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[ Footsteps approaching ]

Chance: What’s going on in the kitchen?

Abby: Everything is good. Pamela just wanted me to try this new sauce that she’s been working on.

Chance: I hope you told her that we’re just stopping for a drink. She didn’t need to make anything.

Abby: I did, but when I told her we had good news, she insisted on sending me out my favorite appetizer.

Chance: See? I was afraid that was gonna happen.

Abby: Don’t worry. She’s whipping something up for you, too.

Chance: Oh, okay.

Abby: Mm. [ Chuckles ] Hey!

Amanda: Oh, hi.

Devon: Hey, you two. You guys on a date also?

Abby: Well, we are having a celebratory drink. Did devon tell you that the people responsible for the explosion that injured chance have been apprehended?

Amanda: Yes. Yes, he did. You must be so relieved. I’m sure you’re so much more comfortable being out in public now.

Chance: Yes. Yes. I’m just glad that the mission was completed.

Abby: Hey, why don’t you guys join us?

Devon: Oh, no, we don’t want to intrude on you guys. That’s okay.

Abby: I have new pictures of dominic.

Devon: You do?

Abby: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Well, alright. How can I resist that?

[ Laughter ] Sure.

Nate: [ Sighs ] Guess I’ll get a cup of coffee for the road.

Elena: I thought you were staying.

Nate: That wouldn’t be in doubt if you would have answered the question I asked you earlier.

Elena: You mean about us living together?

Nate: You wanted time to think about it, so I’m giving you all the time you need. No pressure.

Elena: I have an answer. But before I give it to you, I have a confession to make.

Phyllis: No, summer, don’t worry about it. Listen, everybody splurges around this time of year. Yes. Of course. You and kyle have to be prepared to open all those gifts yourself because harrison’s attention span — I mean, he’s not gonna do it. I know.

[ Laughs ] Alright. I love you, baby. We’ll talk later. Hi.

Nick: Hey.

Phyllis: Hey. Uh…

[ Chuckles nervously ] Uh, do you want to send that with all the other gifts, uh, to italy? We could send those together.

Nick: Yeah, I already mailed my stuff to italy. This is for you.

Victor: Hey, son.

Adam: Dad.

[ Door closes ] I, uh, wasn’t expecting you tonight.

Victor: Yeah, well, I wanted to find out how things went with you and chelsea at the penthouse.

Adam: [ Exhales sharply ] Um, well, talk about returning to the scene of the crime. It’s a little strange, being there with her.

Victor: I bet.

Adam: Fortunately, connor doesn’t know anything about it, though.

Victor: Well, that’s a tricky situation, isn’t it, I mean, knowing how much connor wants his parents to be reunited, you know?

Adam: Yeah, well, I made it clear that that is not gonna happen.

Victor: Does chelsea know the two of you have no future together?

Adam: I think so.

Victor: Uh-huh.

Adam: She’s, um, focused on starting the next chapter of her life.

Victor: Mm.

Adam: She finally met sally in person today.

Victor: Hmm. How did that go?

Adam: Well enough that chelsea decided to take the job at newman fashion.

Victor: Really? Huh. Well, that way, you can keep an eye on her, you know? And talking about surveillance, by the way, how’s it going with those videos that were sent to you? Who did that? Did you find out?

Adam: I’m fairly confident I know who it is.

Lily: Aw, so sad. You’re packing up our little interview studio. I thought we could get more practice in.

Billy: You don’t need any more of that.

Lily: Well, I really loved the wrap party.

Billy: Oh, yeah. Well, we got plenty of time for that. We will practice until perfection.

Lily: I thought we were perfect. What are you talking about? What’s, uh — what’s wrong?

Billy: Jack should be here any minute. I asked him to come over so we could discuss the plan with him, like we agreed.

Lily: Okay. Do you want me to make myself scarce? I can.

Billy: No. I would prefer you stay here, if that’s okay.

Lily: Sure.

[ Knock on door ]

Billy: [ Sighs ] Here we go.

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Billy: Hey there. Come on in.

Jack: If this is another pitch to get me to fund a bid for chanccomm, I haven’t changed my mind, and I don’t intend to.

Billy: Actually, this is something different altogether and something that lily and i both agree we should share with you.

Jack: Okay. What’s this about? Hi. So you’re the scientist here.

