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Belle goes to the police station and tells Shawn that she got his message, so she asks if there’s news about Marlena. Shawn wishes there was. Belle asks what was so urgent then. Shawn informs her that it’s Brady.

Brady wakes up in his hospital bed with Chloe at his side. Chloe asks how he’s feeling. Brady responds that he has a headache and says if he didn’t know better, he’d think he had a hangover. Brady asks why he’s in the hospital. Chloe hoped he could tell her.

Ava questions Rafe still not seeing her text and wonders where he is. Gabi walks in and asks if she lost her boyfriend, hoping that it’s for good.

Rafe and Nicole end up getting close and almost kiss when EJ walks up and questions what they have here. EJ asks what they are doing out in the cold. Nicole responds that they just ran in to each other. EJ points out that Nicole was invited, but Rafe was not. Rafe informs him that he invited himself for official police business. EJ asks what it’s regarding. Rafe is sure he’s heard that Kristen managed to escape custody again and since they are such a tight knit clan, he figured it’d be a good idea to interview the whole family. EJ says that Chad’s not available but Rafe informs him that he already spoke to Chad, who said he has no idea how Kristen pulled this off. Rafe asks if Kristen has any ideas. EJ thinks back to telling Ava that he knows she helped Kristen escape. Rafe tells EJ that he asked him a question.

Sami and Allie embrace as Lucas has brought Sami home. Allie thought Sami had just gone somewhere to get over everything with EJ but never thought she would’ve been kidnapped. Sami mentions hearing that she got a text that she just needed time. Allie says she should’ve known Sami wouldn’t go that long without calling. Sami asks if she missed her messing up her life. Allie feels so bad since Sami had to have been so scared. Sami says she was scared but realized they weren’t going to kill her so she just got mad. Allie is glad they didn’t hurt her. Sami hugs Allie and tells her that she loves her so much.

Ava remarks that it must take Gabi a lot of energy to be such a bitch all the time. Gabi figures if she keeps it up, Ava will get out. Ava assures she’s not going anywhere since Rafe knows Gabi is a liar. Ava warns Gabi to watch her mouth. Gabi responds that she’s not worried because it’s only a matter of time before Ava screws things up and cooks up another scheme with a bunch of lies. Gabi states that Rafe is sweet but he’s not stupid, so one day he’s going to dump her for good.

EJ assures Rafe that he had nothing to do with Kristen vanishing. Rafe notes that Kristen couldn’t have pulled it off by herself. EJ insists that for the sake of his company, he had to keep his distance. EJ says he’s sorry to disappoint, but his hands are clean. EJ guesses Kristen enlisted some other poor old soul. Rafe asks if he has any idea who. EJ says it’s Rafe’s job to figure that out and suggests he go do that. Rafe tells them to have a great night as he walks away. EJ then heads to the door and looks back as Nicole watches Rafe leave.

Tripp checks on Sami and notes her blood pressure is a little high but after what she’s been through, she’s in pretty good shape. Sami comments on Tripp sounding like a doctor. Tripp says he still has a long way to go. Allie says he is almost through with medical school. Lucas mentions Sami getting knocked down pretty hard and hitting her head but Sami insists that she’s fine. Tripp suggests Sami see a real doctor to get checked out. Lucas urges Sami to take it easy and be careful. Sami thanks Lucas for rescuing her and says he was a real hero. Allie remains bothered that they don’t know who the villain is. Sami assures that she wants to know too.

Chloe asks Brady what he last remembers. Brady recalls running in to her at the Pub as he was getting takeout for John. Brady asks if John is okay. Chloe assures that he’s fine and questions that being all that Brady remembers. Brady says everything is a blank. Chloe asks if he doesn’t know why he went down to the river. Brady questions that. Chloe reveals that she found him there lying on the ground. Brady asks what the hell happened to him and if he fell. Chloe says she doesn’t know but he was passed out and when he came to, he was really drunk.

Belle can’t believe it since Brady hasn’t slipped in ages. Shawn notes that his blood alcohol was 3 times the legal limit. Belle asks where he is now. Shawn says he’s in the hospital, flushing his system out. Belle doesn’t understand this at all. Shawn explains that Brady went to the Pub to get John some food and then he guesses the temptation was too strong. Belle complains that her family does not need this right now. Shawn says he’s sorry but that’s not everything. Shawn reveals that Chloe is the one who found him, passed out by the river, and he was covered in blood but it wasn’t his blood. Shawn informs Belle that the blood type matched Philip’s.

