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Finn: Still nothing.

Steffy: Well, if your parents are running late, I’m sure we can find something else to do, before they get here.

Finn: Yeah?

Steffy: Tidy up some more.

[Finn chuckling] I wonder what could be keeping them.

Li: You have been lying to me and our son his entire life, jack.

Jack: Not about my love for you, not about my devotion to our family.

Li: You are finn’s biological father. You had an affair with that monstrous woman.

Jack: And I’m sorry for all of it. The affair, the lying, but not for finn. Not for raising him with you. He’s our son, li. Sheila may have given birth to him, but she was in no place to take care of him. We are his parents. I don’t expect you to do it now, but I am asking for forgiveness.

Li: I’m only a part of this. The real question is, will finn be able to forgive you?

Zende: This neck line.

Hope: Gorgeous. And petra, you make it even more stunning.

Petra: Thank you.

Hope: Although if we brought the plunge up, it would make it more versatile.

Zende: And that is why you are the boss. Great idea. I’ll make the changes and send it downstairs. Thank you, petra.

Petra: I hope we can do it again soon.

[ Clears throat ]

Hope: It’s funny how the models just jump at a chance to work on this line.

Zende: They appreciate a great design.

Hope: And the designer, even though he has a girlfriend.

Thomas: What’s that look for?

Paris: It’s applications for the zende forrester scholarship fund. These kids have such big dreams.

Thomas: Well, thanks to you they might actually get to fulfill them.

Paris: It’s zende’s fund.

Thomas: It’s your idea. Just another brilliant paris buckingham brainstorm.

Paris: I don’t know about all that.

Thomas: It’s true. You really are an impressive woman. I’ve enjoyed getting to know you.

Zende: You might have to remind the models that I have a girlfriend, but you never have to remind me.

Hope: Well good, because you and paris are a good match.

Zende: Trust me, I realize how lucky I am to have a woman like paris in my life.

Thomas: You know, I got to be honest, I was not sure that we would work as roommates.

Paris: I think it’s been great.

Thomas: Yeah, me too. Uh… but don’t worry, I’m-I’m still looking for my own place.

Paris: How’s it going?

Thomas: It’s good. Yeah, I mean, actually, I can, I can tell you about it all over dinner. I could pick up some takeout from that noodle place you like?

Paris: Tonight? I-I don’t know, zende might have something planned for us.

Carter: Hey.

Paris: Carter, hi. Uh, what can we do for you?

Carter: It’s not urgent, I can come back. I didn’t mean to interrupt.

Finn: I’m gonna text my mom.

Steffy: If they want to meet later, the kids will be back.

Finn: I hope they stay a while. And, hey, if they do, can we not talk about sheila or me trying to find my birth father?

Steffy: I get it. You don’t want to upset them.

Finn: Yeah, I mean, I love my parents and I’m grateful they adopted me. I’m not looking for my birth father because I’m unhappy. I want to find him because I want to learn more about myself.

Li: I don’t want to talk about us or forgiveness right now. My only concern is the pain this is going to cause our son.

Jack: I don’t want that. I never wanted that.

Li: Is that why you lied? Every time finn had a question about his biological parents, every time he asked what they were like, or if he was like them.

[ Phone chiming ] It’s finn. He wants to know what’s keeping us.

Jack: Li… I do want our son to know the truth. I want to answer these lifelong questions for him. But it could ruin our relationship, and just-just destroy his faith in me.

Li: That’s the risk you’re going to have to take, jack. Today’s the day. You are going to tell your son that you are his biological father. Want strong hair even after coloring?

Hope: I think it’s nice that you and paris are taking your time, getting to know each other.

Zende: Hm, me too.

Hope: You’re building a solid foundation.

Zende: I want to last.

Hope: Well, I think you’re off to a good start. Granted, I mostly just see you here at work.

Zende: Yeah, where we spend most of our time. Paris and I, we get together after work and weekends, but I would like to spend more time with her. We’re just so busy.

Hope: And thomas is staying at the apartment.

Zende: Mm. For now.

Hope: Is that going okay?

Zende: Paris doesn’t complain, and I’m not complaining, either. I don’t mind the two of them living together, but I do look forward to spending more alone time with her, once thomas finds his own place.

