Days Short Recap Monday, December 6, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Chloe found Brady passed out on the ground. She asked him what happened to him. He didn’t realize he was hit. Rafe talked to Ava about Kristen escaping from prison. He believed she had help escaping. He saw Xander and Gwen and thought he found the one who helped her escape. Chloe told Brady that he was hit in the head. Brady was slurring when he was talking. Rafe approached Xander and Gwen to find out about Kristen. He wanted to talk to him about Kristen’s escape. Gabi and Jake tried to pitch running Titan. Victor reminded them that his business is ran by his family. Gabi told him that his relatives didn’t want to run the business. He said Brady was someone who could run it. Chloe wanted to know if Brady saw Philip. Brady struggled to tell her about him. Chloe called for help for Philip.

Gwen talked to Ava about Xander going with Rafe. She was afraid he was going to get in trouble for something he didn’t do. Rafe questioned Xander about helping Kristen. Xander denied helping her. Rafe didn’t believe him. Rafe thought he helped break Kristen out of jail. Kayla checked Brady out and said that he didn’t have any signs of being hit. Gabi and Jake continued to convince Victor to let them run Titan. He reminded them about adding the spyware to his computer. He said he wouldn’t hire them because of that. Kayla questioned Chloe about Brady’s condition. She told her what she knew about Brady. Kayla said the blood that was on Brady wasn’t his. She wanted to know how Chloe found him. She told her that she was looking for Philip, but he wasn’t there. Kayla wondered if it was Philip’s blood. She said that it crossed her mind that it could be his blood. She wanted to find him so she called him. Philip’s phone was in Brady’s pocket. Kayla wanted to know what Brady was doing with Philip’s phone. Kayla got the results and told Chloe that the blood wasn’t Brady’s. Chloe knew it was Philip’s blood type.

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