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Steffy: What time should we be expecting your parents?

Finn: I’m not sure. Dad just said he’d drop by later.

Steffy: It’ll be good to see them.

Finn: Yeah, especially since they seem like they’re in a good place now. After the whole fallout with sheila.

Steffy: Ugh, I hate even hearing her name.

Finn: I know, I know. But I had to tell you that she dropped by il giardino today.

Steffy: Well, I am happy you told me, finn.

Finn: Look, I know you think it wasn’t a coincidence, but I didn’t want her to make a scene, so I let her sit down. You’d think she could answer some questions about my birth father, but unfortunately he’s still a mystery to me.

Li: You have something to tell me, jack?

Jack: Something I should have told you a long time ago.

Li: What is it?

Jack: First, I want to tell you how much I love you, and how much being married to you means to me.

Li: I’ve always known that. We’ve had a wonderful life together.

Jack: Yes. Idyllic in so many ways.

Li: Oh, no. Are you ill? Something serious? Is that–

Jack: No, I’m not sick. It’s just something I should’ve told you a long time ago.

Hope: Alright. I think we’re in good shape, but we will have a better idea after the run-through tomorrow. Did you–

Thomas: Alerted the models. They will meet in the showroom as soon as you give the word.

Paris: The hope for the future preview is still a ways away. Do you always do a run through this far out?

Thomas: Not exactly. We don’t usually have this many designs ready for an advanced run-through.

Zende: That’s what hope means by us being in good shape.

Hope: Mm-hm. Because I have an amazing design team. By the way, have you considered?

Paris: No, I’m flattered. But I mean, do you really want me to do it?

Zende: Do what?

Hope: I asked paris if she could do the introduction for the preview because I thought it might be a good tie-in between the forrester foundation and hope for the future.

Thomas: I agree. I think you’d be great!

Zende: Absolutely, she will.

Paris: Well, then I’d be honored.

Thomas: You should also walk the runway, too.

Paris: No. No, no, no. I am not a model.

Zende: You’re definitely gorgeous enough to be one.

Paris: Oh, I’m crazy about this one.

Hope: Oh, that’s thomas’S. I love it, too.

Zende: It’s okay, for an up-and-comer.

Thomas: Up-an-comer? Uh, correct me if I’m wrong, and I’m not wrong so don’t correct me, uh, I’ve been designing a lot longer than you have.

Paris: Now, now, play nice.

Thomas: We are playing nice. Just a little friendly competition between cousins, right?

Zende: Right.

Paris: Well, I think these are all exquisite, uh… but what about the showstopper?

Zende: Oh, I’m still working on it. It’s top secret.

Paris: Well can I peek?

Zende: No way.

Paris: Come on.

Zende: No, no, no. I’m sorry. But top secret means top secret.

Steffy: Finn, listen. I know you’re adopted, and obviously I can’t put myself in your position, you know, the questions you have wondering where you’re from… but if sheila is telling the truth and she doesn’t know who your biological father is, then I think,

Finn: Take that as a sign? Give up wondering? I can just tell myself that there’s a man out there who’s my father and that he can remain a stranger.

Steffy: We could always do one of those online kits? Or hire someone else to do some digging.

Finn: Maybe it’s better this way, considering the shock it was to find out sheila was my birth mother, a– a woman that everybody loathes and wants out of their lives. Given how that turned out, maybe it’s better that I don’t find out who my biological father is.

Steffy: Well, I get why you would feel that way. But if you’re really being honest with yourself, despite everything, you would want to see, and meet, your birth father wouldn’t you?

Li: I don’t know what this is about, jack. I’m not sure I want to know. But we have to leave for finn and steffy’s soon, so.

Jack: I realize that.

Li: Then we can talk about this later. I don’t want to keep our son waiting.

Jack: Our son. Yes. Finn’s our son.

Li: Of course he is.

Jack: You remember the day we brought him home? The immense joy and love that that little bundle brought immediately into our lives?

