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Philip drops a snow globe in Kate’s room and it smashes. Kate tries to tell him it’s okay but Philip says that’s what he has done with his life as well as Chloe’s, Brady’s, and Kate’s. Kate reminds Philip that she is going to help get his life back together and fix it. Kate says she has a plan but has to talk to Victor first because she has to tell him that he’s alive. Philip asks why since Victor doesn’t give a damn and said he was dead to him. Kate insists that Victor didn’t mean it and was just upset and got carried away. Kate orders Philip not to leave the room or open the door. Kate tells Philip that she loves him as she then exits the room. Kate heads downstairs where she sees Lucas sitting at the counter on his laptop. Kate exits the Pub as Sami comes behind the counter to ask Lucas if he’s heard from Roman. Lucas informs her that Roman went to pick up his Santa suit from the cleaners. Sami remembers it’s Christmas Eve and remarks that it doesn’t feel like it. Sami asks if there’s any news on Philip. Lucas responds that he’s still missing and there’s no leads. Sami says she’s so sorry. Lucas thanks her and says he appreciates that. Lucas asks about Sami and the latest on Marlena. Sami doesn’t know and hoped Roman might have an update. Sami says she’s praying that Marlena is okay. Lucas toasts to them both getting what they want this Christmas.

Paulina is at home on the phone about ordering a deluxe floral arrangement for Lani but is informed that they were not delivered. Paulina looks down at her locket with a strand of Lani’s hair inside. Chanel then returns home to surprise Paulina.

Johnny goes home to the DiMera Mansion where EJ says he startled him because he didn’t know he was coming home. Johnny questions the pilot not telling him. EJ clarifies that he saw the flight plan but didn’t know if Johnny would be on it since he hasn’t heard from him in weeks. Johnny says he’s sorry. EJ says he should be after using the company jet. Johnny explains that Chanel needed time away from her family after everything that happened. Johnny asks EJ what he missed while he was gone.

Lucas informs Sami that he already got what he wanted for Christmas that year and that’s Sami being back safely in Salem. Sami thanks him again for saving her. Lucas jokes that he can’t get enough of that. Lucas points out that EJ hasn’t thanked him so he bets EJ hoped she was gone for good. Sami calls that not true. Lucas brings up the divorce papers. Sami reminds him that she tore them up. Lucas suggests EJ is drawing up new ones as they speak. Lucas mentions going upstairs to check on Kate. Sami asks how she’s doing. Lucas says she’s not good but he hasn’t spoken to her since yesterday as she’s really upset about Philip and locked herself in her room. Sami sends her love as Lucas heads upstairs.

Kate goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and tells Victor that he doesn’t have to be ashamed to mourn their son but there is no need for tears anymore because their son is alive. Victor is shocked and asks where the hell he is. Kate responds that she’s going to tell him but he can’t tell a soul.

Lucas goes to Kate’s room and knocks on the door, saying he’s really worried about Kate. Lucas knows Kate told Roman that she didn’t want to see anybody but he’s heartbroken over Philip too as he still loves and misses him. Lucas cries that he doesn’t know if he’s ever going to see him again. Philip then answers the door, shocking Lucas.

Sami goes to see Belle and asks if there’s any updates on Marlena. Belle says no and that she can’t talk as she has to get a suit to Brady for his bail hearing. Sami asks how Brady is doing. Belle admits he’s not great as he was just arrested for murder. Sami worries more about Marlena and questions John not calling. Belle is sure John is out on the search with Steve and then Shawn is at the safehouse with Ben and Ciara. Sami doesn’t know what good it will do since Marlena can turn into anything but admits she doesn’t have better ideas. Sami talks about feeling desperate to help but there is nothing they can do. Sami hates feeling helpless and reveals that’s why she wants to hire Belle to help her save her marriage.

EJ reminds Johnny about how Chanel felt that Marlena wanted her to drop the bombshell at the wedding with Paulina’s secret. Johnny remains shocked that Marlena shared the secret with Chanel since it was in confidence. Johnny calls it unlike her. EJ then reveals that’s because it wasn’t her.

Paulina comments on all the bags Chanel brought back with her from Italy. Chanel asks how things are with Abe. Paulina says that Abe says he still loves her but doesn’t know if he could ever trust her. Paulina insists that she would do anything to earn back his trust but Abe said there’s nothing she could do and that he just needs time. Chanel encourages that he’s not closing the door and asks about Lani. Paulina informs her that she hasn’t seen Lani since the aftermath of the wedding. Chanel is sorry about her part in that and can’t believe she blurted out that Paulina is Lani’s mother in front of everyone. Paulina then reveals to Chanel that it’s not her fault because it turns out the Devil made her do it.

