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Brook lynn! Oh, do not “brook lynn” me. Have we not reached a point in our relationship where we actually consider each other friends? We have. Yeah, friends who not only puzzle but who also watch movies together, which is an act of trust, because there’s nothing worse than watching a movie with someone who doesn’t like the movie that you picked. You know, the whole time, they just make snarky comments and complain. Okay, I don’t do that. Yeah, which is exactly my point. We’ve got a good thing going. Why mess it up? Look, I don’t want to mess anything up. I want to help you, which is why you have to tell me exactly what happened the night that bailey was born. Hey. What are you guys doing here? Is the baby okay? Everything’s fine, gladys. I just had to pick up some prenatal vitamins. But, uh, what are you doing here? Picking up something for my migraine. When’d you start having migraines? Is it the office lighting? No. My demanding boss. Blq’s piling on the work like there’s no tomorrow. She even insisted I eat lunch at my desk and stay until 5:00. Despicable. I thought brook lynn was rewarding you with some “me time.” What changed?

Ma petite, I will be home in time to see you and butterscotch win your competition.

[ Speaks french ] Listen, uh, before you go, will you do me a favor and put bailey on the speaker so she can hear my voice?

Mon ange…

[ Speaking french ] Be a good girl. I miss you. I love you both.

Au revoir. Oh, you’re so good at that. Oh.

[ Chuckles ] Yeah. You were born to be a father. I don’t know if I was born to be. I’ve made plenty of mistakes. Me too. I don’t want to make any more. At the risk of sounding redundant, we’ve got to find peter, and we have got to stop him. And I understand there’s a way to make that happen. No. The wsb cannot give victor immunity. There’s got to be another way. Scott: Alright, now, listen, there’s no reason to take him to the interrogation room. I’ve waited long enough. I demand to see my client. Mr. Cassadine, tell the guard that we have things to discuss. Officer, mr. Baldwin and i have a right to privacy. Please, uh — please leave.

[ Cell door unlocks ] So what’s this about?

[ Cell door closes ] We hardly know each other, and I certainly haven’t hired you as my attorney. True, but we have one thing in common — liesl obrecht. And you are going to help me find her. Alright, good luck. Not that you’ll need it. This exhibit’s bound to be a triumph. Yeah, well, thanks to trina. I’m just glad that I get to share it with you. When I think about how close we came to losing each other… you sure you’re up for this? It’s not about them. We’re here for trina. This is her big night. Joss is coming, right? Yeah, she’s just at volleyball practice right now. You guys are good? Everything’s okay. Yeah. This show is spectacular! Hi, cam. Hey. I cannot believe I am the mother of its curator. Well, ava deserves the credit for hosting it, and mr. Quartermaine for underwriting it. And you for coming up with the idea and making it happen. Amen, cam. There is no need for false modesty here. Speaking of spectacular, you look amazing. Is curtis joining you? Yes, curtis is coming. He probably just got held up at the club. Who the hell are you, and what do you want from me? You really don’t know, do you? Why should I? I don’t know. I guess I’m the man you’ve been searching for your whole life. And now you’ve found him.

Just talk me through it step by step, how you managed to pull a fast one and slip away, only to wind up having your baby in a hotel. This is none of your business. Okay, whatever’s going on, it has to do with bailey. Valentin — he’s going to start suspecting something sooner or later. Come on, brook lynn, what is it? You can talk to me. What are you hiding? Do you really want to have this conversation right now? It’s kind of cold.

[ Clears throat ] Okay, fine. Let’s go inside. I got time. You have no say on what the bureau will or will not ultimately do to peter august. Neither do you, district attorney scorpio. You know, did you talk to the mercenary that we have in custody? He’s just down the hall. We airlifted him in from greece. He’s lucky to be alive, so I’m sure he’ll be cooperative. Nice try, kid. That guy’s a guppy, and you know it. Victor’s the big fish. We get him to flip, and we may actually lay our hands on peter august. At what cost? We’re going to let victor set his own terms?

