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how’s it going? Same as always. Might seem boring, but that’s how we like it. Nice and quiet. Laura: What are you doing? Martin: I-I’m doing what you told me to do. I’m trying to keep you safe! Laura: Safe? You’re gonna get us both killed. Laura.

[ Screams ] Aah! Aah!

[ Video game beeping ] Oh. Sorry. Sorry. We’ll try to keep it down.

[ Beeping continues ] I-I get a little excited. Y-yeah. Protecting people is harder than it looks. What do you intend to do? Me? I don’t have to lift a finger. You sealed your own fate back in beautiful nixon falls when you fell in love with another woman’s husband — and not just any woman. The feisty carly corinthos. Quite frankly, nina, I’m surprised to even see you still in town. I would have thought carly would have run you out on a rail by now. But not after tarring and feathering you first, of course. Or doesn’t she know? Well, perhaps I should clue carly in. Clue me in on what? Sonny: Dr. Westbourne? Mr. Corinthos. Hi. Uh…sonny. I’m so sorry about jason. Yeah. Well, you know how life is, right? Uh, that’s why I need you to be straight with me. Ho w long before brando and sashacan bring their baby home? I handed bailey off to the nanny. Thank you. Sure thing. No, thank you. For everything. Drew: Man, so much has changed around here.

[ Clears throat ] I’m just trying to catch up. Monica explained that you two have a child together but until recently, valentin thought that bailey was his daughter.

[ Sighs ] Uh, it’s true. Long story. I’m sure it is. And you were with willow, but now she’s with michael? That’s true. Also a long story. I can see that. Drew? I thought you already left. Yeah. I wanted to. I just — I can’t find my keys anywhere. Oh, here. Take my car. Don’t want you to be late. Ah! The porsche. Well, thank you very much, mr. Cassadine. You’re welcome, mrs. Cassadine. Drive safe. Okay. I’ll see you tonight. Yeah.

[ Doorbell rings ] Good afternoon, nikolas. Come in.

[ Exhales deeply ] It’s been quite a while since I’ve been h– ava: Well, I found my keys. They were in my other coat…pocket. You’re…alive. I’ve been hearing that a lot. Yeah. I know it’s shocking. But it’s so good to see you, willow. Yeah, I’ll be there in time for the finance meeting. Thanks. Michael. It can’t be. It is. Here I am, home at last. Come on.

[ Echoing ]

I guess you didn’t tell the new guy about our gaming marathons and our enthusiasm. Uh, we were kind of in the zone. Silva: Oh, I’m well aware. But as you know, any suspicious sounds or cries of distress must be investigated and taken seriously. You’re absolutely right. We apologize. Yeah. Our bad. Thanks. Gin rummy, crazy eights, speed — all fun card games. I scream at those, too. She’s very competitive. Don’t forget — he’s keeping us safe. I wish he didn’t have to. Well, he does. It’s a waiting game. Although from what I’ve been able to glean from silva, the fbi is winding things down. So maybe they’re eliminating or have eliminated the threat against us. And that would be cyrus. I mean, how is that possible? We both know that he will never stop trying to get revenge against the people who’ve crossed him, and we top that list. With everything that was going on at natasha — oh, excuse me — alexis’s house — we didn’t have a chance to get properly acquainted. I-I do hope we can remedy that. No time like the present. You’re quite lovely. My nephew is a lucky man. Well, not only is my wife beautiful, she’s smart, classy. Above all else, she’s patient with me when I fall short of her expectations. Ah. To what do we owe the pleasure of this visit? Oh, just some business I have to discuss with nikolas. Oh? Pertaining to what, mr. Cassadine? Oh, my dear, please. Let’s not be quite so formal. Call me uncle victor — or at least victor. We are family, after all. And you have especially endeared yourself to me. As I understand it, I have you to thank for my freedom. W-where have you been all these years? I mean, h-how’d you get back here? I’m — I’m gonna explain all of that, but there is something that i need to talk to you about first. Maybe we should give them some privacy. Willow: Catch up. Very good to see you, too, drew. I’m glad you’re back. So, um… you and willow. Monica didn’t tell me. Are you guys married? Um, w– uh, we — we were. Not — not at the mom– it — [ Sighs ] It’s kind of complicated. It’s a long story. I’ve been hearing that a lot. I’ve been saying that a lot, too. But willow and I, we are together. We actually have a-a son together — wiley. Congratulations, man. That’s — that’s amazing. I really do look forward to catching up. I can’t wait. So, uh, what’s — what’s on your mind? I’ve got some bad news. It’s about jason. What about jason? He was trapped in a tunnel on cassadine island. There was a cave-in. It’s unlikely that he survived. Willow: Michael’s going to be heartbroken. And this all happened while we were gone? Maybe I should go back in and be with him. Look, before you go, um… there’s something that you should know. I gave her a quick bath. She’s all set and ready for daddy. “Daddy”? It’s too early to make any definitive diagnosis. But rest assured, the staff and I are committed to doing all we can to ensure the baby and his parents are well taken care of. I appreciate that. Can — can I say something? You seem different — like more compassionate, approachable than you did before. Less bitchy?

