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Billy: Who could have got into chanccomm’s system and published that article about ashland without our consent?

Lily: I don’t know. I mean, someone on the staff who decided to take it upon themselves?

Billy: Why? We need answers, and we need them now.

Lily: I know exactly where to start.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

[ Knock on door ]

Adam: Come in.

Sally: Is this a bad time?

Adam: Oh, I didn’t realize you were still here.

Sally: I wanted to wrap up a few things, but I am not here because of the fashion platforM.

Adam: Oh.

Sally: I just read the most fascinating yet unsettling article on one of the chanccomm websites about ashland locke. I presume that you are aware of it?

Adam: I, uh, just finished reading it myself.

Sally: And?

Adam: Don’t work too late, okay? If you will excuse me, there is somewhere that I need to be.

Sally: [ Scoffs ]

[ Cellphone thuds ]

Lily: So, we asked you here because you’ve been working on this story since the beginning, and we’re just wondering how this article got published when neither billy or I signed off on it.

Marty: I got an e-mail from billy authorizing its release.

Billy: I never sent that, marty. Lily and I haven’t even seen the story. We would never sign off on something with these kind of ramifications without seeing it first. You didn’t think to question why it wasn’t going through the proper channels?

Marty: I got a message from my boss that seemed pretty urgent, so I did what I was told. I’m sorry for any confusion.

Billy: [ Sighs ]

Lily: Yeah, no, look, it’s — it’s fine. We’re — we’re all very confused, so, um — actually, can you forward me that e-mail that was sent to you?

Marty: Of course.

Lily: Thank you. Um, okay. Well, thank you, marty. That’s gonna be it for now.

Billy: Thank you. Well, clearly I was hacked. Who would do that? Who could do that? Not many people know that we’ve been even working on this story.

Lily: We need to figure out who knew and who would want it out there.

Ashley: Hi, abby. It’s your mom. I just got home, and I was so surprised it’s quiet here. Nina’s in bed, and you and the baby are gone. I was wondering — where’d you go? Um, just want to let you know that I’m gonna be up, okay? I’m gonna wait for you so I can see you when you get in. I love you, honey.

Amanda: Can we, um, get you anything?

Abby: No, um… no. I’m sorry. I’m sorry for — for barging in like this. I’m sorry.

Amanda: It’s totally fine.

Devon: Yeah. Just tell us what’s going on.

Abby: You told me to reach out if and when I needed help, and…I do, so here I am.

Devon: Okay. Well, I’m glad you did. What’S…

Abby: [ Sighs ]

[ Voice breaking ] I can’t do this alone. You were right, and —

[ Sniffles, sighs ] I — I keep trying to fight this feeling, but I am a train wreck over chance. And I can’t focus on the baby the way that I need to.

[ Sniffles ] And I keep trying because I love him more than anything in the world, but I just — I can’t give him the attention that he needs. And it’s not fair.

[ Sniffles ] So, please, I — I need you to take dominic and care for him until I can get my head together. Sweet pillows of softness!

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Devon: Abby, I know what a big decision this is. And I just want to tell you that I really admire you for having the courage to come and ask me for help and to be open about your feelings.

Abby: Well, this isn’t just about me. This is about — it’s about doing the right thing for dominic. And being with me right now — that’s not the right thing for him.

Devon: I understand.

Abby: I mean, you’ve seen what a mess I have been, my mood swinging from day to day, minute to minute.

Devon: Yeah, but that’s nothing to be ashamed of. Remember that. Okay? I do have to ask you, though — are you 100% sure that you want to leave dominic with me and not somebody in your family? ‘Cause I know that your mom and dad and nina — they’re gonna ask.

Abby: Yes, they are gonna ask me that, but, I mean, you’ve been a part of this journey since day one. I mean, you’ve been a part of his life. You’ve spent more time with dominic than anyone in my family. And you’re just — you’re so at ease with him. All I know is that this feels right.

Devon: I mean, then if you feel that way, abby, you know of course — of course I will look after him. I was — I’ve been thinking myself that it’s probably the best thing that he gets out of that mansion and away from all that heavy energy over there, so — and not to mention you deserve some time for yourself, too.

Abby: Well, I don’t know how long it will be because… I’m just in such despair. I think I need to take some time away from genoa city to heal. That way, I can come back and be the best mom to dominic.

Devon: Hang on a second. You’re thinking of leaving town?

