Days Short Recap Monday, December 20, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip hid while Kate talked to Chloe. Chloe declared Brady’s innocence while Kate accused her of cheating on her son with Brady on the conference room table. Chloe was shocked by the accusation. She wanted to know who told her that. She told her that she overheard her talking to Brady. Chloe told her that Nicole was the one who had sex on the conference room and not her. Chloe swore on Parker’s life that she didn’t cheat on Phillip. Kate believed her, but she didn’t understand why she would defend the man who killed her son. Chloe told her that she thought Philip was still alive. She begged Kate to talk to Melinda so they could figure out what happened that night. She was willing to think about it. Chloe thanked her and left the room. Philip came out of hiding and called Chloe a liar. Kate told him that she sounded sincere and he misunderstood about who had sex on the conference room. He refused to believe it. It couldn’t have all been for nothing. Kate said she could help him get out of the mess. He refused to let Chloe and Brady make a fool of him. Kate told him that they didn’t have an affair. He refused to listen to that. He was going to prove Chloe was lying by getting her to confess. Kate became emotional while he explained that they wouldn’t make fools of him.

Philip was determined to win this. He talked about losing the children and women he loved. He called himself a hypocrite with Victor. He said he sold his rights away to his son. He questioned why he always loses people. He wanted to know what it meant to keep someone. Kate was tearing up and said that she loved him. They ended up hugging each other. Philip realized that he wanted to get out of the mess he created. He didn’t know what he was going to do. She said she would fix it. Shawn hugged Belle. He was sorry that her brother was going through that. He knew that she would be able to clear him. Belle thought Brady was being framed by Kristen. She thought she did it because he cut her out of Rachel’s life. She wondered who else would frame him. Steve found Kayla on the floor. Kayla woke up and panicked. She pulled a letter opener on Steve. She wanted him to stay away from her. He assured her that he was really her husband. He said he wasn’t the devil. She collapsed in his arms. She repeated how scared she was. She realized that the devil took the keycard. She called security to be on the lookout for Marlena. She said they changed the security codes when Jan snuck in there before. Steve realized that the devil was after Jan. The devil was in Jan’s room. She needed a star player to help her. She waved her hand in her face and Jan opened eyes. She was surprised to see Marlena. She caught Jan up on what was happening. She revealed that she was the devil. Jan was happy that she was the devil. Tripp walked in and saw them together. He realized that she was the one who killed his brother. He was glad she was awake. He wanted to give them some privacy, but the devil said he wasn’t leaving. He tried to get through to the devil. He wanted her to fight. He tries to leave to get some help, but the devil hit him over the head.

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