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Jill: I assume you’re accusing me of losing faith in you because lily explained my plans to you.

Billy: You’re stepping down as ceo at chancellor and appointing her as your successor. Yeah, she filled me in.

Jill: I was hoping that you’d be happy for her.

Billy: Who says I’m not? I think it’s an amazing opportunity and she will be fantastic in that role if she chooses to take it.

Jill: “If”?

Billy: Well, we’re a team, mother, and a damn good one. But you know that. You’re the one that put us together in the first place.

Jill: Well, I don’t want to separate you. I’m hoping that you’ll come and work at chancellor industries.

Billy: In a lesser role, so you’re not exactly kicking me to the curb, but you’re not standing by me either.

Jill: Billy, please try to understand why I have to do this.

Billy: Get it, okay? It’s crystal clear. Right now I want to know what your plan is for chanccomm.

Jill: It’s too early to say.

Billy: Lily told me you’re thinking about selling it.

Jill: That is an option I’m considering.

Billy: Okay. Well, as much as I hate hearing that, I can make peace with it as long as you don’t sell it to victor and adam. With everything they did to me, they should not be rewarded for their behavior.

Jill: Well, I’m not thinking about it in those terms, and i can’t do as you’re asking. I mean, I will do what’s best for chancellor industries. It’s a business decision.

Billy: Yeah, it sure as hell doesn’t feel that way, because to me, it feels like you’re siding with the newmans over your own son.

Tessa: Ahh.

Mariah: What is this monstrosity?

Tessa: [ Laughs ] This is what you get when the woman you love used to be a barista and knows all the tricks of the trade.

Mariah: It’S…obscene, but it looks obscenely delicious. So thank you. You do realize I — I kicked my caffeine tolerance when I was pregnant.

Tessa: Oh, well, okay. Well, I will happily drink it if you’re not interested.

Mariah: No, no, no, no, no. Hands off. This is mine. It’s all mine.

Tessa: [ Laughs ]

Mariah: Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Tessa: Well, I just wanted to show you how glad I am that you’re taking a break from work.

Mariah: This is actually my second break today.

Tessa: Oh, what’d you do on the first one?

Mariah: I went over to devon’s to see the baby.

Tessa: Oh, yeah? Oh, well, how is the baby?

Mariah: He’s great. He’s as handsome as ever, and i even got a few giggles out of him.

Tessa: Oh. Baby giggles are the best.

[ Chuckles ] Well, sounds like he’s thriving, and abby will be very relieved when she gets home.

Mariah: Whenever that is.

Devon: I know you like hanging out with me, buddy, but don’t you want to go to sleep and dream about all the things you’re gonna do when you’re big and you’re strong. All the people you’re gonna meet. Places you’re gonna go. All the adventures you’re gonna go on. Just got to get some rest first, okay? Let’s get some rest.

[ Grunts ] That’s my little guy.

[ Knock on door ] And there’s the door. It’s okay. It’s okay.

Amanda: Oh, my god, I’m so sorry. I’m so sorry.

Devon: It’s okay.

[ Dominic fusses ]

Amanda: Hey, shh, the baby’s sleeping.

Imani: [ Gasps ] Oh.

Amanda: Try and be quiet.

Imani: Ohh. Ohh! So cute.

Amanda: Isn’t he so adorable when he’s sleeping?

Devon: He’s adorable all the time.

Imani: Of course he is. Oh, what a cutie. What’s it like having a baby here 24/7?

Devon: It’s a lot. Let’s go over there an talk, though.

Amanda: Okay.

Devon: Never a dull moment, I’ll tell you that. What’s on the agenda for you guys today?

Imani: You didn’t tell him?

Amanda: No, well, I was just about to, but you barged in.

Imani: Okay, let me tell him, please. I think this is something he needs to hear from me.

Jill: Oh, I don’t deserve that.

Billy: Oh, yeah?

Jill: Have you forgotten how you got the job at chanccomm in the first place?

Billy: How am I supposed to forget that? You remind me every chance you get.

Jill: Because it doesn’t sink in with you. You were at rock bottom, one more time. Nobody believed more in you than I did.

Billy: And I let you down? Is that the point you’re trying to make? Because that’s what you’re telling the world, that you share victor newman’s low opinion of me.

Jill: Oh, leave him out of this.

Billy: Leave him — how am I supposed to leave victor out of this? He’s the one that set this whole thing in motion. He set the trap that I fell into, and now, because of that, my own mother has given up on me.

