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Amanda: I’m looking forward to it, too, imani. Yeah, I’ll see you soon. Merry almost christmas.

[ Chuckles ] Bye.

Devon: Really into the holiday spirit, aren’t you?

Amanda: Yeah. You know, I’m so excited to spend christmas eve with my family. Last year, I was watching it all from the sidelines, but this year, we get to celebrate together.

Devon: It is very special. We have some big plans, too, tonight and tomorrow, including a private holiday — christmas celebration that I’m very much looking forward to.

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: I just have one important stop to make, though.

Amanda: Oh, don’t think i forgot. I made my list, I checked it twice. Next stop, the chancellor house. So, do you need some help wrapping presents for abby, chance, and dominic?

Devon: Absolutely, yes, please. Please come help me. I was thinking of putting dominic’s present in this bag right here, if you’d like to open it up. I figure he’s probably not gonna realize what’s going on, but i think he’ll respond to all the colors and, you know, the tree lights and music around him.

Amanda: Yeah. I have no doubt that he will. And I have no doubt that he’ll also respond to you.

Abby: Aww. Esther sent dominic his very own christmas card. Look at this, it says, “have a merry little christmas, precious mistletoe baby. Let this be the beginning of many happy holidays to come. Love, esther.”

Chance: Well, that’s just so esther.

Abby: Mm. We have to put this in his baby book.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: And look at this one. “Merry christmas and happy new year. With much love and happiness, summer, kyle, and harrison.”

Chance: Wow. We just so much love and support. It means so much to me.

Abby: Yeah, to me, too. That’s why I want to go to midnight service tonight, because we have so much to be grateful for. We have our miracle baby, I have my brave husband, and we’re all together. We had so many dreams last year, and they’ve all come true.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: [ Sighs ]

Mariah: I thought you were running errands.

Tessa: And I thought you had to work.

Mariah: Well, it looks like your “errands” included a shopping spree.

Tessa: And clearly you had to “work” on your shopping.

Mariah: Hey, no! No peeking.

Tessa: Well, fine, then that goes for you, too. Or santa’s gonna take all these presents back. Deal?

Phyllis: Hey, jack. Merry christmas.

Jack: Merry christmas. Ready for the big day?

Phyllis: You know, I thought I was ready. I screwed up and I — daniel and lucy’s gifts, they’re not gonna get there until new year’s, so it’s gonna be a new year’s day celebration.

Jack: Hey, you know what they say. Better late than never.

Phyllis: I don’t think that that applies to christmas, but thank you. So what are your plans?

Jack: Well, traci brought over a mountain of gifts to the chancellor house, but it wasn’t everything. I’m bringing a few more now.

Phyllis: Nice. That’s gonna be a house filled with holiday cheer.

Jack: I’ve known you a long time, red. I know when you’re hurting.

Abby: Last christmas feels like a lifetime ago.

Chance: Mm.

Abby: Our first christmas as a married couple, and you said that you were gonna make our honeymoon last the rest of our lives.

Chance: Yeah, and I tell you, it was not easy getting all those tropical plants in the house in the dead of winter.

Abby: And who would’ve thought when you gave me that ornament, that just one year later, all of our dreams would come true.

Chance: You know, I was hoping for a little christmas magic, but I didn’t think it would happen so fast. Especially given everything that we had to overcome, right?

Abby: Yeah. But I don’t even want to think about that. It took a lot more than christmas magic to make our dreams come true. It took love and hope. That’s what brought dominic to us.

Chance: Yeah, unfortunately, though, there was a lot of pain for all of us. Sometimes it’s hard to forget that.

Abby: Hey. The worst is behind us. We’re together now. We’re a family. And I just feel joy and overwhelming gratitude that we made it through.

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Who is it?

Traci: Special delivery from the north pole.

Abby: Oh, yay!

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Abby: Ahh!

[ Laughs ]

Traci: [ Laughs ]

Traci: [ Laughs ] I am so happy to finally see you in person. Welcome home, honey.