EJ tells Nicole that dinner will be ready in half an hour. EJ adds that Chad and Abigail have requested dinner in their suite, so it’s dinner for two unless Nicole would like to invite Rafe to join them. Nicole asks what he means. EJ says he could see that he interrupted something close between them if she would like to finish what she started. Nicole argues that it was all in his mind and they were talking about Kristen. Nicole then admits that they were having a moment. EJ asks if he should’ve stayed back and not made his presence known. Nicole jokes that wouldn’t be him. Nicole knows she has to forget about Rafe. EJ says it doesn’t seem like he wants that to happen since he’s always sniffing around. Nicole claims that’s not what he’s doing and that Rafe agrees they need to move on but it’s just a lot harder than they thought it would be. EJ suggests Rafe could put in a little more effort. Nicole asks if EJ is an expert on turning his feelings off for someone since he’s still pining for Sami. EJ says they have been over this. Nicole brings up that night that EJ thought Sami called and said he barely noticed her. EJ calls that nonsense. Nicole remarks that she might not be over Rafe, but EJ is definitely not over Sami.

Sami tells Allie that she never figured out who was in charge and only saw the two guards, Jason and Pete, but they weren’t the ones calling the shots. Lucas adds that Jason refused to give the name of his boss and then he escaped. Sami says she still has no clue what they wanted and that it wasn’t money. Tripp wonders if the boss is rich then. Sami thinks there was another motive and suggests revenge. Lucas notes that Sami has her share of enemies. Sami says that one person in particular comes to mind. Lucas asks who she is thinking of. Sami then declares that she knows who did this to her.

Brady doesn’t even remember thinking about picking up a drink, let alone doing it. Chloe asks how he got so wasted since they drew his blood and it explains why he can’t remember anything. Brady insists that she knows how long he’s been sober and asks why he would screw that up. Chloe goes over what he last remembers but John says he never came back with the food. Brady questions how he got down to the river if he was so black out drunk. Brady asks why he would even go there. Chloe explains that she and Philip went to check on their tree and found that somebody ripped the tree out of the ground and Brady’s watch was lying next to it with no sign of him. Chloe adds that she went looking for Brady but John told her that he never came back with food, so she went back to the river and found him unconscious on the ground and Philip was gone while there was a knife lying next to him. Brady questions where he got a knife. Chloe cries that he and the knife were covered in blood and it was the same blood type as Philip’s. Brady asks what Philip has to say about all this. Chloe then reveals that Philip is still missing. Brady guesses she thinks that he did something to Philip.

Belle questions Shawn saying that Brady got loaded and went after Philip with a knife. Belle asks why he would do that. Shawn doesn’t know as hasn’t gotten a statement from him yet but Chloe confirmed Brady being jealous of Philip. Shawn adds that nobody has been able to find Philip but there was a trail of blood leading to the river. Belle wonders if Philip got stabbed and then staggered in to the river. Belle states that Philip has to be okay.

Ava doesn’t think Gabi gets how deep Rafe’s feelings for her. Ava says she schemed with Philip to steal Gabi’s company but Rafe forgave her. Gabi argues that if they really pushed her out, she’d be on the street now. Ava adds that Rafe hates how Gabi treats her and knows that’s why she did what she did. Ava says she wouldn’t bank on her being the one that ends up on the street. Gabi calls her an ex-mafia princess who has no job, no home of her own, and can only make mediocre pasta. Ava warns that she’s also pretty good with a knife and reminds her of how Carmine ended up on the kitchen floor. Rafe then comes home and questions what’s going on.

EJ doesn’t know why Nicole insists on saying Sami has some hold on him when it’s simply not true. Nicole brings up when EJ thought Sami called him and says he kept checking his phone every 10 seconds. EJ claims it was for business as he was in the middle of important negotiations. Nicole jokes that he used to be a better liar than that. EJ doesn’t think she’s giving herself enough credit here. EJ asks why he’d be thinking about his soon to be ex-wife when there is a fascinating beautiful woman right in front of him. Nicole says she has her charms but she doesn’t know if anyone is charming enough to flush Sami out of his system. EJ calls that ridiculous. Nicole jokes that Marlena isn’t the only one that has to exorcise a demon. EJ suggests she help him with that. Nicole responds that she’s not a priest. EJ says he has faith in her abilities as they kiss.

Allie asks Sami to tell them who did this to her. Sami thought they would’ve figured out that it had to be Nicole. Lucas says no way. Sami insists that Nicole hates her for blowing up her marriage to Eric. Allie questions Nicole hiring someone to kidnap her. Sami feels it was payback. Allie continues questioning that. Sami brings up how Nicole stole her newborn child and giving her someone else’s. Tripp questions that happening. Allie insists that Nicole is different now. Tripp notes that Nicole does seem like a good person. Allie calls Nicole a wonderful mother to Holly, noting that if she had Sami kidnapped, she could go to prison. Lucas agrees and asks why she would risk that. Lucas reminds her that Nicole already got back at her by making sure EJ saw Kristen’s letter. Allie states that Sami and Nicole’s marriages are both over so they are even. Sami stops and questions who said her marriage is over.

