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Elena: See? No worries. Just a little heat rash. Nothing serious.

Devon: Yeah? The nanny said the same thing, but I just wanted to double-check and make for sure.

Elena: Well, I will write down the name of an ointment you can pick up at the pharmacy. It’s over-the-counter. So it should clear up in a day or two.

Devon: That’d be perfect. That’d be perfect. Thank you so much for coming by. I appreciate it.

Elena: Yeah, of course. I’m glad you called. And just got off work, so it was no problem at all.

Elena: Mm, good. You hear that, buddy? Doctor says you’re gonna be just fine. I’m gonna get you some ointment and
clear up that rash. You’ll be good to go.

[ Chuckles ] What?

Elena: It’s just… it’s nice to see you like this.


Ashland: Oh, thank you, sweetheart, but, truly, there’s no cause for alarm here.

Victoria: Are you sure you’re okay?

Ashland: Mm. You know, the effects of the initial treatments that i received in Peru were — were a little rough, but the doctors told me to expect that. In fact, it’s probably good news, and it’s just a sign that the medication is doing its job.

Victoria: Maybe I should take you home.

Ashland: Well, that’s a good point.

Victoria: Not to mention a big chunk of ChanceCom consists of a division that i sold to them.

Ashland: I see where you’re going with this.

Victoria: You know, my father, he was never okay with me selling off this division to Billy. I have to think that he would be a little bit disappointed if i didn’t try to get it back.

[ Both laugh ]

Ashland: My adorably brilliant wife. I really do love the way your mind works.

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