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made the right choice. Okay? What else? My proposal on creating environmental offset regulations is ready whenever you have a chance. Well, actually, I’m looking forward to sitting down with you in person. After all this screen time, it’s gonna be a welcome change. Does that mean… I’m coming home. Ah. This is cute. Brook lynn: Sure. Thank you for, um, bringing this, by the way. Yeah, I figured you didn’t want it left in the steam room. Chase: I see you… brook lynn. Yeah. You do, don’t you?

[ Door opens ] Ahh. I’m sorry again for barging in.

[ Clears throat ] No, you’re not. Look, we just — we don’t have to keep talking about it, okay? Actually, I think we should, brook lynn. Why? Because I saw you naked?

[ Michael clears throat ]

[ Clears throat ] Morning, guys. How’d you sleep? You know, not — not great, actually. Yeah. I was up thinking about sasha and brando. Oh, my god, of course. I’m so sorry. Michael: Yeah. I-I-I got to get to the metro court. I’m having breakfast with my parents. Okay, tell them I say hi. Yeah, me too. I will. See you. Do you want to talk or anything? I don’t know what there is to say, really. It’s just too horrible. How does someone say goodbye to their son? How does anyone get past that? You don’t have a choice. The loss of a child… there are no words. Sorry to start your day off with bad news. I just needed somebody to talk to. Scratch that. I just wanted to talk to you. So, I’m so happy that you’re back. I’m glad I’m here, too. So you — you okay? You’re — you’re not missing nixon falls? I do miss it, but I’m starting to love port charles, too. I have some good friends here. Really? Who? …Gloria

in excelsis deo carly? May I borrow you for a minute? Sure. Uh, is there a problem? I wanted to offer my condolences. Jason morgan was a good man. Thank you. And he was. Although I do have to say, I’m a bit surprised that you went out of your way to tell me that. I didn’t agree with all of jason’s choices, but I was saddened by his death. He — he saved my life… and britta’S. Jason had a habit of doing that. Uncle victor, what are you doing here? Well, don’t people customarily eat breakfast around this time of day? Yeah, but kelly’s? It’s not exactly the kind of establishment that you’re used to. We serve pre-ground coffee here. Are you calling me a snob? No. No. I’m joking, spencer. I’m joking. But thank you for the warning. I’ll have some tea. Tea it is. I just wanted to see where my great-nephew works.

[ Sighs ] I’m eager to get to know you better, spencer. But please keep it to yourself because I’d like to try to surprise my family. Great. Okay. We’ll talk soon. Bye.

[ Sighs deeply ] I’m ready. Sister. How I have prayed this day would come. >>

Willow, I am — I’m so sorry. If anyone knows the horror of losing a child, it’S… that was very insensitive of me. I don’t expect it to be top of your mind, brook lynn. It happened years ago. But days like today… yeah, it still feels raw. This may sound trite, but, um, I really mean it. I really admire your strength. Well, at the time, I was anything but strong. That’s not true. Lucky for me, I had people to hold me up. Chase is good like that. I think I’m gonna get some air.

[ Clears throat ]

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] You should go out there, make sure she’s okay. You look wonderful, healthy and vibrant — I’m gonna stop you. I am here for one reason, and that is to tell you that I am not going to run anymore. You’re not gonna keep me from my family for even one more minute. Have you been away? Don’t play games with me. Your plan to have me and our brother killed has failed. What — are you all right? Is martin? That’s it. That’s it, cyrus. You’re done. You’re completely done. Okay? You don’t have any influence in this place, you don’t have any more favors to call in, so the assassin that you hired was your last opportunity for revenge. Laura, you need to listen to me. I did not try to kill you. Sorry about the, uh, tea bag. Oh, I think I’ll live. Uh, can you join me? Well, it is completely dead in here, so I don’t see why not. Oh, good. We never really got a chance to talk at thanksgiving. Thanks to valentin. Sorry. Are you sure that he’s your son?

[ Chuckling ] I am. Now, come on, spencer. As you know, fathers and sons don’t always see eye to eye. No, they don’T. Yeah, I was sensing a little tension between you and nikolas that day. I’m done with my father. No more trust fund. No nothing. I refuse to live under his rules.

