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Philip is laying in bed, watching TV with a bowl of popcorn. Chloe walks in and asks if he’s okay. Philip responds that he’s never been better. Philip asks what she’s doing there. Chloe says she’s kind of wondering why her boyfriend is in the dark and acting like he doesn’t want her around. Philip responds that he might’ve been more welcoming if he was expecting her. Philip asks if they had plans. Chloe says no but they need to talk as she found out something that was kind of upsetting. Philip asks what it is. Chloe then states that he’s been lying to her.

Maggie joins Victor in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion. Victor is reading the news on his tablet and complains about John being chained in the DiMera Crypt like an animal and that he was trapped with Susan. Maggie argues that Susan was just as much of a victim as John was. Victor mocks Susan being crazy but Maggie reveals that Susan is right because Brady told her that Marlena has been possessed again and she’s the one that trapped John and Susan in the Crypt. Victor questions Marlena being responsible for John being in the hospital which Maggie confirms.

Brady tries to get John to eat in the hospital and says he’s not leaving until he does. John argues that Brady should be worried about Marlena, not him, as she could be hurting herself or someone else.

Ben and Ciara arrive at the cabin with Devil Marlena. Ciara comments on it taking long to get here and goes to freshen up. Marlena tells Ben how grateful she is that they stepped up to help her as she can’t imagine what John would’ve done to her. Ben assures her that she won’t have to worry anymore as she will be safe here.

Victor questions how many times one woman can be possessed by the Devil in one lifetime. Maggie is sure that Marlena isn’t choosing to be possessed and suggests Victor try to be more compassionate instead of outraged. Maggie argues that Marlena is family. Maggie is glad that she and Brady were on their way to a meeting when Belle called to tell Brady because she shudders to think how he would’ve reacted alone. Victor questions going to a meeting and if Brady is drinking or using drugs again. Maggie doesn’t want to give any information as his sponsor but Victor demands to know. Maggie tells Victor that Brady is not drinking but he is struggling. Victor guesses he’s pining over Chloe.

Philip questions what Chloe is accusing him of. Chloe tells him to stop playing games as she knows everything. Philip thinks back to ripping their tree out of the ground and tossing it in to the river. Philip then gets up and tells Chloe that he can explain. Chloe tells him not to bother because she knows the truth.

Devil Marlena thanks Ben for getting her to safety so quickly. Ben talks about how this cabin has been a sanctuary for them, so he’s glad to share it with her. Marlena says she’s terrified of what John would’ve done to her. Ben promises he won’t find her and if he did, he’d have to get through him first to get to her. Marlena calls Ben a better friend to her than anyone in town. Ben feels it’s the least he could do after everything Marlena has done for him and Ciara. Marlena says any debt that he owes her is more than paid by this kindness. Marlena hugs Ben and says she’s so grateful, as Ciara comes back out and sees them.

Chloe explains to Philip that she stopped by Titan today to surprise him and take him out to lunch but she was surprised to find out from his now former assistant, that he was fired as CEO. Philip guesses that must have been awkward. Chloe doesn’t understand how he and Victor sat through an entire Thanksgiving dinner and not say that he’s not running Titan anymore. Chloe asks if they’re not a couple. Philip responds that he always thought they were. Chloe argues that couples share key bits of information about their lives like losing the job they loved. Chloe knows how much Titan means to him. Philip says it means more than anything in the world. Chloe argues that he should have told her that he was fired because in a relationship, you share the good and the bad. Philip asks if that’s so as he thinks back to overhearing Chloe telling Brady that he couldn’t tell anyone about the sex that happened on the conference table. Philip questions if Chloe shares every intimate detail of her life with him.

Lani sits with Abe at home. Abe was starting to think she was avoiding him. Lani admits that she was because she didn’t know how to face him. Abe questions why she would have trouble facing him. Lani feels all of this is her fault. Abe says there is plenty of blame to go around, but none of it should land on her. Lani says she’s the one that jumped to the conclusion that Abe was her father because he dated Tamara around the time she was conceived. Abe calls that a reasonable conclusion but Lani says it was the wrong one. Lani doesn’t know why Tamara let her believe a lie. Lani bets Abe wishes she never came to Salem looking for him. Abe assures that she would lose that bet because learning that she was his daughter was one of the best things that ever happened to him.

John tells Brady that Marlena got violent at the Horton Thanksgiving. John adds that it’s not Marlena, but Satan that is making her do all of this. Paulina walks in and questions it being true that Marlena is possessed by the Devil.

Ben promises Marlena that nobody followed them, so John won’t find her here. Ben sits Marlena down with Ciara. Marlena notices Ciara staring at her and asks if everything is alright. Ciara says no and that something here is very wrong. Ben asks what it is. Ciara says it’s the way that Marlena has been acting, staring out the window and jumping at every sound. Marlena claims she’s just very scared of what John could do to her and questions that being upsetting to Ciara. Ciara guesses that’s it but she’s having a very hard time believing that the John she saw is the same man that she’s known since she was a child. Ciara can’t believe John is a monster, even though she saw the way he acted and it terrified her, she can’t reconcile that with the wonderful man she’s known her entire life. Ciara remarks that it’s like it was someone else came to the apartment, not John. Devil Marlena thinks back to transforming in to John. Marlena says she understands that it must be very confusing if you haven’t seen John behave that way before. Marlena insists they both have to trust that John is a very dangerous man.