Eli reads a Christmas card that Lani got from Paulina. Lani questions why Paulina can’t just leave her alone. Eli tells her that she loves her. Lani complains that Paulina lied to her for her whole life so now flowers can change that. Eli assures that Paulina won’t go away so she’s going to have to talk to her, face her, and deal with this for her own sake. Lani asks Eli to watch the twins. Lani kisses Eli and then exits.

Philip apologizes to Lucas for letting everyone think he was dead. Lucas asks how long he was going to let them all think that. Philip figured no one would really miss him that much. Lucas points out what he just said. Philip says that’s why he opened the door because it meant so much to him. Philip adds that Lucas can’t tell anyone that he’s alive. Lucas agrees not to but asks what he’s going to do. Philip doesn’t know yet but says that Kate just went to see Victor and says she has a plan to fix this. Lucas understands he’s been under a lot of stress and been pushed to his limit so it’s not his fault. Philip says a lot of his like gambling and getting involved with Ava twice. Philip says he made terrible choices but being with Chloe was supposed to turn it all around and be a whole new beginning. Philip says he was giving up on the paranoia and jealousy and he had it all under control until he left the Pub that day, went to Basic Black, and overheard Brady and Chloe talking about having sex on the conference table which brought him right back to high school, so something in him just snapped. Lucas understands if they were having an affair but Philip reveals they weren’t as Chloe told Kate it was all a misunderstanding. Lucas questions him believing that. Philip admits he doesn’t know but feels he should trust Chloe if he really loves her. Lucas doesn’t know when it comes to Brady. Philip feels that even if Chloe cheated on him, what he did was much worse as he let the people he loves think he was dead and he set Brady up for a murder he did not commit. Philip declares that he’s done so much damage and questions how to undo it.

Victor asks Kate why Philip would fake his own death. Kate adds that he framed Brady for it but that he was not in his right mind. Victor blames Chloe for driving him to this. Kate explains that Philip believes he’s failed at everything and that no one loves him. Kate is afraid that Philip really thinks life is not worth living, so he needs help. Victor responds that he needs a good lawyer. Kate worries that the stress of a trial would be too much as would prison. Victor questions if she’s saying he’s going to live above the Brady Pub for the rest of his life. Kate says that what she is saying is that they need to make Philip disappear so he can get the help that he needs, but Victor responds that he can’t do that. Victor clarifies that he would do anything in his power to help Philip, but Brady is his grandson so he can’t let him go to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit. Kate says there has to be something to make this mess go away for both of them but she’s not sure of what yet. Kate feels they need to figure it out together.

Lucas is sure Kate and Victor can help Philip in some way. Philip argues that they can’t fix everything since his future with Chloe is probably over and Brady will probably somehow convince Chloe that he’s innocent, so he’ll win. Philip feels Chloe will want nothing to do with him and he’ll have no choice but to walk away, but he’s not sure that he can.

Sami tells Belle that there is no way in hell that she’s giving up on her marriage and that EJ only wants to divorce her out of DiMera pride. Sami argues that EJ still loves her and she’s going to fight like hell to do whatever it takes to save her marriage. Belle can’t believe Sami is thinking about herself at a time like this. Sami complains that she came over asking for an update on Marlena. Belle says since there’s not one, she just asks for a favor for herself. Sami asks if it’s a crime to ask her sister for help saving her marriage. Belle argues that Marlena is possessed, Philip might be dead, and Brady is facing prison for murder but Sami is thinking about her marriage. Sami confirms she is also worried about her marriage and she would think Belle would appreciate that it’s not a trivial matter. Sami adds that they have two kids and EJ is the love of her life. Belle says she gets it, so Sami asks if she will represent her. Belle responds that even if she wanted to, she can’t, because she works for DiMera Enterprises so it would be unethical for her to represent her. Belle is sure Sami won’t have any trouble finding another lawyer. Sami doesn’t want another lawyer, she wants her. Belle argues that Sami just wants someone to make EJ stay married to her. Sami says that would be the point. Belle says that’s exactly why she has to turn her down because she doesn’t take cases that she knows she can’t win.

