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Abby: Guess what Dominic just told me.

Chance: What’d he say?

Abby: Well, he said he has his cutest little outfit on and he wants to go out right now, just the three of us. What do you think?

Chance: Oh, wow. That’s quite the speech for a kid his age.

Abby: Well, yeah, he’s clearly a genius. I was thinking we could go to Society. I could show the two of you off. Oh, and you can meet my new head chef.

Chance: Oh, I didn’t know you had one.

Abby: Yes, I will fill you in on the way. I’m letting her put her stamp on the menu, and I want you to try her dishes.

Chance: Yeah, it sounds fun, baby. I just, uh…I don’t know if it’s a good idea.


Nick: So, I’ve got a dilemma, and I’m thinking you might be able to help me.

Sharon: Okay. What?

Nick: Christian needs a costume for his holiday sing thing, and I was wondering if you had any of Noah’s old costumes. If I remember correctly, when Noah was around Christian’s age, he was like a wise man and maybe an elf?

Sharon: [ Laughs ]

Nick: What are you laughing at?

Sharon: Um, in case you haven’t noticed, our son is now a grown man, so, no, I did not keep any of those costumes. And had I, I know they would be a wreck by now.

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