[ Inhales sharply ] You’re going through some legal problems at the moment, I understand. You were harassing ava in an attempt to keep her and nikolas apart. Things got a little out of hand. Maybe more than a little. So now you’re out on bail. Mm-hmm, and I’m awaiting trial. I could be looking at jail time. Then it’s a good thing your uncle victor’s here. I may be able to do something about that. Michael: Mom? Oh, oh, oh, I’m so glad you’re here. Are you okay? Oh. [ Sighs ] Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m just sad. You know, I’m sad for sasha and brando and sad for little baby liam. And then out of the clear blue, liesl obrecht came over here to offer her condolences about jason and…

[ Sighs ] I don’t know. It just got me thinking. I mean, thinking about the night you were born. What if jason didn’t show up when he did, what if he didn’t get me to the hospital? You wouldn’t be standing here right now. I mean, jason saved both of us that night. I’m sorry. I’m just all jumbled up with, um, gratitude and sadness and anger. So much anger. Anger at — at nina? Well, yeah, I’m angry with nina, but… I’m angry that jason’s gone. I’m not mad at jason. I’m mad at the universe, which sounds incredibly selfish, right? Because brando and sasha are never gonna see their little baby boy grow up. But I have you right here in front of me, and you’re healthy and you’re strong and you’re capable. And I should be grateful, right? I should be grateful for the miracle that I got, not focused on the one that didn’t happen. Mom, you know, you — you can be grateful that I’m alive and still hate that jason’s gone, you know? One doesn’t have to cancel out the other. I mean, I feel terrible for sasha and brando, but I can still thank god that I have wiley. Sit down, sit down. How is my favorite grandson? Oh, he is eagerly awaiting santa. Every single morning, he wakes up. He asks if it’s christmas. And every time we put him to bed, he asks if santa’s coming tonight.

[ Laughs ] So is he gonna get every single thing on his christmas list? Yeah, he will. But I won’T. Scott: So… I missed my schnitzel last night. Then you should have allowed me to come over. Now, now, you know I was working, and, um, your…figure is a little distracting.

[ Laughs ] How’s it coming? The preparations for nina’s hearing? Not good, to be honest with you. But I thought you said her actions didn’t constitute fraud. Well, they — they don’t, in my opinion. However, if I can’t get this thrown out in the preliminary stage, then I don’T… have much of a defense. I wish I knew something, anything, so that I could turn the D.A.’S narrative right on its head. How is this? I believe nina and sonny fell in love.

[ Spits ] We had the same idea, huh? Phyllis is a great listener. Yeah.

[ Cellphone rings ] Oh. Oh. Apparently it’s unanimous. Lenny’s sister. Oh. Excuse me. Yeah. How are you? Preoccupied. Thinking about sasha and brando. Yeah, I can think of nothing else. Well, except for peter. You know, I’m glad he’s in custody. But the idea of him being back in port charles, it’s just… not for long. Are you going to… take care of peter?

You never said. Is martin all right?

[ Chuckles ] He’s fine. Oh, thank goodness.

[ Sighs ] I — you know, I don’t see why you’re gonna bother with this innocent act. I mean, really. Really. Did you think that I was gonna buy it? I deserve your distrust and your anger. The path I was on was dark. Yeah. And because of that, I have much to atone for. What are you talking about?

[ Sighs ] I have finally heard the call, sister, my — my life is no longer my own. I’ve — I’ve — I’ve given it to a higher power.

[ Laughing ] You have got to be kidding me. Here you go. Thank you. Brook lynn won’t mind? No, she was the one who told me to come out here. Not that I wouldn’t have anyway. It’s just, I mean, uh… I know what you mean. Look, I can take a hike if you want to be alone. I don’t want to be alone. Just frozen? You know how when you get mosquito bites as a kid, you’d use your nail to make an “x” in them?

[ Chuckles ] Yeah, I still do that. It takes my mind off the itching. Well, that’s what the cold is doing for me. Maybe if I get uncomfortable enough… …I can forget about everything else. Nina told you this? That she and sonny fell in love? Not exactly. Nina: Yes, there is. I met someone, and it’s really good for me. I believe it’s good for him. That’s wonderful, nina. And does this mystery man have a name? Mike. Nina hasn’t said anything directly, but trust me, a woman knows. Okay, so when sonny was in that little podunk town in pennsylvania, he was cheating on his wife? What do you want for christmas that you’re not getting?