EJ reveals to Johnny that the Ouija board was right on the money about the Devil being in the DiMera Crypt and that Marlena actually is possessed by the Devil. EJ adds that she locked John and Susan were locked inside and that Johnny inadvertently tipped off Steve, otherwise they would barely have made it out alive. Johnny asks if they are okay now. EJ says physically yes and that Susan is still a little shaken up. EJ mentions Susan is staying at the mansion and would be delighted to see him. Johnny realizes this is why Marlena was so stoked about his movie and wonders if this will derail the whole project. Johnny then apologizes and says that’s the last thing that matters right now. Johnny asks if Sami knows or if she’s still off the grid. EJ tells him there is something else he should know.

Paulina reveals to Chanel that Marlena is possessed by the Devil. Chanel worries that Johnny has no idea. Paulina is sure he does now because the whole town does. Chanel starts to tell Paulina about Italy but Lani arrives at the door. Paulina says she’s glad she came by. Lani thought Chanel was in Italy. Chanel informs her that she got back this morning and she can’t say enough that she’s so sorry about what she did at the wedding. Lani responds that it wasn’t Chanel’s fault. Chanel thanks her for understanding. Chanel adds that while she was away, she did a lot of thinking about how jealous she was because she thought Lani was Paulina’s favorite. Chanel calls it stupid and petty and says she’s over it now. Chanel declares that she got something she always wanted; a sister, and no matter how Lani feels about her, she is so grateful. Lani responds that she is too. Lani tells Chanel that what they are may have changed but what hasn’t changed is that she loves her very much and always will as they hug. Chanel tells Lani that Paulina feels the same way about her. Lani notes that it said that in the card Paulina sent with the flowers. Paulina asks if that’s why she came by. Lani confirms that it is.

Johnny is shocked to learn that Sami was kidnapped and asks by who. EJ responds that no one knows since after Lucas rescued her, she declined to file a police report. Johnny asks if Sami is okay. EJ guesses it’s the kidnappers who are worse for wear. Johnny decides to call her now. Johnny tells Sami that EJ just told him what happened and asks if she’s okay. Sami says she’s fine and she’s just happy to hear his voice. Johnny says he’s happier to hear her voice and asks when he can see her. Sami says she will come over now so Johnny says that’s perfect and hangs up. Johnny informs EJ that Sami is coming over and asks if that’s a problem. EJ says no as it will give him the chance to serve her for new divorce papers since she tore up the last ones. Johnny questions them still getting divorced as he thought after finding out what Sami went through, EJ might miss her and realize what she means to him. EJ reminds him that Sami cheated on him, so he moved on and is with Nicole now which surprises Johnny. Johnny reminds EJ that he cheated on Nicole before with Sami. EJ asks what his point is. Johnny guesses they will see.

Belle asks if Sami thinks getting in EJ’s face five minutes is going to make him fall back in love with her. Sami argues that she didn’t ask for her advice. Sami warns Belle that she messed with the Devil’s plans when she showed up at the cabin so she should avoid any black cats. Sami wishes Belle a happy anniversary and then storms out. Belle then gets a call from Kate, who invites her to the Kiriakis Mansion.

Kate informs Victor that Belle is on her way and assures this is going to work. Victor says that it better.

Lani tells Paulina that the flowers were beautiful. Paulina is glad that she liked them. Lani then informs her that she will be bringing the flowers to the hospital tomorrow to give them to someone who actually wants them. Lani then rips up Paulina’s card which upsets Paulina and Chanel. Lani knows that Chanel means well but says this is between her and Paulina. Lani wants Paulina to stop reaching out to her or sending her gifts. Paulina says Merry Christmas and wishes her twins a happy birthday. Lani simply says goodbye and walks out.

Johnny tells EJ that if he’s uncomfortable being around Sami, he can leave before she gets there. EJ says he’s not and it will give him the opportunity to take care of their legal business and then she will be out of his life once and for all. Johnny adds that Chanel is coming over for lunch soon, so he’d appreciate if EJ and Sami keep it civil. EJ jokes that Chanel is accustomed to family drama. Sami then runs in and excitedly hugs Johnny. Sami can’t believe they are all in Salem together again and calls it a Christmas miracle in the most wonderful time of the year. Sami declares there’s nothing more wonderful than having her family back together.

Lucas doesn’t know what’s going to happen with Chloe but warns that Philip has other things to worry about right now. Philip agrees to focus on making things right, but what’s right is Brady being with Kristen who is the love of his life, while for him, it’s always been Chloe. Lucas assures that he gets it since he was infatuated with Carrie when the woman he really loved was Sami. Lucas talks about he and Sami being best friends, lovers, enemies, everything, but now it looks like he’s in the same boat as Philip. Philip says at least he and Sami still have a chance since he didn’t do anything crazy like he did. Lucas responds that he wouldn’t be so sure about that.