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Phyllis: Um… wow, you didn’t — you didn’t have to get me anything.

[ Sighs ] Unless it’s one of those things that I left behind at your house and you wrapped it up as a gift. I mean, in that case, you really didn’t have to get me anything.

Nick: Uh…no. This is something I got for you awhile back, when we were still together. And it’s custom-made, so I can’t send it back.

Phyllis: Mm. Well, that is too bad.

Nick: Probably should have just held onto it, you know, until things were less weird between us.

Phyllis: Weird. I mean, that’s what I would have done. I would have, um… in fact, that’s what I did.

Nick: Are you saying you got me something, too?

Phyllis: Do you want to come see it?

Nate: Thank you.

Elena: So…there are some things that we may have to face if we live together.

Nate: Like?

Elena: Well, I’m not sure if you can handle living with someone who doesn’t like the smell of food cooking in the morning. It makes me nauseous. So I only keep cold breakfast foods in the house.

Nate: Oh, no! Guess I’m gonna have to go out if I want sausage and pancakes.

Elena: [ Chuckles ] Or you can do it when I’m on my morning run, which I haven’t been doing when we spend the night together, but I usually like to get out really early, which could also be annoying.

Nate: Good thing I’m a doctor who’s used to crazy hours.

Elena: I also don’t like to share closets. I like to keep everything orderly and color-coordinated. Is that something you can handle?

Nate: Well, uh, I don’t know. Guess I may have to clean out a closet or two just for you.

Elena: [ Chuckles ]

Nate: That might be tough.

Elena: Well, I should think that I’m worth it.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] You definitely are. And thank you for sharing this side of yourself with me. I guess I have to reciprocate in kind.

Elena: Okay.

Nate: If we were to live together, you have a right to know that I have an enormous baseball card collection.

Elena: [ Laughs ]

Nate: It comes with me wherever I go.

Elena: Ooh. That’s so cute.

Nate: You think my collection is cute?

Elena: No, no. I think it’s a ridiculous hobby. But it’s adorable that you don’t think I knew about it. I’ve seen your tower of boxes in the spare bedroom.

Nate: Okay, if you thought it was so ridiculous, why didn’t you say something?

Elena: Because I’m a polite person…and I like that you’re an open book.

Nate: There’s more.

Elena: Oh.

Nate: When no one’s around, I like to wear a homemade avocado mask. It’s the reason my skin stays so luminous.

Elena: [ Laughing ] Oh, my gosh. That explains so much!

[ Laughs ] Okay, so, would you mind making me one of these masks every now and again?

Nate: Definitely. But it’s not like you need one.

Elena: Okay. And maybe I can reciprocate by helping you organize your closets.

Nate: Oh, that’s very sweet of you, but, no, I have my own system.

Elena: No, you don’T. I’ve peeked inside your closets.

Nate: Yes, I do. Warm-weather clothes in the front, cold-weather clothes in the back.

Elena: That is not a system.

Nate: I always find what I’m looking for.

Elena: [ Laughs ] I suppose that’s all that matters.

Nate: [ Chuckles ] So, what do you think? Can a couple of goofballs like us be happy living under the same roof?

Elena: I guess we will have to see… because my answer is yes. I would love to live with you and your baseball cards and your avocado masks.

[ Laughs ]

Nate: Come here.

Elena: [ Laughs ]

Adam: Well, it occurred to me who might be sending the videos of billy, so I confronted the person, but they would neither confirm nor deny. But they did throw out the phrase “plausible deniability.”

Victor: So, they’re remaining anonymous for your sake — or so they want you to believe, right?

Adam: Well, I think they’re sincere. I think that their interests are aligned with newman media’S. But, uh, that’s probably all i should say at this point.

Victor: So, you expect me to trust you because you trust them?

Adam: Look, the point that we should focus on is that billy is unraveling right before our very eyes, okay? We didn’t force it, we didn’t contrive it, or we didn’t even arrange for it to be on video for posterity. We have him right where we want him, don’t we?

Victor: But that’s the point. We do. He’s no longer at chanccomm. We’ve publicly humiliated him. Isn’t that enough?

Adam: Billy is still out there running his mouth off to anybody who will listen that ashland locke committed fraud, despite chanccomm’s official retraction. If someone gives you an opportunity to discredit billy, we have to run with that. Why should we show mercy now?