Jill: I’ve done no such thing.

Billy: I understand you’re disappointed in me, but let me just tell you something. Right now the feeling is mutual. I brought in ensure max protein,

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Imani: Today is a very big day for us. Amanda and I are going house hunting for my parents. They want to find a place that’s close by, like something across the hall or maybe right downstairs. That way, naya would be able to pop in on you two whenever the mood strikes.

Amanda: Do not believe a word that she is saying.

[ Laughter ] Imani, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Imani: Did you see the look on his face?

Devon: I didn’t have a look. What are you — what’s going on?

Amanda: Okay, well, the truth is we are going —

Imani: To look for a new space for our new law practice.

Devon: Really?

Amanda: You see that? Now he’s never, ever gonna believe a word that you say. No, but she’s right, we are actually going office hunting today.

Devon: You are?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: That’s great. That’s really great. I know you guys have been looking forward to doing that.

Imani: Yeah.

Amanda: I haven’t been able to focus on anything until sutton’s trial is over, so now i just feel like I can start this new chapter of my life, and I’m excited.

Devon: It’s very exciting. This is — it’s a big change for you, too. How do you think it’s gonna be after working for so many under your grandfather?

Imani: You know me, I like a challenge.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Well, hey, if you guys need any help with setting up the office space or finding a designer, let me know.

Amanda: Yeah, naya gave us the exact same offer, but i don’t know, I think that imani and I are looking forward to making this happen on our own.

Devon: Okay, I hear you. Do you guys already have a list of places you’re interested in?

Amanda: Um, yes, we have a few very promising spots.

Devon: Yeah?

Amanda: Yeah.

Devon: Nice, alright. Well, I’ll get out of your hair and let you guys do it and wish you luck.

Imani: Oh, she doesn’t need luck. She’s got me.

[ Laughter ] Bye.

Devon: Have fun, guys.

Imani: Thank you.

Tessa: What happened to putting ourselves in abby’s shoes?

Mariah: They got a little tight.

Tessa: Imagine if one of us, god forbid, died suddenly, far from home, without ever getting a chance to say goodbye.

Mariah: Tessa, I would be crushed, and I’m sure abby is devastated. I mean, losing chance has got to be heartbreaking for her. All I’m saying is wild horses couldn’t tear me away from my child. And nobody knows where she’s gone or when she’s gonna be coming back.

Tessa: Wait, abby hasn’t been in contact with anybody?

Mariah: Well, no, devon told me earlier that, you know, she sent a text and she wanted to do a live-stream with the baby.

Tessa: Well, that’s good. Abby wanted to see his sweet little face in real-time. And she’s making sure that he’s okay. That’s all that matters is that she knows that he’s being taken care of. And not just that, loved and doted on.

Jill: What do you expect from me? Do you honestly believe that you are fit to run an international conglomerate?

Billy: I ran jabot.

Jill: Yeah, and we all know how that turned out.

Billy: Up until a few days ago, you were thrilled with chanccomm’s success. Our revenue was through the roof. Our audience grew exponentially. We had award-winning, amazing journalists on our team.

Jill: And yet you were willing to risk all that success to re-ignite your feud with victor and adam.

Billy: It’s funny that you see it that way. All of this, from the beginning, was about protecting johnny and katie. You know his nickname is the locke ness monster. And he’s about to become my kids’ stepdad, so, yeah, mom, i looked into him. And victor had the same instinct. For a second, I thought we were actually gonna work together. And if he cared about his daughter as much as he pretends he does, we probably would have. Ashland turned out to be more ruthless than everyone thought, and victor started to identify with him, so they formed an alliance and they came after me.

Jill: And you just couldn’t let it go.

Billy: I did let it go.

Jill: Well, that’s not what i heard.

Billy: [ Chuckles ]

Jill: No, I heard you paid a small fortune to this jesse gaines to stop the wedding. Not only that, you antagonized two of the most powerful men in the world. I mean, how in the hell did you think that would end?

Billy: Gaines sent me a video detailing all of locke’s crimes, and I had everything I needed in my hands to topple victor and locke.

Jill: Well, what happened to it?

Billy: I deleted it. I deleted it to protect victoria, okay? And I thought, at that point, it would be enough to end all of this.

Jill: Oh, my god, why did you go to such extremes in all this?