[ Cellphone ringing ] Yeah? Scorpio. Really? Yeah. I’ll be right down. What is it? Seems that, uh, victor’s got himself a visitor. I’d like to check that out. Oh, and by the way, the bureau have accorded anna and myself a — a courtesy call, if you like, to make a recommendation on victor’s behalf. Meaning they’re going to do what they want to do anyway. Translation — we can’t stop the wsb from making a deal with the devil. I have an idea. I know you by reputation, mr. Baldwin. Uh, ditto. And what I know about you, I don’t like. I’m not fond of criminals that, uh, hijack me, drug me, and then throw me out of a plane. And yet here you are. “Yet”? Yeah, here I am. And here you are in jail. Funny how that worked out. Had it not been for me, there would have been no parachute. Well, I — I don’t think you’ll be getting a thank-you card from me. Did you really do that out of the kindness of your heart? No, I did it for liesl’s heart. So you’re right about that. We do have that in common. We both care for liesl very much. Well, let’s not compare obsession with love. Clearly, we’re not friends, and I haven’t hired you. So why are you here? I already told you. You are going to help me bring liesl home. As far as hiring me, you want to walk out of here free as a bird? Well, then, you need me, victor. Mom, promise me you’ll chill. Spencer cut ties with his dad. Yeah, he didn’t like that ava controlled his trust fund, so he told both of them that he didn’t want or need the cassadine money. Mm-hmm. You’re telling me that spencer cassadine is in the wild, on his very own? He’s independent and working at kelly’S. Cam is his boss. That is a fact. Okay. Okay. Well, that’s a step in the right direction for spencer. I just haven’t forgotten about how he treated you. And I certainly hope you don’t, either. Mom, I don’t have time for spencer. I have a show to run. That you do, beautiful.

[ Chuckles ] I’ll let you get to it. Good. Her mom left. Now’s our chance. Let’s go say hi and wish trina luck tonight. Then again… “then again” what? I’ll bet trina would rather be alone with cameron. Enough stalling, brook lynn. What is going on?

[ Sighs ] Okay, you’re right. I gave yuri the slip. I had no guarantee that I was going to give birth that night, but I just — I knew I wanted to do it alone. Without the father’s knowledge. Why? Chase, you have to remember, valentin and i weren’t on the best of terms at the time. I mean, yeah, we had that one night, but we didn’t exactly trust each other. That’s why he put a bodyguard on me, to watch my every move. Yeah, I remember when you came to my apartment with yuri. I also remember you stressed about the pregnancy. Well, yeah, I was looking at a lifetime being tied to valentin, and I didn’t want to be controlled. And you know how he is. He takes ownership over everything. And, yeah, we had an agreement, but I had no guarantee that he would honor it. So as my, you know, due date rapidly approached, I just — I felt like I had to get away, send a message — “valentin, I will not let you control me or my baby.” And given his history, can you blame me? You take a look at this. This is a sketch of a man that’s been going around town asking questions about me. He started with my nephew, moved on to my friend. Hell, you even asked questions to my bartender. Look. This is you. But you come in here, and you tell me that I’m looking for you? Make it make sense. Did you go to the cops? Is that a police sketch? That’s what concerns you? Man, what is your deal? For all I know, you’re the one that scared off my act that I had booked here the other night. So what? Lucky for you, a-a talented artist showed up, and you — you had a good night. Look, you know what? Luck had nothing to do with it. Look, your boy linc said that he owed you a favor. He also claimed that he wasn’t mobbed up. I don’t know, maybe you are. But don’t think that I didn’t notice how he double-timed it out of here when you told him to kick rocks. Wait a minute.

[ Scoffs ] That’s the same night joey novak got jumped. Because he was trying to muscle in on something that you wanted. It’s all connected, isn’t it? Oh, it’s connected. But not like you think. Okay. Well, you got about 10 seconds to clarify things before I throw your ass out of here.