Rey: I bet I can guess what you’re looking at.

Sharon: Oh. Hi.

Rey: Hi.

Sharon: Yeah. Um, billy and lily really decided to come out swinging. I mean, although this article is primarily about ashland, clearly they’re gunning for the newmans, too, by association. I was really hoping that both sides would find a way to keep the peace.

Rey: Yeah, me too. You know, I went by chanccomm earlier, and billy admitted the hush-hush story that he had in the works was actually about locke and gaines. He didn’t seem inclined to release it, though, at least not anytime soon. He said he was gonna use it as a private bargaining chip, which I’m pretty sure translates to blackmail to keep newman media in check.

Sharon: I guess something must have changed his mind.

Rey: Yeah. I’m wondering exactly what that was.

Billy: Gaines?

Lily: Is he in there?

Billy: Gaines! God!

Lily: He’s gone?! I thought you told him to stay put until he was allowed to leave town.

Billy: That was the plan.

Lily: [ Sighs ]

Billy: He’s gone. Everything’s gone.

Lily: I knew this was gonna happen. I knew he would go rogue. Why would you think that you can keep him in line? He has no allegiance to you. He probably decided to take matters into his own hands and expose ashland’s past.

Billy: When I talked to him, I told him that we have more leverage if we keep all information about ashland private, and he agreed.

Lily: Yeah, or so he said.

Billy: Look, I know him, okay? He is a self-centered piece of work, but he’s not a fool. He knows if he goes public with this, victor is gonna come after him with everything he’s got. So is ashland. I mean, he’s got to be running scared right now.

Lily: Yeah, no, I’m sure you’re right because he definitely got in over his head.

Billy: Look, if he is fed up with me, why not just go public the way that he threatened to do it in the first place? Why hack my e-mail, make it look like it came from us? He could have got paid by anyone for all the information about the infamous billionaire ashland locke.

Lily: Okay, I’m not ready to write him off. You could be right. But if it wasn’t him, then who was it?

Billy: I’ll give you two guesses.

Victor: Well done, my boy.

Adam: [ Sighs ] Everything went off without a hitch. It’s a perfectly executed plan.

Victor: Mm-hmm.

Adam: And you. You played your role perfectly.

Trelegy for copd.

Devon: Abby, when you talk about leaving town, you’re not thinking of flying to valencia, spain, and searching for chance, right? You’ve gotten past that?

Abby: Yeah. Yeah. I may not go anywhere.

Devon: Okay.

Abby: No, um… you know, that was a thought that popped into my head. But I have so many thoughts going on. I mean, I don’t even know what to do at this point.

Devon: No. I understand. But you realize that there’s a ton of people right here in town that love you that you can lean on.

Abby: Yeah. Yeah, I know. I just — I’m — I’m not in any condition to be the mom that dominic deserves right now. So I thought that maybe leaving town might give me a chance to heal, you know? And in the meantime, it’ll give me peace of mind knowing that he’s here with you. Well, with both of you. Amanda, oh, my gosh, I — I’m sorry. I — moses lives here, too, and I’m talking about…

Devon: Oh…

Abby: …Leaving a baby here with you for who knows how long. I’m sorry. Please —

Amanda: No, abby, abby, i want you to know that I would love to have dominic here. I want what’s best for everyone involved, including that sweet baby, okay?

Devon: And I know, too, that moses would feel exactly the same way. So you don’t have to worry about anything. You can leave dominic with us as long as you need to.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Thank you. I’m so grateful to both of you. And I’m gonna have the nanny come by and help, and obviously you’ll need more supplies than what’s in the diaper bag, so i have so many more supplies in my car. I can have the doorman bring them up, and if you need anything else —

Devon: Abby, you know I can get whatever else we need. I’m fine. I just want you to promise me that you will focus on taking care of yourself.

Abby: Okay.

Devon: Okay?

Abby: [ Exhales sharply ] Okay. My little man.

[ Sniffles ] You are gonna stay with devon for a little bit. Your favorite person. And he is gonna dote on you like nobody’s business.

[ Sniffles ] And I am going to think of you every second of every day.

[ Sniffles ] And I’m gonna come back to you very soon, okay?

[ Voice breaking ] I love you more than anything.

[ Sniffles ] My beautiful boy.

[ Sniffles, exhales heavily ] Okay.

[ Sniffles, sighs ] Um, thank you.