Chance: Thank you.

Abby: Aunt traci, did you mug santa and steal all of his presents?

Chance: Did you leave any presents for the other kids?

Traci: [ Laughs ] Okay, look, before you guys accuse me of trying to spoil my grand-nephew, these are from all of the abbotts. Jack and ashley wanted to make sure that all the presents were under the tree for baby dominic’s first christmas.

Abby: But, aunt traci, you do know that —

Traci: Yeah, I know. Of course. He’s too young to understand, but, look, you’re just gonna have to humor the older generation this time.

Abby: I am so sorry. We forgot to tell you. We’re not doing gifts this year. Yeah, we’re actually making a donation in dominic’s name to a charity.

Chance: Yeah, I mean, like you said, he’s just a little too young to appreciate it.

Abby: Yeah.

[ Laughs ]

Chance: [ Laughs ]

Abby: I’m sorry, I’m sorry. You should’ve seen your face. We are totally kidding.

Traci: You two! Oh, my gosh, you totally got me.

Abby: No, no, no, we are making a donation in dominic’s name to a charity, but we are also giving him presents, so these are very generous and much appreciated.

Traci: There aren’t very many toys. It leans more toward the sentimental this year, with a few abbott family heirlooms thrown in.

Abby: Aww, I love that. I can’t wait to help dominic unwrap them. But we do have to wait for my mom. Have you heard from her? Any news on her delayed flight?

Traci: The last time I talked to her, she promised that she could be here by tonight, even if she has to hijack one of santa’s reindeer.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Dominic: [ Crying ]

Abby: Oh, there’s dom right on schedule and ready to eat.

Chance: Let me handle it. I got a lot of missed feedings to make up for.

Traci: Oh, sweetie, tell me, how’s everything going, really?

Tessa: Okay, what about christian?

Mariah: Oh, he’s gonna love the gift that I got him.

Tessa: Great. That’s everybody, then.

Mariah: Awesome.

Tessa: Okay. I have to confess. I know you probably already got dominic a bunch of gifts, but I saw this little rock ‘n’ roll onesie, and I just couldn’t help but think to myself, “what self-respecting baby could live without it?”

Mariah: I get it, but I do have a confession to make. I might have got dominic more than a few gifts.

Tessa: I so get it. I mean, baby stuff is just so hard to resist. All their little toys that go clickety-clack and their little booties.

Mariah: Wow, it seems like you might be ready to start that discussion of having one of our own.

Tessa: Uh, well…

Mariah: Oh, I’m sorry. No, no, no, forget I said that. I am so sorry. I don’t want to push it. Not today, especially. It’s christmas eve, and we have a lot of stockings to fill.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, things are going really great, actually. They’re going really well. Yeah. I mean, I know that it’s gonna take some time and, you know, it’s a process, but chance is determined to make up for the time that he lost with us.

Traci: I’m so glad to hear that.

Abby: Yeah. Yeah, I mean, I think he feels like everyone else had a head start with dominic, but, no, he’s eager to connect with him, and I know it’s gonna happen. It’s gonna be just like it was supposed to be from the beginning. And in the meantime, I just want to make sure that everything is perfect.

Traci: Sweetie, do me a favor, please. Don’t put so much pressure on yourself. I mean, these last months, you have coped heroically with some really difficult circumstances, and now chance is home, safe and sound, so things don’t have to be perfect. Just sit back and enjoy your lovely family.

Abby: [ Chuckles ] Yes, but, aunt traci, I’m not really a “sit back” kind of gal.

[ Both laugh ] And making sure that this christmas is perfect is more of a gift than a burden. I just — I want to do whatever I can to make sure that chance doesn’t want to go away again.

Traci: Why? Has he mentioned going back in the field?

Abby: No, no, actually, the opposite. I mean, he’s talked about joining the gcpd again, but he’s gonna take his time, gonna ease back into it, gonna take it slowly. You know, we’re gonna spend as much time as possible together as a family.

