chelsea: Well, I think I’ll pass. I just want to focus on what’s important to connor, and that’s the three of us just spending the day together. What about you, sally? Any special plans? You gonna be with family? Are you jet-setting off somewhere luxurious with friends?

Sally: Nope, just staying right here in town, working my fingers to the bone. I’m practically married to my job at this point, which is great, because it’s turning out better than I ever dreamed.

Victoria: [ Laughs ]

Sharon: My goodness. Hi, you guys. It’s so cold out there.

Victoria: I know.

Sharon: What can I get you?

Victoria: Oh, gosh, whatever you have that’s sweet and flaky and christmas-Y.

Sharon: Oh, for the kids?

Victoria: No, for us. Billy has the kids.

Ashland: Your sister is happy, okay? But I know how much her family means to her, and instead of there being this tension between us when our paths cross, why don’t we get it all out?

Nick: Yeah, well, getting it all out’s not gonna change my mind about anything.

Ashland: What have I done that you think is so wrong?

Nick: Really? I mean, are you kidding?

Ashland: Victoria has forgiven me for my past.

Nick: Which I think is insane. I cannot fathom how she is just okay with everything that you’ve done. I mean, you let your best friend die and then you stole his identity. And then you robbed your mentor of her fortune so you could begin your career. Yeah, I know, you filed a lawsuit against chanccomm, but i know everything in that story is true. I also know that you never would’ve told vick the truth if I hadn’t pursued this. So while she and the rest of the family don’t seem to care about this, I do. I’m never gonna forget it. I’m never gonna think it’s okay, because I think you’re an opportunist with no moral standards.

Ashland: Won’t be the same as having christmas in person, but we’ll be in milan soon enough.

Victoria: Yeah.

Nick: Hey.

Victoria: Hey, nick. I didn’t realize that you were here.

Nick: How’s it going, ashland?

Ashland: I can’t complain.

Sharon: I’m gonna get your order ready.

Victoria: Thank you.

Nick: You got a minute?

Victoria: For what?

Nick: Well, there’s something I’d like to say to ashland, unless you guys are in a rush.

Victoria: I feel like maybe the last time the two of you spoke, you probably said enough. You made it painfully clear how you feel about ashland, and i don’t think that we need to rehash that. Not on christmas eve.

Nick: I know. But there’s something I’d really like to get off my chest, if ashland is willing to listen. With age comes more…

Chelsea: Hey, guys.

Noah: Hi.

Chelsea: How was hockey?

Connor: It was great.

Chelsea: [ Chuckles ] Oh, yeah? Uh, can I see that beautiful smile of yours? Connor, is there something you want to tell me?

Connor: Remember that thing you were saying about toothless hockey stars and to be careful?

Chelsea: Noah, what happened on that ice?

Noah: I can explain. But first, let me tell you how sorry I am.

Chelsea: Sorry about what?

Noah: I hate to admit it, but…

Connor: We were pranking you!

Chelsea: Oh!

Connor: It was just a joke.

Chelsea: Oh.

Connor: Look.

Chelsea: Phew. You guys are the worst. Christmas is cancelled.

Connor: Wait. No, you can’t!

Chelsea: I’m just kidding, silly. Noah, did you see the look on his face?

Connor: Oh, mom, you scared me.

Chelsea: Well, listen, don’t dish it out if you can’t take it.

Connor: Nice one.

[ Laughter ]

Victor: Well, now, there’s our little hockey player.

Chelsea: Were you able to watch?

Victor: I saw him. You have talent, you know.

Connor: Thanks for all the hockey gear, grandpa, and thank grandma, too.

Victor: You’re so welcome.

Connor: And thanks for the lesson, noah.

Noah: Oh, it was a great time, bud. I had a lot of fun. You’re a good kid.

Chelsea: He is, except for the mean prank he just pulled on his mom. Let’s hit the road.

Victor: Here, boy. So nice to see you playing, okay? See you tomorrow.

Connor: Alright.

Victor: Alright.

Noah: See you, buddy.

Connor: Bye. Bye, see you tomorrow.

Victor: Bye-bye.

Noah: Connor is so much fun. Smart, funny, kind. Makes me wonder… never mind.

Victor: Makes you wonder what? What were you gonna say?

Noah: He just doesn’t remind me at all of adam.

Victor: Well…

Noah: I-I didn’t mean it like that. And I know what adam went through, you know, as a kid. The trauma of accidentally killing a man and having to bury something like that, it… it explains a lot.