Victor: Well, I can’t argue with that, although I suggest we proceed very carefully, okay? And I want to be kept in the loop.

Adam: Of course.

Billy: You asked me before what I plan to do now that jill has decided to sell chanccomm. And I have a plan, one that doesn’t require anything of you, no investment, nothing.

Jack: Okay. Sounds good so far.

Billy: Lily is the only one that knows about this, and she feels like it’s important to bring you in and give you a heads-up.

Jack: Does lily think that once I find out what you’re up to, maybe I’ll dissuade you from following through?

Lily: No, no, no. I’m actually behind billy on this one. But even though we both agree with the end goal, there’s some concerns we have that we think you should be aware of.

Jack: Okay. I’m listening. Did you know some deodorants may not last all day?

Abby: Can you believe it? Look at his sweet little face! Oh, my gosh, the expression. I can’t decide if he’s smiling or if he’s trying not to cry.

Devon: Can you send it to me, please? I want that picture.

Abby: Absolutely. Yeah, yeah. It’s the least I could do after letting us live-stream with you while we were in spain.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Abby: It was such a powerful moment, chance seeing his son for the first time.

Chance: Yeah, it was like nothing I’ve ever experienced.

Devon: Well, hey, if I would have known what was going on, i would have combed his hair and put him in a nicer outfit, you know?

Amanda: Aw, no, I’m sure that chance thought that he was perfect just the way he was.

Chance: So perfect.

Abby: You know, I started showing chance the video diary that I made while he was gone.

Devon: Did you get to the entry yet where I made a cameo?

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Chance: No, I didn’t know there were special guests.

Abby: Yes, yes. You know, we shot it early in the pregnancy, and mariah and tessa were there, too.

Devon: Yeah. You can skip straight to them because there’s a reason why i stay behind the scenes.

Amanda: What? Now I am curious. I mean, should I get abby to send me a copy?

Devon: No! No, don’t do that. I was just being corny on it, talking about all the music that we played for dominic during the pregnancy and everything we’re gonna do together once he’s born.

Amanda: Aww, that’s so sweet.

Chance: Well, I’m sure I’ll get a kick out of it, man. I’m just really grateful that i got some glimpses of what i missed. You know, of course when abby started recording, she had no idea how long I’d be gone, so i got a lot of lost time to make up for.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: Well, remember, though man, you also got a bunch of milestones that haven’t even happened yet, you know? You got his first steps.

Chance: Yeah.

Abby: First words.

Chance: Hey.

Abby: Yeah, wouldn’t surprise me if the first thing he said was “da-da,” and I am sure you’ll be there for that.

Phyllis: Um, I was debating on whether or not to give this to you. You know, I was kind of leaning against it.

Nick: So, what were you gonna do?& Just keep it wrapped up here forever?

Phyllis: No, I was thinking of giving it to summer and that she could give it to you. But, you know, since you have a gift for me, I don’t have a choice.

Nick: [ Sighs ] You know I’m gonna be able to tell if you’re just re-gifting something that you got from the office christmas party, right?

Phyllis: No. It’s not a re-gift. You’re gonna know it’s from me. It’s from somebody who knows you really well, so… this doesn’t have to be awkward, right?

Nick: Nah, I think we’re past that stage. And if we’re not, then we should be.

Phyllis: You want to go first?

Billy: Before I start, I just want to make it very clear and hope you realize just how upside down this whole public scandal has been. Victor and adam quite successfully made it look like i intentionally published an article — a made-up, phony article — about ashland locke, which I would not do for many reasons.

Jack: Yeah. I know that. We’ve covered all this. And the retraction that you published only reinforced their lie.

Lily: Well, we were forced to do that because of ashland’s impending lawsuit.

Billy: The irony of that is that we are now being sued for reckless disregard for the truth, which is the exact opposite of the actual truth. And I can’t let that perception stand.

Jack: Whoa, whoa, wait. I thought we were here to discuss how you can move forward from this mess.

Billy: We are, very much so, but I can’t move forward without reclaiming my dignity and my credibility.&

Jack: I realize it’s difficult for you to accept the fact that adam and victor won this round, but, look, even if you could get gaines to change his story —

Lily: No, no, no, we’re done dealing with gaines. Trust me — we learned our lesson.

Billy: The goal now is to expose newman media for the double-dealing backstabbers that they are, in essence, trick victor and adam into exposing themselves.

