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Devil Marlena brings Jan Spears to a room at the Salem Inn. Jan calls it a Merry Christmas and says she owes it all to The Devil for getting her out of that coma and giving her life again. The Devil says he’s just a giver as long as she does what he wants. Jan says no one would ever guess she wasted 6 months of her life hooked up to machines and no one will ever guess that she’s back since the Devil worked his voodoo. Jan says the joke is on everyone else because now Tripp is chained to those machines, while she is free. The Devil warns Jan that she will only be free if she does exactly as he asked. Jan assures she will do him proud since they want the exact same thing. The Devil declares that they have a lot to do if they want to destroy Shawn and Belle’s marriage on their first and last wedding anniversary.

Belle goes to the police station and wishes Shawn a Happy Anniversary. Belle asks about the safehouse. Shawn says there was no sign of Marlena or the Devil but Ben and Ciara are safe for now with his best guys guarding the place. Shawn asks if Belle came for Brady’s bail hearing. Belle reveals that there’s actually not going to be one because it sounds like Kate and Victor decided to revoke the document certifying Philip’s death, so without that and a body, she thinks she can get the charges dropped. Shawn calls that great but he thought Kate was out for Brady’s blood. Belle says not anymore.

Kate goes to the Brady Pub and tries to head upstairs but Roman stops her. Kate says she doesn’t have time. Roman tells her to make time and take a moment. Roman knows she’s grieving Philip and he respects her need for space but she shouldn’t be spending so much time alone, especially on Christmas Eve. Kate understands but says she really needs to go. Roman questions what’s so important that she needs to race up the stairs to get to. Kate asks why this is turning in to an interrogation. Roman says he’s concerned with her closing herself off not being good for her and says it won’t bring back her son. Kate tells him not to talk about Philip like he’s dead, because he’s alive.

Lucas reveals to Philip that he is the one who kidnapped Sami. Philip calls that crazy. Lucas remarks on that coming from the guy who faked his own death. Lucas argues that he did what Philip said to do; go after what he wants, reclaim the woman he loves, and fight dirty. Philip asks if it’s his fault that he went off the rails. Lucas says it’s not but he took his idea and ran with it. Philip asks why he would do something like that. Lucas responds that he did it because he loves Sami and he loves her so much that there is no way in hell he’s going to let her go back to EJ this time.

Sami questions Johnny just announcing that he got married to a woman that she just met a minute ago. Paulina remarks that she’s totally speechless. EJ guesses that’s why Johnny was so eager to fly off to Italy. Johnny and Chanel say it wasn’t planned but it just happened. Chanel had no idea she would come back a married lady. Johnny says before they knew it, they were pronounced husband and wife. Johnny asks if anyone is going to congratulate them. EJ says he’s sorry but he thinks Johnny made a terrible mistake. Johnny thought EJ liked Chanel. EJ argues that liking her and wanting her as his daughter in law are entirely different. EJ adds that he can’t ignore the fact that Chanel was briefly married to Xander, thinking he was really wealthy. Chanel calls that so unfair. Paulina agrees and says Chanel doesn’t need EJ’s money. EJ reminds Johnny that he controls the purse strings here. Johnny asks if EJ is threatening to cut him off. EJ says not if he gets an annulment.

Lucas reminds Philip how ticked off Sami was when Nicole gave EJ the letter that Kristen wrote and then blamed him for breaking up their marriage. Philip blames himself for that as he thought giving the letter to Nicole would help things but it made things worse. Lucas says it doesn’t matter how EJ got the letter but that Sami blamed him for taking the letter out of the fireplace and not EJ, who treated her like crap for years and kicked her out of the house. Lucas complains that Sami still wants to be married to EJ and calls him an idiot jerk. Philip remembers that conversation and walking Lucas home. Lucas informs him that he didn’t stay home, he went to Gabi’s house because he knew Sami was going to be there to ask Gabi if she could move back in to the DiMera Mansion. Lucas says it was like a punch in the gut to have Sami and EJ living under the same roof so he had to do something to stop it. Lucas flashes back to grabbing Sami with chloroform and dragging her away. Lucas declares that after that, there was no turning back.