Billy: Because, mother, i have already lost one kid, and I’m not gonna let that happen again.

Jill: Oh, darling. Darling… look, there has never been a hint that ashland was a threat to your children, and surely you couldn’t believe that victoria would put them in danger. So please tell me, why were you so bound and determined to stop that wedding? Is it because you still have feelings for victoria?

May you have joy, comfort and peace.

Billy: I love lily, let me be very clear. She feels like home to me, and i expect this to last the rest of my life. Victoria and I, we’re nothing more than co-parents. That’s it.

Jill: But then why were you so compelled to keep her from moving forward, even putting chanccomm at risk?

Billy: Look, I didn’t expect it to go this far, and I probably should have.

Jill: Maybe your motivation is that you just cannot resist battling your nemesis. I mean, the gambler in you has to have that rush.

Billy: Okay, again, I did set all this aside. And then victor came to me, face-to-face, and told me that he was going to get his revenge. He was gonna come after chanccomm. Look, I’m not proud of some of the things that I did, alright? But I was trying to live up to my commitment to you, to lily, to our staff, and so I grabbed the only weapon that I could get my hands on.

Jill: Blackmail.

Billy: I never intended for that article to see the light of day. And then victor and adam hacked into our system and authorized the release of it to get leverage over me. And, yes, I shouldn’t have sunk to their level.

Jill: I just gave you too much power, that’s all. I gave you too much power before you were prepared to know how to use it.

Billy: Mom, everything was fine. Everything was great until ashland came into the picture.

Jill: You know what? You have to be in a position where you’re free to generate your genius ideas, where you can capitalize on your talents, darling.

Billy: Yeah, okay, so you still want to give me a nice, little soft landing spot? Let me be very clear here. I am not going to accept the coo position at chancellor.

Jill: God, stop it, stop it! This is what’s wrong with you! You are so damn impulsive.

Billy: There it is. Is that what you’ve wanted to say this whole entire conversation? Thank you very much for that. I appreciate it. Means a lot.

Jill: [ Inhales sharply ]

Tessa: Oh, noah, come sit down!

Mariah: Hey!

Tessa: Hi.

Noah: That is not on the menu.

Mariah: Oh, absolutely not, no.

[ Laughs ]

Tessa: Oh, oh, you don’t remember? I used to be a barista here. And if you want one, you’ll have to listen to my songs.

Noah: I know. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long.

Tessa: Mm-hmm, try forever.

Noah: Look, I just wanted to wait until I had a moment to give it my complete attention. So this morning, I went out for a walk and I completely immersed myself in your music.

Tessa: Uh…

Mariah: And?

Noah: It was…you know.

Mariah: What?! Excuse me!

Noah: I’m messing with you. It was great. No, I loved it, seriously.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Noah: Honestly, it was — it was haunting. Unforgettable. Your voice, it has such a purity to it. And the songs are beautiful. It was — it was all really unique.

Tessa: Wow, you really think so?

Mariah: Excuse me. I tell you that all the time, and yet when he says it, you believe him.

Tessa: Well, wait, okay, whoa, whoa.

Mariah: [ Laughs ]

Tessa: That’s different. You’re biased.

Mariah: I know genius when i see it, so…

Noah: You know, she’s not wrong. I think you got a hit here.

Mariah: Believe him.

Tessa: Wow, I was so scared that the reason that you weren’t talking to me is because you didn’t like it and you couldn’t figure out how to tell me.

[ Laughs ]

Noah: Look, I promise, I’ll always be honest with you. And honestly, tessa, I love the songs.

Lily: Aww, what an adorable little guy.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Lily: I just want to grab him and squeeze those little cheeks and his pudgy legs.

Devon: Oh, you do that, you can go ahead and work on putting him back down for his nap.

Lily: Oh, stop, I’m not gonna wake him up, okay?

Devon: We both thank you.

Lily: [ Chuckles ] I think it’s great what you’re doing for abby. And I love seeing you dote over a little baby. It agrees with you.

Devon: [ Chuckles ] Well, this guy makes it very, very easy. Very easy. Is that why you came over here, though, to get your baby fix?

Lily: Well, that’s part of it. And also, I could use your advice. When they’re sick, they get comfortable anywhere

Tessa: Okay, you loved the songs — check. Caffeine fix — check. Now tell me all your ideas for the album cover.

Noah: Well, damn, you come up with all those killer songs overnight?

