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Devil Marlena returns to the Crypt and reveals that Susan did not actually pick the lock, he just returned and unlocked it. Susan insists that they would’ve gotten out. The Devil questions John thinking they could outwit him. Susan then runs out the door while the Devil laughs.

At the Brady Pub, Roman has a beer with Abe. Abe thought he would be sipping champagne with his bride right about now, but so much for that.

Theo asks Eli how Paulina could lie to Abe like that and comments that it was a hell of a time for Chanel to come out with the truth. Theo wonders if Lani going to see Paulina is a good idea. Eli hopes that it is.

Lani confronts Paulina in the town square. Paulina starts to say there’s so much she needs to explain, but Lani slaps her across the face. Paulina says she vowed long ago that she would never let anyone put a hand on her again, but supposes she deserved that after what she did to her. Lani asks if she has any idea how much damage she has caused and how she hurt and humiliated her along with so many other people. Lani never thought she could be more angry at her than when they found out her plans for the town square, but she’s really outdone herself. Lani says Paulina took away her brother, her mother, and her father all at once. Paulina apologizes. Lani asks who her father is anyway.

John questions the Devil not going after Susan. The Devil says he always likes to give people a little bit of hope before he crushes them.

Susan goes to the DiMera Mansion, knocking on the door and calling for help, asking where everyone is. Johnny comes downstairs and wonders what that sound was. Johnny opens the side door but now no one is there. Johnny calls it weird as he could’ve swore somebody just called his name.

The Devil transforms Susan back in to a cat and brings her back to the Crypt.

Chanel goes to the DiMera Mansion. Johnny says he’s happy that she’s here but figured he wouldn’t see her because of her mother’s wedding. Johnny says it must be his lucky day but Chanel says it’s not so lucky. Johnny asks about the wedding. Chanel responds that it was a total disaster because of her as Johnny hugs her.

Theo checks on the twins and they are still asleep. Eli thanks him for checking. Theo wishes he could sleep through this nightmare too. Theo acknowledges that Paulina is the twins’ grandmother which means that he’s not their uncle. Eli confirms that’s technically true. Theo gets if he wants to pick a different Godfather for Jules, who is actually related to them. Eli assures that he’s the best damn Godfather his daughter will ever have and nothing is going to change that, blood or not.

Roman tells Abe that he doesn’t have to talk about it if he doesn’t want to, but he and Kate were both confused as to if what Chanel said is true. Abe confirms that Paulina is Lani’s mother, not Tamara, so he is not Lani’s father. Roman wonders how that is possible. Abe calls it a long story.

Paulina informs Lani that her father, Ray, was so dangerous which is why she was so determined to protect her from him so he wouldn’t know she existed. Paulina explains that her mom hid her from him until she gave birth and then Tamara would raise her as her child. Lani questions Tamara agreeing to the lie. Paulina says that Tamara loved her as her own but her one condition was that Lani was to be her daughter, so Paulina had to promise she would never know the truth. Lani remarks that it’s the one promise she actually kept.

John asks if the Devil corrupted souls and disrupt lives. The Devil confirms it went even better than he hoped and destroyed Abe’s wedding. The Devil then says they have unfinished business here, warning that he never leaves a job half done so there is no sense in John resisting because he will have his soul. The Devil then says they are going to slip in to something more comfortable.

Johnny sits with Chanel and says it can’t be that bad as he asks her to tell him about it. Chanel reminds him about how he left her with Marlena this morning and they talked about how Paulina chose Lani to be her matron of honor. Chanel reveals that Marlena said she knew why and why Paulina lied about it. Chanel reveals that it was because of a secret she’s been carrying for years. Chanel then informs Johnny that Lani is Paulina’s daughter too.

Theo recalls finding out he had a sister and said he first acted like a spoiled brat until Lani made him come around when she wasn’t going to let him be bullied in school for his autism. Theo talks about Lani giving him confidence and helping him believe in himself like a big sister.

Paulina tells Lani that she was so desperate that she agreed to Tamara’s terms and she was sure she made the right decision, but then she gave birth to Lani in her mom’s home because the hospital was too risky. Paulina recalls holding Lani when she was born and realizing she couldn’t let her go. Paulina says she tried not to go through with it but Olivia made her realize that the best way to be a mother to Lani was to keep her safe from Ray, so she agreed to the plan. Paulina reveals that she had a lock of Lani’s hair cut when she was born and carried around with her in a locket ever since. Paulina says that gave her the strength to hand her over to Tamara.

Abe filles Roman in on the story. Roman tells Abe that giving Lani up had to be painful for Paulina. Roman says he’s not defending her but it sounds like a really terrible situation. Abe feels for her being in an abusive relationship and having to give up her child, but for her to come to town after all these years to build a relationship with he and Lani while knowing this secret could change all of their lives. Roman wonders why Paulina didn’t just stay away and leave well enough alone. Abe declares that he was dumb enough to trust her again even after what happened with the town square so he knew the type of lies that Paulina was capable of, but he still gave her another chance. Abe wonders how stupid he could be. Roman encourages that he was just in love. Abe asks why she didn’t tell him the truth then.

Paulina tells Lani that it was hard to give her up but she knew she was doing the right thing since Tamara could give her a stable home and a mother who loved her. Paulina says she vowed to never be in this position again so she started building her business and making connections in real estate to make sure she never had to depend on a man or anybody else. Paulina adds the one thing she always dreamed of was to be a mother to her. Lani responds that she had a mother. Paulina acknowledges that Tamara loved her with everything she had and she respected that. Paulina cries that she just wanted to be more than her crazy aunt. Lani brings up Paulina promising her the trip to Paris and not showing up. Paulina explains that Olivia and Tamara wouldn’t allow that when they found out. Paulina blames herself for wanting what she couldn’t have and for letting her down, breaking her heart.