Traci: Oh, I think that’s really smart.

Abby: I want to make sure that life here is just as fulfilling for him as going on a mission.

Traci: All I’m saying —

Abby: Hey, aunt traci, don’t worry. I got this. You know what? I want to lock down tomorrow’s menu. You want to help me out?

Traci: You bet I do. Let’s go do it.

[ Chuckles ]

Phyllis: Listen, I don’t want to sound pathetic. I fear it’s too late for that, but [Chuckles] I just miss my kids, that’s all. So…I know everybody tells me summer’s doing so great, and I’m so proud of her for being her successful, bold self, but i just miss her. And these — these video chats, they’re not enough for me. I just want to hug her, that’s all. That’s it.

Jack: I know exactly how you feel, and there’s nothing pathetic about it.

Phyllis: I even miss harrison. I hardly know him, but the three of them are so cute together. I just — I want to be there with them.

Jack: I identify with every word you say. I miss them, too. Is there anyone else you miss?

Phyllis: You mean nick?

Jack: Who else?

Phyllis: Yes. And no. Hi. So you’re the scientist here.

Jack: Hey, I asked the question. You don’t have to go easy on me.

Phyllis: I know that. Listen, I am sad about the break-up, but it hasn’t broken me.

Jack: That’s great. I’m happy about that.

Phyllis: Yeah. Yeah, and don’t get me wrong, I do miss nick. I do, and christian. And especially on a day like today. Ugh. But that break-up had to happen. It had to. There was something missing for a long — I don’t want to talk about this anymore. I’m wallowing. Enough. I hate wallowing.

Jack: So let me give you an alternative. Why don’t you come have some holiday cheer at abby and chance’s with me?

Phyllis: Um…I don’t think so.

[ Chuckles ] I don’t think abby wants me there.

Jack: That is not an acceptable excuse. Your hotel wars are now ancient history. Abby is on cloud nine. Besides…time with dominic just makes things that much jollier.

Chance: Hey, buddy bell.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, dom, I am so happy I didn’t miss your first christmas. You feel all that excitement in the air? Hmm? These are what we call the holidays, kiddo. Yeah. They’re gonna come every year. You’re gonna learn to love them. And soon enough, you’ll be counting down the days till they come. Just watch.

[ Sighs ] See all these pretty cards up here? Yeah? They’re all from people that love you already. Isn’t that cool? Oh. Kim dunaway. You don’t know her yet, but she helped your daddy get home safe to you. “Chance, I hope the holidays find you and abby and your precious little one reunited and enjoying this special season together. I know you’ve been through a lot…but you have to put it all behind you and move on with your new life. Whatever you do, don’t live in the past. Focus on the future and believe in your heart that there are brighter days ahead..”

[ Explosion ]

[ Exhales sharply ]

[ Sighs ]

[ Chuckles ] I hope one day you can forgive me for being gone for so long. I wanted to be here with you, man. I really did. I really, really did. And I know so much time has passed and I can’t get that back, and… I don’t know, I just promise you, dom, we’re gonna have so much more time together. So many more ways to connect. You know, the rest of my team wasn’t that lucky. They won’t have another holiday with their kids.

Abby: Hey.

Chance: Hey, hey. Alright, big guy’s all fed, fresh diaper, and he’s already asking about all these presents over here.

Abby: Oh, well, my sweet little angel. I would say about 90% of those gifts are all yours.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: But the holiday season is really about family and friendship, love, and joy.

[ Doorbell rings ] Oh, speaking of which… hey!

Mariah: Hi!

Tessa: Hi!

Abby: Merry christmas.

Mariah: Merry, merry christmas.

Traci: Hey, happy holidays. I’m so glad you’re here with more presents.

Mariah: Yeah, we are.

[ Laughter ]

Abby: This is perfect timing because dominic is awake, and he has been scoping out all of the gifts.

Tessa: Well, good, because babies can never have enough presents.

Mariah: And neither can mom and dad.

