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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

The devil walked in on Susan trying to escape. The devil asked if she and John thought they could outwit her. Susan ran out the door. The devil was shocked. John wanted to know why the devil wasn’t going after Susan. The devil said she liked giving people hope before crushing them. Susan got to the DiMera mansion, but the devil turned her back to a cat before anyone saw her. John asked the devil if she has been successful at destroying lives. The devil said she ruined Abe’s wedding. She said John’s soul would be hers. She changed into Kristen. She brought up the first tine they made love. She said it was passionate. She said their perfect time came to an end. She said he still wanted her despite everything. She wanted him to admit he still loved her. Marlena woke up with chains around her wrists. The devil was out of her. She tried to reach her phone, but she had trouble. When she did reach her phone, she didn’t have a signal. The phone rang. Abe told Roman that Paulina was Lani’s mother, but he wasn’t her father. Roman tried to see it from Paulina’s point of view. Abe asked if he was defending her. Abe said it was tough for her, but that didn’t justify what she’s done since coming to Salem. Abe said he hated that he trusted her. He blamed himself for being stupid. Roman said he wasn’t stupid. He said he was in love. Roman told Abe Paulina didn’t tell the truth because she was protecting him. Abe wasn’t buying it. He said she didn’t get to be the hero of the story. Roman said nothing would change Abe’s relationship with Lani or his grandchildren. Abe thanked him for listening. He said he wanted to be alone. Lani slapped Paulina. Paulina said she vowed to never let anyone hit her again, but after what she did, she deserved it. Lani yelled at her for taking her family away. Paulina said Lani’s father was dangerous. She said she wanted to keep Lani safe.

Paulina said Tamara agreed to the plan, but she wanted to raise Lani as her own. Paulina said she didn’t have a choice but to agree to it. Lani said she kept that promise. They went back and forth with each other when Paulina said she changed her mind when Lani was born. Paulina said Olivia told her giving up her baby was the right thing. Paulina said she had a midwife cut a lock of Lani’s hair to keep forever. Paulina said she did the right thing. She said Lani’s life with Tamara was better than the life she would have had with her. Lani asked Paulina if the gifts she gave to her and the twins were to make up for what she did. Paulina said that was part of the reason. She said she loved Lani and her grandchildren. She said she wanted to be in their lives. Lani asked how she thought it was okay to keep a big lie. Paulina said she came close to telling her. She said she didn’t want to destroy her relationship with Theo and Abe. Lani said she did it anyway. She said Paulina wasn’t her mother and she never would be. Chanel went to the DiMera mansion. She told Johnny what happened. He said his grandmother’s actions didn’t sound like her. Chanel said Marlena did it. Chanel said Marlena put her in a bad position. She said Marlena swore her to secrecy, but forced her to go the wedding. Chanel told what happened at the wedding. She said she felt she had to say something after she saw Marlena’s eyes. Chanel said she ruined everyone’s lives. He said she was brave. They kissed each other. They went upstairs.

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