[ Chuckles ] It’s for brad to stay in prison. Everything going on with — with sasha and brando… …it just brought back the last year and a half when I thought my — my son was dead. Mm. Because of nelle and brad’s lies. You know, nelle was just a terrible person. But brad? Brad was lucas’ husband. He was a part of our family. I mean, my god. He watched you act as wiley’s godfather. The time that brad took from you and wiley and the needless grief he caused our family — it’s not much different than what nina’s done to our family, that’s for sure. Well, at least nina’s gonna be tried for her crimes. Brad has already been released. Really? Are you sure? Yeah, I’m sure. He was here yesterday. At the metro court? With his aunt selina. Sonny: Peter’s in a coma. I’m aware. You want me to say I’m sorry? No, no, I’M… I was just thinking, you know, the mike I knew in nixon falls would never take a life, but I wasn’t sure about sonny corinthos. Death is too good for peter. It’s best to let him lie in limbo. That way, he doesn’t hurt any more people, especially maxie. Well, I got to go… yeah. …Because carly and michael… right. …Waiting for me for breakfast. Hmm. Okay. See you later. You know where to find me. Alright. Bye. Bye.

[ Sighs ] Do you want to talk about it? I’m gonna grab some coffee. You want me to help you with that? No, no, no. I got it. Here, right? Mm-hmm. You know, I am just so worried about sasha and brando. I get it. They have each other, but it’s still — it’s gonna be so, so hard for them. Yes, it is. And I’d be worried about them, too. But I was asking if you wanted to talk about sonny. What about him? I don’t know. What’s it like to be constantly bumping into the man you used to love and maybe still do?

But the loss is always with me, and it always will be. It’s hard enough to lose a child and that you don’t have that physical baby in your arms anymore, but… the hopes and dreams you had for him… die, too. It’s just…

[Sighs] So much. Nina: Well, honestly, it’s — it’s really hard to look at sonny and not see mike, but [Sighs] I’ll get past it. I have to. Mike is still a part of sonny, you know? Yeah. You know, I was just thinking about that yesterday. Even now, back in his old life, sometimes he seems like… mike in a suit.

[ Laughs ] Yeah, right? Like, where’s the flannel and cowboy hat? And the cowboy hat.

[ Both laughing ] Seeing you together just now, it’s pretty obvious that the connection is still there. No. N– no. You’re mistaken. There’s no connection. What you saw there, it was just sonny, I don’t know, being kind. You never answered my question. I did answer your question. You just asked me, “what is it like running into him all the time?” And I told you, it’s fine. Nina. What? Are you still in love with sonny?

[ Sighs ] Keep your voice down. I’m just so excited. Christmas has come early for me. Sonny stepping out on carly when he was mitch. Mike. Mike, whatever. See, that’s the reason why… michael is going after nina, because sonny doesn’t want to remind carly that he was… wait a minute, wait a minute. How is nina still intact? I would have thought that carly would have severed one of her limbs by now. It appears carly doesn’t know. How is that possible? Somebody in nixon falls must — wait a minute. What? Wait, wait, wait. What? What? The woman who owned the bar. Now she’s running charlie’S. So you think sonny gave her a little, um, hush-hush money to keep her mouth shut? Possibly. Is the affair — is it still going on? Nina’s too sad to be in love. In love. Sonny and nina. And carly none the wiser… until now. I’m now officially on break. Ah. Excellent. Um, so did you mean it before about being able to keep me out of pentonville? I can make some calls… and see what I can do. Oh, that’d be great. That would be great. Thank you. Well, after all, spencer, you are the cassadine heir, the future of this family, and I take that very seriously. Does that —

[ Sighs ] Do you want me to reconcile things with my father? Oh, no, no, no, no, no, no. No, I’m — I’m very proud of you for being your own man. I-I won’t interfere with that. Well, thank you for trusting my judgment. However, I am a little concerned about how you are going to support yourself with what you earn from this place. Well, I plan on finding something better than this. I was gonna wait until after the trial, see which way the verdict pans out. But now that you’ve given me my life back… I’ll — I’ll do my absolute best. Well, I really can’t thank you enough. I don’t even know how to repay you. Let me get this straight. Take all the time you need.

[ Chuckles ] Y-you’re saying that, uh, that you’ve been saved? Yes. Okay. And after all the people that you’ve killed, all the lives that you have destroyed, now you found god. God found me. Good lord. He is good, laura.

[ Stammers ] You don’t know this, but — but I became very ill. I had a cold that turned into pneumonia, and at first, the guards just ignored my symptoms. I wonder why. During a fever spike, I cried out for help. And guess what happened? An angel appeared, wreathed in light. That is called a hallucination. No, no, no. I-I-I felt it touch my forehead. And this tremendous sense of peace washed over me, and I slept. And when I woke, the fever was gone. Miraculous. It truly was. And that very same day I asked for a bible. I began to read and learn and… I let god into my heart. How is that possible? You don’t have a heart. You know, martin and i have been shuffled from safe house to safe house, all because of your quest for revenge. Not this time. Not ever again. “To the lord our god belong mercies and forgivenesses, though we have rebelled against him.” Daniel 9:9. Stop it. Please stop it. I’ve heard enough. The charade is obscene. Laura! Laura! No! You’re in danger. Sonny. Ready to be knocked down a peg or two? Here I come.