Abby: Well, this is a bit over the top. Look at this.

Mariah: No, it’s a godmother’s obligation and privilege to spoil her godchild. Speaking of, where is he? Hi, little buddy. How you doing? You know, I feel so bad, because you really are missing out on the best part of the holidays. That’s the food.

[ Laughter ] I mean, those christmas cookies are just so good. It’s okay. You just get something to look forward to next year.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, do you want to help me with these?

Tessa: No, you got it. It’s my turn with the baby.

[ Squeals ]

Devon: Yeah, it would be nice, you know, to think that dominic recognizes me enough to miss me. But he’s just a little baby still, you know? I’m just happy to spend any part of the holiday with him.

Amanda: Of course you are.

Devon: I think I’ve also finally accepted that he’s not staying here, because I didn’t wake up at all last night imagining him crying.

[ Chuckles ]

Amanda: You know, you’re not fooling me. And I don’t think that you’re fooling yourself. It’s clear that you still miss him and that these, you know, short, little visits, they’re not gonna make up for this one-on-one time that you really want.

Devon: I mean, yeah, you’re right.

Amanda: Yeah, so have you given a little more thought to what we talked about? Not that, you know, the holidays is the right time to do it, but are you gonna ask abby and chance for more than just visits at their home? Maybe, you know, they’ll consider occasionally letting you bring little dom here. Hmm?

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Traci: Well, the two of you certainly did a great job with this spectacular tree. You’ve gone all out to make sure there’s the spirit of the holidays.

Abby: It’s beautiful, isn’t it?

Traci: It is.

Abby: Now, I need to find the perfect holiday onesie for dominic. There’s this one — super cute. And look at this back-up option. What do you think?

Chance: I think they’re both cute.

Traci: [ Laughs ]

[ Doorbell rings ]

Abby: Oh. Let’s see who it is.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Jack: Hey!

Abby: Uncle jack, merry christmas. Merry christmas, phyllis.

Phyllis: Merry christmas. Merry christmas. Oh, oh, that’s a gorgeous tree. Gorgeous. Well, here is some egg nog. It’s from the grand phoenix, my hotel. It’s our signature blend.

Abby: Thank you.

Jack: Well, it looks like you don’t need any more presents under the tree, but I brought a few more.

Abby: Aunt traci said that she brought all of the gifts from you and mom.

Jack: Well, not all of them. Find room for these.

Phyllis: So, chance, i haven’t seen you since your party.

Chance: Yeah, just been spending a lot of time at home and trying to get as much time as I can with abby and dominic.

Phyllis: Hmm. Well, I’m sure that’s great. This little guy, so sweet. Oh, such an angel.

Mariah: Seems like chance is really adjusting to being back home.

Tessa: Yes, and abby seems so happY.

Mariah: Is it crazy to think that bowie is already flourishing because of it? I mean, he looks taller. He’s gonna be growing hair soon, rocking a faux-hawk. Oh, my god, how cute is that gonna be?

[ Laughs ] What is it?

Tessa: So, is your heart set on having a biological baby or would you ever consider adopting?

Devon: Obviously, I would love for dominic be able to come and stay for extended visits. You know, I don’t mind the responsibility at all.

Amanda: But?

Devon: But I don’t know how abby would feel about that happening.

Amanda: I know that this is not gonna be an easy conversation, but abby is a loyal friend and this is important to you. I don’t think that there’s any harm in asking.

Devon: I — is there? I don’t — I’m not sure about that. You know? Chance just got back home, so he has an opportunity right now to be a good father. I think they need to spend this time bonding with each other, and I don’t want to interfere with that.

Amanda: Listen, I admire your stance on this, but you’re hurting yourself.

Devon: No, I’m not. I’m not hurting anybody, and it’s not about me. It’s not. I appreciate you being concerned, but I probably should wait, give this some time.

Amanda: Okay, I will stop pushing. I will accept your decision. But just so you know, your selflessness and this big heart of yours…

Devon: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: …Makes me love and admire you even more.

