Days Short Recap Friday, November 12, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Gwen told Melinda that she was willing to suffer the consequences of confessing to Jack about her miscarriage if it meant Xander could get his money back. Melinda was willing to call her bluff. She said she knew her secret was exposed. She said Xander called her and let her know about Gwen. A guard brought Kristen to the interrogation room. She overheard Gwen talking to Melinda. Kristen heard Gwen say Xander was all she had left. Gwen said he has been there for her when no one else has. She asked Melinda to let Xander get his money back. Melinda said she couldn’t help her. Melinda saw Kristen. Melinda told her Brady didn’t want to see her. Melinda walked off. Kristen was brought in the interrogation room. She told Gwen she was going to break her out of there. Xander went to see Jack in order to defend Gwen. Jack said there would always be a place in his heart for Gwen, but he would never forgive her for what she did to Abby. He said he wouldn’t forgive Xander either. Xander said he was protecting him. Xander said he didn’t want to hurt him. Jack told him to look how that came out. Xander told Jack he has been a bad friend. He said he was looking out for Gwen. He said he loved her. Jack said God help them both. Xander reminded him that he has been given many second chances himself. He said if he couldn’t do it for Gwen, she was better off without him. Abby talked to Chad about her conversation with Jack. She said she never wanted to take Gwen from Jack. Chad said all she did was tell the truth. He said it was on Gwen. He said he was glad they could heal. He said they had trust issues to work on, but he was hopeful. Abby did too. Marlena brought Susan (as a cat) to see John. John asked Marlena why she brought a cat in there. She said she thought he would want to see an old friend. Marlena changed the cat. Susan was wrapped around John’s leg. John yelled at Susan until she stopped being a cat.

Susan tried to reach out to Marlena by bringing up John’s love. The devil came out. Susan got on her knees and started praying. John tried to reach out to Marlena. He told her it was their anniversary. He said he would never give up on her. He told her to fight for them. Marlena and Susan passed out. Marlena was back in control. She saw John tied up. She said she would get him out of there. She said it would be okay. Susan stood up. Her eyes were yellow. She told Marlena that it wouldn’t be okay. The devil said Susan’s connection to the spirit world gave them access to her body. Marlena told Susan not to hurt John. Susan threw her across the room and told her she couldn’t stop her. Susan told John they wouldn’t hurt Marlena because they had things to accomplish. John told the devil he was going to stop him. The devil said it was time to get John out of the equation. John said they could kill him, but they would never kill his and Marlena’s love. Susan said there was a better way to break Marlena’s spirit than by killing her. She said he was going to have him betray Marlena in the worst way. He said he would never betray Marlena for another woman. He said he certainly wouldn’t do it for Susan. Susan asked what about his old flame Kristen. It turned out to be Eileen Davidson as Kristen.

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