Hope: Well, to his credit, he is trying. It’s just the market is pretty crazy right now.

Zende: Yeah, I know. But if he doesn’t find a place soon, I might have to take things into my own hands.

Paris: Uh, no. You’re not really interrupting anything.

Carter: I got the feeling I was.

Paris: No.

Carter: Okay, cool. Well, I need to touch base with you about the latest foundation numbers when you have a minute.

Paris: Yeah, now is great.

Thomas: You know what, I’m going to let you two get to it. Paris, let me know if anything changes, we can order in whenever you want. See you, carter.

Carter: See you, thomas. You know, sometimes I forget that you two are still roommates. How’s that working out? It’s not awkward?

Finn: I’m not trying to hide anything from my parents.

Steffy; oh, you just don’t want them to worry.

Finn: And they might if they know I’m asking questions about my birth father.

Steffy: Especially since it’s sheila you’ve been asking.

Finn: She’s the only one that knows.

Steffy: Are you sure your parents don’t have any information? Your dad knew about your birth mother and he didn’t say anything to you.

Finn: Well, everything’s out in the open now.

Steffy: Well, it wouldn’t hurt to be open about this.

Finn: Well, I want to be and I talked with my mom. It was hard, but she knows how much I love her and how grateful I am for the life that I have and how close we are. I- I just want to have the same thing with my dad. But, he’s reluctant.

Steffy: Why?

Finn: It makes him tense. He needs to understand that it doesn’t matter who my birth father is, you know? He’s my dad. He’s the one who raised me, he’s the one that taught me how to hit a baseball, and drive a car. Finding out whose dna I have doesn’t change any of that.

[ Knocking at the door ]

Finn: You made it!

Li: It’s good to see you. Mm.

Jack: Sorry, we’re late.

Finn: Hey.

Jack: Bought you a bottle of wine from richard.

Finn: Oh wow.

Steffy: Nice to see you.

Li: Good to see you.

Steffy: Oh and I’m sorry the kids aren’t here. They’re out with amelia.

Li: Oh, maybe it’s for the best. Give us a chance to talk. Isn’t that right, jack?

Hope: Take matters into your own hands?

Zende: I’m starting to see a real future with paris, but we can’t move forward as long as thomas is her roommate.

Hope: Wait a minute, zende, are you thinking of asking paris to move in with you?

Paris: It’s nice to know that there’s somebody looking out for me. You always have, introducing me to ridge, recommending me for my job with the foundation.

Carter: And it worked out better than I imagined. Thanks for making me look like a genius.

>Paris: Oh, I loved every minute of it.

Carter: You’re killing it, paris.

Paris: That’s sweet of you to say.

Carter: I can’t be the only one you’ve heard it from.

Paris: Yeah, I’ve gotten a lot of encouragement.

Carter: Yeah. Yeah the people at forrester really support each other.

Paris: It’s a perk of being a part of a family business.

Carter: And you’ve got to feel even more like family now that you and thomas are roommates.

Paris: Yeah, he loves the company.

Carter: He’s-he’s had trouble on his own in the past.

Paris: Yeah, but that was a long time ago. Thomas has been a great roommate. I mean, when we do see each other. Work has us very busy and he spends a lot of time with douglas.

[ Paris laughing ] If I seemed a bit off earlier, it’s just because I don’t know what zende has planned and I don’t want thomas expecting me home if I won’t be.

Carter: Well it’s good to hear that zende is going out of his way to surprise you and how into you he is.

Finn: Alright. Well, let’s open up this bottle you guys brought for us.

Li: Oh, no. No wine for us.

Jack: That bottle’s for you and steffy.

Steffy: Oh. Uh, well are you hungry? We can order something.

Li: You know, I don’t have much of an appetite.

Finn: Everything okay? Dad I like the, lost the stache. So tell us about the trip up the coast.

Steffy: Yeah, finn said it was really romantic.

Jack: It was unforgettable.

Li: It could be a long time before we have another trip like that.

Finn: Well, good. I’m just, I’m really happy you guys were able to get away and forget about all the madness around sheila for a little while.

Li: Ignoring a problem is no way to heal it. Avoiding the truth doesn’t make it less painful.

