Days Short Recap Monday, November 15, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Xander told Maggie that he was in love with Gwen. She couldn’t believe that he fell for someone like her. He tried to defend Gwen and explain that what she did was an accident. Maggie told him that what she did to Abby and Chad wasn’t an accident. Kristen wanted Gwen’s help or she would go to Xander with the truth about Sarah’s disappearance. Gwen knew why Sarah left town. Kristen told her that it wasn’t Sarah that left Xander. The devil Kristen tried to seduce John. Marlena told him not to give in to her. He let her know that he refused to give in to Devil Kristen. She wanted to make Marlena leave them. Rafe apologized to Ava for what happened between her and Gabi. EJ and Nicole were about the make love when she tried to stop him. She said Allie and Henry were in the next room. She stopped him again because she felt like a bigger slut than she did. Gwen tried to understand what Kristen did to pretend to be Sarah. Kristen told her what she did to pretend to be Sarah. Devil Kristen told Marlena what she planned to do to John. Marlena said she wouldn’t be able to seduce John. Devil Kristen was convinced she could get John to be with her and she wouldn’t be able to do anything about it.

Gwen didn’t believe Kristen did anything to Sarah. Devil Kristen continued to tempt John, but he reminded her that she wasn’t the real Kristen. He said the real Kristen was obsessed with Brady. She told him that she was the Kristen he wanted. EJ wanted to know why Nicole refused to make love to him. He asked when was the last time she had sex. She let it slip that she had it on Halloween. He was surprised he had competition. He said that he didn’t have an ego and they weren’t exclusive. He didn’t think she should feel bad about it. Nicole said that she was with someone she knew. She said he wasn’t anything like him. EJ figured out that she slept with Rafe. Xander wanted Maggie to talk to Jack about Gwen. Maggie told him that she knew Abby since she was born. She would have felt like she was betraying the family if she defended Gwen. Marlena didn’t want John to give in to the devil. The Devil Kristen recapped what happened when John met her. She said he could be her hero again. Maggie agreed to talk to Jack about Gwen. Xander was happy about it. Devil Kristen thought she got through to John, but he refused to be tempted by her. She said she would wait for him.

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