[ Both laugh ] Yeah, when you work smack dab in the middle of the circle of life, sometimes things rub off on you. And I-I had help tapping into it. It’s nice, ’cause it — it — I can — I can see why… you were so special to jason. Yeah. So special, he chose another woman over me. Peter is a killer and a liar. Nothing he says is worth hearing. Well, why don’t we let carly be the judge of that? Time to go. Officer delmonico, I need a word with the prisoner. I’ll make it brief. Yeah, she’ll make a brief… just long enough for us to share a moment of silence together for the dearly departed jason morgan.

That was for jason, you sick son of a bitch, and it’s just the beginning. Mrs. Corinthos, you said “a word.” Yeah. Sometimes it takes more than a word. Your righteous anger is misplaced, mrs. Corinthos. What about nina’s betrayal? Carly and I already hashed that out. Mm! All of it? Say what you mean, you bastard! Careful, nina. What happens in nixon falls doesn’t always stay in nixon falls. Delmonico: Okay. Let’s go.

[ Elevator bell dings ] Carly, I’ll bet it felt really good to slap peter, but hasn’t he caused enough destruction? I mean, is he worth you getting into trouble? You can drop the concerned act. What the hell was peter talking about? What else did you pull in nixon falls? I’m sorry. That was really uncalled for. Uh, when you’re talking about a-another woman over you, you’re talking about carly. Is that right? Can we just forget it? It’s been a rough couple of days. No, I’m not gonna forget it, ’cause I just need you to — to understand something.

[ Sighs ] When I came back, right… …it was hard for me to accept jason and carly together. But they have a certain… relationship. Everybody knew. It was hard for me to understand. But what I do know is jason married carly to protect the family, and — and I’ll always be grateful for that. We didn’t leave him much of a choice. Thank you for saying that. Truthfully [Chuckles] I think it’s easier for me to be bitter than to accept the fact that I may never see jason again. You know what? Maybe it’s just best we — we know that he cared about us and he, uh… …he even loved us in… his way. Look at you.