Finn: Look, I-I didn’t want you and dad to get hurt by this.

Li: Oh no, honey. I just mean we have to be candid with each other.

Finn: Oh, well, that’s never been an issue between you and dad. I mean, I was just telling steffy how understanding you guys are toward each other, towards me. It’s something I really cherish about our family.

Steffy: Finn knows that this whole thing, about sheila and where he comes from, it’s been really stressful.

Finn: I just want you guys to know how grateful I am to have you as parents. I love and respect you so much, and that will never change.

Jack: You’re our son, finn. We’re your parents.

Finn: And you always will be.

Li: But even as a little boy, you always had questions about your biological parents. We agreed to be honest with you. I wish we would have been able to tell you more. And after a while, you stopped asking questions, but you didn’t stop wondering.

Finn: No.

Li: When sheila showed up at your wedding, you were excited. Under different circumstances, we would have been excited for you. But what you found out about her was disturbing, and you weren’t prepared for that. It didn’t have to be that way. I’m sorry. Now at least you know. And it’s only natural that you now want to know about your biological father. It’s time you found out. If you’re washing with the bargain brand,

Zende: Nothing’s set in stone, I just, know I want to be with paris as much as I can be.

Hope: Well, I think she feels the same way about you.

Zende: I hope so.

Hope: I’m really excited for you, zende. You and paris, you’re a great couple and it’s nice seeing you so happy.

Zende: I just want to make her happier. That’s my goal. When I think about the future I want, there’s no doubt. I want paris to be in it.

Paris: I’m definitely feeling very fortunate these days.

Carter: I’m glad to hear it. I know you had a rough patch when zoe left town.

Paris: Yeah, but I understood why she had to go. But I was lonely without my big sister. L.A. Was finally starting to feel like home, and then suddenly I was on my own with no place to stay. When steffy and finn offered me a room I was so grateful, but I never felt settled.

Carter: Now you do?

Paris: I’m not living out of boxes anymore!

Carter: That’s a big improvement.

Paris: Yeah, it felt different. It’s nice to have a place where I can unwind and just be myself.

Carter: Even if you’re sharing the space?

Paris: Especially then.

Carter: Well, paris, if you’re ever feeling unsettled again, I want you to know that you can come to me. If there’s anything you need to talk about or just a friend to listen, I’m here for you.

Jack: Li, if the kids want to hear about our trip, maybe we don’t need to dredge up questions about the past right now.

Li: Questions aren’t going away, jack.

Finn: I mean, every conversation doesn’t have to be about my birth parents.

Steffy: Yeah, finn really doesn’t want to stress you out.

Li: Avoiding the subject doesn’t benefit anyone. You’ve met your birth mother and now you want to know about your birth father, too, don’t you?

Finn: Yeah. But I mean, I’ve never wished for other parents. I love you guys. I know that you’ll always be there for me. The way I want to be there for my own family. You guys taught me what it means to be a great parent.

Li: Thank you, honey.

Finn: You’ll always be my mom, and you’ll always be my dad. And we’re connected by everything that’s happened in my life and everything that we’ve shared.

Jack: That’s what I’ve been telling your mother.

Finn: And I really didn’t get it until I became a parent. I mean, I love hayes and kelly so much. I just want to remake the world for ’em and make it perfect and painless. I realized that’s how you guys felt about me.

Jack: Yes. Yeah.

Finn: It’s an incredible gift to grow up that secure. Knowing you can always count on your dad. That he’ll always be there for you. He’ll have your back, tell you the truth, never let you down. Dad, hey, look. It’s okay. Nothing’s going to come between us. What’s going on? Guys, why are you looking at each other like that?

Li: Your father has something to tell you, sweetheart.

Finn: Dad?

Jack: Everything you’ve said is true, finn. I have always tried to protect and look out for you. Never wanted to disappoint you. Didn’t want to let you down. And I know you’re wondering about your birth father, wishing that you could see his face, hear his voice, see all the ways that you’re alike, ask him questions about his life. We know, son, your mother and I. We know who your birth father is.

Finn: You do??

Jack: Yes, son. We do.

Finn: Who is it, dad? You can tell me. I want to know.

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