Tessa: Yeah, like in an hour.

Noah: Oh, right, okay.

[ Chuckles ] Look, we both know inspiration takes time. You know, I got to sit with it for a little while, live it, let the music breathe, listen to it a couple dozen more times.

Mariah: Mm-hmm, do a ton of procrastinating.

Noah: Yes, that too, actually. And then — and only then — will the images start to flow.

Tessa: So you’re gonna torture me.

Noah: Yes.

Tessa: Ugh.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Mariah: Who is it?

Tessa: It’s my manager. I need to take this, but I will be right back.

Noah: It’s good to see you taking some time off work.

Mariah: Well, somebody had to babysit the artists.

Noah: Speaking of babies, i heard that abby really did leave town after all, just like you thought. That must be a little upsetting.

Mariah: Yeah, tessa and i were just talking about that.

Noah: Oh, yeah?

Mariah: Tessa’s right, as usual. Yeah, abby is doing the best that she can under the circumstances. I would hate people criticizing me when — if — I’m a mother, you know.

Noah: Well, you think you’re so special that you’ll be the one exception?

Mariah: [ Scoffs ] I’m not special?

Noah: Oh, no, you’re special, yeah.

Mariah: Okay, okay.

Noah: No, come on.

Mariah: Chill.

Noah: Come on, you’re free-spirited. You know, you’re free-spirited, flouting convention. Your kids will be the ones with purple hair, singing in the checkout line, wearing stripes and plaids together.

Mariah: Mm, yep, that sounds about right.

Noah: And I’ll love them like crazy. Although there will be people who disapprove, but who cares what they think?

Mariah: Definitely not me.

Noah: It seems like you’re doing really well. And it seems like things are going good with tessa, too.

Mariah: Yeah, they are. You know, we’ve had a pretty chaotic few months, so…

Noah: Yeah, yeah, that’s the understatement of the century.

Mariah: [ Laughs ] Thank you, but, yeah, we’re in a really good place now.

Noah: I’m glad to hear it. Really. That’s not always easy, remembering why you got together in the first place. Sometimes it can be harder than it sounds.

Mariah: Wow. Somebody really did a number on you.

Imani: We’re on step closer to opening our law office.

Amanda: Yeah! I’m glad that we were able to see everything that was out there.

Imani: If anyone would have told me when we first met that one day we’d be going into business together…

Amanda: Mm, you would have laughed really, really hard.

Imani: And then banished them from my life for all eternity.

Amanda: We certainly have come a long way from when you served me with that restraining order.

Imani: Mm-hmm.

Amanda: But now, what should we celebrate with?

Imani: [ Inhales sharply ] I always like a nice bordeaux. But since we’re on the verge of signing our first lease, I think this occasion deserves something truly spectacular.

Amanda: Champagne?

Imani: Ooh, good idea. And it’s my treat.

Amanda: No, no.

Imani: No, I don’t think you understand. I’ve never considered working any other career besides working for sutton.

Amanda: Really?

Imani: Well, I thought about doing other things, but then when I brought up the idea in front of our grandfather, i learned to keep my mouth shut.

Amanda: Yeah, I’m sure that that was really hard.

Imani: Mm-hmm. Don’t get me started. It was the path of least resistance.

[ Sighs ] But now I get to work with my big sister, which is going to be a wonderful experience. I can’t wait to get started.

Amanda: You know, I love that I didn’t just gain a sibling, but I gained a partner. Okay, so, you know, now, before we celebrate, maybe we need to figure out which space we like best.

Imani: Okay, why don’t list the pros and cons of each location?

Amanda: We could do that, but there is one place…

Imani: That you loved?

Amanda: Mm, that is perfect.

Imani: Are you thinking about the same place I’m thinking about?

Amanda: We must be. The storefront.

Imani: The high-rise.

Amanda: Hmm.

Devon: Alright, so you need my, uh — my advice on your love life with the bad boy of chanccomm?

Lily: The bad boy of chanccomm?

[ Laughs ] No, billy — billy and I are good.

Devon: Yeah? I saw that article that you guys put out about locke, and then the sketchy retraction.

Lily: Okay, first of all, that story was true, but the newmans blackmailed our one and only source to recant the story, and, you know, now jill is here to put out the fire.

Devon: I’m sure, too, to be with the family because of what happened to chance.

Lily: Yeah, of course, but, you know, I talked to her, and she’s had it up to her eyebrows with billy, and now she’s thinking of selling off chanccomm just to was her hands of it.