[ Laughs ] Wow. I wouldn’t have expected sonny corinthos to be in the consolation business. Well, you know, there’s a few people who — who have said that I’ve undergone some kind of…change. Mm. Willow: Wrong guy. Mr. Cassadine is bailey’s father. But I thought that… you know what? Thank you, bonnie. We’ll call you if we need you. What just happened? Why didn’t you guys correct her? Um, we didn’t correct her because… because she’s right. Valentin isn’t bailey’s father. I am. What are you talking about? Since when? Since always? But you… never said a word. I just found out. Chase is trying to protect me, okay? What chase isn’t saying is that I always knew who bailey’s real father was. I just… I kept it from him. Why? W-why would you do something like that? Because I needed to get my elq shares back from valentin. I-I…I didn’t know the two of you… no. I — it was just that once, when brook lynn was crashing at my place. So you’re not together? No. No. No. Well, I’m standing right here. Look, willow, chase and I are just friends. We’re — we’re co-parents. That’s it. Right. Like michael and i once were. Ava: Don’t you remember? I-I’m sure I mentioned it, darling. No, darling, I don’t think you did. Well, had it not been for mr. Baldwin’s unexpected yet really rather brilliant strategy, I might not have been able to cut such a deal with the wsb. Scott. Oh, I definitely would have remembered that. Oh. Well… i meant to tell you. And it’s not a big deal, really. Scott came into the gallery in a state about liesl, and I, um… inadvertently mentioned that the wsb was holding someone who might have a lead on her whereabouts. And I’m very grateful you did. Because of you, I’m once again breathing free air and dear liesl is reunited with her daughter. We shouldn’t keep you, ava. My uncle and I, we have private matters to discuss. Oh, I’m not pressed. And your business is my business, my love. Nikolas is right. We will be discussing rather sensitive matters. Well, perhaps somewhere along the way, you heard of the jerome family. I assure you, there’s nothing you could say that would shock me. Tell him, nikolas. Whatever you have to say, you can say in front of ava. I trust my wife with my life. Well, that’s very admirable. Let’s just hope your trust isn’t unfounded, because what I’m about to disclose — well, let’s just say any inadvertent lapse in discretion could be the undoing of us all. Aren’t you surprised that cyrus hasn’t been able to find us after all these months? He must be getting pretty angry by now. He does not like to be denied. Martin: Well, that is an understatement. All because he can’t have the one thing he craves more than anything else in the world — a place to belong, to bond with people. I guess we both do, despite all appearances to the contrary. It’s why cyrus was so excited to find out that you’re our sister. I was too. I did try, martin. I tried. Even when he was holding me hostage, I… I didn’t want him to get killed. I wanted him to give himself up so that he could walk away from it unharmed. No, I admire your compassion. Cyrus didn’t deserve it. Just for the record — in spite all the stultifying waiting we’ve had to endure while in hiding together, I am grateful for the chance to get to know you. There’s — there’s — there’s no chance? We can only go off what the authorities in greece told us. The excavators detected no sign of life in that tunnel. I mean, jason’s chances of survival from the cave-in alone, they were very slim. But the odds that he would actually be able to find oxygen underneath all that rubble… yeah, but there was — they didn’t find a body, right? I know it sounds bleak, but if anybody can defy the odds, it’s jason. I am not ruling anything out until we get the final word, believe me. But still, I’m mentally preparing myself. Look, I’m sorry. I know y-you’ve probably had to tell the story a dozen times and it’s hell reliving it over and over again. No. I’m here to tell it because of jason. And I-I-I hate being the bearer of such bad news. I-I know the strong bond that you two had. It’s kind of ironic, too. At the end, jason and I, we started to bond, we started to work together, and I just… I found myself admiring him even more. I got to call my dad.

[ Sighs ] You know, it’s weird. I-I’ve finally gotten past the impulse to call my father. And now I can because he’s back, and this is a call I would never want to make in a million years. A check-in call to make sure my family’s okay because jason is not coming home. How — how could jason not be here anymore?

Damn. Gin. Thank you for listening to all my worrying and fretting. You really have helped me an awful lot. I’m not sure I did all that much, but I am happy to be your sounding board, laura. Matter of fact, it’s a privilege.

[ Chuckles ] Well, that’s what brothers and sisters are supposed to do, right? Oh, so I’ve been told. Think about this — if we ever do get out of here, we’ll be able to spend time together out in the open. Matter of fact, how about this? How about if we don’t make it back for the holidays, we plan ourselves a big old family dinner? Oh, a big old family dinner. Oh, that can’t come soon enough for me. Agent silva, thank you for taking such good care of us. Aside from the gaming, you guys are very compliant. This is a relatively easy detail. Here. Daily papers. Thank you. Anything I should know? Actually, I did just get word on something that might interest you as mayor. Does the name victor cassadine sound familiar? Nikolas asked me over to discuss how I helped him with his hayden barnes problem. Y-you mean her shooting? No. I had nothing to do with that. I stepped in later, when it seemed that ms. Barnes was particularly vulnerable to valentin’s bribes and threats. Hayden was on the verge of blowing my plans to regain the cassadine fortune. And I was happy to oblige. But how exactly? No one has seen or heard from hayden, not even her own sister or her daughter. And most recently, her mother was murdered. You were in trouble, nikolas. Hayden needed to be dealt with, along with others close to her who could implicate us. Even your cousin samantha came perilously close to uncovering the truth. I didn’t ask for any of that. Well, with family, you don’t have to ask. Are you saying you commissioned crimes in the service of my husband, unsolicited? I’m saying, my dear, that I protected him. And you and, for that matter, wyndemere. What have you done to hayden? Word of advice — don’t ask questions you don’t really want the answers to. Sonny: The job must be a lot easier now that you don’t have cyrus lurking around. Yeah, it’s nice not to worry about men hiding in my office, trying to kill me.

