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Kate: This is so amazing. Couple of days ago, we didn’t know if abe was gonna live or die, and now, we’re going to his wedding.

Roman: You know what else is amazing? You get more beautiful every day.

Kate: I hardly that’s true.

Roman: No, that is true. But you never could take a compliment. Not from me anyway.

Kate: Okay, fine. I’ll take it. I’ll take it. What about you with that smile that’s always just a little bit naughty but kind? And every time I see it, makes my heart melt.

[Elevator chimes]

Steve: Hey, baby.

Kayla: Oh, no. You didn’t get my text.

Steve: No. Oh! My phone’s been on vibrate. I’m sorry.

Kayla: Well, I’m sorry you had to come down here to pick me up, but I can’t go. I was called in for emergency surgery. I can’t go to the wedding.

Steve: Oh, no. Well, that’s too bad. Well, maybe you can come by later.

Kayla: I doubt it, but I will certainly try. But in any case, will you please apologize to abe and paulina for me? Give ’em my love.

Steve: I’ll do that. Something else I’m gonna do when I’m at that wedding.

Kayla: What’s that?

Steve: I’m gonna have a talk with marlena.

Marlena: Chanel? Did you hear what I said?

Chanel: Yes, but…

Marlena: Oh, this must be so confusing for you.

Chanel: I am confused. So you’re telling me that lani is not my cousin? She’s my sister?

Marlena: Yes. Paulina and lani are mother and daughter.

Lani: Auntie p, I’m confused. You told chanel that asking me to be your matron of honor was a spontaneous decision, one that you made after my dad was shot when we found out that he was gonna be okay?

Paulina: That was a wonderful moment, wasn’t it?

Lani: Yes, but that’s not the moment that you decided to ask me to stand up for you. You came to talk to me about that the day before. Don’t you remember? You said you had something important to discuss with me, and then eli came in with the news about my dad.

Paulina: Eli. Right.

Lani: And then the next day at the hospital, I asked you what you wanted to talk to me about, and you said that–

Paulina: I lied.

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Abe: So what do you mean? I mean, this is a new suit. Is my tie too wide?

Theo: Your clothes are fine, dad. The problem is that ugly-ass hospital cane of yours.

Abe: Oh, yeah, well, paulina doesn’t like it either. But what do you want me to do? I’m still unsteady. I mean, the last thing I want to do is wipe out walking down the aisle at my own wedding.

Theo: Well, it’s a good thing your best man’s got you covered. Be right back.

Lani: You lied?

Paulina: Yes.

Lani: Auntie p, I don’t understand. After everything that happened with price town, you promised me that you would never lie to me again. Now you’re saying you broke that promise?

Paulina: No. No, baby. I didn’t lie to you. I lied to chanel.

Chanel: How is this even possible?

Marlena: I know it’s a lot to process.

Chanel: So my mom had an affair with abe when he was dating my aunt?

Marlena: No. No. Your mother didn’t meet abe until she came to salem. Lani’s father is a guy named ray.

Chanel: So abe isn’t lani’s father?

Marlena: No, he’s not.

Chanel: But my mom I also lani’s mom?

Marlena: And that’s why she chose her to be her matron of honor.

Chanel: It all makes sense now. Of course lani is her daughter. Oh, my god. My mother has been lying to me my entire life. Doesn’t your family deserve the best?

Kate: Okay. Well, I guess I’ll see you at st. Luke’S.

Roman: See you there. Unless you want me to give you a lift.

Kate: No, no. I have my own car.

Roman: Well, I know that, but we’re going to the same place. Why not go together? What?

Kate: Okay, so as much as I appreciate the offer, I just don’t want you to get the wrong idea.

Roman: What? Like it’s a date?

Kate: Exactly.

Eli: Okay. There we go.

Olivia: Oh, eli, it was so sweet of you to pick me up at the airport and bring me to the chapel.

Eli: No. My pleasure. We’re just sorry that tamara couldn’t make it to the wedding. We were hoping she’d be able to reschedule her tour.

Olivia: Tour shmour. That’s not the reason tamara’s not coming to paulina’s wedding.

Eli: Hmm, then what is?

Paulina: Chanel put me on the spot when she asked me why I chose you over her. I blurted the first thing that came into my head.

Lani: That it was a spur-of-the-moment decision when truthfully you were planning to ask me all along.

Paulina: Well, I couldn’t tell chanel that. I knew it would hurt her feelings.

Lani: Chanel is tough.

Paulina: She acts tough. Your cousin actually is very fragile, and it’s not like I completely forgot about her. She has a very important role in the wedding. She’s walking me down the aisle.

Lani: Auntie, can I ask you something?

Paulina: Of course. Anything.

Lani: Why would you ask me to stand up for you and not your own daughter?

Chanel: This explains so much about how mama sees lani compared to me.

Marlena: And how is that?

Chanel: She’s together. I’m a mess. She’s a role model. And I’m a cautionary tale.

Marlena: Has it always been like that?

Chanel: Not at all. Giving me the best of everything always made mama happy and proud, until we got to salem. Now, all of a sudden, I’m this freeloading, gold-digging embarrassment who needs to grow up and get a job.

Marlena: And do you think that lani had anything to do with that?

Chanel: Of course.

Marlena: That hardly seems fair. Paulina spoils you your entire life and then suddenly turns around and belittles you.

Chanel: Oh, it was worse than that. She cut me off. Oh, but lani–she gets a fat check for the twins’ college tuition. And I was all, “why is mama being so generous to these babies that she barely even knows?”

Marlena: Because they’re her grandchildren.

Chanel: Like I said, it all makes sense now.

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