And valentin havesome kind of binding agreement where he gave up his voting shares in elq? Yeah, and he could share in bailey’s life. Wouldn’t that include being present at her birth? Yes, it did. Problem is, as soon as the ink dried, everyone told me not to do it. My family… and maxie, too? Maxie was very persuasive. And as my, um, due date got closer, the more unsure I got. And I knew I couldn’t back out of the deal, but I just — I couldn’t share the birth with valentin. It was just too intimate. I would be too vulnerable. So I told everyone I was going to brooklyn. My friend cece helped me cover, and I got a room in a hotel. In ithaca. Why a hotel and not a hospital? I couldn’t risk valentin being able to track me down. So I had the doula meet me in the hotel, and I ended up giving birth that night. And that’s where I called michael to come and pick me up. He came with — with willow to pick me and the baby up and bring us home. And when we arrived, valentin just swooped in and was immediately involved, just like I said. But at least I had that time with bailey for myself. End of story. Okay. I mean, what you’re saying, it — it makes sense, from your point of view. You know, I-I get your family history. I get valentin’s history. It’s a good story. It’s almost too good. The only thing that’s changed is brook lynn quartermaine started treating me like dirt. So much for my raise or promotion. Now I’m back to shopping at soles for less and settling for last year’s markdowns. Well, uh, we’d better get going, or we’ll be late for the opening. Yeah. Oh, what — what opening? Ava jerome’s art gallery. There’s a new exhibit. Hmm. La-di-da. Have fun. I’ll just go back to the apartment, microwave something while I work on the pile of paperwork I brought home.

[ Chuckles, clicks tongue ] As senior partner, I say you do no such thing. You’re coming with us. Right, brando? Y-you’re the boss. Thanks. But you know I don’t deserve that. Probably not. But it — it is rude to turn down an invitation. Well, if you put it like that.

[ Chuckles ] Can we stop by the office so I can grab some makeup? It will just be a quick stop. What about your headache? I’m starting to feel better.

[ Elevator bell dings ] This exhibit is amazing. Kudos to you, trina. How were you able to land this? What she’s too modest to say is that once trina puts her mind to something, she’s absolutely unstoppable. You would know, right? What? Hey, where’s joss? Isn’t she coming tonight? She’s at volleyball practice. She’ll be here later. Hopefully not too late. I’m glad I was able to clear my schedule tonight to be here, you know, for trina’s sake. You probably have yet to forgive me for the things that happened between me and spencer. What occurs between you and your son is really none of my concern. But those things affected my daughter, and trina is always going to be my priority. She tells me that spencer is trying to change, and, honestly, I wish him well. I sincerely hope that he sets a good example for his father.

[ Monitor beeping ] Wait. I know you. Yeah, I thought you might. I was a prisoner at the compound. You were a guard. Relax. I don’t care about you. I’m looking for your boss. Forget it. I don’t know anything, and I’m not talking. Yeah, I was expecting you to say that. Is that truth serum? How’d you get sodium pentothal? You got a doctor in your pocket. Uh, no, this is a reputable hospital. I don’t just get truth serum. This is a syringe full of air. Do you know what 10cc of air will do when it enters your bloodstream? It makes a bubble that will go straight to your heart or your brain, and you die. No, no, no, no, no. Want to try again? Sir, you got about five more seconds. Maybe… maybe that’s why I’m here. To answer all your questions, going back years. Will you stop talking in damn riddles? What the hell are you doing here? Are you trying to ruin me? Are you after my business? Or is it personal? It’s personal, curtis. But I-it’s not the way you think. You — curtis, you got to believe me. I’m not your enemy, man. Far from it. Oh, yeah? Then what the hell are you?

My name is marshall… thomas ashford. And who I am is your father. You’re lying. I’m not lying.