After kissing Nicole, EJ says he feels liberated from his demons already. Nicole looks at EJ but imagines Rafe. EJ asks if something is wrong. Nicole says she’s fine and blames the martini she had. EJ says that dinner will fix that and asks if she’s ready to go to the dining room. Nicole responds that she actually has a better idea and suggests going to his bedroom. EJ asks if she’s sure. Nicole declares that she has to get Rafe out of her mind and asks if he feels used. EJ admits that he does, but in a good way. EJ promises to do his best to wipe Rafe from her consciousness as they then head upstairs together.

Lucas questions Sami not thinking her marriage is over when EJ made it perfectly clear he wants nothing to do with her. Sami argues that was three months ago and she told him that she was not giving up on them. Lucas reminds her that EJ kicked her out of the house. Sami says it’s not EJ’s house but Gabi’s and she was going to Rafe’s to ask Gabi about staying in the house but before she could, she was kidnapped. Sami says when she woke up, she was in the room where Lucas found her and she lost her chance to talk to EJ as well as the beautiful necklace he gave her. Sami declares that she’s back now and she’s not going to lose her husband too.

Gabi runs to Rafe and claims that Ava tried to stab her. Ava says she was just giving her a friendly reminder about pushing her buttons. Gabi says there was nothing friendly about that and wants Rafe to arrest Ava for trying to kill her. Ava argues that Gabi is up to her old tricks again. Rafe asks if Gabi is okay or if she’s bleeding. Gabi says that doesn’t mean anything. Rafe tells Gabi to just go to her room. Gabi questions Rafe taking Ava’s side. Rafe says he’s had a long night and asks her to just go. Gabi shouts that she’s going because Jake is waiting for her but tells Rafe not to come crying to her when Ava stabs him in the back. Gabi goes to her room and then Ava asks Rafe how his night was.

Chloe tells Brady that she has no idea what happened and was really hoping that Brady could tell her since Philip is still missing, making Brady the only one who knows anything. Brady says his mind is blank and he assumes that she tried to call Philip. Chloe confirms that and reveals Philip’s phone was in Brady’s coat pocket. Brady says that means he must have ran in to him at some point. Chloe adds that she and Shawn went through Philip’s phone but only found a bunch of texts from Brady. Brady asks what they said. Chloe asks where he keeps his phone. Brady says in his pants pocket so Chloe asks for permission to check his pockets which Brady allows. Chloe retrieves Brady’s phone and shows it to Brady. Brady tells Chloe that he did not send these messages. Chloe asks if he’s sure or if he just doesn’t remember.

Shawn shows Belle the print out of Philip’s text messages that came from Brady’s phone. Belle reads the messages and says that Brady would never say something like that. Shawn suggests Brady was really drunk. Belle argues that Brady may be in love with Chloe but he would never hurt Philip. Shawn then gets a call and informs Belle that forensics only found one set of prints on the knife and they are Brady’s.

Brady questions Chloe thinking that he got so drunk then found a knife, went to the river to tear up their tree and then sent threatening texts to Philip. Chloe says that’s what it looks like. Brady argues that it doesn’t make any sense. Brady says Chloe has never been as drunk as she says he was, but he has been and he wouldn’t be able to say his name, much less send threatening texts and then make good on the threat. Chloe mentions that Shawn thought maybe he went to the river to find her and Philip. Brady questions how he would’ve known they would be at the river because last Chloe told him, she was going back to the Kiriakis Mansion to have dinner with Philip. Chloe doesn’t know how to explain it but he was there with a knife. Brady argues that the knife was just next to him. Chloe reveals that they found a trail of blood leading to the river and now Shawn has men dragging the river for a body. Brady asks if Shawn thinks Philip is dead.

Belle gets how bad it looks but says there has to be another explanation since there are no witnesses, all evidence is circumstantial and he doesn’t have Brady’s statement yet. Shawn says he’s just saying it looks really bad. Belle asks if he knows for sure that the blood was Philip’s. Shawn says they are working on it so Belle argues that he doesn’t know. Shawn says it doesn’t make anything better for Brady. Belle argues that he doesn’t have a case. Shawn admits he’d be happer with a DNA sample from Philip and was going to get a warrant to search his room for something to test but he didn’t want to upset Victor if he didn’t have to. Belle responds that he doesn’t have to because she knows a much faster way to get Philip’s DNA.