Jack: May I ask how you intend to do that?

Billy: Well, quite simple, actually. Give them exactly what they want on a silver platter. Make their darkest dreams come true. Of course, it won’t actually be true. But it won’t matter to them, and that is the point.

Jack: Okay, I’m still not clear on what you’re proposing.

Billy: They don’t care what lies or garbage they spew out into the world or the damage that it causes, as long as they get what they want.

Jack: Wait. That’s your plan? To give them some fake story and hope they run with it?

Billy: This is not just going to be some story. It’ll be a story that they will not be able to resist.

Jack: I am almost afraid to ask.

Billy: The tragic demise of billy abbott, the once-promising ceo who is now swallowed up in despair and addiction. They will eat it up with a spoon. And when the time is right, i will turn the tables and sue them.

Jack: What the hell — you’re not serious.

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Phyllis: Wow. Okay. “Love always, nick.” Oh, wow. This is amazing. This is something that is only for me, isn’t it? This is beautiful. Thank you.

Nick: You’re welcome.

Phyllis: Do you want to open yours?

Nick: It’s a — a cologne with my name on it? Essence of nicholas?

Phyllis: Yeah. Um…I worked with a company, uh, on a fragrance that is customized. You know, it’s for you only. They have this whole questionnaire. You fill it out. Like, what’s your astrological sign? What’s your height, your hobbies? So, I don’t know. It just — I thought it would be nice, just, um… nobody else will have that scent. That’s yours.

Nick: You obviously put a lot of time and effort into this. Thank you.

Phyllis: Yeah. I worked with them for a few months on it.

Nick: You know, even if you hadn’t put your name on the tag, I would have known this is from you. I mean, you are literally the only person in my life that would do something like this for me.

Phyllis: [ Voice breaking ] I hope we never lose this.

Nick: What?

Phyllis: Our connection. I hope we never lose it. It’s hard to find someone who gets you. It’s hard to find that special bond with somebody.

Nick: The real gifts are the friendships that you make along the way.

Phyllis: [ Chuckles ] I knew you were gonna say that.

[ Both laugh ] See, I get you.

Nick: Yeah. Well, I hope we don’t lose our connection, either.

Phyllis: I love this. Thank you. Merry christmas, nick.

Nick: You too.

Devon: Yeah, trust me, chance. It’s not gonna take long for you to catch up where dom’s concerned.

Amanda: Yeah, and devon is the ultimate baby whisperer. He figured everything out in the short time that dom was with us.

Chance: That’s good to know. You’ll have to tell me some of your secrets.

Abby: Hey, you’re gonna find your rhythm with the baby. But in the meantime, I can give you a few tricks that I’ve learned.

Chance: Please. I’m all ears. Come on.

[ Laughter ]

Abby: Okay, first things first — you have to have two binkies, one in his mouth and one in his tiny little hand. He just grips it. He’s a planner, just like mama. He has to have a backup binky. And he also loves it when I make this noise. He laughs every single time. You just have to go, “blb-blb-blb-blb-blb-blb!”

Devon: He does like that.

Chance: I can do that. Blb-blb-blb-blb-blb-blb!

Devon: He likes that a lot. You got it. You got it. Now, if you really want to just, like, put him down or get him relaxed to go to sleep, just play some music ’cause he loves it. He loves it so much. Anything with a good drumbeat. Max roach he likes a lot.

Abby: Ah, a jazz fan already? Alright.

Devon: Yeah, yeah. Also, too, if you whisper, like whisper little soothing hush sounds in his ears while he’s going to sleep, works well.

Abby: I’ll have to try that. Where’d you learn that?

Devon: Online, actually. Yeah, I found this parenting group that has a lot of great information for newbies. It’s really good. I’ll send you the link to it.

Abby: Yeah.

Devon: But you can’t follow all their advice ’cause I tried this one thing where I massaged his belly after he ate, and i swear he yelled at me after i did it, so…

[ Laughter ]

Abby: Well, I doubt that he has any complaints about you, devon.

Devon: Well…

Jack: Please tell me i misunderstood just now. It sounded like you said you’re going to fall apart just to mess with the newmans?

Billy: I wouldn’t exactly put it that way, but, yes, I will be hanging around some of my old haunts and visiting some of my old friends.

Jack: Bookies? Gamblers? Loan sharks?