[ Inhales sharply ] My father died of a heart attack when I was a kid. Okay? Now, I’ve asked you what you were doing here, you won’t tell me. So you can get the hell out of here before I physically remove you myself. I know. I know it’s hard — it’s hard to accept. I, uh… I must seem like some — some distant memory to you, something — something you can’t fit into the life you have now. I get that. I get that, son. But look at me. Look at me! Look at me through a son’s eyes and tell me you can’t see it, that you can’t — that you can’t recognize me. Thanks. How is the gunshot wound? Is he responding to treatment? Di d we ever receive mr. Fraser’smedical records from crete? Okay. Well, I-I guess it’s enough that he was airlifted here. Um… no. No, no, no, no. The last thing that he needs is to be questioned about peter august and victor cassadine right now. No, he needs to rest. So no visitors. I’m not sure where you’re quite going with that, but just to be clear, trina and I are friends, first, last, and always. Um, guys, I need to circulate. Methinks the gentleman protests too much. Champagne? None for me, thanks. I’d love some. Enjoy. I have a confession. After weeks of bed rest and taking it easy, I have missed the glitterati. Mm. Oh, me too. You know, if it were up to miss bossy pants, I’d never get to attend a function like this again. I’ll grab you a sparkling water. Mm! Grab me another glass of champagne while you’re at it. I’m planning on a fun night. Mm! Excuse me. What’s wrong, mom? Nothing. Uh, for a second, I thought I knew that guy. Must be the — the bubbles.

[ Clears throat ] Speaking of the bubbles… on it. One sparkling water and a glass of champagne. CanapĆ©? I had to keep what I did secret, okay? Even from you. I couldn’t risk anyone giving valentin doubt in my story, for fear that he’d cry “breach of contract” and then take back the elq shares. I’m sorry. I just couldn’t let that happen, chase. So you came up with a lie. Look, I did what I had to do ultimately for the people I love. Now, if you want to arrest me, go ahead, but you’re really ruining our movie night.

[ Clears throat ] You know, there’s a surprising amount of merit in what you’re suggesting. And if you are able to make good on your claims, uh, it’s possible I’d be willing to retain your services, mr. — Baldwin!

[ Cell door unlocks ] What are you doing here? You’re a bit out of your depth, aren’t you?

[ Cell door closes ] This is a bit bigger than a slip-and-fall. Officer, show this man the exit. No, that won’t be necessary. Mr. Baldwin here is my attorney. You’re more desperate than I thought. Well, now, listen here, mr. D.A. I know you’re no longer with the wsb, but you do have a direct line there, so you might want to give them a heads-up. About what? Well, let’s see.

[ Clears throat ] In about an hour, I’m going to host a press conference with every major outlet. And I’m going to tell them how the wsb goofed up. They could have had peter august’s head on a platter, but instead, they dropped the ball. You know, you might get

the invader to turn up to something like that, but no one else is going to care. I’m not really finished yet, okay? Then I’m going to tell them how the wsb is afraid of my client not only because of what he knows about peter august but all of the dirty dealings that went on in the wsb when he was the director. You know, you go ahead and do that, you’ll be tied up in espionage suits for the rest of your life. Well, that may be true. But the damage will be done. This smells of your idea. Actually, it was mr. Baldwin who came up with it. Kind of brilliant for an ambulance chaser, wouldn’t you agree? You can’t do this! Help! What the hell are you doing? Wha– you’re just supposed to talk to him. He’s crazy. He’s trying to kill me. This is not what we discussed at all. Uh-oh. All I have to do is push down this plunger, and victor cassadine writes one last holiday card this year. You’ve got it all wrong! I quit victor. Right. It’s true! What, you did? You got a better offer from peter august? I changed sides. And look what I got to show for it. Another inch, and they say the bullet would have hit my heart. If you work for peter, you know where he was heading when he left the compound. Possibly. What’s it worth to you? Oh… you want to negotiate. I see. Start with six figures and a new identity. I guess our hands are tied. I think so. Yeah. Aah!