Li: Why are we talking about this? It’s sheila, isn’t it? Is she reaching out again?

Jack: Actually, I reached out to her.

Li: What?

Li: She and finn talked. He wants to know who his biological father is.

Li: We’ve never known who he is. But sheila must know.

Jack: She does. And I do, too.

Don’t stop me, don’t stop me

Paris: Hope, have you seen the show stopper?

Zende: Hey, cut that out. I said it’s a secret.

Hope: Well, the show stopper is always a surprise.

Zende: Later, okay? I need to get back to work.

Hope: Well, we all do. But again, I mean it when I say you are an incredibly talented team. You’ve risen to every occasion and because of that, I know this preview is going to be amazing.

Zende: Exciting times, that’s for sure.

Quinn: Oh, zende. I have time now if you’re ready.

Zende: Yeah. Let’s head to the design office.

Paris: I wonder what that was about.

Finn: Becoming a father, it’s made me reflect even more on my life and my family growing up. Jack and li were the most incredible parents. They are my mom and dad. It doesn’t matter that li didn’t give birth to me, and jack isn’t my biological father.

Steffy: Exactly. They raised you, loved and cared for you. Nothing’s ever going to change that. But you still have questions.

Finn: Questions I may never get answers to.

Steffy: If sheila is telling the truth. But if she isn’t, if– if she’s purposely not telling you who your biological father is for some reason…

Finn: Why would she do that?

Steffy: Why does sheila do anything that she does? Maybe she didn’t tell them that she was carrying his son, or maybe she was running from the police.

Finn: Or maybe it’s exactly as she says. She can’t remember, and she doesn’t like to talk about that time in her life. It’s just, it’s overwhelming. And finding out that sheila’s my birth mother has made me wonder even more about my birth father.

Li: You know who finn’s biological father is?

Jack: Yeah.

Li: How? You just found out? Did sheila tell you?

Jack: No, sheila didn’t tell me. I’ve known for some time.

Li: How long? How long, jack?

Jack: All of finn’s life.

Li: You knew and you never told me? Just like you never said a word about sheila carter being finn’s birth mother?

Jack : I was trying to protect you. I didn’t want to hurt you.

Li: Hurt me? How would knowing finn’s biological father hurt me? Answer me, jack. Who is finn’s birth father? Is it someone I know?

Jack: Yeah.

Li: Is it someone at the hospital? Is it someone sheila worked with all those years ago? Jack: No, no. Not from the hospital.

Li: Then who? Tell me, who is it?

Jack: It’s me. I’m finn’s biological father.

Thomas: She definitely didn’t seem very happy. And zende was acting really cryptic.

Paris: Yeah. I wonder if it’s about the showstopper, if that’s why he wanted to talk to quinn.

Quinn: Let’s make this snappy, I want to get back to eric. So, what is so urgent?

Zende: Would you believe… my future?

Quinn: Your future? What, as a designer? I wouldn’t worry about that, zende. Everybody here loves your work.

Zende: No, I’m, uh, I’m talking about my future with paris.

Quinn: Oh.

Zende: You’ve seen us together at the house and how we are at work.

Quinn: Yep.

Zende: She’s warm, and beautiful, and smart– and funny. And she’s got this kind heart,

Quinn: If you say so.

Zende: Quinn, come on. This is important to me. Paris is important to me.

Quinn: Yeah, I can see that. But what does this have to do with me?

Zende: I’d like to ask you for a favor.

Finn: When I was little, I used to think about my birth dad and I imagined who he might be, what he did for a living.

Steffy: Let me guess, a doctor?

Finn: No.

Steffy: A lawyer?

Finn: No.

Steffy: An interpretive dancer?

Finn: No, a professional baseball or football player. Someone like that and then, then I got older, I thought, well, maybe he’d be like a rock star, or something.

Steffy: Oh, that explains why you were in that, uh, that rock band in high school, right?