Maggie reminds Victor that he’s the reason that Brady is even in Chloe’s orbit again, since he asked him to get close to her. Victor complains that he just wanted her claws out of Philip and he didn’t think Brady would fall for her again. Maggie tells him not to meddle in other people’s lives as now Brady and Philip are both enamored with a woman that Victor can’t stand.

Chloe doesn’t know what Philip means by every intimate detail, but says she is open with him about most things like the most important things. Chloe complains that Philip doesn’t let her in or make it easy and that has to change if this relationship is going to work. Philip questions if she’s telling him that he hasn’t been treating her very well. Philip says he’s sorry about the funk he’s been in as he had so much on his mind. Chloe wants to get him out for some fresh air. Philip says he’s just not in the mood. Chloe offers to take him to the kitchen to make him real food. Philip doesn’t want to run in to Victor or Maggie. Chloe offers to get takeout from a restaurant and she can come back so they can share. Philip calls that a great idea and promises that by the time she gets back, he and the place will be clean. Chloe kisses him. Philip calls her the best girlfriend ever as she always takes such good care of him. Chloe then exits. Philip shuts off the lights and complains that Chloe couldn’t wait to leave. Philip remarks that Chloe can go ahead and have sex with Brady and be the whore that Victor always said she was.

Lani’s phone rings. She tells Abe that Tamara has been calling constantly since the wedding. Lani guesses that Olivia told her what happened. Lani says she keeps sending it to voicemail because she can’t talk to her. Lani cries, asking what there even is to say. Abe mentions that he talked to Tamara and that she never meant to deceive her, she was just trying to help Paulina out of a bad situation. Lani doesn’t get how Abe can be so understanding since she didn’t just deceive her for her entire life, but she turned Abe’s life upside down and he didn’t deserve any of this. Abe responds that she didn’t either. Abe admits he’s upset with her too. Lani says she’s more than just upset as Tamara and Paulina let her fall in love with this family while knowing all along that she didn’t share a drop of Abe’s blood. Lani argues that if Tamara told her the truth, none of this would have happened, but she let her move to Salem and form connections that aren’t even real. Abe questions who says their bonds aren’t real.

Victor questions if it’s so much to ask for the men in his family to come home with suitable mates. Maggie asks why Victor decides who is suitable and adds that the Kiriakis men are not a walk in the park to deal with. Victor declares that he found the last good woman in Salem, who for some reason saw fit to put up with the likes of him. Maggie continues to complain about Victor meddling in his kids’ love lives. Victor tells her to give him a break. Philip walks by and listens in from behind the wall as Victor complains about Brady and Philip both having it bad for Chloe. Victor asks Maggie if Brady understands there is no chance of a future with Chloe. Maggie doesn’t think Brady understands that. Maggie then reveals that Brady told her that he believes he and Chloe could be happy together, if only Philip wasn’t in the way.

Ciara says the man that John has become makes him a danger not just to Marlena, but to everyone around him. Marlena asks if she sees that now. Ciara wants to call the police to let them know what’s going on. Marlena reminds her that they talked about this already. Marlena argues that John was a cop and they all stick together to cover for each other, so John will just get a slap on the wrist and he’ll be even angrier when he comes after her. Ciara sees why she thinks that but assures there’s no way that Shawn would let anything bad happen to her. Marlena argues that she can’t take that risk. Ciara declares that she can because she trusts that Shawn will make the right decision. Marlena stops her and says she can’t do that.

Paulina tells John about how she called the Devil a bitch and the Devil called her one right back. John called her lucky as he’s glad Marlena didn’t really hurt her. Paulina notes that Marlena might not have left a visible scar but she took a wrecking ball to her life.

Abe tells Lani to let him tell her a story. Lani says she’s too old for fairy tales. Abe insists so Lani agrees to hear the story. Abe tells her about how his best friend and partner was Roman Brady, who died suddenly while working on bringing down Stefano DiMera. Lani questions him saying that Roman died. Abe says they were all devastated when they lost him, but a few years later, an amnesiac showed up in town named John Black. Abe states that everyone who loved Roman were eventually led to believe that he and John were one in the same. Abe says he had his partner and best friend back. Abe adds that after about half a decade, they found out that John Black was not Roman after all and that Roman was held captive by Stefano for all those years. Abe explains that when Roman came back, they were shocked and delighted by his return, but that didn’t lessen their love for John Black because the heart doesn’t work that way. Lani says at least Abe’s doesn’t. Abe says that DNA didn’t matter, only the love did, and as far as he’s concerned, she is now and will always be his daughter. Lani breaks down crying as they embrace.