Devon: She really is? I didn’t know it was that bad. Where’s that gonna leave you?

Lily: If I tell you, you cannot tell anyone.

Devon: Okay, yeah, I won’t say anything.

Lily: Jill is thinking of retiring and making me ceo of chancellor.

Devon: Get out of here.

Lily: Yeah.

Devon: Really?!

Lily: [ Chuckles ]

Devon: Oh, my gosh!

Lily: Mm-hmm.

Devon: Well, congratulations. Geez, you’re — that’s — you’re gonna run my grandmother’s company.

Lily: Yeah, right?

Devon: Man. Neil would be so damn proud of you. I’m sure he’s smiling at you right now. He’d want to throw a party. We should.

Lily: Yeah, that’s what jill said.

Devon: Are you — am I the only one who’s happy?

Lily: No, no, I’m — I’m happy.

Devon: I’ve seen you happy before, and this ain’t it.

[ Scoffs ] What’s wrong? Have you talked to billy about it? Does he know about this offer?

Lily: Yeah, no, I’ve talked to him. He’s thrilled, you know? I think he’s just upset with himself for the choices he’s made and upset with jill for not believing in him, and furious with adam and victor for, you know, sabotaging us.

Devon: Yeah. Well, that’s a lot of anger to be holding on to.

Lily: Yeah, exactly. And I’m afraid of where it’s gonna be directed.

Adam: Good to see you, billy. How are you enjoying early retirement?

“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Billy: I guess I need to remind you that my offer to step down from chanccomm was contingent on victor getting ashland to drop his lawsuit, which never happened. So I guess you and daddy don’t have as much control over locke as you thought. Never trust a man who steals his best friend’s identity and his mentor’s fortune.

Adam: Hmm. I heard locke and victoria made their own offer for chanccomm, so that’ll make things more interesting.

Billy: Yeah, adam, you got played. And I know how hard you worked to bring me down, you’re not gonna have anything to show for it when I land on my feet again.

Adam: Well, that remains to be seen. Newman media could still scoop up the remains of chanccomm. But you know what? The ugly truth is it doesn’t matter who gets it because nobody wants you attached. So I’m gonna settle for the sweet satisfaction that you paid the price for releasing that exposé about me, because as far as I’m concerned, that’s what all this is about.

Billy: And there it is, the new-and-improved adam still holds a grudge.

Adam: Billy, the next time that you are wallowing in booze and self-pity, which I assume will be in any minute now, i just want you to remember — you brought all of this on yourself.

Noah: Well, you know the old saying — “what happens in london stays in london.”

Mariah: Nobody has said that ever, not once.

Noah: Oh, okay. Well, how about “no comment,” then?

Mariah: All I’m trying to say is I don’t really care why you’re here, I’m just really glad that you are.

Noah: Thank you.

Mariah: And I hope that you’re staying because you want to be here, not because you’re avoiding something or someone across the pond.

Noah: No, I’m glad to be back. Yeah, I want to take this time, relax, recharge, think about what comes next.

Mariah: What comes next is an iconic album cover for tessa.

Noah: Yes, yes, I’m honored that she would ask me. I think this project will be good, keep my creative juices flowing.

Mariah: And it’s gonna introduce you to, like, a whole new audience. But if you need a diversion, I have the perfect thing.

[ Cellphone chimes ]

Noah: What is this?

Mariah: This is christian’s pee-wee basketball schedule. If you need to let off some steam, there is nothing like screaming your head off in the bleachers.

Noah: Well, it sounds fun. I’m in.

Amanda: The storefront is the ideal location.

Imani: Perfect spot if we’re opening a shoe store or a deli. We need a place that’s aspirational, that speaks to our clientele.

Amanda: Well, we are not focusing on corporate law, so we have a wide range of clients, and it is important that our place doesn’t feel too elitist or imposing.

Imani: But the storefront is miles away from the courthouse. And don’t you think the high-rise, it lends a certain air of professionalism and legitimacy?

Amanda: We should be impressing people based on our results, not on our address.

Imani: Well, you’re the one with the impressive track record. I’m just starting out.

Amanda: I’m also the mentor, so maybe you should take my advice and take a breath.

Imani: Mm, and have some champagne.

Amanda: No, no, not yet. We — [ Sighs ] We do need to figure this out. Okay, um…you know, there is one option that we still haven’t discussed.