Devon: Oh, well, thank you.

[ Chuckles ]

Chance: Hey, buddy.

Abby: Angel baby.

Traci: So, phyllis, how did you end up going on christmas eve visits with jack today?

Phyllis: Oh, just an innocent run-in. Oh, I know what you’re thinking. Why would I use the word “innocent,” you know, pertaining to myself? Hey, listen, I know that you and your sister are very protective of jack, so don’t worry about anything. Nothing’s happening between us. We’re just very good friends.

Traci: Well, the last thing i would want is to get in the way of my brother’s happiness. I’m just curious. Are you and jack not together because he won’t go there or because you won’t?

Phyllis: Um…I’m actually not gonna answer that question, not for the reasons that you think, but for the fun that I’m gonna get out of ashley and everyone else thinking it might be a possibility.

Traci: [ Chuckles ]

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

“The young and the restless”

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Mariah: I don’t have all the answers yet. I mean, right now, I’m too amazed that we’re even having this conversation to think about how we would conceive a child. We are having this conversation, right?

Tessa: Mm-hmm. And I have even more questions. Like, if we decide to go the biological route, which one of us would be the carrier? I mean, I know you said you couldn’t get pregnant for a while, but, you know, we’re not really in any rush. And what about a donor? I mean, where do we find one?

Mariah: Okay, okay, wait. I love your enthusiasm, but you need to slow down ’cause these are things that we would go over, you know, together, step by step, and… that is, if we both are sure that we want to start a family.

Tessa: Well, then we should do that. Now. I mean, we should talk it out, make a plan.

Mariah: I don’t even know what to say. I just know how hesitant you’ve been.

Tessa: I didn’t want to have a baby just to replace bowie in your life. I only want this if it’s what both of us truly want in our hearts.

Mariah: What changed your mind?

Tessa: You.

Mariah: [ Scoffs ]

Tessa: I watched you today, and it seems like you’ve made peace with bowie and his mom and his dad. And I know that it was so hard, but I’m so proud of you for putting that little boy first. And now, maybe we can put our own child first.

Mariah: Our own child.

Tessa: Yeah. That’s what I want. To start a family with you.

Abby: Well, I can only assume after what I just witnessed that my aunt traci was fishing for info about you and my uncle jack.

Phyllis: Yep, and I’ll tell you exactly what I told her, nothing’s going on. We’re just friends, so don’t freak out.

Abby: Well, I have much higher priorities these days.

Phyllis: Okay, so why are you asking me?

Abby: I guess old habits die hard. I mean, when I think about all of the time and energy that i spent fighting with you over that hotel.

Phyllis: Mm. Yes, it was not our finest hour.

Abby: I just can’t believe i got so petty over a building.

Phyllis: It’s not a building, abby. It’s my hotel. It’s the grand phoenix, not just a building.

Abby: Well, now I have dominic, and when I look in his eyes, I just know that I need to be a good example for him. I need to do better.

Phyllis: Okay. I mean, I’m sorry, but you know a good mom does not mean being an angel saint of the universe.

Abby: Are you actually giving me parenting advice?

Phyllis: Yes, I am. And the old abby would’ve liked to point out my less-than-perfect traits. But I’ll tell you something, my kids are amazing. And I have an amazing relationship with my daughter. You know why? Because I was always myself and I never tried to file down my edges. I was always me, and it doesn’t mean you have to be, like, the naked heiress with your son, of course, but, you know, just be your authentic self.

Abby: Well, my authentic self is physically and emotionally exhausteD.

Phyllis: Oh, yeah, join the club. Yeah, it’s gonna be like that forever. Even when they’re adults and they have families of their own, for sure.

Jack: Hey, maybe I’m overreaching here, but I get the sense that you’re struggling a bit with the fact that you weren’t around for the early part of your child’s life.

Chance: Yeah, you know, i find myself trying to play catch-up. Don’t get me wrong, I know how lucky I am to have this little guy in my life.