Billy: If that’s how victor and adam choose to misinterpret this or misrepresent it, then… yes. Look, jack, that’s what they want to believe, okay? And I’m just gonna let them believe that. Of course I will be able to prove it opposite in court.

Jack: And how do you intend to do that?

Lily: Look, I had a lot of the same questions, but billy has actually thought this through. This will force victor and adam to admit that they tried to ruin his reputation.

Billy: You condone this? You were my last best hope, lily. I thought you of all people could talk him out of doing these dangerous things.

Billy: Jack, let me just be very clear that I did not want to tell you about this in the first place —

Jack: Why would you want to stay mired in this obsessive need to hurt victor and adam? You have other options! We would welcome you back at jabot with open arms. I’m sure lily would be thrilled to have you on board at chancellor. You could start over. This is how you vindicate yourself.

Billy: Jack, I think we both know that that is simply happy talk, okay? The reputation that victor and adam saddled me with is going to stay with me for the rest of my life — or until I can prove that they are the ones without any moral standard, that they are the ones motivated by greed and vengeance. It’s not me.

Jack: You don’t know that you can actually pull this off.

Billy: For the record, jack, I did not bring you here to get your permission or your approval. The plan is already in motion.

Jack: So, why did you bring me in on this now?

Billy: Because lily thought it would be cruel to let you hear the rumors and potentially believe them.

Jack: Well, thank you for that consideration for me. What about jill? What about johnny and katie? Did you think about them?

Lily: They’re going to boarding school after the holidays. They won’t be affected by any of this.

Jack: Wait, you are sending them away as part of this scheme?

Billy: No. That was victoria’s idea, but i believe it is the best one.

Lily: And jill is visiting the chancellor offices as part of the ceo hand-over.

Billy: I understand that ashley and traci will be in an out of town, and I don’t expect you to lie to them.

Jack: You’re damn right i won’T. I want no part of this.

Lily: Well, jack, can we at least trust you to keep quiet about all of this?

Jack: I don’t know why i would do that, lily.

Billy: Jack, let me be very clear that if you ruin my chance to make this right, I’m not gonna trust you with anything ever again. And I think you know I mean that.

Jack: [ Sighs ]

Billy: I don’t believe that this plan is as dangerous as you think it is. It will be carefully orchestrated and targeted to a very small, specific group.

Jack: You know what scares me the most about this? That certainty, that tone. It smacks of the same irrational overconfidence that has been at the root of your downfall time and again.

Billy: Well, I appreciate that, but I think this is my best chance to rebuild my damaged reputation.

Jack: I want to be wrong, billy. Boy, do I want to be wrong.

[ Door slams ]

Hey! It’s me! Your dry skin!

“The young and the restless”

will continue. We do it every night.

Devon: I wasn’t sure that you’d find a chef to fill lola’s shoes, but pamela’s doing a great job.

Amanda: Mmm. Yes. She’s fantastic.

Chance: Hey, we probably should get out of here soon, yeah?

Abby: Oh. Anxious to try those baby tips?

Chance: I can’t wait.

Abby: [ Laughs ]

Devon: Yeah. I’ll actually — I’ll send you the links to some of those songs that I know dominic likes.

Chance: Oh, cool. I’d appreciate that, man. Thank you. And, hey, I just want to thank you again for taking such good care of him while we were in spain.

Devon: I enjoyed every second of it.

Chance: I can see that.

Abby: Well, we should do this again.

Amanda: Yes, definitely.

Devon: Sure, yeah.

Chance: Good to see you guys.

Devon: Alright.

Abby: Have a good night.

Devon: You too.

Amanda: You too.

Devon: After all these appetizers, I’m not that hungry. Do you want to split something with me?

Amanda: Sure.

Phyllis: Um [Clears throat] So, summer wants to do a video call, all of us, and we can open our gifts together and, you know, get our reactions in real time, if you’re up for that.

Nick: Yeah. That’s a great idea. I’m not sure what I’m doing yet, but I’ll make sure to make some time for that.

Phyllis: Great. She’ll like that. Hey.

Jack: Phyllis. Nick. Good to see you both.

Nick: Hey, jack. Perfect timing. Phyllis was just telling me that summer wanted to do a video call with, like, harrison so it seems like we’re all opening presents together.

Phyllis: Yeah.

