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Devon: I know you like hanging out with me, buddy, but don’t you want to go to sleep and dream about all the things you’re gonna do when you’re big and you’re strong. All the people you’re gonna meet. Places you’re gonna go. All the adventures you’re gonna go on. Just got to get some rest first, okay? Let’s get some rest.

[ Grunts ] That’s my little guy.

[ Knock on door ] And there’s the door. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Amanda: Oh, my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Devon: It’s okay.

[ Dominic fusses ]

Amanda: Hey, shh, the baby’s sleeping.

Imani: [ Gasps ] Oh.

Amanda: Try and be quiet.

Imani: Ohh. Ohh! So cute.

Amanda: Isn’t he so adorable when he’s sleeping?

Devon: He’s adorable all the time.


Jill: Oh, I don’t deserve that.

Billy: Oh, yeah?

Jill: Have you forgotten how you got the job at ChanceCom in the first place?

Billy: How am I supposed to forget that? You remind me every chance you get.

Jill: Because it doesn’t sink in with you. You were at rock bottom, one more time. Nobody believed more in you than I did.

Billy: And I let you down? Is that the point you’re trying to make? Because that’s what you’re telling the world, that you share victor Newman’s low opinion of me.

Jill: Oh, leave him out of this.

Billy: Leave him — how am I supposed to leave Victor out of this? He’s the one that set this whole thing in motion. He set the trap that I fell into, and now, because of that, my own mother has given up on me.

Jill: I’ve done no such thing.

Billy: I understand you’re disappointed in me, but let me just tell you something. Right now the feeling is mutual.

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