Days Short Recap Friday, December 3, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Paulina ran into Abe at the hospital. She asked if he was there to see John. She said she saw John. Abe said he was there to see him. He wondered why she went to see John. She said she danced with the devil and lived to tell about it. Paulina told Abe that Marlena was possessed. She said the wedding falling apart was because of the devil. Abe agreed with her. He said lies came from the devil. He said the lie came from her. He walked away from her. She went after him. Abe told Paulina to stop apologizing. She tried to tell him how tough her situation was. She begged him to forgive her. She brought up Lexie and how she couldn’t compete with her. She said Lani’s father made her feel alone and trapped. She said she was proud she fought her way out and gave Lani the best life she could. He said he was done with her. She wanted him to promise her he wouldn’t turn his back on Lani. Abe told Paulina that he let Lani know he wasn’t turning his back on her. Paulina asked him about them. He said he couldn’t turn his love off for her. He said he loved her. He said that didn’t mean he would trust her. He said the lie was too big to risk his heart with her again. Lani got off the phone with Tamara when Eli came home. Lani said Tamara said she loved her. She said that meant her whole life was a lie she spread to Abe. She said she spoke to Abe and he told her he would always love her. Eli said she should believe him. She said Kristen told her the same thing. Eli was shocked that Lani spoke to Kristen. He said Kristen never made it to the prison. He said the van transporting her disappeared. Lani said she had nothing to do with it. She said she might know where Kristen was. They went to John and Marlena’s place.

John tried to get himself out of the hospital so he could find Marlena. Steve stopped him and told him the police were working on it. John wanted to know how he knew where he was. Steve said Johnny told him. Steve said he put the pieces together since he went through it once before. Steve asked if he exorcised Marlena. John thought it might not have worked since he wasn’t a real priest. Steve asked John if he knew what the devil wanted. John said he didn’t know. He thought it was a sideshow for the main attraction. He said they needed to stop her before that happened. Steve asked how did he stop it before. John said faith, hope and prayer. He said he had Father Francis and Gabriel’s help. He said he gave him the strength he needed. Marlena asked Ben and Ciara not to answer the door. It turned out to be a hiker. The man asked for water. He said religious things. He said he came out there for a spiritual reunion. He said his name was Gabriel. Marlena wasn’t happy. Gabriel confronted Marlena. She said she knew who he was and what he wanted. She asked if he sent him. Marlena’s eyes and voice didn’t bother Gabriel. Gabriel said he helped John beat her 25 years ago. He said he would do it again. Marlena told Gabriel he couldn’t interfere in human affairs. Gabriel said God wouldn’t let anything happen to Ben and Ciara’s child. Gabriel and Marlena continued to argue with each other. He said Ben and Ciara had a lot of strength.

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