Johnny questions Lani being Chanel’s sister and how Marlena even knew. Chanel informs him that Paulina told Marlena. Johnny asks about doctor-patient confidentiality. Chanel explains that Marlena saw how upset she was and wanted to help her. Johnny notes that breaking confidentiality like that still doesn’t sound like Marlena.

Marlena wakes up on the floor of the crypt entry with the Devil out of her and calls out for John.

The Devil returns to John in the Crypt as Kristen again and asks if he’s ready to pick up where they left off.

Roman suggests to Abe that maybe Paulina didn’t tell the truth because she was trying to protect Abe and Lani. Abe says that’s what she said but calls it a nice way to make her the hero of the story. Roman tells him that he’s so sorry. Abe complains that Paulina watched them celebrate, support, and love each other then she did the one thing that she promised she would never do and that’s lie to him about his family. Abe asks how he is supposed to get past that.

Lani asks Paulina if all the gifts growing up was to make up for giving her up. Paulina calls it her way of trying to express her love to her and to make up for her terrible choice of giving her up. Lani asks if paying for her twins college another make up gift. Paulina says when she heard Lani was having twins, she couldn’t stay away and thought she could be there for them like she couldn’t be for her. Lani talks about Paulina wanting to be part of their life without ever considering telling who she really was. Lani asks how she could not think that they needed to know something so important and life changing or that it was okay to keep this big lie going. Lani declares that it’s because what Paulina wants was always more important than the truth.

Chanel is just glad that someone cared enough to tell her the truth when Paulina didn’t. Johnny asks if Chanel went to the wedding to confront her. Chanel says no since Marlena told her that she couldn’t tell anyone. Johnny questions her doing so anyways. Chanel brings up the part where it’s asked if anyone objects to the marriage. Chanel says at that moment, she just felt compelled to say something. Chanel talks about exchanging looks with Marlena and it was like she could see in to her soul as if she was urging her to tell the truth. Johnny finds that weird. Chanel adds that Marlena was the one that told her that she had to keep it secret. Johnny asks if Marlena was upset that she told everyone. Chanel admits she didn’t seem upset at all but she was careful not to let on that Marlena told her. Chanel declares that she didn’t want to wreck Marlena’s life but she just wrecked everyone else’s as Johnny hugs her.

Marlena is chained to the wall and complains that there has to be a way out. Marlena sees her phone on the ground and tries to reach it.

Devil Kristen asks John if he remembers where they left off. She says she knows they connected yesterday by talking about how they met and saved each other then fell in love. John tells her to stop but she says she’s just getting to the good part. She talks about how they ended up at the Horton Cabin where they made love for the very first time.

Roman repeats to Abe that he’s really sorry that he’s not Lani’s biological father or grandfather to her twins. Roman argues that it doesn’t change anything since Abe’s love for them is real. Roman hates to see Abe in such pain and asks if there is anything he can do. Abe thanks him for listening. Roman offers him another beer or to call someone. Abe declines and says he’d just like to be alone. Roman understands and says he’s there if he needs him as he walks away.

Theo tells Eli how Abe has always been a rock for everyone, while his rock has always been family, but Paulina just blew that all to hell. Theo states that Abe may survived the bullet a few weeks ago but this will break his heart. Theo wants to find Abe to let him know they are all there for him. Eli says this is why he’s the best Godfather because of the way he takes care of his family. Eli and Theo hug. Theo tells him to let him know how Lani is doing as he then exits.

Paulina tells Lani that she knows it seems like she only kept this from her because she was trying to protect herself from the consequences of her actions, but ever since coming to town, she has wanted to tell her that she was her mom. Lani points out that something always stopped her. Paulina talks about how Olivia shut her down and then her father got shot. Lani remarks that Abe is not her father. Paulina says he’s not biologically but he is her dad in every other way. Paulina talks about Lani’s grief when Abe got shot and says she couldn’t bring herself to add to her pain. Lani realizes that’s when Paulina lied about asking her to be matron of honor without thinking of how much it would hurt Chanel. Paulina says in that moment she was thinking of her other daughter and realized she couldn’t just destroy her relationship with Abe and Theo. Lani says she destroyed it anyways. Paulina talks about how sorry she is and wishes she could do it over again, but she was convinced that lying to her was being the best mom she could be which is all she wanted. Lani declares that Paulina is not her mother and never will be as she storms off.

Johnny encourages Chanel that she only told the truth and can’t control how other people will respond to that so she can’t let it get her down. Johnny calls her incredibly brave. Chanel thinks he is just saying that to make her feel better and notes that no one has ever called her brave before. Johnny says no one knows her like he does and assures that he’s crazy about her. Johnny says it’s like all he gives a damn about is making her happy as they kiss. Chanel tells Johnny that she wants to go upstairs so they head to his room.

Devil Kristen continues reminding John of their first night together and how they showered together the next day then John made her breakfast. She says despite everything, he still loved her and wanted her and still does.

Marlena manages to reach her phone but there’s no signal. She tries to get a signal and then the phone rings.

Johnny and Chanel kiss in to his bed room. They begin to undress as they move onto the bed.

Theo finds Abe at the Pub and hugs him.

Lani comes home to Eli and breaks down crying as he hugs her.

Paulina sits alone in the town square. She opens the locket with Lani’s strand of hair and cries.

Devil Kristen talks about how John couldn’t walk away even after finding out she was Stefano’s daughter. She says she remembers every time they made love and she knows he does too. She asks if John wants to feel that alive again and how long it’s been since he’s given in to that passion. She removes John’s belt and tells him to take her right here and now while all her dead relatives watch.

Marlena’s call is from an unknown number but she answers it. It turns out to be her daughter Sami, who is also locked up, and says thank God she picked up.

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