[ Laughs ] And I heard that, uh, jason saved you when — when he escaped and that you’ve been trying to nail cyrus. And I also heard that… you saved jason the night that he got shot, and I want to tell you how much I appreciate that. Yeah. I wish I could have saved him on cassadine island. Yeah. So do I. But, you know, you didn’t get a chance, but I know you would have done everything you could. So, where you headed? Uh, my office, I guess. All right. Uh, I’ll — I’ll walk with you. ‘Cause you never know if there’s, like, a bogeyman or whatever.

[ Laughs ] Wait, carly. Carly! I’m telling you, this is what peter does. He agitates. He tries to sow discord. Anything to deflect from his own crimes. What would peter have to gain by lying about you? Well, I can’t fathom what’s inside peter’s head, and I don’t want to, but if I were to guess, it’s probably just simple revenge. You know, I foiled his plan to find his daughter. I tried to get aunt liesl to kill him, and I survived when he tried to kill me in that fire. He hates me. This is what I don’t understand. Why would you call liesl obrecht instead of the cops when you first saw peter in nixon falls? Why? Because he threatened james. He said that if he couldn’t find his own daughter, then james would be an adequate substitute. He always loved the idea of raising my brother’s son. That’s terrible. Yeah. But that’s not all, is it? Is it? He blackmailed me. He used threats and pain to buy my silence. What does peter have on you?

I’m not proud about this, but peter knew that I was hiding sonny from all of you, and he threatened to reveal that sonny was alive if I didn’t comply. Is that it? Sonny: What’s going on? Is it? What’s going on here? Huh? I just ran into peter august, and that sick son of a bitch was gloating about — peter — peter’s in G.H.? He’s in custody. No thanks to you! You were so hell-bent on revenge against me, you let peter go free to commit crime after crime after crime. Hey, hey. It’s all right, carly. It’s not okay. I mean, nina just admitted that she let herself be blackmailed by peter because he knew you were alive. And we’re worried about a scene that I’m gonna make here? I mean — if you’ll excuse me. I — no. Do you realize what you’ve done? Do you? Do you realize that — that if you would have turned in peter instead of covering your own ass, peter would have been locked up ages ago? He wouldn’t have been in crete, he wouldn’t have been on cassadine island, and jason would still be alive! You can’t defend her. You can’t defend her here. I mean, the damage that that woman has done, it’s unbelievable! I’m not defending her, carly. You have every right to be angry. I just — look. Jason’s death, I think, has pushed you over the edge. Sasha had a difficult labor, which resulted in emergency surgery, and the baby’s in the nicu. Oh, my god. That’s why your folks are at the hospital, michael.

[ Sighs ] We should get going. I’ll catch up later. Yeah, yeah. You do what you got to do. I’m not going anywhere.

[ Sighs ] Home for the holidays. Not exactly how you pictured it, huh?

[ Sighs ] After the last few years, it’s more than enough just to feel safe and to know that others are safe from me. I’m just happy to be back. You know, maxie told me that me being back has actually given her hope that her daughter will be restored to her. I just don’t know how she does it, but I’m — I’m just so happy that she’s still got hope. Victor cassadine is alive? And working with peter august? Do we know for how long? No, but it seems for some time. There is one other thing. Cassadine cut an immunity deal with the wsb for his freedom. Has he been released? Where is he? Port charles. Uh, thank you for the info. I’m glad you told me. Well, whoever this victor cassadine is, I’m assuming two things — one, you’re not happy he’s back, and two, he’s related to valentin? I’m not. And yes, he is.

[ Sighs ] He’s valentin’s uncle through marriage. And judging from your reaction, I’d imagine he represents some of the less laudable cassadine traits. You have no idea. You know you told me you had all those stories about cyrus? Victor’s havoc is just too long for me to list. Well, last I looked, we got nothing but time. No, we don’T. I’m gonna pack up. I need to get out of here now. Just a moment. Where’s nancy?

