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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Susan said she didn’t remember what happened after she turned into a cat. He said she tried to seduce him. She said she wouldn’t do that to Marlena. He said she wasn’t Susan. He said the devil transformed her into Kristen. Susan was upset that she made John cheat on Marlena. He said nothing happened. He said the devil was coming back. She got scared and banged on the door. She realized she could pick the lock with a hairpin. Susan tried to go by John’s instructions when he told her how to pick the lock. She wasn’t able to pick the lock. He said she might have better luck trying to open the door. She went to the door and tried to unlock it. At the wedding, Chanel said she had something to say. Paulina thought she was upset about not being maid of honor. Paulina said she told her why she asked Lani. Chanel said she asked Lani because she’s her daughter. Paulina told Chanel to sit down. The guests were shocked. Chanel told Lani they weren’t cousins they were sisters. Abe wanted to know who told her that. She didn’t want to tell him. She demanded Paulina confirm it. Paulina said Chanel was lying. Lani asked Chanel to tell the truth. Chanel said she would stack her hand on a stack of bibles if she had to. Olivia said she couldn’t take it anymore. She told Lani that Paulina was her mother. Lani was shocked. Olivia told everyone at the wedding that they thought they were doing the right thing. Lani cried when she realized Abe wasn’t her father. Abe asked Paulina if it was true. He told her not to lie because it was written on her face. She said she wanted to get married first and they could talk. He couldn’t believe she thought they were getting married. He walked out of the church.

Theo yelled at Chanel for ruining his father’s wedding and making it about her. He said she could gave handled it differently. The devil defended Chanel. The devil told Chanel to take Olivia home. Eli asked Lani if she ever got a DNA test. She said she believed her mother. Eli said it didn’t change anything. She said it did. She said it was hard to grow up without a father. She said she missed out on things. She said when she came to Salem, she thought she found her family. She said Abe wasn’t her father and Theo wasn’t her brother. She said it was just her. Eli told Lani she wasn’t alone. He said she had him and the twins. He said she wouldn’t lose Abe or Theo. She said it wouldn’t be the same. Eli said Abe loved her in every way that counted. She said she couldn’t cut Abe out of her life if she wanted to, but things would change regardless. Eli told her to get the truth from Paulina. Paulina found Abe at the Square. She wanted to explain, but he didn’t want to hear it. He said it meant a lot to have Lani as his daughter. It was a part of his life. He said he couldn’t believe she let him give her his heart knowing that how much he loved Lani. Paulina said she never meant to hurt him. She said she loved him. He said her love was a big lie. Abe told Paulina he lost his daughter because she kept the secret to cover her guilt. She said she kept the secret for him and Lani. She told him why she gave Lani to Tamara. She said she knew she made the right choice when she saw how much he and Lani loved each other. She said she wouldn’t apologize for that. He asked if she was coming clean for herself. He said he wouldn’t listen to any more lives. He walked away from her. Susan got the door open to the crypt. John told her to get help. The devil showed up. The devil wanted to know where she thought she was going.

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