Nick: Would you be down for that?

Jack: I’d be delighted.

Nick: Good. I’m sure phyllis will schedule something. Okay, uh, good to see you both. Thanks again for my cool gift.

Jack: Well, for your sake, I’m glad things are better with you and nick.

Phyllis: Yeah. It’ll make for a more pleasurable holiday, right? So, how are you doing? Oh, no. What’s going on?

Nate: Well, look who’s here. Out on the town?

Devon: Hey, guys.

Elena: Hey.

Amanda: Well, you guys look like all smiles.

Nate: [ Chuckles ]

Elena: Yeah, I guess we have a little bit to celebrate.

Devon: Celebrate? What, did you get another promotion?

Nate: Yeah, uh, sort of. Elena and I have decided to move in together.

Devon: Oh, wow. Congratulations.

Amanda: That’s wonderful. Guys, come. Join us. Sit down. We are gonna need some champagne. Can I get a bottle of champagne?

Devon: Yeah. Man, I really couldn’t be happier for you two.

Elena: Thank you. Means a lot.

Lily: Are you regretting telling jack about the plan? I hope you’re not angry with me for suggesting it.

Billy: I’m not. The truth is, I am having second thoughts.

Lily: Really? You sounded so sure when you were defending your plan to him.

Billy: I’m not concerned about that. I still believe it’s gonna work. But I just don’t want to come across as a completely selfish jerk.

Lily: You? Never.

[ Chuckles ]

Billy: I understand this is gonna affect my family. But it’s also going to affect your family. I hope it doesn’t reach your kids, with them being out of state, but there’s nate, there’s devon, there’s your friends, your colleagues.

Lily: Yeah, I know. I know. I thought about that.

Billy: Nothing is more important to me than what we have together. Nothing is more important than you, not my reputation, not my career, none of it. If this is too much for you… you just got to say the word, and I’ll drop it. Did you know some deodorants may not last all day?

Lily: Yeah, I mean, I have to admit I don’t love the idea of causing my family and jill unnecessary pain. But I can tell them that I’m not worried about you and that i don’t believe the rumors. I mean, that wouldn’t be lying.

Billy: No. But they’re gonna say you’re in denial or you’re enabling addictive behavior.

Lily: Well, hopefully this will all resolve quickly and i can clear things up. Or I can do what you did with jack and I can choose a couple people that I trust and tell them what’s going on. Either way, I am behind you 100%.

Billy: I will justify your faith in me. I promise.

Lily: I know. And, look, don’t get me wrong. I really wish that you would drop this whole thing and come to work with me at chancellor. But I know you. And I know you’re not gonna be able to rest until you clear your name. So, when you do, I will put on a full-court press to recruit you.

Billy: And I will be ready. In fact, I’ll be looking forward to it and the full-court press. I hope you know how grateful i am for your love and your support.

Elena: Cheers!

Amanda: Cheers!

Devon: Cheers.

Amanda: Mm. You know, you guys just missed abby and chance.

Elena: Oh, that’s too bad. I would have loved to have seen baby dominic. He’s probably gotten so much bigger since thanksgiving.

Devon: Oh, yeah. He was actually back at home with the nanny, but he has gotten pretty big. He sat up on his own for the first time just the other day.

Elena: Impressive.

Devon: Yeah.

Nate: How is chance doing? This transition’s got to be a bit of a culture shock for him. You know, suddenly having to redefine himself and his career? It’s not an easy thing to do.

Devon: No, it’s not, and, you know, he’s adjusting still. But I’m sure he’ll figure it out.

Abby: I hope it was okay that I invited devon and amanda to join us at society.

Chance: Yeah. What are you talking about? I love their company.

Abby: You just — you seemed a little quiet.

Chance: Well, you know, you were all talking about dominic, and I just haven’t spent as much time with him as the rest of you.

Abby: Hey. You’re gonna make your own memories and have stories with him soon enough.

Chance: Yeah, I hope so.

Abby: [ Smooches ]

[ Doorbell rings ] Daddy!

Victor: Hi, sweetheart.

Adam: Hi.

Victor: How are you?

Abby: Uh, good.

Victor: I just came by to tell you how happy I am that they found those bastards responsible for that explosion in spain. I mean, now we can all breathe easier, right?

Abby: Yes. Oh, I’m gonna go grab that. I will be right back.

