Days Short Recap Tuesday, December 7, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander went to the Salem Inn. He told Gwen that Rafe suspected he helped Kristen escape. He said he wondered who helped her escape. He said Gwen was with Kristen at the same time. Gwen changed the subject. Xander and Gwen talked about dining and dashing. She said she didn’t want to do that. He said he wondered if the bad girl he fell for was gone. She said she thought he liked good girls. He wanted to know if she was talking about Sarah. Gwen said she wasn’t jealous of Sarah. She said she knew Sarah hurt him. He said Sarah was the past. He said he didn’t care why Sarah left. Gabi told Victor she would give him Gabi Chic if he made her and Jake co-CEOs. She said she would do everything she did for Gabi Chic for Titan. He said the idea was tempting, but only idiots would offer him something like Gabi Chic.

Victor decided to take Gabi’s deal. Jake hesitated. He didn’t want to give up Gabi Chic so easily. Victor said he was an idiot. He told them to leave. Jake wanted to make him a board member. He said if that didn’t happen, he could turn them down. Victor said if they couldn’t get him on board, they would finish the conversation. When Gabi and Jake left, Victor said he couldn’t believe how easy it was to manipulate them. When Gabi and Jake went home, she said they had to decide who would run Titan. She said co-CEOs was the best idea. Jake said when the plan came to fruition; she would run Titan while he would run DiMera. Abby told Chad that Kristen escaped. He wondered if she had a plan or if she improvised it. Abby said she must have had a plan, but wondered who would help her. He said he didn’t care who helped her. He wanted her to stay away from Salem. Shawn showed Chloe a bloody knife he found by Brady’s body. He thought Marlena had something to do with it. Chloe didn’t think so. She said she thought the blood on Brady’s clothes was Philip’s. She told Shawn about the issues between Brady and Philip. She said alcohol was in Brady’s system. Chloe gave Shawn Philip’s phone from Brady’s pocket. Shawn looked through Philip’s call log and saw Brady’s threatening texts. He read that Brady was going to cut Philip out of Chloe’s life if he didn’t do it himself. She said it looked bad for Brady.

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