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Billy: Oh, look who’s here. Follow my lead. Hey, there. How’s the happy couple? Huh? How’s married life? How’s newlywed life?

Victoria: Well, that’s a very interesting question, given the things that you said about Ashland and me when we spoke earlier.

Lily: Uh, you know what? Let’s go find our table.

Billy: No, I’m fine, I’m fine. I mean, look, look, I am a man of leisure, okay? I get to eat and do whatever i want whenever I want. Eat, do whatever. And now that the kids are gonna be going to boarding school, i really have no responsibility at all, so, wow, that’s impressive. You guys are giving the side-eye like you’ve been married for decades. I’m fine. In fact, I am so good, I owe you a thank-you. So, Ashland, come with me, we’re getting a drink. Come on.


Sharon: Even if he hadn’t just been through a terrible ordeal, it wouldn’t be unusual for him to take paternity leave.

Rey: Well, I think that’s up for him and Paul to figure out. And I do want him to do whatever’s best for him. But I have to admit, I want my partner back.

Sharon: Aww, you lonely without your bff?

Rey: Oh! A cop and his partner have a special bond. We have each other’s backs in life-and-death situations.

Sharon: Not to mention all the hours in the squad car talking about sports.

Rey: Don’t make light of that. I was 75% successful in turning Chance into a soccer fan, and i plan to finish that project.

Sharon: Well, I hope you achieve that goal because, otherwise, you’re gonna go back to trying to make me watch.

Rey: Oh, I’m never gonna give up on that.

Sharon: Look, one day soon, you’re gonna be on a stakeout with Chance, talking about World Cup, and then you’re gonna spot the bad guys and you’re gonna spring into action.

Rey: Yeah, just like that.

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