Jack: Well, you know what? Focus on that. If it’s any comfort, know that he has been loved from the day he got here — even before that. Abby and devon, mariah, his grandparents, his aunts, his uncles, friends — we should all be loved that much.

Chance: Yeah. I truly am grateful for everyone, really.

Jack: And for what it’s worth, I’ve also been there. I know what it feels like to have missed a part of my child’s life.

Chance: Yeah.

Jack: You know what? I’ve been able to make up for it. I’m very proud of the relationship I have with kyle today.

Chance: Our situations were just a little different. I should have been here for him and abby.

Jack: You get to let go of the guilt. Really. You worked very hard to get back here with your family. You’re here now. That’s something to celebrate. Something to cherish.

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

Abby: As much as I love seeing all of our family and friends, I am ready to sit back and relax with my family.

Chance: [ Sighs ]

Abby: Mm.

[ Doorbell rings ]

[ Groans ]

Chance: Guess we got to wait a little longer to relax, huh?

Abby: Mm.

[ Sighs ]

Chance: [ Grunts ]

Abby: Merry christmas!

Devon: Hey!

Abby: Come on in.

Amanda: Thank you.

Abby: Oh, you guys look great.

Devon: So do you. Hey. What’s going on?

Chance: Hi.

Abby: Well, I can only imagine what is in that bag. More gifts for dom.

Devon: Oh, how’d you guess?

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Judging by this big pile here, though, looks like we’re a little late.

Abby: We have everything under the tree except for frankincense and myrrh.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Hey, what do you know? That’s exactly what we bought him.

Abby: Oh.

Amanda: Very funny, devon. You know, we have something here for you, too.

Chance: Oh, that’s so sweet of you. We actually got something for you two, as well.

Devon: You guys didn’t have to do that. Where is he at? Hey. Merry first christmas, buddy.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: How you doing? Aww. Hey, I have a request, actually, for you guys. I was hoping to give dominic his present now, if that’s okay.

Abby: Yeah, yeah, of course. Chance, do you want to help dominic open it up?

Chance: I think devon should do the honors.

Abby: Yeah, see the christmas presents?

[ Gasps ] Let’s see.

Devon: Alright.

Abby: There’s a gift. See the gift? Let’s see. You want to see?

Devon: So neil bought this… for the baby that hilary and i were supposed to have. It plays his favorite jazz song, which also happens to be a song that dominic really liked when he was staying with me.

Abby: No, we can’t possibly keep that. That is way too special. Oh, shh.

Devon: That’s exactly why i want him to have it.

Abby: Aww. Well, he’s gonna cherish it forever.

Chance: Thank you so much, man. That’s truly kind of you.

Devon: Absolutely.

Amanda: Go ahead, devon. Play it for them.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: Shh. Look at it. Do you see the music box? Do you see it?

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Abby: What is it?

Devon: He hears it, yeah.

Abby: He loves it.

Devon: I’m glad he likes it.

Abby: He loves it. Aww.

Devon: He’s feeling it.

Mariah: You really mean this? You’re not doing this for me, you want this for yourself?

Tessa: To be honest, one of the reasons I was originally hesitant is because of my own childhood. Growing up with my family was such a mess. It was scary to imagine bringing another life into this world and not giving them a better life than my parents did.

Mariah: Hey, it’s scary for me, too. It really is, but somehow, i think that’s the way it’s supposed to be.

Tessa: Well, one of the reasons why I would like to consider adopting is because, you know, maybe we could break the cycle, get a kid out of a bad situation, like we were in. Give them a stable home.

Mariah: Who ever thought that we would be at a place in our life where we could provide a child with stability? I mean, with all of the mistakes we’ve made along the way, everything we’ve been through.

Tessa: But we can. And we can give them the most important thing of all — love.

Mariah: No matter how we end up bringing a child into our lives, love is a given. And despite how hard we try to be the perfect parents, we are going to mess up. And it’s gonna get a little crazy at times.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] Well, even with the crazy factor, a baby of our own would be pretty cool, huh?