Ava gives Rafe the burger that he didn’t get a chance to eat earlier. Ava asks Rafe if Xander knew anything about how Kristen escaped. Rafe tells her that Xander said he hates her and wouldn’t lift a finger to help her, but he doesn’t believe him. Ava asks if he’s been with Xander all night. Rafe informs her that he went from there to start questioning the DiMera family. Ava asks if he had any luck. Rafe says that Chad was the only one there and he had just found out that Kristen escaped. Ava guesses that’s what took Rafe so long to get home. Rafe then admits that when he was leaving, he ran in to Nicole.

EJ and Nicole continue kissing in EJ’s bedroom. He picks her up and carries her to the bed.

Sami thanks Lucas and says she better get going. Lucas asks where she’s going. Sami says she’s going to see EJ as he must be worried about her. Sami knows EJ was mad about what happened but that was three months ago and she’s been gone. Allie explains that EJ doesn’t know Sami was in danger and still thinks that she left on her own. Sami questions no one telling him that she was kidnapped. Lucas argues that they just found out this morning and didn’t have time to tell him because he was busy rescuing her. Sami questions Allie not calling EJ. Allie argues that Marlena is missing and John is in the hospital, so the only person she had to tell was Tripp since she has a lot on her plate right now. Sami decides maybe it’s for the best that she gets to tell EJ about her ordeal. Sami feels that EJ is going to be in shock. Lucas can’t believe that Sami is going to go crawling back to that bum and asks if she’s serious. Sami says she would appreciate if he didn’t talk about the man she loves like that. Lucas questions why she’s doing this when EJ treats her like dirt. Sami says she’s not blameless but there’s no time like the present to try to work things out. Lucas questions her putting herself right back in to a horrible situation and compares it to being held hostage. Sami acknowledges that he saved her and she was happy to see him but he’s being ridiculous. Lucas suggests she take a break from EJ, go to the hospital, and see if she can get a clean bill of health. Sami argues that she feels fine and Tripp agreed. Tripp clarifies that he didn’t see any signs of damage to her health but he meant that she should get a complete checkup. Sami accuses Lucas of using Tripp to further his agenda. Lucas wants to make sure she’s okay. Sami stops him and repeats that she’s fine. Sami thanks Lucas for everything, kisses him on the cheek, then declares that she’s going to see her husband to get her marriage back as she exits.

EJ and Nicole lay in bed together. Nicole brings up the first time they made love. EJ recalls it being during a blackout where they were stuck in an elevator at the Salem Inn. EJ says now here they are in each others’ arms again after all these years. EJ asks if it’s as good as she remembers. Nicole says it’s different somehow but good as they kiss. EJ asks if it was good enough to make her forget about Rafe.

Ava asks Rafe about running in to Nicole. Rafe explains that he was leaving the DiMera Mansion and then she showed up to have dinner with EJ. Ava asks what they talked about. Rafe thinks back to talking to Nicole about what happened between them. Rafe then claims he just updated Nicole about Kristen. Ava questions why. Rafe says that last time Kristen was here, she held Nicole and Holly hostage then impersonated her, so he was just reassuring her that it wouldn’t happen again. Rafe adds that then EJ showed up, so he started grilling him about what he knew. Ava asks what EJ said. Rafe says that EJ just said he was keeping his distance from Kristen, but he doesn’t believe him and thinks EJ is lying.

Belle tells Shawn that Philip’s DNA report is already in the hospital database from all of his paternity tests, so he just needs to call and see if it matches the blood on the knife. Shawn thanks Belle and goes to make that call. Belle wonders what Brady has done.

Chloe informs Brady that Shawn is now treating this as a homicide but he will keep an open mind. Brady worries that it’s no secret that he and Philip have been at each others’ throats lately. Chloe adds that there’s something else she didn’t tell him, but when she was with Brady and he finally came to, he looked at her and said “Screw Philip, he doesn’t deserve you.” Brady argues that he’s been saying stuff like that for weeks and it doesn’t mean he stabbed him. Brady insists that he wouldn’t hurt Philip because he’s family. Brady swears on his kids’ lives that he did not attack Philip and he would’ve remembered if he did. Chloe says it’s just Shawn’s theory right now. Brady doesn’t give a damn what Shawn thinks and only cares about what Chloe thinks. Brady asks if Chloe thinks he did something to Philip.

Shawn returns to Belle and confirms she was right that Philip’s DNA report was available, so all they had to do was compare the two and it’s a match that Philip’s blood is on the knife.

Allie hugs Lucas and calls him a hero for bringing Sami home. Lucas jokes that if he knew she’d go back to EJ, maybe he would’ve left her there.

Nicole jokes that she’s going to have to mull over whether sex with EJ was good enough to make her forget about Rafe. Nicole asks if he was able to forget about his passionate nights with Sami. EJ jokes that he doesn’t know anyone by that name. EJ and Nicole continue kissing in bed as Sami then opens the door and sees them.

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