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Abby: [ Chuckles ] Yeah, I’m exhausted, but I am too excited to sleep. Thank you so much for calling me back, Kim.  And when you said that Chance was alive and here in Majorca, it was the most alive I have felt in weeks. Have you
seen him?

Kim: Yes.

Abby: On the phone, you said that he was in a bad way. What does that mean? Can he talk? Is he unconscious?

Kim: Abby, dear, breathe.

Abby: Okay. [ Chuckles ] I’m sorry, I’m just excited. That’s how I get when I’m excited.

Kim: Yes, I know. Chance told me.

Abby: So, he can speak.

Kim: Yes. You’ll be able to converse with him, I imagine.

Abby: When? I mean, I have to see him as soon as possible. I’m sorry, I will be calmer.

Kim: We’ve been here in Majorca so long, I’m not accustomed to that American energy


Nate: Didn’t think I could eat that much.

Devon: Dude, I didn’t think any human could eat that much.

Nate: [ Laughs ] So what about you? How many sweet potatoes did you consume?

Devon: Sweet potatoes? I don’t keep count, man. I just like them. I had some more, though, at the Newmans’.

Nate: Are you kidding me?

Devon: Nah, man. I’m not gonna be rude and reject their hospitality.

Nate: So that’s what you all did after dinner, you went to another dinner.

Devon: Well, yeah, no, Amanda went to go see her mom and her sister, so I brought Dominic to see his grandparents.

Nate: Okay, that’s thoughtful. Well, Elena and I, we couldn’t move. Total food coma.

Devon: Oh, yeah?

Nate: I was in bed by 8:00.

Devon: Wow. I’m sure that was probably nice, though. You know, you haven’t been getting a lot of sleep these day
as chief of surgery, I bet.

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