Mariah: Yeah. Yeah, it really would.

Amanda: Thank you guys for all of these gifts.

Devon: Yes, you guys went really overboard.

Abby: Oh, well, look who’s talking. Merry christmas.

Devon: Merry christmas.

Chance: Thank you all again. You all drive safe. Happy holidays.

Devon: See ya.

Chance: Alright, nope, nope, nope, I don’t see any other visitors on the horizon. The coast is clear. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Abby: But not for long.

Chance: Golly. Who is this? Oh, it’s mom.

Abby: Oh.

Chance: Ready? Merry christmas.

Nina: Hello! It’s grandma.

[ Chuckles ] I wanted to be the first to officially wish you a merry christmas, and thanks to the time different in australia, i get a head start.

Abby: Well, dominic says merry christmas to you, too.

Chance: [ Chuckles ]

Nina: Phillip and I sent our presents, and I’ve been tracking them very carefully and they should definitely be arriving today.

Abby: Well, to paraphrase one of your favorite movie quotes, “we’re gonna need a bigger tree.”

Nina: [ Laughs ] Oh, do you know how much I miss you all? Such a special day. I wish I could be there in person.

Chance: Oh, but you are, mom. Yeah, look at this. You see that? That’s the angel that katherine gave you all those years ago and you gave to me. It’s watching over us, just like you always are.

Nina: Oh.

Phyllis: Oh! Oh, my goodness. Alright, well, can I treat you to a holiday drink from our holiday menu?

Jack: I had a lot of egg nog there. I better pace myself.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] Hey, thank you.

Jack: For what?

Phyllis: You know for what.

Jack: I hope traci wasn’t too pushy with you.

Phyllis: No, she wasn’T. She’s just protecting her brother, that’s all. I had a really good time.

Jack: So why don’t we keep this holiday spirit going? What are you doing with the rest of your holiday?

Phyllis: Well, besides the video chat that we have with summer and kyle, I have nothing going on.

Jack: Well, now you have a plan. Come have christmas eve dinner with the abbotts. With downy infusions, let the scent set the mood.

Phyllis: Hmm. Wow. Um…well, thank you. I, um — I’m gonna say no.

Jack: Give me one good reason why.

Phyllis: I’ll give you two — your sisters.

Jack: But you and traci just got along wonderfully. It is proof positive you can enjoy the holiday in the same room.

Phyllis: Oh, come on, traci’s polite. Ashley, on the other hand, she’ll skip that and draw blood. Forget it. That would be a holiday disaster.

Jack: I completely disagree.

Phyllis: Okay, listen, let’s be honest. We decided to preserve this friendship that we have.

Jack: Right.

Phyllis: Okay. So I don’t want to blow it up, and I seem to blow up my relationships, and I don’t want to wreck this. So how do we keep — how do we keep this friendship on track?

Jack: Simple. By you joining me for a festive holiday dinner at my place with all the trimmings.

Abby: You know, what you said to your mom was so sweet. I know you made her day. We are all so happy to have you back with us. Sometimes, I feel like there’s a guardian angel looking out for us.

Chance: Wait, do you hear that? Oh, my gosh, look around. We got a guest-free house. No way.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Chance: I got to go do some gift-wrapping of my own now.

Abby: Wrapping? Wait, what’s left? We already have so many gifts under the tree.

Chance: You’re about to find out tomorrow.

Abby: Tomorrow? Come on, just give me a little hint.

Chance: Nope.

Abby: Tell dom, he won’t tell me.

Chance: [ Chuckles ] You’re just gonna have to be patient. Christmas surprise will be here in the morning.

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Chance: Shh.

Abby: Mm.

[ Music box plays ] Listen to that. Isn’t it so pretty? Mm. You know, dom, I prayed so hard for you. And every time you smile or laugh, I know that there’s a guardian angel watching over us. So good.

Devon: [ Laughs ]

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