Belle goes to the Kiriakis Mansion and says she has Brady’s bail hearing in an hour, so she asks if they have information to help him. Kate responds that there is not going to be a bail hearing because she and Victor have decided to revoke the document they signed to have Philip legally dead. Victor adds that without a body, there is no case, so Melinda will have to drop the charges against Brady. Belle is glad they came to their senses but asks why. Kate claims that she realized if she believed Brady is a killer then she believes Philip is dead and she doesn’t believe that. Victor adds that he doesn’t want his grandson going to prison for a murder that he didn’t commit. Kate says as agonizing as it is, they have to stay patient and let the process play itself out and pray that Philip comes back to them. Belle tells them that she and Brady are working really hard to piece together what happened that night. Kate thought Brady was blackout drunk. Belle says Brady last remembers being outside the Pub and explains that she checked the security footage but the video was erased just from the time Brady was there, so she thinks he was framed. Kate asks who would do something as horrible as that. Belle reveals that she and Shawn think it was Kristen which Kate says totally makes sense. Belle adds that she’s only telling them so they don’t think that Brady is getting away with anything because he’s innocent. Belle points out that Kristen’s M.O. is making people disappear, not killing them. Victor brings up when Kristen stabbed him. Kate thinks this sounds very positive and they can be cautiously optimistic. Belle agrees as she’s more hopeful than ever that Philip is out there somewhere, alive.

Philip asks if Lucas did something crazy. Lucas says it was very crazy but like Philip, he did it for love for Sami. Lucas says he’s done a lot of insane things in the past like drugging Sami’s spaghetti and gaslighting her with a Will doll, but this time he thinks he outdid himself. Philip is not sure that’s possible. Lucas warns him to brace himself.

Chanel mentions bringing a present for Paulina but guesses it’s in one of Johnny’s bags. Chanel mentions that Johnny invited her over for a lunch, so she invites Paulina to join them. Paulina says she wouldn’t be good company. Chanel pleads with her and reveals that she already told Johnny that she’s coming because they really want their parents to meet. Chanel feels it might take Paulina’s mind off things and asks her to do it for her. Paulina then gives in and agrees to go.

Johnny hopes Sami can forgive him since she called him a few months ago. Sami recalls getting a hold of her phone but they caught her before she could say anything. Johnny says it was strange but he didn’t think anything of it and he should’ve realized something was wrong. Sami hugs him and assures that it’s okay and not his fault. Sami says she’s here now and they are together again. Johnny gets a text from Chanel that she’s bringing Paulina over for lunch. Sami doesn’t want to intrude on him having guests but Johnny says he’s dying for her to meet Chanel. Johnny goes to tell Harold to set two more places for lunch. Sami comments to EJ that it sounds like their son is in love and asks EJ if he remembers what that feels like. Sami tells EJ to stop fighting and denying it because they both know how he feels. Johnny then brings Chanel and Paulina in to the room. Johnny introduces Chanel to Sami. Sami talks about hearing so much about Chanel from Johnny and Allie. EJ adds that they have all heard about Paulina. Paulina calls the mansion really nice. Paulina notices the portrait of Stefano and acknowledges him as Abe’s late father in law. Johnny says he and Chanel have been talking about getting their families together for dinner but asks if they should just tell them now since they are all here.

Kate asks Belle if Philip is legally alive now that they have revoked the document. Belle confirms that and that Melinda will have no choice but to drop the charges. Victor asks what happens next. Belle says she will go talk to Brady about what they discussed and then she will speak to Melinda about dropping the charges. Belle thanks them both and says she’s so grateful that her brother will be free. Belle adds that they both know how much Philip means to her so she really hopes he will be okay. Belle says she will be in touch and exits the mansion. Kate tells Victor that they did the right thing and now they just need to make sure that Philip gets the help he needs.

Philip questions what Lucas did. Lucas says he didn’t learn his lesson when it comes to Sami. Lucas states that if even if EJ hates Sami’s guts, he could be standing next to him, professing his love for her and she would still pick EJ over him. Philip jokes that maybe he should profess that he hated her guts. Lucas responds that he did more than that. Philip tells him to spit it out. Lucas then reveals to Philip that he is the one who kidnapped Sami!

Sami asks if someone has a confession to make. Chanel agrees they should tell them. Johnny says they had an amazing time in Italy which Chanel calls life changing. Johnny then announces that he and Chanel got married in Rome! Johnny and Chanel then kiss, leaving EJ, Sami, and Paulina shocked.

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