[ Sighs ] Sick. You can call the property-management company. Should

I go in and cleanor just leave the stuff here? Okay. I hope your curiosity has been sated. Not really. Let’s not discuss it again. I do find it so distasteful to dredge up the past. Oh, and truly, no need to thank me. However, I may need to avail myself of a favor or two at some point.

[ Chuckles ] Oh, you cassadines never cease to amaze me. But you, victor, you are in a class all your own.

[ Chuckles ] Actually, yes, I am. Thank you. I hope your definition of past doesn’t include recent past. You never shared that you were working with peter. Oh, I have many associates. Are your other associates madmen as well? Well, I’ve come to realize that my arrangement with peter was, I’d say, ill-advised. And what was that arrangement again? You know, perhaps you find my questions rude, but the compound on crete was mine originally. I placed it at your disposal, and I feel I have the right to know what happened there. I gave peter access to my vast resources in exchange for something that only peter could give me in return. Well, don’t keep us in suspense. Tell us, uncle — what could peter have offered you that would persuade you to form such an unholy alliance? Of course I’m angry about jason. Aren’t you? I mean, he was my best friend. He was your best friend. I’m — I’m angry, too, carly. Jason deserved better. But I’m just trying to channel my energy into making sure whoever’s responsible is gonna pay. So you’re saying my reaction to jason’s death is inappropriate? I mean, it’s no less appropriate than how I reacted when you died. Right. Your husband. I’m not saying that your grieving is wrong. Then what are you saying? Please make me understand. What are you saying?

[ Cellphone chimes ] Just deal with that. You just deal with that right now. No. I’m not gonna do — I have to get something for sasha, okay? So you just — you’re upset. I’m not gonna… all right. Well…

[ Elevator bell dings ] Carly, will you slow down?

Mom texted. She’s on the fourth floor. Okay. Go and find her. You two need to talk. I’ll, um — I’ll wait here. Maybe I’ll go say a little prayer for sasha and her baby.

[ Sighs ] You okay? I’m fine. It’s okay. Go. We’ll all feel so much better once louise is back in maxie’s arms, where she belongs. I just can’t imagine the pain that she has had to endure. I mean, I missed scout so much. I thought about her every single day, but at least I knew that she was safe. I can’t wait for that monster to be locked up forever and his hold over maxie will be finished. I understand that more than you know. Maxie and I were talking, and we were both put in — in impossible positions where we had to do unimaginable things for survival. She told you what she did? She didn’t have to. I’ll tell you this, though. I will not feel like peter’s hold on me is broken until he is dead. That works, too. Whoa. Excuse me. I’m a cop, remember? Not for the next six months. I mean, peter tried to poison you to death. Chase was given a toxin. It nearly paralyzed him. He was in a wheelchair for months. He had to completely relearn how to walk. And look at you now, being able to pace back and forth with your beautiful baby girl. Hey, would it be okay if — if I held her? Uh, sure. Yeah. Sure. Hi, beauty. I remember when scout was this old. It’s so true what they say. They grew up so, so fast. Cherish every moment you canwith your little girl. You are so beautiful. Texting me I-is not a good idea, nina. I know. Okay? But I contacted you because i wanted to warn you about peter. What? I saw peter, and he threatened that he was going to tell carly that our relationship in nixon falls was deeper than friendship, and I’m assuming that carly still doesn’t know, and I tried to cover. But, sonny, you know peter. He’s like a loose cannon. The timing of this is horrible. But, sonny — carly is upset with everything going on. But I’m gonna — you’re not responsible for jason’s death. They know that, right? I know that — I do. And I know peter is responsible for his own actions. But carly’s rage towards me is not completely misplaced. You know, my bad choices have a ripple effect, and they just… keep growing. And if I have to say I am sorry for — for the rest of my life, sonny, I will. Y-you don’t have to apologize to me. But just — look. Right now, the — the timing is not good. So n-nobody needs to know. You’re entitled to grieve however you need to without judgment. But there’s a young couple down the hall grappling with unimaginable fear and uncertainty, and I don’t want you banned from the hospital when sasha needs your support. I was on my way to ask about a body pillow for sasha… when I ran into that monster. Body pillows definitely help post-op c-section patients. I’ll look into that. Oh, no, you don’t, madam mayor. You can’t go bolting out of here. Victor cassadine is now a short drive from nikolas and spencer. All right. Okay. So you think they’re in danger? There is an fbi agent right on the other side of that door. We’ll talk to silva. We’ll get him protected. No. No. I-I actually don’t think that he would physically harm them anyway.