Imani: The converted victorian.

Amanda: It is steps away from the courthouse, so it checks that box.

Imani: And it’s street-level, so it won’t be intimidating.

Amanda: It’s homey.

Imani: Traditional and classic.

Amanda: Oh, gosh, and it’s gorgeous. Did you see those hardwood floors?

Imani: I was too busy crying over the high ceilings and the fireplace.

Amanda: Well, I love the way that that place is just flooded with natural light.

Imani: I already know how I’m decorating my office.

Amanda: Oh, and how do you know that that’s your office? What if I want it to be mine?

Imani: Okay, we can fight about that later.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] Okay, fair enough. I guess we just have to call the listing agent and put down a deposit.

Imani: Agreed.

Amanda: Ooh!

Imani: Now, can we please enjoy this champagne?

Amanda: Yes, yes, we can. Okay. To sinclair and benedict, attorneys at law.

Imani: Mm, maybe it should be benedict and sinclair.

Amanda: Girl. I’ve been telling everyone,

Mariah: [ Chuckles ]

Tessa: What did I miss?

Mariah: Oh, um, pee-wee basketball and your album cover.

Tessa: Ooh, I hope it’s not a mash-up.

Noah: No, no, no, separate topics.

[ Laughter ] Hey, what do you want the cover to look like, though? What feelings do you want to leave your listeners with?

Tessa: Hmm. Okay. I want something that is evocative and looks good even when it’s about an inch high.

Mariah: For streaming purposes.

Tessa: Yeah.

Noah: Oh.

Tessa: Um…hmm. Ideally, every time you look at it, it gives you something else to discover. Something to imagine, something that you notice, you know?

Noah: Something like this?

Tessa: Uh, yeah. Oh, that’s beautiful. I love it.

Mariah: Yeah.

Noah: Also got that one.

Mariah: Oh, wow.

Tessa: Oh, my gosh. Wow, these are perfect.

Noah: Also those.

Tessa: [ Laughs ] Wow. Uh…yeah, I mean, I think we speak each other’s language. I want something just like this.

Noah: But totally different, right?

Tessa: Oh, yeah, I mean, you get me. Wow, I am so excited. This is gonna be so much fun.

Noah: Yeah, I’m already inspired.

Tessa: Well, let’s get to work.

[ Laughs ]

Devon: Look, I know what you mean when you say that victor and adam were taking advantage of billy’s weaknesses, but really hurt is when they take advantage of his strengths.

Lily: Yeah, I mean, billy would do anything to protect chanccomm from them, you know? It’s his baby. It’s our baby.

Devon: Yeah, I know. I get it. He didn’t want to let his people down.

Lily: And listen, I’m not innocent in this either, right? Like, I also got drawn in to victor and adam’s schemes and was willing to do whatever it took to protect what billy and i had built together.

Devon: Yeah, but you reined yourself in, whereas billy couldn’T. And that’s the difference, right?

Lily: Yeah, but I — I’m not upset with him, you know? I don’t want to punish him for what he did. His heart was in the right place. I just want to help him through this.

Devon: I’ll tell you this, what you have with billy, i mean, it’s a far cry from what you had going on in your marriage.

Lily: Yeah, no, I mean, even though we disagree a lot with work, I never feel like our relationship is in jeopardy, you know? We’ve never betrayed each other. I’ve never questioned how he feels about me. You know, we’re just happy that we found each other. We make our relationship the priority. It’s more important than any job.

Devon: So you’re in love. Right?

Lily: [ Chuckles ] Yes, very much so.

Devon: Then all you have to do is make sure that he knows that.

Adam: You know, I don’t have to stop you, billy, ’cause you’re gonna fail. This whole thing, it’s gonna blow up in your face. And, man, I can’t wait to have a front-row seat to your humiliation.

Jill: Coming! What the hell do you want? We do it every night.

Devon: Well, let me know how everything goes in the studio, and send me those audio tracks as soon as you can, too. Okay, thank you.

Amanda: Hey.

Devon: Hey.

Amanda: Where’s our little dominic?

Devon: Louise has him upstairs for his bath.

Amanda: Oh. Mm.

Devon: How are you doing?

Amanda: Mm, I’m good. What, you’re trying to get work done? How much work did you get done?

Devon: I got a little bit done.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Enough. How did office hunting go?