Devon: Of course.

Abby: Thank you for being the best friends and just being so understanding.

Devon: Of course, abby.

Abby: Thank you.

[ Breathes deeply ] Okay.

Devon: We’ll take good care of him.

[ Door opens ]

Abby: [ Exhales sharply ]

[ Inhales sharply ]

Billy: [ Sighs ] It seems like a very personal attack. It was my e-mail that was hacked.

Lily: Well, how secure was your password?

Billy: Very secure — a bunch of random numbers and letters. I’m not an idiot. I’m not gonna use my kid’s name.

Lily: I didn’t say that you were.

Billy: It just means that someone went through a lot of effort to make this happen, someone with motive, someone with the means to pay someone else to do their dirty work, and I’ll give you two names — victor and adam.

Lily: I know, billy. They’re always your usual suspect. You’re jumping to conclusions.

Billy: Lily, victor declared war to my face. Adam told me that they were coming after us. When I threatened him with the information that I have on gaines, he was very blasé about it, almost taunting me to come after them with it.

Lily: Okay, it doesn’t add up. Even if they don’t care how the article affects ashland personally, they definitely care about newman media and newman/locke. So, why would they shoot themselves in the foot?

Gaines: It’s not as if I had much choice in the matter or in the role I was given to play.

Victor: I don’t think you’re in a position to complain, okay?

Gaines: Listen.

Adam: I — I wouldn’T.

Victor: I don’t have time for this, son. I have some other things to deal with, so you take care of him, alright?

Adam: Hey, don’t give it another thought. I’ll handle things here.

[ Breathes deeply ] Well, the article is really blowing up online. All sorts of sites are picking it up. So, um, why you so blue? Didn’t you say you wanted everybody to know the truth about ashland?

Gaines: Yeah. Not like this.

Billy: Well, your other option was for us to release all the dirt we have on you.

Gaines: Again, not much of a choice.

Adam: Well, you saved your own skin. There’s no shame in that. Now get over it because we’re not finished yet.

[Music: “I swear”]

Sharon: The fact that billy would throw a grenade like this just shows how drawn he is to chaos.

Rey: Yeah, I wish I could disagree with that. But speaking objectively, the article is simply recounting facts about ashland. It’s full of evidence that locke committed fraud to steal and inherit camilla rhodes’ estate. Now, he risked exposing himself all those years ago when he committed that act. It looks like his past is finally catching up with him.

Sharon: It’s just shocking to hear that ashland created an entire empire based on a criminal act? I mean, I know he’s always been known as a ruthless businessman, but this is different. What do you think will happen to him now?

Rey: Well, the statute of limitations has long past, so he can’t be charged criminally. But civil suits can still be filed, perhaps by the will’s actual beneficiaries.

Sharon: Well, I’m sure that’ll happen soon. I wonder how this is affecting victoria’s marriage. Do you think that she knew about ashland’s past?

Rey: I have no idea. She’s either finding out about it now or she has been complicit in keeping it secret.

Sharon: Well, I hate to think about johnny and katie getting caught in the cross-fire between billy and ashland.

Rey: Yeah, well, let’s hope that victoria and billy can protect these kids because it’s gonna get really ugly, especially if ashland has the support of victor and adam.

Sharon: I can already imagine the newmans are circling the wagons, planning their retaliation, probably as we speak.

Adam: You know, we really have to stop meeting like this.

Sally: Well, you told me not to work too late, and I wasn’t ready to go home.

Adam: Yeah, I was a little too wired up to go home myself.

Sally: You seem to be having a good evening.

Adam: Mm, as a matter of fact, I am.

Sally: It’s interesting, considering the article you were trying so hard to avoid discussing earlier — you know, the one that billy fired off like a weapon designed to inflict serious damage.

Adam: Look, I wasn’t trying to get out of talking about it. I just, uh, had somewhere i needed to be.

Sally: Well, ashland can’t be too happy about it. It does not look good for newman media — or newman/locke, either, given that ashland built his entire empire on illegal activity.

Adam: Well, sometimes things aren’t exactly as they appear.

Devon: Got it?

[ Chuckles ]

Neil: Business? So you can put it away at the end of the day? Or you can go on vacation or you can quit. But a child? That’s day in, day out, every second of every day. It’s boring, it’s busy, it’s emotional, man, and it’s very humbling. And the love? You can’t even imagine the size of that love until you’re right there, smack in the middle of it. And if you’re lucky, you’re gonna have someone that you trust, that you can share that load with. Just the three of you in a little tiny family fishbowl that you created, you never could have anticipated it. So, no, I don’t think you have it all taken care of with some contract.

