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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Philip was upset about Chloe’s conversation with Brady. He broke a glass in his hand. Later he ended up talking to Victor. Victor told Philip that he found out from Trask that he was in cahoots with Ava. Philip said he didn’t have a choice. He said he had to get rid of Jake and Gabi. Victor said he was a moron and fired him. Philip asked Victor if Brady was taking his place. Philip said Brady took his girl and now he was taking his job. Victor thought it was funny that he thought Brady was sleeping with Chloe. Philip said he hoped whoever ran Titan would burn it down. He said he hoped Victor watched it blow up in flames. Brady and Chloe talked about Nicole and Rafe having sex on the conference room table. He told her to make sure Philip knew nothing happened between them. She said Philip wouldn’t confront him about it because he trusts her. He got a message from Kristen’s lawyer. She wanted to see him. Brady thought Kristen wanted to see Rachel. He said he couldn’t let Kristen back in their lives. Brady left a message saying he didn’t want to see or hear from her. He thanked Chloe for her help. He said she was a good friend.

Trask went to the interrogation room to make a deal with Jake. She said she would drop the charges if he would say Philip was blackmailing her. He took the deal. When Trask left to get the paperwork, an officer brought Ava in the room. Gabi rubbed it in to Ava that Jake was free because he made a deal. She said Ava would never get out. Ava said she was innocent. Gabi said no one would believe her about Charlie. A police officer brought Jake papers to sign before Jake and Gabi left. Trask met with Ava. Ava said she was lying about Charlie. She said she was the one who killed Carmine. She said she killed him in self-defense. Trask didn’t believe her. Ava was going to use her family name. Ava said she would walk on murder charges. She told her to quit while she was okay. Jake and Gabi went back to Rafe’s house. They saw the outline of tape where Carmine’s brother. They talked about whether or not Charlie and Nick were alive. Ava came in the house and told Gabi that she took her advice and told Trask what she wanted. Abby went to see Jack. He said he told Gwen he would never understand what she did to her. He said he hoped she got the message that she wasn’t welcomed. He said he couldn’t stand what Gwen did to her. He said he really couldn’t stand the fact she did it with his help. Abby said she was okay. Jack told Abby that Gwen was still his daughter and he would still love her, but he wasn’t going to have his family accept her. He said she was his problem. Abby brought up what led to Gwen falling down the stairs. She told him to give Gwen another chance. He said he wouldn’t do it. Gwen told Xander what happened with Jack. She told him that Abby said she wasn’t capable of loving anyone. He asked if that left them friends. She said she didn’t want to deal with real feelings. She said she never should have come to town. He said they wouldn’t have met. He asked if he was worth it. She said he was the only one who put himself on the line for her. Gwen told Xander that they should take his money and leave town. He said they couldn’t because Trask had it. Gwen was shocked that he protected her again. He said she was the best thing that ever happened to him. She said she wouldn’t let Trask get away with taking his money. He said he would make Jack change his mind.

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