Devil Marlena apologizes for grabbing Ciara’s phone and says she’s just so on edge. Ben understands because she’s been living in fear for months. Ciara thinks it would be better to end it now instead of running away for the rest of her life. Ben points out that it’s not their choice to make, it’s Marlena’s. Ben assures that they won’t call anyone. Marlena thanks them for understanding. Ben adds that the cell service is terrible out here anyways. Marlena says they all agree that nobody is making any phone calls. Ciara tells Ben that isolation was wonderful when they were there reconnecting but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea now in case something happens to the baby since she is pregnant. Marlena assures her that everything is going to be fine and if anything unexpected happens, she’s a doctor so she can take care of her. Marlena declares that everything will be perfect for her and the baby.

John tells Paulina that Marlena would never reveal anything she told her if she was in her right mind as she views breaking patient-doctor confidentiality as a cardinal sin. Paulina says this devil situation is beyond incredible but she does believe John. John thanks her and says if he hadn’t lived through it before, he wouldn’t believe it himself. Paulina feels she should’ve done more research before moving to Salem and wishes she knew what Marlena was dealing with before she gave the Devil ammunition to blow up her family, especially her relationship with Abe. Paulina worries that Abe may never forgive her for what she did. John is unsure about that as he’s known Abe for a long time and he’s one of the most forgiving men he’s ever met.

Lani asks Abe if he’s sure that he feels this way which he confirms. Abe calls Lani his daughter in every way that counts and jokes to not even think about keeping his grandchildren from him because they are his, just like she is, biology be damned. Abe adds that he just can’t excuse what Paulina, Tamara, and Olivia did. Abe says he’s trying to manage his anger at being deceived for so long, but he can understand the choice they made. Lani admits she can too as she empathizes with what Paulina went through, but cries that she can’t forgive her for lying to them all and hurting them too much.

Philip continues listening in as Victor complains to Maggie about Brady imagining a future with Chloe. Maggie assures that Brady knows that possibility is remote as long as Chloe is with Philip. Victor asks if Brady would do anything to hurt Philip. Maggie insists that he wouldn’t and that Brady was just letting off steam. Victor hopes that’s all it was since they both know that even a good man can be driven by jealousy to the darkest of places.. Philip then turns and walks away.

Chloe exits the Brady Pub and runs in to Brady outside. Chloe thought he’d be at the hospital with John. Brady informs her that he sent him for takeout. Chloe asks how he’s holding up. Brady says he’s as good as could be expected considering his wife is running around with a demon inside of her. Chloe sends her love to John and says she should get going since Philip is expecting her. Brady tells her that they’ll always have the Brady Pub as Chloe then walks away. Brady then gets a call from his son Tate, telling him that he won the championship game. Brady tells him to have his mother send him a video.

John doesn’t know how much Paulina knows about Abe’s late wife, Lexie. Paulina says she only knows what Abe has told her and that she was the love of his life, Theo’s mother, a cop and a pillar of the community. John says that’s all true but only part of the story because she was far from perfect. Paulina tells him to go on. John doesn’t want to speak out of turn but Paulina insists. John explains that when Lexie found out that Stefano DiMera was her father, she wrestled with demons of her own, so there were times when she yielded to her father’s influence and kind of bent to the dark side. John tells her that with Lexie, Abe was able to forgive what most men would consider unforgivable. John declares that if Abe was able to forgive Lexie, he wouldn’t rule out the possibility of him forgiving Paulina too.

Abe says whether Lani can forgive Paulina and Tamara is between her and God. Lani asks if Abe is going to forgive Paulina. Abe says that’s between him and her. Lani asks about God. Abe is sure he’ll be involved. Abe asks if she’s feeling better now. Lani admits that she is, thanks to him. Abe says he’s feeling better thanks to her. Abe adds that he has to go see an old friend now. Lani hugs Abe. Abe calls her his daughter as she calls him dad. They tell each other I love you as Abe then exits.

Devil Marlena steps out to go collect herself. Ben asks Ciara what’s wrong as she’s very tense. Ciara tells him that she doesn’t like this at all. Ben says none of them like it but they don’t have many other options. Ciara feels they have to at least call Belle to tell her what’s going on because Marlena and John are her parents, so Belle would do anything to help her mom and Shawn would never forgive her for keeping this from him. Ben says she might be right but they are not fighting Marlena on this. Ciara feels something is just off here. There is then a knock at the cabin door. Ciara asks what to do. Ben goes to answer it but Devil Marlena comes back and begs him not to because they don’t know who it is.

Paulina goes to leave the hospital right as Abe arrives off of the elevator.

Lani gets another call from Tamara and this time she answers.

Chloe returns to the Kiriakis Mansion. Maggie greets her and says she didn’t know she was stopping by. Chloe reveals it’s actually her second time here as Philip asked her to bring takeout. Maggie calls it a nice romantic dinner for two. Chloe says it would be, but Philip is not in his room, so she asks if Maggie knows where he is.

Brady tells Tate that he wishes he could’ve been there to see him get that winning goal. Brady tells him he’s proud of him and plans to video chat over the weekend. Brady tells Tate that he loves him. As Brady hangs up the phone, someone sneaks up behind him and knocks him out with a crowbar.

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