Victor: Okay, sweetheart.

Abby: Mwah!

Victor: Hey, chance.

Chance: Victor.

Victor: How are you, man?

Chance: Doing alright, doing good. Let me get you a drink. What are you having?

Victor: No, thank you. I’m on the way home. Um…no drink.

Chance: No drink.

Victor: Yeah. So, how’s it going?

Chance: Oh, I can’t complain. No complaints. Abby’s taking real good care of me.

Victor: I bet you she is. She’s very happy to have you home, you know. Hope you take all the appropriate time to recover from your ordeal.

Chance: Yes, sir, that’s the plan.

Victor: So, what are your plans now?

Jack: After talking to billy, I’m worried he’s headed down the wrong road again.

Phyllis: Oh, wow. I know what you’re talking about — drinking and gambling, right?

Jack: I’m concerned billy’s about to make the same series of mistakes.

Adam: [ Clears throat ] Sorry. I don’t, uh, mean to eavesdrop. But I hope you know it was not my intention to push billy over the edge.

Jack: I don’t know who you think you’re talking to. I’m gonna be the last person to buy your excuses. We both know what you did to billy and why. Motrin works fast to stop pain where it starts.

Amanda: You know, abby and chance must be so relieved that the targets of the investigation have been apprehended.

Devon: Yeah. I think we all are. That’s one less thing to worry about, you know.

Amanda: Yeah. And I hope it’ll ease chance’s mind knowing that all of his hard work has paid off. I think it might make him feel a little less guilty for leaving his family behind, you know?

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Tell me —

Devon: Hmm?

Amanda: What can I do to ease your mind, hmm?

Devon: Ease my mind?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: Nothing. I’m — I’m — I’m good. I got to see dominic today, so that was great.

Amanda: Yeah, but these short visits — they’re not cutting it for you, are they? Listen. You know, abby and chance — they are so grateful for everything that you’ve done for dominic. Have you ever thought about just asking them for a little one-on-one time with him?

Devon: Yeah. I have. It’s crossed my mind, but i don’t know how they would react to something like that, you know, ’cause chance is already struggling. So me pressing for more time with his kid might be the last thing he needs — to overstep into his territory, you know?

Amanda: Well, you’ll never know unless you ask.

Chance: No one’s pressuring me to come back right away.

Victor: Mm.

Chance: But my spot is waiting for me at the gcpd.

Victor: Ahh. I remember when you joined the gcpd. You did that because you wanted to be closer to home, right?

Chance: Yes, sir.

Victor: While we were here, we saw abby go through the ordeal of thinking that you had died in that explosion. I mean, it was a terrible thing to see. She was devastated.

Chance: Yeah, I’ll always regret putting her through that.

Victor: Now, I don’t need to tell you that being a cop is a dangerous business.

Chance: Well, trust me, I’ve handled much worse.

Victor: It would be unfair to her and everyone else if she had to go through something like that again, alright?

Billy: Oh, my goodness. Look at you. You look amazing.

Lily: Thank you. So, you ready for this?

Billy: Yeah, I am. Now that jack has been informed, the groundwork has been laid, it’s time to take this plan to the next step…and to the very place where everyone who knows my history is expecting me to go.

Adam: I am sure that you are only getting billy’s side of the story.

Jack: I know for a fact billy never intended to publish that piece about ashland locke, a story that very likely is true.

Adam: Mm. Well, I’m afraid you’re gonna have to take that up with ashland.

Victor: You and victor set a trap for my brother. You knew how this would turn out. Billy has children. They’re victor’s grandchildren. Did that even come up, or is that a concern to you at all?

Adam: Okay, what about locke’s child? I mean, harrison is your grandson. I don’t see you rushing out to put his interests first.

Phyllis: Well, you and victor have ashland’s best interests at heart? Really? All this loyalty — where’d that come from? Give me a break.

Adam: We did what we had to do to put the family business first.

Jack: Bull. There’s no way you will ever convince me there was a legitimate business reason for doing what you did. This was revenge, plain and simple.

Adam: For what?

Jack: Don’t play dumb with me. You and victor never forgave billy for the exposé he did on you.

Adam: Look, I don’t owe you an explanation for anything.

Phyllis: What is going on between billy and adam?

Jack: Warfare. What else? Constant, endless warfare.

[ Breathes deeply ]

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