Finn: Oh, yeah. Well, maybe.

Steffy: Oh, my goodness.

Finn: No, but then pretty soon I started to realize that I didn’t need to wonder about my birth father. I already had the best dad in the world. And the best mom, too.

Steffy: Jack and li love you. And they’re so proud of you.

Finn: I know. That’s why part of me feels guilty about starting to ask about my birth father.

Li: You? You are finn’s biological father?

Jack: Yes, li. I’m so sorry.

Li: You and sheila? You had an affair with sheila carter?

Jack: It didn’t last long.

Li: Long enough to make a child. My, my god, jack. All this– all this time you’ve known? All the– all this time we’ve been living a lie thinking we’re finn’s adoptive parents, when– when you have been his birth father all along?

Jack: I don’t want to cause you pain like this, li.

Li: You slept with sheila, brought a child into this world, then what? You convinced sheila to give up her baby so we can adopt him?

Jack: I hate that I betrayed you. And I betrayed us.

Li: You didn’t just betray me, our marriage, you betrayed our son, jack. Or should I say your son. When you hear the word healthy

Hope: You and zende are really sweet together. I’m happy for you both.

Thomas: Me too, though I gotta confess, I’m a little envious.

Paris: Why?

Thomas: I mean, what guy wouldn’t want what my cousin has? A woman as special as you?

Zende: Paris has changed my life. I see the world so differently now, because of her. Everything feels so different now, because of her.

Quinn: Well, it sounds like the real deal.

Zende: It is. I’ve never been more sure about anything in my life.

Quinn: Oh, now I know why you wanted to talk to me. You– you want to take this to the next level?

Zende: Will you help me?

Quinn: You want me to make you an engagement ring?

Zende: The perfect ring for the perfect woman, because to me, paris buckingham she’s perfect in every way.

Steffy: You have nothing to feel guilty about. It’s totally human to wonder about your biological father.

Finn: Still, I just… I would never want my mom and dad to think that they weren’t enough for me. I mean, no son could ever have parents as supportive and attentive as they’ve been to me.

Steffy: Jack and li love you so much.

Finn: I just really respect and admire my dad. You know, the decent man that he is. How devoted he’s been to me and my mom our entire lives. I’m, I’m sure their marriage has had challenges, what marriages don’t? But, he’s always stayed true to the vows that he gave to my mom, and her too.

Steffy: I think that’s really sweet.

Finn: I know, right? But to be together that long, to be that open and honest with each other, and I’m sure it was tough, but it shows how much they mean to each other and how much their marriage means to them.

Li: It would be hard enough knowing you betrayed me, but to betray finn, too? Think of what this is going to do to our son, jack. Knowing the father he’s always looked up to has been lying to him his entire life. How can you do this to him, and to me? When I think of all the nights we’d lay in bed wondering about his birth mother, his birth father. Who they were, what they were like, why they gave him up. You made it sound like you had no idea. That you were just as much in the dark as I was. You knew all along. And even worse, you knew finn had questions. Questions we could have answered. We could have taken all that uncertainty away from him, had you only been hon–

Jack: I know. What does it matter? A father is a father. I was there for him, I loved him. I changed his diapers, took him to school, went to every parent-teacher conference, to every ball game. I was there, kissed him and hugged him when he graduated from med school. I have done everything I possibly could to be a good father to him.

Li: I never said you haven’T. But you also lied to him, jack. And to me.

Jack: Because I love you, and I always will. Li, listen to me. What happened with sheila was a long time ago. A terrible, terrible mistake. But it produced an amazing young man that you and I raised together. So please don’t let this destroy our life. You’re my world. You and finn. You’ll have to find a way to forgive me. Please, please forgive me, li. Please.

Li: Hm. Forgive you? And what about finn? Your son? Will he ever forgive you?

Finn: She’s probably dropped any questions about my birth father. And jack and li are my mom and dad in every way that counts. They’ve never let me down and they never will.

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