Nein! Nein what? You cannot do this to nina. Carly cannot know that she and sonny were involved. Ahh! Scott! Well, hello, corinthos family. Sonny, how you doing? I was doing really good until you showed up. Look, if this is about nina’s trial, you can save your breath. Scott: Oh, it’s about nina, just not in the way you think. Come now. Let’s leave the family alone. If you’ve got something to say, just spit it out, scotty.

What’s going on…?

Something important? Yeah, very. But not as important as you. So tell me, where are you living now? With my grandmother’s husband. He took esme and me in after paying my bail. Wait, so you’re living with laura’s husband, not with laura herself? She’s out of town, has been for months. That must be a little uncomfortable, isn’t it? I mean, kevin’s not family. Not really. Well, I’d be lying if I told you that it was ideal, but we didn’t have very many options. Well, you do now. Would you allow me to put you and esme up at the metro court, just until you decide on your next steps? Looks like we’re back on familiar territory — threats and more threats. I am not the one posing the danger. And if you continue to put your focus on me, it only makes it easier for your true enemy to strike. We’re family, laura. I legitimately care about you. Okay, what about sonny? And buscema? What about them? They came here. They both came here and visited you, and you didn’t put on this little act for them. In fact, you dropped hints that you still had power in here, which you don’T. No legitimate power, it’s true. But I hear things. My change in circumstance left a vacuum on the west coast, which is now being filled by — I don’t care about this. I don’t at all. But the fact that you do, that just shows that this conversion of yours is just, it’s for show. I can’t deny I feel a pull toward my old life. What do they say? The road to redemption is long and lined with temptation.

[ Scoffs ] But I was tested, and I chose the light. Will you? Hi. I made some coffee mostly to unscramble my brain, but also to warm you guys up. It’s actually pretty good. Thanks. Is it still light, two sugars? That was really thoughtful of you. Well, they may be few and far between, but I do have my moments. Brook lynn, there’s something I need to say to you. Well, then, it’s a good thing I’m sitting down. Well, you know, sonny, you may be able to bribe a D.A., But the judge, he’s gonna see right through your trumped-up charges. Is that all? For now. Carly: What the hell was that about? Oh, the usual. No one’s more full of hot air than scott baldwin. Thank you for thinking about nina instead of giving in to your compulsion to stick you to sonny. We have to keep their secret. Sorry, no can do. So tell me about your run-in with brad. I mean, the gall of him coming here of all places. Yeah, he, uh…

[Sighs] He claimed that he’s going to stay far away from wiley, but I do not trust a word that guy says. We have another issue, sonny. Brad was here with selina wu. Yeah. I think it was a power move on her part. Let me talk to selina. I already did. I made it very clear to her I’m going to protect my family, no matter the cost.

so the light would be believing that you found god. Precisely. But I know that’s not true. How? Because that would require love and compassion, and you are not capable of those things. Come on now. Come on. Don’t look so hurt. I think it’s — it’s pretty common knowledge that you only care about yourself. How very wrong you are. I will pray for you.

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. But you must be careful… and keep your eye out for the serpent in the garden.

[ Sighs ] I don’t know what it is you think you have to gain with this latest stunt. I really don’t, but it’s not gonna work, cyrus. I’m going home. My family needs me. That is a very generous offer. Thank you. But I can’t accept. Oh? Why not? I want to prove to my father that I can make it on my own. Well, I admire your principles, but answer me this. Just out of curiosity, how exactly does living at the metro court differ from living with kevin? The metro court is a 5-star hotel. If I let you put us up there, then won’t I be a little bit of a hypocrite? I don’t see why. I mean, you want to live your own life, yes? Yes. Well, being a cassadine is part of that. You see, spencer, people always make the mistake of equating struggle with virtue. You can be honorable, spencer, without being uncomfortable. The two don’t necessarily go hand in hand. I’ll talk to esme about it. Yes, please do. Willow: Thank you. You know, I think I just heard bailey. I’m gonna go check on her. Did you hear anything? Not a peep. He just wants to give us time alone. Yeah. So what’s up? I just want to apologize… for what I said to you at rice plaza. As you pointed out, I have no right to judge. I pushed the issue. I should have never spoken to you the way I did. I guess I’m just overly sensitive to chase getting hurt after what I put him through. But that is my problem, not yours. And it’s completely unfair to punish you for my mistake. I think about it all the time. You know, what would have happened if I’d just… told chase the truth that I’d fallen in love with michael. Then maybe chase wouldn’t have fought so hard to get better. Look, that’s the thing with “what ifs.” We just, we never know. You did what you thought was best in the moment. Just like you did when you said that valentin was bailey’s father. Right. I get it. I do. A mother will do anything to keep her child safe.