You’re crazier than he is. If that air bubble reaches my heart — yeah, you’re going to wish that the bullet had been an inch closer, because it would have been quicker. Do something. There’s always hyperbaric oxygen therapy. That’s the only way I know how to break up a bubble. But you’ll need a doctor for that. I’ll tell you what you want to know. Where is peter august? Help me, and I’ll tell you. Alright, let’s get out of here. Wait! Cassadine island. Now help me! Get a doctor! Get the air bubble out! What air bubble? I’m sure the press will be especially captivated with the little details of that coup the wsb orchestrated in central america. Remember that one, robert? It’s up to you, amigo. Your lawyer has already pointed one thing out, and that is I’m no longer a part of the agency. Yeah, but you’re the facilitator. Look, robert, peter’s got liesl. I know you don’t care about liesl, but I do. I do know that you care about maxie. And as long as peter’s out there, she will not be safe. So we can wrangle around here all day, but I think we should cut to the chase. There are lives on the line — loved ones’ lives. For this to work, the info has got to be legit. Otherwise, the bureau’s never going to buy it. It’s up to you to convince them. Make it happen, robert. Get me released, or let peter august get away with murder… again. Do you know this, um, patient from crete? The airlifting aspect caught my attention. When is the star of the evening expected to arrive? You’re changing the subject. It makes me wonder why, like maybe there is an actual threat out there, maybe from your own family? It’s official. The panda photo is my favorite. I’ll have to make sure to look out for it. Oh, I-I’m sorry. Am I interrupting? Trina, please, introduce me to your friend. Oh, right. You two haven’t met. Mom, this is spencer’s girlfriend, esme prince. And, esme, this is my mom, dr. Portia robinson. So nice to meet you. I was just telling trina how impressive all of this is. I’m sure you’re very proud. That I am. So, esme, I hear that you have been in town as long as spencer has, which means you’re either the angel on his shoulder or something else altogether. I’m just the girl spence loves, dr. Robinson. I’ll be sure to look out for that panda. Steer clear of that one. I’m trying. My earliest memories of my mom and my aunt stella, two of the most honest people I have ever known, was of them taking my brother and me to the cemetery to put flowers on my father’s grave. Now, why would they make that up — the plot, the headstone, standing around wiping the tears from two little boys’ eyes? Why would they make that up if it wasn’t true? Look, I know. I know you have a lot of questions, but it’s going to take time.

[ Scoffs ] F-forget time, okay? It takes facts. Fact is, my father died just after my third birthday, okay? I held on to that birthday present he gave me well after I had outgrown it. Now, those are facts. The toy lawnmower.

[ Laughs ] The toy lawnmower. Oh, I-I-I’m glad. How did you know that? Who told you? Nobody had to tell me, boy. I gave it to you!