Amanda: Oh, well, after some negotiating and compromise, i think that we’ve found a space that speaks to both of us.

Devon: Really?

Amanda: Yes.

Devon: That’s faster than i anticipated, ’cause imani can be a little imani, you know?

Amanda: Yes, well, I toned her down a little bit.

Devon: That’s good.

Amanda: Yeah. How was your day here with dominic?

Devon: Ooh, something very special happened today.

Amanda: Ooh, what?

Devon: You know the rattle — his favorite rattle — that he always smiles at?

Amanda: Mm-hmm.

Devon: So I was dangling it over his head, and he reached up and grabbed it by himself and started shaking it.

Amanda: What?

Devon: All by himself.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] The student becomes the teacher.

Devon: I mean, he’s obviously a prodigy.

Amanda: [ Laughs ] Well, if I had taken any longer to get home, you would have been filling out college applications.

Devon: Oh, yeah.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: I’ve already started thinking about that. I’m thinking he can follow in neil and mattie’s footsteps and go to stanford.

Amanda: So, yale is not good enough?

Devon: I mean, you want me to add that to the list? Will that make you happy?

Amanda: That will make me very happy.

Devon: Okay.

[ Both laugh ]

Amanda: But I’m already so happy.

Devon: How happy are you?

Amanda: Mm.

[ Cellphone rings ]

Devon: Oh, no.

Amanda: Oh, somebody has horrible timing.

Devon: It’s probably work. Oh, it’s ashley. Hang on a second. Hey, how’s everything going in spain? You’re kidding. That’s fantastic. That’s — okay. Yeah, no, that’s — that’s — that’ll be just fine. Alright, I appreciate you calling me and keeping me updated. Alright, fly safe.

Amanda: What did she say?

Devon: Ashley and jack found abby and they’re bringing her home.

Amanda: Oh, my gosh, that is amazing. They must be so relieved.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: Yeah, is — is abby okay?

Devon: Yeah, she must be fine, ’cause ashley said that when they land, abby wants to come here and get dominic and bring him back home.

Jill: Well, what is it?

Adam: Well, first I’d like to extend my sincerest sympathies regarding your grandson’s death. He was an incredibly brave and decent man.

Jill: Damn few like him.

Adam: You know that he saved my life.

Jill: You know, you are the last person in the world I want to take a stroll down memory lane with, so if that’s all you’ve come to say, please.

Adam: There is another matter that I would like to discuss — the future of chanccomm.

Jill: Oh. That company that you tried to bring to its knees.

Adam: I am sure that billy has over-exaggerated the extent of my involvement in his little pr debacle. But, yes, I did offer help to my new brother-in-law when he fell victim to the same personal attacks that billy has launched against me over the years. The entire family begged billy to ease up on the attacks, but unfortunately, he wouldn’t listen to reason, not even from victoria. So the courts were ashland’s only recourse.

Jill: Hmm. Poor ashland. So vulnerable, so helpless.

Adam: Look, I know that you feel protective over billy, and he has definitely come to rely on your support over the years.

Jill: Whoa, whoa, whoa. I don’t think you want to go there because all of your present-day success you owe to victor’s generosity and forgiveness.

Adam: The point is you are a shrewd businesswoman, and I know that you’re not gonna let personal issues get in the way of what’s best for chanccomm.

Jill: You’re right, I’m shrewd enough to know why you’re here. You are here to salvage the mess that you’ve made and get back in daddy’s good graces.

Adam: Okay, I think you’re misinterpreting my intent.

Jill: No, I don’t think I am. You trash billy, you shrink chanccomm’s value so you can pick it up at a bargain-basement price. Ain’t gonna happen, buddy. So brainstorm a plan “B.”

Adam: Well, thank you for the advice.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

Adam: We’ll be in touch.

Jill: Mm-hmm.

[ Laughs ] Can you believe that guy?

Lily: Hi.

Billy: Hey.

Lily: What are you doing sitting here alone?

Billy: Just thinking something through.

Lily: Oh, what are you thinking about?

Billy: [ Sighs ] Not ready to share that quite yet.

Lily: Okay. How did things go with jill?

Billy: We’re not seeing eye-to-eye, and that’s okay. I’ll come up with my own solution that doesn’t involve a hand-out from chancellor industries.

Lily: So you turned down the job offer.

Billy: Yeah. Hey, don’t worry. When I get knocked down, I get up. You can count on that. And so can adam.

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