[ Sighs ] What I feel or don’t feel about sonny is irrelevant. Of course it’s relevant. You can’t just ignore what’s inside of you. But what am i supposed to do? I don’t know what to do. I mean, sonny and i will never be friends, let alone anything else. I agree. Sonny loves his wife. Then what are you suggesting? Nothing. Take it… as more of a warning. Things hidden away in the dark tend to fester. And you know as well as I do that that is no good for anyone.

[ Sighs ] I don’t understand. You didn’t tell carly. Not now. Not when I can use the secret to keep nina out of prison. How? Well, you see, the whole D.A.’S case, it’s all centered around nina’s intent to harm sonny. But sonny never felt that he was being harmed. That’s why he didn’t press charges, because sonny was not the victim. I think sonny is still in love with nina. You — you see where I’m going with this? If I can convince the judge that this just reeks of prosecutorial overreach and that it’s just deemed a big waste of time, charges are dropped. That part I like. But what about nina? What about nina? She’ll still be in danger from carly’s wrath. Yes, but she will be free. We can deal with that. Prison — that’s a whole different story. See, the trouble is the preliminary hearing. I can’t call witnesses. Only the prosecution can. Because the burden of proof is on them. Yes, I can cross-examine after the D.A. Calls them. But the D.A. Will most certainly call sonny. Yes. And sonny will lie through his teeth. Nina, on the other hand… nina doesn’t want anyone to know. She’s under oath. Are you saying you’ll force my niece to testify that she and sonny fell in love?

I can’t really ask nina about her affair with sonny on the stand. I mean, she’s less likely to lie than sonny is, but, you know, then where would we be? Nina clearly wants to protect sonny and to keep their romance in nixon falls a secret. You’re her lawyer. Aren’t you supposed to be on her side? I am on her side. I’m trying to keep her out of prison. If you make a move against selina, she’ll retaliate. And then your father will be forced to answer. We’ll be looking at another mob war. You can’t just expect me to let this go. Listen to me. You’re trying to protect the family. And I, you know, I appreciate that. But let me deal with selina. Dad — no. How many times have we talked about, I don’t want you anywhere near this part of my life? It’s my responsibility. I can’t wait to see sonny’s face when this all comes out in front of god and everyone. But how to make that happen? Like you said, sonny will simply lie, and you can’t risk nina doing the same for fear of perjuring herself.

[ Sighs ] Yeah, and the bar lady. Phyllis. Yes, but I think that she’s already been bought off by sonny. So if I just can come up with somebody else that knows what happened, in nixon falls, somebody. I got to find him. Phyllis: Let me repeat. In no way, shape, or form am I telling you to take action. But you can’t get over sonny by ignoring your feelings or his. You need to come to terms with them in order to let them go. What’s the point? You really mean that? Yeah, I do. Sonny loves carly. Carly love sonny. Period. It doesn’t matter how I feel. Don’t you want to move on? No, I really like just sitting in limbo. It’s my favorite. If you try to run from what’s inside here instead of acknowledging it, you’ll never find peace. Coast clear? All clear. Willow is being gracious and understanding that sometimes my mouth gets away from me. Pretty sure anyone who’s ever met you understands that. Ha ha. Yeah. How’s bailey? She’s out like a light. Must have been babbling in her sleep. Mm-hmm. I, for one, think it’s good to speak your mind. Even if it’s something no one wants to hear? You know what they say. Honesty is the best policy. Oh, you’re such a boy scout. Yeah, but you love it. Maybe a little bit. Well, I’ve learned the hard way. Telling the truth, however painful in the moment, it’s always the right thing to do. I don’t expect you to trust me. So we’re both on the same page, I think. But I beg you to believe me when I say I did not hire anyone to kill you or martin. Please be careful. Someone out there means you harm, laura, and it isn’t me. Oh, deputy mayor ashby. I understand from your text, you have news of our mayor. Mayor collins is headed back to port charles. So it seems the failed attempt on her life has flushed her out just as I had planned. I look forward to seeing laura again. She’s always been a worthy adversary.

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