Y&R Short Recap, Monday November 15 2021

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Recap written by Christine

It turned out that Victor and Adam blackmailed Gaines into double crossing Billy. Adam and Victor were pleased that their attack on Billy was going so well. Adam said there was more to come. Billy and Lily learned that someone hacked Billy’s email account and used it to send an email authorizing the Ashland article to be published. Billy suspected that Adam and Victor were behind this, but Lily didn’t think they’d do that to Newman Media and Newman/Locke. Billy received an angry text from Victoria and one from Ashland that threatened to sue. Just as Billy wondered why Ashland would sue over a true story, Gaines appeared and said he’d made the whole thing up to hurt Billy. Sally couldn’t figure out why Adam was unfazed over the Ashland article. He told her that things weren’t what they seemed. Adam and Sally shared drinks and learned about each other’s childhoods. Adam wanted to keep things above board with Sally because he didn’t want their friendship to cause any issues with Chelsea. Sharon worried about the Newman/Billy feud. She and Rey put that aside and went to dinner, where they saw Adam and Sally. Rey asked if Sharon wanted to leave, and Sharon said she didn’t. Abby didn’t feel like she could properly tend to Dominic in her state. She asked Devon if he could take care of Dominic for the foreseeable future, and he said yes. Amanda assured Devon that she was happy to have Dominic stay with them. Abby suggested she might leave town to clear her head, and Devon tried to talk her into staying around her support system. Devon remembered Neil talking to him about raising children.

Victor and Ashley thought it was drastic for Abby to move Dominic out of the house. Abby got defensive, so they didn’t push it. Abby secretly left home with an overnight bag.


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