Y&R Short Recap Monday, December 6 2021

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Recap written by Christine

Victoria and Victor talked about ChancComm. He was pleased that she was going to try and buy it, but he wasn’t taking sides in Victoria and Adam’s competition to acquire120 ChancComm. Ashland set up a meeting with Nick because he hoped to clear the air. Nick made it clear that he’d never be okay with what Ashland did in the past. Victoria wasn’t pleased when she heard Nick warning Ashland not to hurt her. Victoria suggested that Nick had a habit of blaming other people for his problems. Ashland thought Victoria was being too hard on Nick. Chance spent time reconnecting with Abby and bonding with Dominic. Nikki and Victor arranged a cocktail party for Chance at The Grand Phoenix. Nikki told Adam that Chance was alive. Adam offered Noah a job. Phyllis warned Nikki that it wouldn’t be good if Adam took Noah under his wing. Nikki never expected Phyllis and Nick to last, but she was sorry that the breakup hurt her son. Nikki thought Phyllis was doing just fine after the breakup. Phyllis bristled over the statement, and Nikki said she didn’t mean to offend.

Sally found Billy drinking alone and kept him company. He gave her the impression that he was in a very bad place. She left, and he hoped that she’d run to Adam and tell him everything Billy just said. Sally found Adam with Noah. She and Adam tried to convince Noah to do some work for Newman Media. Noah wasn’t interested, but he said he’d consider it. Sally told Adam that Billy was drinking and depressed. Sally felt kind of bad for him. Chelsea called Adam, and she didn’t take it well when he asked if they could talk later. Sally left so Adam could call Chelsea back. Lily worried that she wasn’t up for running Chancellor, and Billy gave her a pep talk. She asked him again to come to Chancellor with her, but he declined. He told her he’d laid a bit of groundwork for his plan.

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