Shawn tells Belle that Brady will be able to enjoy Christmas without these charges hanging over his head. Belle calls it great news but Shawn feels she doesn’t seem too thrilled about it. Belle assures that she is but she’s just having trouble getting in to the Christmas spirit while Marlena is possessed by the Devil. Shawn informs her that he has news. Belle guesses it’s not good. Shawn reveals that The Devil morphed in to Steve and attacked Kayla at the hospital. Shawn says that Kayla is fine but the Devil stole her key card. Belle questions what he would want with that. Shawn says he might be using it in whatever plan he has against them. Belle asks what he means. Shawn explains that The Devil doesn’t like that she was in his way and told Kayla that he was going to make them suffer a fate worse than death. Belle questions what The Devil would want in the hospital and then brings up Jan. Shawn says that’s a theory but Steve and Kayla checked and Jan was still in her coma. Belle hopes she stays there forever and asks where the Devil is. Shawn says he’s still at large. Belle worries that they are the next target.

Jan asks The Devil what the plan is. Jan tries to take a drink but The Devil takes it away. Jan complains that it’s been months but The Devil says they can celebrate after the mission is accomplished. Jan says she knows how to do it. Jan brings up having Shawn and Belle renew their wedding vows, kidnapping Belle and then she will put on her wedding dress to unveil herself just like she did last year. The Devil says the plan last year was an unmitigated disaster where Jan ended up in her second coma and now she just got out of her third coma. Jan asks if she doesn’t get to marry Shawn then. The Devil remarks that marriage is for suckers while Jan gets to do the best part and have sex with Shawn which excites Jan. The Devil tells Jan that when she gets Shawn in bed, he will have betrayed his sacred wedding vows to Belle which will end them forever. Jan loves it and calls it perfect, but points out that Shawn hates her so she questions making him have sex with her. Jan doesn’t want to use mind control and wants him to do it out of his own free will and not force him. The Devil reminds her that she locked Shawn up in a cage. The Devil assures that he can make things happen and he can make Shawn throw her on the bed and make mad, passionate love to her.

Belle panics about the Devil being after them. Shawn just wants her to have her eyes open and wishes he could just lock her away at home. Shawn hugs her and assures they will get through this. Belle decides she should go get the charges dropped against Brady and then Devil or not, they will celebrate their anniversary. Shawn says he loves her and tells her to be careful. Belle tells him the same as they kiss and then Belle exits.

Roman asks Kate if Philip was found alive. Kate says it’s nothing like that but she and Victor agreed they made a mistake in signing the document to declare Philip dead so they revoked it. Roman is glad to hear but questions what changed her mind. Kate claims she realized it wasn’t fair to Brady and it made her feel like she’s giving up and she’s not because she really believes Philip is out there alive. Roman gets a text about a delivery. Kate tells him to go do that and says they can have a Christmas Eve lunch later. Roman says he’ll make sure the mistletoe is by the table. Kate then heads upstairs.

Philip questions Lucas taking Sami all the way to Wisconsin. Lucas confirms that he did and admits it wasn’t a great plan. Lucas explains that he knew these two guys from prison when he did time for protecting Will from shooting EJ. Lucas knew they had a cabin in the middle of nowhere and he’d pay them to keep Sami prisoner for him. Philip asks what the endgame was. Lucas admits he didn’t have one and he thought about letting Sami go but he knew she’d go right back to EJ like she always does.

Johnny declares that he’s not getting his marriage annulled. EJ remarks that Chanel is no stranger to that. Paulina argues that Chanel is the one who made a mistake with Johnny. Chanel stops her and agrees with EJ that she’s been a brat for a lot of her life and she was spoiled and entitled, so she made a lot of mistakes but she’s learned from them. Chanel says she’s learned what she wants to do and who she wants to be. Chanel brings up how well the bakery is doing. Johnny tells them to show some respect and complains about them not being happy for him. Sami feels it’s just sudden. Johnny argues that they know about each others’ past and it’s only made them closer. Johnny has no doubt that Chanel married him for love and not money. Paulina asks if he’s sure about that and brings up Allie. Paulina questions if Chanel is really sure she wants to marry Allie’s brother when not too long ago, she was kissing Allie, which surprises Sami and EJ. Sami questions what she just said. Paulina thinks she heard her. Chanel talks about her and Allie being friends in London then reconnecting in Salem and getting really close. Chanel clarifies that they talked about it with Tripp and Johnny and realized that they love each other as friends only. Chanel assurse that Allie is in love and happy with Tripp, while she is in love and happy with Johnny. Sami asks if Allie knows they got married. Chanel says she hasn’t had the chance to tell her yet, but she knows that she will be thrilled that she’s married to the man she loves. Chanel hopes that Sami could be happy for them too and says it would mean everything if she would give her blessing. Sami responds that she’s sorry but she can’t do that either.

