Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 21, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kate told Philip that she would help him get his life back together. She wanted to tell Victor what going on. She took her coat and left her room. Kate saw Lucas and snuck by him. Lucas was sitting at the bar, but he didn’t see her. Sami showed up at the pub. She asked Lucas about Philip. He told her there weren’t any leads. She told him that she didn’t have any leads on her mother either. He told her it was a season of miracles. He wanted to make a toast with coffee that they got what they wanted. He said he got what he wanted when she came home. He reminded her that he rescued her. She laughed and said she already thanked him for that. They had playful banter when she mentioned EJ. He wanted to go upstairs and check on Kate. Lucas knocked on Kate’s door and said he missed Philip too. He begged her to open the door. Lucas was shocked when Philip opened the door. Philip was moved by what he said about him. He didn’t want him to tell anyone that he was alive. Lucas agreed with him, but he wondered what he was going to do. Philip said Kate had a plan. He wasn’t sure it was fixable. He told him about the things he did. Philip knew Chloe wouldn’t want anything to do with him, but he couldn’t walk away from her. Lucas said he had bigger problems. He said talked to Philip about doing things for the woman he loved. Philip wasn’t sure what he meant. Lucas admitted that he was the one who had Sami kidnapped. Sami went to the townhouse and ran into Belle. Belle told her there weren’t any leads on their mother or Philip. Sami asked her to be her lawyer so she could fight her divorce. Belle couldn’t believe how selfish she was being. Belle thought it was unethical because she works for DiMera Enterprises. She also didn’t take cases she knew she couldn’t win. Paulina tried to reach out to Lani by sending her a card and flowers. Chanel and Johnny returned from their trip. Chanel apologized for blurting her secret at the wedding. Paulina didn’t blame her. She said the devil made her do it. Chanel couldn’t believe Johnny’s grandmother was possessed by the devil.

Lani read the card from the flowers Paulina sent her. She didn’t want any parts of her. Eli thought she should talk to her. Chanel was about to share some news with Paulina when Lani arrived. Chanel apologized to Lani for what happened at the wedding. Lani said it wasn’t her fault. Chanel was happy to have a sister. Lani was happy to have a sister too. Paulina was happy seeing her daughters bonding. Lani hardened towards her. She told Paulina that the flowers were beautiful, but she was donating them to a hospital. She wanted to give them to someone who would want them. She ripped the card and told her to stop reaching out to her. She stormed off. Chanel offered to take Paulina to lunch with the DiMeras. Johnny went to the DiMera mansion and saw EJ. Johnny wanted to know what he missed. He told him about his mother and grandmother.  Johnny wanted to call his mother. Sami answered and agreed to come over. EJ told him it would be the perfect time to serve Sami with new divorce papers. Sami arrived at the mansion and was happy to see Johnny. He asked her to forgive him for not realizing something was wrong. She said it wasn’t his fault. Johnny got a text from Chanel about meeting with her and Paulina for lunch. He was excited for Sami to meet Chanel. Johnny left to make arrangements for lunch. Sami approaches EJ and reminded him what it was like to be in love like that. Sami tried to get EJ to admit that he still loved her. Johnny walked back in the room with Chanel and Paulina. They made introductions and Johnny and Chanel started fawning over each other. They talked about their trip. They announced they got married. Johnny and Chanel kissed each other. Their parents were shocked. Kate sat with Victor and she told him that Philip was alive. He blamed Chloe for driving Philip to it. She said that she thought Philip didn’t think life was worth living. She said he was fragile and they had to help him disappear and get him the help he needed. Victor wasn’t on board with that plan. He wouldn’t let Brady go to prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Kate called Belle for help.

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