[ Sighs ] He’s a masterful manipulator. You know, he — he’s a bully who has that uncanny ability to sniff out somebody’s weakness and use it against them. He excels at blackmail. He’s always got an agenda, an objective. He’s completely amoral. He’ll use absolutely anyone. And to make matters worse, he’s not hurting for connections, either, ’cause he used to run the wsb. I admit, he sounds formidable. Yeah. I mean, in his own way, he’s every bit as dangerous as cyrus. So look. Just because I’m going doesn’t mean that you have to, too. You can stay here. You don’t have put yourself at risk. Oh, I don’t intend to put myself at risk, and I’m not going to allow my sister to, either. As much as I admire a tenacious woman, I’m afraid I can’t indulge you, ava. My former business with peter is strictly off limits. I’m tenacious, too, uncle. The question is still on the table. Well, I really must be going. I do hope this trifling business with peter doesn’t become a sticking point between us. What if it does? We’re family, nikolas. We’re gonna be needing each other in the weeks and months to come. You were always a smart man. Smart and useful to your uncle. It’s such a relief I won’t have to remind you that any repercussions visited on me will likewise land on your doorstep. This place really is quite wonderful.

[ Door opens, closes ] What now? Well, we’re gonna have to send uncle victor packing — on a one-way trip to anywhere but here.

come here, cookie. I could do this all night. I have done this all night. It just — it just kills me that maxie is missing out on moments like this. I will not let maxie’s daughter be peter’s final victim. I am not gonna rest until I find louise. Well, this is quite the reversal. You assured me that your uncle could be trusted, that he would never betray his family. That was before I heard about what he’s done on my behalf. And don’t forget that last little threat before he left. Oh, there’s nothing little about it. My uncle has selective memory. I don’t owe him. He owes me. I kept his existence a secret for years. I provided him a home on crete. I didn’t incriminate him when anna was breathing down my neck. As far as I’m concerned, my debt to him is paid and he shouldn’t expect anything from me. He can. And he does. You heard him. You know, as much as you want to distance us from victor, I think the smart thing to do is bide our time and wait, no standoffs or showdowns. If there is even a hint that we want to sever ties, when victor goes down, he will drag us to hell with him. I can’t just sit here and play video games… yes, you can. …When victor cassadine is roaming the streets of port charles. I understand if you are co– I have to protect my family, my friends, but also the citizens of port charles. You want to protect the people you care about. So do I. And other than mama, that means you. So you might as well sit down and deal, little sister, ’cause you’re not leaving. It’s too dangerous. We are in protective custody for a reason. Until the fbi gives us the say-so, you and I have targets painted on our backs. And somewhere out there is a hired gun just waiting to take a shot. No problem. The fed bought the whole “sick nancy” story. So…what’s my next move? Thank you… for reminding me what’s most important.

[ Exhales deeply ] I need to stay present for sasha. I need to stay clear-headed, to make sure anyone responsible for jason’s death pays. I will go check on that pillow. Hey, mom. Michael.

[ Voice breaking ] You heard about jason? Yeah. Your dad and I, we just wanted to tell you to your face, you know? We didn’t want you to hear about it… I am so sorry. How are you and — you and dad? We’re devastated. Look, uh, drew, he — he told me what happened. And from the sound of it, right, there’s — there’s still hope. No body was found. I mean, look, d-dad came back to us, right? Right. Yeah. I’m gonna go pay peter a visit, make sure he keeps his mouth shut. Whatever happened between us in nixon falls, it has to come from me. And it will. Okay. I get it. But…despite all the pain that it caused — and I know that we’re going on with our lives — it’s just I need to let you know that the love that we shared is the purest thing that I’ve ever known in my life. And I am sorry — I am so sorry — but I could never… regret that.

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