Lucas tells Philip that he didn’t know what to do because weeks turned in to months and then EJ hooked up with Nicole, so he thought EJ would move on with Nicole so he could let Sami go but before he could, Sami stole one of his guys’ phones and called Allie while he happened to be with Allie, so he heard the fear and desperation in Sami’s voice and felt horrible, but he realized he could rescue her and be the hero. Lucas talks about knocking down the door and she gave him a huge hug but then when he brought her home, she went right back to EJ. Philip says he’s sorry. Lucas says he’d think Sami finding EJ in bed with Nicole would show that he’s no good for her but Sami is still fighting the divorce and wants to be with him. Lucas doesn’t know what to do now. Kate then comes home and asks what the hell as she told Philip not to let anyone in.

Jan assures The Devil that she’s totally down with the mad, passionate love part but she still doesn’t get how. The Devil instructs Jan to first text Shawn, so she does.

Shawn gets a text from an unknown number to come room 514 at the Salem Inn.

Lucas tells Kate that he’s not just anyone, he’s Philip’s brother. Philip adds that he had to tell him. Kate guesses he told everything which they confirm. Kate reminds them that no one else can know that Philip is alive and tells Lucas to keep his mouth shut. Lucas swears not to betray his brother’s confidence. Philip adds that he would never betray his either.

Johnny thought Sami would understand and questions why she is so against he and Chanel being married. Sami says she has the same questions that Paulina has. Sami worries that maybe it’s a rebound. Johnny calls it unbelievable. Sami says she’s concerned and Paulina is too. Sami thinks they would agree they are both very young. Sami tells Johnny that marriage isn’t a game, it’s real and for life. Johnny brings up EJ and Sami as an example with the lying, cheating, fighting, and constantly blaming each other for everything wrong. Johnny remarks that with them as role models, it’s a miracle he even wants to get married at all.

Shawn texts back asking who this is.

Jan gets excited that Shawn responded then apologizes if she offended the Devil by saying “oh my God.” Jan tells the Devil that Shawn wants to know who it is and asks how to respond. The Devil takes the phone to respond.

Shawn gets a text back telling him to just come and promising he won’t regret it.

Jan starts to worry about Shawn not answering. The Devil reminds her that he wasn’t asked a question. Jan asks what if he doesn’t come but The Devil assures that he will since as a detective, he won’t be able to resist. Jan worries that he’ll take one look at her and arrest her on the spot but the Devil promises that he won’t.

Shawn wonders if the text could be a trap and guesses there is only one way to find out, so he exits the station.

Kate informs Philip that she talked to Victor and she has fixed it. Philip asks if Victor knows he framed Brady. Kate confirms that he had to know everything for this to work. Philip worries that Victor will hate him even more than he already did but Kate insists that he doesn’t and he knows Philip isn’t himself right now. Kate assures they are going to get him the help that he needs. Philip asks about Brady. Kate says they took care of that too. Kate reminds Lucas that no one can know that Philip is alive. Lucas gets a text from Rafe, asking him to come to the police station. Lucas assures them he won’t say anything about Philip. Lucas guesses this is goodbye for awhile so he tells Philip to take care of himself as they hug. Lucas then exits the room.

EJ tells Johnny that was completely uncalled for. Johnny asks if the truth hurts. Johnny argues that EJ and Sami are not a normal married couple and brings up Sami cheating on EJ. Johnny asks how their divorce is coming. Sami cries that they are just concerned. Johnny guesses he should thank them since their marriage shows him exactly what kind of marriage he doesn’t want to have. Johnny hoped they could be happy for them but if they can’t, he’s cool with that too. Johnny adds that if EJ wants to cut him off, it won’t matter because Chanel is the only family he needs. Johnny declares that it’s Christmas Eve and he would like to spend it with his wife. Johnny and Chanel then exit the room together. EJ argues that Johnny is defensive which means he understands he’s made a mistake. EJ adds that at least they are all on the same page but Paulina says she’s not. EJ argues that she can’t possibly approve of this marriage. Paulina responds that she approves of letting their grown children find themselves instead of trying to control them. Paulina declares that she is going to trust her daughter and let them cool down then she will ask for forgiveness for her rude questions because the answers are none of her business. Paulina talks about how proud she is of Chanel and suggests EJ and Sami do the same if they don’t want to lose their son. Paulina then exits the mansion.