Devon: [ Chuckles ]

Neil: Hey.

Devon: Hmm?

Neil: What if that child really needs you? I mean, devon, really needs you? Huh? Illness, disappointments, hurt, failures, and then there’s the sweet stuff. First word, first step, high-school graduation, college acceptance. You know something? You get your priorities real clear really fast.

Amanda: Look at you. You’re a natural.

Devon: Hey. I don’t know about being a natural. I’ve just had a lot of practice the last few weeks.

Amanda: [ Chuckles ] Well, you definitely have a full house now.

Devon: Yeah. Hey, I appreciate you being as supportive as you’ve been. But I know that you didn’t sign up for this when you moved in here. So I do want to ask you — you really okay with this?

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Abby: Hi, mom.

Ashley: Hi, honey. Where’s the baby?

Abby: Uh, he’s staying at devon’s tonight.

Ashley: Why?

Abby: And he will be staying there for the foreseeable future.

Ashley: Was this devon’s idea?

Abby: [ Sighs ] No. It was my idea. I went to him when it became painfully clear that I can’t take proper care of my son right now. I just — I need to get myself together so I can be the best possible mother to dominic.

Ashley: I know that you’re going through such a difficult time, honey. I know you’re suffering. And I’m so proud of you that you realize that you need help with dominic. But don’t you think this is taking a really drastic step?

Abby: It just feels like the right thing to do.

Ashley: Nina and I have been helping you, right? We’re happy to step up even more, and you know that your father feels the same way. Everybody will help you —

Abby: Yes, yes, and i appreciate that. But why can’t you just support and trust that I made the right call? Why do I have to sit here and defend my actions to you?

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“The young and the restless”

will continue.

Amanda: I am more than happy to have dominic here, okay? I meant what I said before, and I mean it now, with all my heart.

Devon: Well, thank you. And thank you for not just going along with this, but actually embracing it. It means a lot.

Amanda: Listen, I — I know how worried you’ve been about abby’s emotional state and the effect on dominic. And I’m glad that abby found a way to heal herself and protect her baby in the process.

Devon: Yeah.

Amanda: I really — I think it’s a good sign that she can be aware of her situation enough to ask for help.

Devon: No, I know, and I’m — I’m grateful that she trusted me with him.

Amanda: Well, I’m not surprised. You’re the only father dominic’s ever known.

Victor: Sweetheart, neither your mother nor I want you to feel defensive. Of course we agree that devon would be a good father. He would be very good, you know? Take care of dominic. But the question that we have is, why didn’t you come to us, ask our opinion, before making this very important decision?

Abby: Dominic wouldn’t even be here if it weren’t for devon and mariah. And because of that, we share this bond that I — I can’t even really describe. Devon was there when dominic came into the world. He was one of the first people to hold him. He has been a constant presence in his life. And I know that dominic is still small, but I have to believe that when he hears his voice or sees his face, he feels comforted and at ease.

Ashley: I hear what you’re saying, and I totally appreciate it. And I know that devon has been incredibly supportive since we heard about chance. But can’t he have a more active role in dominic’s life without the baby leaving your home and upsetting his environment and his routine?

Abby: This is not a good environment for dominic to be in. I mean, I hate to say that, but every inch of this place is filled with sorrow and sadness. My intensity. Nina’s grief. And every single person that walks through the door is carrying their sadness over chance with them and their worry about me, and that is not going anywhere anytime soon.

Ashley: We’ve all made sure the baby was taken care of, though, honey. You know that.

Abby: I know. But it’s not just about keeping him fed and warm. This is about him being calm and happy in an environment filled with joy and love, somewhere that’s peaceful where he can thrive.

Victor: Well, you’ve made good points. I understand it all. But don’t you think not having dominic around is gonna take an enormous toll on you as his mother?

Sally: Alright, enough with this whole sly-guy routine. How are you so chill? Why are you not as worried about this article as I am? I know that you and your father want to ruin chanccomm, and this whole, I assume, ashland take-down was a preemptive strike on billy’s part. So, what’s gonna happen to newman media now that all this is out in the open?

Adam: You know, I could take your panic personally. It’s kind of an insult on our friendship.

