Days Short Recap Thursday, November 2, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe told Philip that she knew he was fired. She wanted to know why he didn’t tell her. She said they are supposed to be a couple. She said they are supposed to tell each other good and bad things. He thought about her talking to Brady about having sex. He asked if she told him everything. She said he never let her in or made it easy for her to open up. Philip apologized for being in a funk. She wanted to go out, but he wasn’t interested. She suggested she go out to bring him something to eat. When she left, he thought she was going to have sex with Brady. Victor read about John and Susan being in the crypt. Maggie told him Marlena was possessed. She said Marlena was the one who did that to John and Susan. She said she was meeting with Brady when Belle called him to tell him. Victor was worried about Brady. She said he didn’t drink, but he was tempted. Victor blamed Chloe. Maggie told Victor it was his meddling that caused the strain between Brady and Philip. Philip was listening when Victor asked Maggie if Brady had feelings for Chloe. Philip heard Maggie say Brady thought he and Chloe could be happy if Philip weren’t in the way. Maggie said Brady wouldn’t hurt anyone. Victor said jealousy could push Brady in a bad place. Ben and Ciara brought Marlena to the cabin. Ben said Marlena would be safe there. Marlena noticed Ciara staring at her. Marlena asked if everything was okay. Ciara said she was having a hard time believing John was a monster. She said it was as if someone else was in the apartment.

Marlena understood Ciara’s confusion. Marlena said her husband was dangerous. Ciara said they should call the police and tell them what was going on. Marlena didn’t want to do that. She said the police would protect John. Ciara thought Shawn would do the right thing. Marlena took the phone from Ciara. Marlena apologized and said she was on edge. She gave Ciara back her phone when Ben said they wouldn’t call anyone. Ciara was skeptical, but she agreed not to say anything. Ciara was concerned about being far away from Salem if something happened to the baby. Marlena said she was a doctor and would take care of the baby. When Marlena stepped out, Ciara told Ben she didn’t like what was going on. She said she wanted to call Belle and Shawn so they would know what was going on with John. She said something was off. Lani told Abe she had trouble facing him. She believed it was her fault for jumped to the wrong conclusion about him being her father. She thought he wished she never came to town. He said finding out she wss his daughter was the best thing that happened to him. Tamara tried to call Lani, but she didn’t answer it. Lani couldn’t believe Tamara and Paulina let her bond with him and Theo. Abe said their bond was real. He told her about what happened between John and Roman. He said she would always be his daughter.

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