Y&R Short Recap Wednesday, December 15, 2021

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Recap written by Eva

Christine tells Chance and Abby that the people who blew up the safe house and their bosses have been caught thanks to the information Chance provided to his section chief. Chance is still upset that he wasn’t the one to finish the mission.

Devon decides he needs to spend more time with Dominic because he is worried about Chance’s mental state.

Chance meets with Paul about rejoining the police Department. Paul decides that it is too soon for Chance to return to work.

Chance overhears Devon talking to Dominic and telling him that he is going to visit him all the time.

Chelsea is thrilled to spend some time with Connor now that she has returned home.

Billy continues to let people think that he is on a downward spiral with Lily’s help. The plan is working so far because Victor, Adam, and Victoria are worried about Billy. Adam gets another anonymous video with Billy’s latest argument
with Victoria at Crimson Lights.

Billy and Lily figure that the mystery woman following him is Sally so they pretend to argue so Sally can see then and report back to Adam.

Lily, asks Billy to consider telling Jack about his plan so that Jack won’t be hurt when he thinks that he is losing control
of his life again.

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