Sally: And why is that?

Adam: Because I thought there was a certain trust between us.

Sally: I have a lot of trust and faith. But I like to back it up with certainty.

Adam: Sally, do I look like a guy whose world is crumbling around me?

Sally: I’m not gonna get a straight answer, am I? Alright, your confidence is allaying my fears, but not my curiosity. I still want to know more about what’s going on in that mind of yours. But I won’t ask because I know it will be futile. So I give up…

Adam: Oh!

Sally: …For now.

Adam: Thank god! Thank god.

Sally: So, why don’t we have a drink together in honor of whatever it is that put that smile on your face?

Adam: I think that sounds good.

Lily: Are the calls and texts ever gonna stop?

Billy: Not anytime soon. The story is trending now. I got three missed calls from victoria. I can only imagine what she’s gonna say.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh. Wonderful. I won’t have to wait very long. She just texted me. “You bastard. Why did you do this?” I mean…

[ Cellphone chimes ] Oh, wonderful. Now ashland’s getting in on it. “You better line up your team of lawyers.” If you’re on medicare, remember,

Sharon: You know, I hope I’m wrong, but this article just feels like the beginning of a new dark chapter in an old war between billy and the newmans.

Rey: I can’t disagree with that, but there’s nothing we can do it about, and it doesn’t affect us directly, so I say we put it out of our minds and not let it wreck our evening.

Sharon: Good idea.

Adam: No more talk about billy or ashland or adam. Acceptable topics are you, me, better, happier things.

Sharon: Like me being done with work for the day.

Rey: Exactly. Did you happen to have a chance to grab dinner tonight?

Sharon: No, I didn’T.

Rey: How would you like to go on a date with your husband?

Sharon: That sounds like a great way to end this day.

Rey: Mm.

Sally: A toast to everything you haven’t told me… and to the glorious future of newman media.

Adam: And to the people who work at the company because corporations are only as glorious as the folks who work there.

Sally: Agreed. I’m still really glad that we can hang out like this.

Adam: Like what?

Sally: Just co-workers who enjoy the occasional cocktail.

Adam: Why wouldn’t we?

Sally: I thought that maybe that gossip site, the one that implied that you and I were an item, made you skittish to be seen with me.

Adam: Look, I don’t let a bunch of gossip dictate how i live my life. I thought you were the same way.

Sally: I am. I just would hate for there to be any more fallout from our association.

Adam: Hmm. By “fallout,” you mean chelsea?

Sally: I knew that she called as soon as that trashy site posted those pictures.

Adam: Mm-hmm.

Sally: How’d that go?

Adam: Um, I didn’t talk to her at first. But, um, I cleared things up later.

Sally: Well, that’s a relief.

Adam: Even though chelsea and I are no longer romantically involved, I still want to keep the peace. It’s important to me to keep the lines of communication open because of connor. And also I hope she’s gonna be working for the fashion platform soon.

Sally: Yeah, yeah. Chloe and I have been talking about that.

Adam: Mm-hmm. The two of you would be working pretty close. So I think it’s best if we keep things clean and above board. I just — I don’t want to give her any reason to suspect there’s something more going on between us than there is.

Sally: 100%. I couldn’t agree more.

Abby: Of course I’m gonna miss dominic terribly. But I know this is in his best interests. And isn’t that what being a parent is all about — putting your child first?

Ashley: It is, honey. I just don’t want you and your needs to get lost in the process.

Abby: They won’T. So, dominic is going to stay at devon’s for the time being. That is my choice. No second thoughts. So, as his mother, that’s my final decision.

Victor: Sweetheart, how can we help you? We want to help you, after all that you’ve gone through.

Abby: Look, I would love to have that conversation, but, um, later. I’m gonna go get some rest.

Ashley: Yes, go get some sleep, honey.

Abby: [ Sighs ] Good night.

Victor: Good night, sweetheart.

Ashley: I love you.

Abby: I love you both.

Victor: [ Breathes deeply ] That’s the last thing I expected to hear when I came to check on her.

Ashley: Yeah, I was thrown, too — probably not as thrown as you, though. Devon had mentioned that he thought he should take responsibility for dominic temporarily.

Victor: When did he do that?

Ashley: Earlier today. It was a private conversation. I don’t think he had an agenda. I do believe that abby made this decision on her own.

Victor: Ah, well, I respect that he wanted your take on things.