Victor: Certainly does, you know? He went through a tough time. He was raised by his mom on a farm in kansas. Tough boy, grew up the hard way. But I’m glad that you’re beginning to understand what he’s all about, okay?

Adam: Well, since you’re not going to bring it up, I will.

Sally: What are you talking about?

Adam: The one-upsmanship with chelsea. The way that you were trying to get the competitive edge.

Sally: Okay, that is not at all the way I’d characterize the interaction.

Adam: Really? How would you describe it?

Sally: We were feeding off each other’s energy. I need to be challenged to reach my full potential, and I’m sure chelsea feels the exact same way. It’s going to be an exciting partnership.

Adam: This is not a partnership. Not for chelsea. Okay, my ex is used to being the boss, so having you in an equal role, it was not part of the deal. There’s chelsea and chloe, and then there’s you.

Sally: Yeah, I mean, that was the original idea, but it’s because of my work and my talent that newman fashion is becoming a household name.

Adam: Well, at least you’re modest.

Sally: It is not bragging if it’s the truth, and if you want me to be the face of the platform, then this face needs a voice.

Adam: Hmm. I’m staying out of it, okay?

Sally: Chelsea’s smart, she’s talented, and she’s experienced. If she wants newman fashion to succeed, she will come around.

Adam: Yeah. Yeah. Good luck with that.

Billy: It’s been a year.

Lily: Yes, it has.

[ Both chuckle ]

Billy: I didn’t mean it exactly that way, but what I was gonna say is it’s been a year since I was wrongfully accused for trying to murder adam.

Lily: [ Laughs ] That’s a mood killer.

Billy: [ Chuckles ] My point is, in all of that time, you’ve been nothing but amazing. Just incredibly supportive and always believing in me.

Lily: Yeah.

Billy: That hasn’t changed.

Lily: I always will. Remember last christmas eve?

Billy: Yes, I do. Very clearly. We decided to give this whole thing a start.

Lily: I know. Well, we didn’t know where things would lead, we just knew that it felt right.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Lily: And back then, we had separate hotel rooms.

Billy: Mm-hmm.

Lily: And now look!

Billy: Yep.

Lily: We’re in our house, we’re building a future. It’s our second christmas together.

Billy: Happy anniversary. It’s only just the beginning. Have I told you in the last five minutes how much I love you?

Lily: I love you, too.

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Nick: I’m not gonna apologize for being protective of my sister. I can’t help it. And when I found out about your past, I was very worried that you were gonna hurt her.

Ashland: Well, I understand where you’re coming from.

Victoria: Ashland’s been a lot more forgiving of your behavior than I have.

Nick: I know. Well, I’ve been doing some thinking, and I’ve realized that if I’m ever gonna move forward, that I need to let go of some stuff. And I do not my resentment towards you to ruin my relationship with my sister. So, in the spirit of the holidays, [Sighs] I’d like to put this chapter behind us and start fresh.

Ashland: I would like nothing more than that. Especially for victoria’s sake. Here’s to a fresh start.

Lily: This has been heavenly.

Billy: It’s a lot harder to sneak away for moments like this now that we don’t work together.

Lily: Are you saying you want to work together? ‘Cause the offer still stands to come with me at chancellor. There’s no one I’d rather have be my second-in-command.

Billy: The c-suite at chancellor is all you. You’re the boss.

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Billy: Got my own path right now, and everything’s going perfectly.

Lily: I have every faith in you.

Billy: To what lies ahead.

Lily: Yeah, cheers.

Sally: Thank you so much for hanging out. It really meant a lot.

Adam: Yeah. Merry christmas, sally.

Sally: Merry christmas, adam.

Adam: Okay.

Nikki: Not a creature is stirring?

Victor: Everyone has gone home. I think connor had a great time on the ice. And I think noah enjoyed teaching him.

Nikki: Well, I’d love to hear about it. Later.

Victor: Oh?

Nikki: Darling, you know how much I love having the grandkids over, and I’m thrilled that we’re gonna have a house full of family tomorrow, but right now, I just want to enjoy the quiet and you.

Victor: You okay, my sweetheart?

Nikki: Oh, it’s just a little cramp. Too much gift-wrapping. For you.

Victor: You didn’t have to buy me a damn thing.

Nikki: Oh, please, you enjoy receiving gifts just as much as you do giving them.

Victor: You’re the most cherished gift I’ve ever received. Shall we?

Nikki: I’d love to.

Victor: Yes. Merry christmas, my darling.

Nikki: Mm. Merry christmas, my love.

Victor: Mm.

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