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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Lucas and Philip talked about Lucas kidnapping Sami. Lucas told Philip how he went about kidnapping Sami. There was a flashback about how he kidnapped her. Shawn and Belle talked about the charges for Brady being dropped since Victor and Kate revoked the papers declaring Philip dead. Shawn told Belle that Marlena pretended to be Steve and attacked Kayla. He said the devil stole the hospital key card. Belle wanted to know why the devil would steal the key card. She thought it might have been to rescue Jan. Shawn said Jan was still in a coma. The devil told Jan she was going to have sex with Shawn. Jan said she didn’t want to force him to have sex with her. The devil said she locked him in a cage. He said she could make him want to have sex with her. Belle was upset that the devil was after her and Shawn. Shawn tried to calm her down. Lucas told Philip that he knew two guys from prisoner that he paid to kidnap Sami. Philip wanted to know what the plan was. Lucas said he didn’t have a plan. He said he figured that she would go back to EJ. Johnny and Chanel told their parents that they were married. EJ was upset that they were married. Paulina didn’t like the way EJ was insulting her. Johnny told them they loved each other. Paulina said she wanted to make sure Chanel wanted to marry Johnny when not too long ago she was kissing Allie. EJ and Sami were shocked.

Sami wanted to know what Paulina said. Paulina said she heard her. Chanel said she and Allie were close. She said they realized they loved each other as friends. Sami asked if Allie knew that she was married to Johnny. Chanel said Allie would be happy. She said she would be happy if she gave her blessing. Sami said she couldn’t do it. Lucas told Philip that he thought EJ would move on with Nicole. He said he was going to let Sami go. He said Sami called and sounded desperate. He said he wanted to look like the hero, but she went back to EJ. He said EJ was with Nicole, but Sami wanted to be with him. Johnny asked why Sami didn’t approve of the marriage. She said she was afraid it was a rebound thing. Johnny said her marriage with EJ wasn’t any better. He said it was a wonder he wanted to get married at all. The devil sent Shawn a text from Jan. She didn’t think Shawn would fall for the text. Shawn debated on whether or not to meet the person. Kate walked in on Philip and Lucas talking to each other. She told Lucas that no one could know that Philip was alive. Lucas agreed to keep quiet. Johnny yelled at EJ and Sami for not accepting their marriage. Johnny said he didn’t care if EJ cut him off. He said Chanel was his family. When Johnny and Chanel left, EJ said he was glad that they were all on the same page. Paulina said she wasn’t on the same page as them. She said she was going to trust her daughter and her new husband. She said she was going to beg for her forgiveness for her rude questions. She said he should do the same if he didn’t want to lose his son. Kate told Philip he needed to get help. He agreed to get help. She told him to stay away from Chloe. He agreed to get help. Shawn showed up to meet Jan. She didn’t know what to do. The devil told her to open the door.

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