Ashley: I’m just worried, though, in her emotional state that abby’s not thinking things through.

Victor: I agree with you. I think she’s going to live to regret not being closer to dominic.

Ashley: Well, you know what? I think what we have to do now is just leave it alone. And if she starts to show signs that she’s upset ’cause the baby is not here, we’ll just bring dominic home. I mean, this is not set in stone.

Victor: That’s right. You and I will do everything we can to help her through this.

Ashley: Of course we will.

Victor: Okay. I got to be on my way, okay?

Ashley: Okay. I’m gonna go to bed. What a day it’s been, huh? Everyone remembers the moment they heard…

Devon: Twinkle, twinkle, little man

maybe one day you’ll be a band

[ Sighs ]

Up onstage, you’ll hear the crowd roar

then you decide you’ll play ’em some more

[ Chuckles ] You like that? You do, huh? I know you do. We got another music lover in the house.

Amanda: Yeah?

Devon: Uh-huh. We’re gonna have so much fun, you and me, while you’re staying here, starting tonight. We’re gonna go through this bottle, and then we’re gonna do some burping and then maybe do some laps around the penthouse until your eyes get too heavy and you fall asleep. And then, you know, when you wake up, I’m gonna have a brand-new song ready for you. Yeah. You had enough, huh?

Abby: [ Sighs ]

Sally: So, did you really grow up on a farm?

Adam: Yep.

Sally: Okay. Don’t take this the wrong way, but, um, you don’t give off that vibe.

Adam: [ Chuckles ] Hey, I know how to milk cows, okay?

Sally: No, you don’T.

Adam: Yes, I do. And I know how to drive a tractor.

Sally: Okay, well, now you’re just showing off.

Adam: Do you have any special skills?

Sally: Mm. I can guess your weight,walk a tightrope, and juggle knives.

Adam: What?

Sally: My parents were carnies, and I learned a thing or two before I went and lived with my grams.

Adam: Okay.

[ Chuckles ] Okay, you just — you just get more interesting by the minute, don’t you? Okay, I have a question. You have to level with me because I’m curious.

[ Inhales sharply ] What’s in the funnel cakes? I mean, those things are just so wildly addictive.

Sally: Yeah, I’m having a hard time picturing the guy who introduced me to high-end single-malt scotch chowing down on what is essentially deep-friend sugar.

Adam: Hey, come on. In farm country, carnivals and county fairs — that was, like, the height of excitement for kids. And I was too young to be health-conscious, you know.

Sally: Okay, well, given that I grew up on nothing but cotton candy and corn dogs and lived to tell the tale, I doubt you did any permanent damage with a couple of days worth of junk food.

Adam: [ Laughs ] Wait a minute. Did your parents’ carnival ever go through kansas?

Sally: Um…I don’t remember. Why? Is that where your farm was? Are you wondering if we crossed paths as little kids?

Adam: I need to know this, okay? I got a perfect score on the ring toss one year, and I won the big — the big stuffed animal. But the people at the booth — they would only give me this tiny little cheap on.

Sally: [ Laughs ]

Adam: And I felt so cheated.

Sally: I’m sorry. That sounds like one hell of a villain origin story.

Adam: I-I need to make sure that your family wasn’t involved in this.

Sally: Honestly…it kind of sounds like something they might do. But there is no proof. So hopefully I won’t end up on your enemy list, next to billy abbott.

Adam: [ Laughs ] Not a chance.

[ Footsteps approaching ]

Sally: I — maybe. We’ll see.

Rey: You want to go somewhere else?

Sharon: No, of course not. Why would I?

Adam: And you’re out there slinging corn dogs and…

Lily: Are you gonna let victoria know that you did not approve the article?

Billy: I’m not talking to anyone until I know who did this and we have a game plan.

Lily: Okay, well, we have to put out some sort of retraction immediately.

Billy: There’s no point. The genie’s out of the bottle. It’s not going back in.

Lily: It doesn’t matter. We can say that we didn’t fully approve the story or — or that, you know, the only reason why it was released is because we were hacked.

Billy: And we will look like a bunch of amateurs who are out of control.

Lily: We weren’t in control, billy. That’s the point.

Billy: One thing I don’t understand — why would ashland say, “get your team of lawyers ready,” when we all know that the story is true?

Gaines: Because the story is not true. I made the whole thing up in order to hurt you.

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