Lucas goes to the police station and greets Belle. Lucas says he just got a text from Rafe wanting to talk to him, so he guesses it’s about Philip. Belle informs him that she just met with Melinda and Rafe and that Rafe wanted to talk to him about Sami’s kidnapping.

EJ is sorry that Johnny upset Sami. Sami admits Johnny is right that they fight, cheat, and hurt each other so they aren’t a PSA for happily ever after. Sami acknowledges that Johnny is so excited and in love. Sami doesn’t want him to get hurt. EJ says that’s why they need to shut this down before any real damage is done. Sami worries that threatening to take his money away wasn’t the way to do it as he just dug in his heels further. EJ compares it to threatening to take away his favorite toy as a child. EJ argues that Johnny is a young man now and needs to learn some hard truths. Sami states that getting married and being crazy in love can lead to thinking it’s forever when they both know that it’s not.

Johnny and Chanel go to his room. Chanel commends the way he stood up to EJ and admits that EJ was pretty harsh. Johnny doesn’t give a damn if EJ cuts him off and says nothing they could say or do could make him change the way he feels about Chanel as they kiss. Johnny says he does have to ask if it might change how she feels.

Kate tells Philip what the plan is and asks if he’s okay with it. Philip confirms that he is. Kate wants him to promise that he’s really going to commit to treatment and getting better which means not contacting Chloe or anyone else and just focusing on himself. Philip knows he needs help, so he won’t screw it up. Kate says they will get him out of here then. Kate informs him that Victor has the jet fueled up on the runway. Kate tells Philip that she loves him as they hug. Philip thanks her and asks her to tell Victor that he said thank you. Kate says she will go downstairs to distract Roman so that Philip can slip out. Philip wishes Kate a Merry Christmas as she then exits the room.

Shawn goes to Room 514 at the Salem Inn and pulls his gun out as he knocks on the door. Jan says “oh my God he’s here”. The Devil reminds her not to say God’s name. Jan worries about what to do. The Devil instructs her to answer the door.

Kate goes downstairs. Roman asks if she’s ready for their Christmas Eve lunch. Kate apologizes for being so edgy when he’s been so wonderful and supportive during this whole ordeal. Roman just hates to see her unhappy and suggests they have their lunch. Roman adds that he didn’t get a chance to get the mistletoe. Kate says they don’t need mistletoe and kisses Roman, allowing Philip to sneak out behind them. Philip waves goodbye to Kate while she is hugging Roman, as he then exits the Pub.

Chanel assures Johnny that nothing EJ and Sami say can change the way she feels about him. Chanel jokes that they seem a little crazy so she asks why she would ever listen to them as they kiss. Chanel adds that it is Christmas Eve and they are alone, so she knows exactly how they can celebrate. They kiss until Johnny says to hold that. Johnny suggests they put their rings back on now that they made their big announcement, so they then exchange rings. Johnny tells Chanel that he loves her. Chanel tells him the same as they kiss on to the bed.

EJ tells Sami that he went in to their marriage with his eyes open and he had no delusions of happily ever after. Sami admits maybe she shouldn’t have tricked him in to marrying her the last time or had him thrown in prison for what he did with Abigail, but he gutted her and she just wanted to gut him back because she loves him so damn much, always has and always will. Sami knows EJ is denying it now but she knows he feels the same way. Sami says everyone keeps telling her to just give up because it’s hopeless and their marriage is doomed but she doesn’t quit and she’s never giving up on them. Sami tells EJ to go ahead with his new divorce papers so she can rip them up again. EJ responds that she’s not going to do that. Sami argues that he won’t stop her. EJ holds the papers from her as Sami questions why he’s doing this. EJ declares that he doesn’t want a divorce, he wants her. EJ then tears up the divorce papers himself which shocks Sami.

Lucas asks Belle about Sami’s kidnapping. Belle informs him that the Wisconsin police apparently found one of the guys who was holding Sami. Lucas asks if the guy said anything and what’s going on. Belle doesn’t know and Rafe just said they are transporting the guy to Salem as they speak, so hopefully they can find out who hired him and catch the son of a bitch who kidnapped her sister.

Shawn knocks on the door again and says it’s the police. The Devil has transformed Jan in to Belle, who answers the door and wishes Shawn a Happy Anniversary.

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