You let my late mother and my brother, aunt stella, and me believe that you were dead. But the truth is that — if you just — if you just give me a chance, I will try to explain. You know what? Save it, okay? I don’t need to hear it, because anything you say is going to be about you, not about me. There’s absolutely nothing you can say to justify this. You know, you were right earlier. My father is a distant memory. And there is no good explanation for you making my brother and me grieve our entire lives over a man who wasn’t even dead. Okay. Okay, I understand. You — I understand you are upset. You couldn’t possibly understand. We thought you had died of a heart attack. Do you understand what it’s like for a child to grow up under that shadow, knowing from the start that life is short, that good guys don’t always win? Do you know how hard it was to watch mama and aunt stella scrape and save every penny to make ends meet, trying their damnedest to raise two little black boys in baltimore, maryland, a complicated place to navigate? Do you know what that feels like? No, you don’T. You know what you did? You put in motion a lifetime of uncertainty and instability and pain throughout my whole family, all because the man of the house, the breadwinner, our protector, our father had supposedly died and wasn’t there for us. Okay, spare me the dramatics, brook lynn. I’m not accusing you of a crime. I’m just trying to find maxie’s baby. Then why are you interrogating me? Look, I started retracing all the steps that led up to the abduction, and I stumbled onto you giving your bodyguard the slip that night. Okay. I’m still not sure how this relates to maxie. Neither do i at the moment. But when a bell goes off in my head, I ask questions until I get answers. Well, you told me that you’re a little rusty with your detective skills, so chalk this up to a night of me helping you sharpen them. I’ve got to go. I’m going to, uh, ava’s gallery opening. Nice try, brook lynn. But I know there’s something else you’re hiding. When you grabbed that syringe and jabbed it in his arm, I think I may have been as shocked as he was. Oh. [ Chuckles ] It was classic. It was gutsy, diabolical. You’re such a flirt. Well, word has it that our friend from crete had a rather strange encounter with a syringe. Oh. Must be delusional. Mm. Whatever. I just don’t want to know about it. Great. ‘Cause, uh, we have a good lead on where peter is. Me too. But you’re not going to like it. You’re the toast of the town tonight, so let’s just toast to that and forget everything else. Nikolas… victor is here in a pcpd jail cell, and now one of his mercenaries is at G.H.? Am I supposed to ignore this cassadine stain that is spreading to our doorstep? Maybe you can, but I can’T. CanapĆ©? I’ll have one of those. Hi, paulie. What’s new? Let’s suppose I, uh… I deserve everything you’ve said. I don’t know. Maybe I shouldn’t have — maybe I shouldn’t have sprung things on you this way. Why did you? Even if it is true, and I’m not saying it’s so, why now, why today? I wanted — curtis, I wanted to come before. But I couldn’T. You couldn’t? What does that mean? It wasn’t safe. It wasn’t safe? What are you talking about? It wasn’t safe for all of us. All of us, curtis. But when — when I was finally able to show my face, I saw — I saw you needed me. That’s when I came forward. Curtis, if we — if we could just — just take it a step at a time, man, I promise… I promise you’ll understand. In time. In time, you’ll understand everything.

this place is amazing. I mean, you crushed it!

[ Chuckles ] Thank you. Does it bother you that those two are almost a thing? Why do you keep bringing that up? Cam already said that it’s no big deal. Clearly, they’ve moved on. Maybe. But from what I can see, the sparks are still lingering. I know, it’s a lot to ask. But you got to trust me. You know what? You can forget that, okay? I don’t know you. I don’t trust you. And I damn sure don’t need you. So you can just get the hell out of here and don’t do me any favors. Okay. Fair enough. Fair enough. I’ll go… for now. I know you probably don’t have any family photos with me in them. Maybe — maybe this one with me and your mama and you and tommy will make up for that. That’s precious memories, boy. Precious memories.

[ Door opens ]

[ Door closes ] I-I think you have me confused with someone else. Oh, yeah, I’m confused, alright. First, you scare me into keeping my trap shut about brook lynn’s baby, and now you’re a cater waiter? Kip, billy just booked a commercial tomorrow night. You’re going in as nathan detroit. Congrats. Kip. You’re an actor?

[ Chuckles ] What else is fake about you? Oh, like you being the father of brook lynn’s baby, for instance. Sooner or later, the truth always comes out. I wish you would forget I’m a cop and just trust me as your friend. I got to get going, chase. My father’s underwriting the exhibit, and, um, I don’t want to disappoint him. That’s what worries me.

[ Sighs ] Can you blame me for worrying? As long as victor remains in town, remains in your life, there’s going to be trouble. My uncle has no hold over me. I let the world believe he was dead. He returned the favor. We’re even. All debts are paid. And besides, he’s behind bars. He’s about to be shipped off to the hague or some other wsb facility, never to be heard from again. You promise? Promise. Now, relax. Enjoy your big night. Everything is going to be all right. Robert, don’t do this. We don’t need victor. We can track peter on our own. We can. What is it? What happened? This isn’t just about finding peter. Of course it isn’T. Victor was director of the wsb. He knows where the bodies are buried, the blown ops that can’t see the light of day. They just don’t want him to talk. Scott: Okay, all the paperwork has been signed, sealed, and delivered. Come on, open up. Now, tell me where liesl is so I can go there and get her. Wait a minute. What are you doing? Hey, hey, hey, hey! We had a deal here, cassadine!

[ Cell door closes ]

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