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paulina: You’re sure you don’t want me to fluff your pillows again?

Abe: [Chuckles] You know, you’ve been fluffing my pillows ever since you got here. Why don’t we just consider them sufficiently fluffed?

Paulina: Would you like some water?

Abe: Uh, I have water in my hand. You’ve given me water.

Paulina: I’m sorry.

Abe: Don’t be sorry. I just– I just wanna know, is something bothering you?

Paulina: Oh, okay. I will tell you, I’m worried about you.

Abe: I’m fine.

Paulina: See, see, that’s what I’m talking about. You–you were shot! You’re in a hospital bed. No, you’re not fine. And you–I’m so scared of you being so you. You’re gonna push yourself too hard and not take the time you need to recover and you’re gonna hurt yourself.

Abe: You heard what kayla said.

Paulina: I still think we should postpone the wedding.

Abe: Look, we–we have talked about this. There’s no reason to postpone the wedding.

Marlena: Look you are about to take a sacred oath to be–to be true to abe. And how can you do that knowing that you’re– you’re lying to him about being lani’s mother?

Paulina: Yes, there is. We just need to know that you’re okay, that you’re strong enough.

Abe: I told you, I’ll be fine. But maybe that’s not the problem. Maybe the problem is you don’t want to get married.

Lani: I just cannot stop thinking about how weird it is that aunt paulina asked me to be her matron of honor.

Theo: All I asked was if you wanted cool ranch or flamin’ hot?

Lani: Flaming hot.

Theo: And why is it weird? I mean, she’s your aunt, he’s your dad. Why shouldn’t you be the matron of honor?

Lani: A matron. Like, what a terrible word. Like I’m running a prison or something.

Theo: Is that why you don’t want to do it? Because you don’t like the word?

Lani: No, I wanna do it. It’s just– yes, I’m aunt paulina’s niece, but chanel is her daughter. I don’t–I mean, but yeah, aunt paulina did call me later and she said that everything was fine because chanel was gonna give her away.

Theo: Okay, then what’s the problem?

Lani: I don’t know. I just– I really wanna make sure that it’s okay with chanel.

Chanel: Tthere you are. I expected you back 45 minutes ago.

Johnny: So did I.

Chanel: What happened?

Johnny: Well, I was delivering the cake for those people’s 56th anniversary.

Chanel: Yeah, that was six blocks away. It should’ve taken you like 15 minutes at most.

Johnny: Yeah, but when I dropped off the cake, they seemed like they wanted to tip me. Then I told them they didn’t have to, but it seemed like they really wanted to. Then they told me their family wasn’t coming and that they had a grandson my age. And then they wanted me to have a piece of the cake. Really good cake, by the way.

Chanel: You had cake with them?

Johnny: And looked at their wedding pictures.

Chanel: [Chuckles] Well, for a dimera, you’re kind of mush.

Johnny: It’s called empathy. And it’s what makes me such a brilliant director.

Chanel: And a really inefficient delivery boy. So was someone not home or did you just forget to deliver that?

Johnny: Oh, this? No, this is not a delivery. This is for you. See, I think it’s time for us to start getting serious.

Ciara: Ben, I know that you trust susan ’cause she helped you find me. And now you know that whatever vision she’s had has nothing to do with you. So please just hold on to that for me, okay?

Ben: I will. But it just doesn’t change the fact that she thinks that there’s somebody out there trying to harm our child.

Ciara: Yeah, but who? Who could it possibly be?

Ben: I don’t know. But I wish I did.

Susan: Dr. Marlena evans, I care about ben weston and ciara brady weston just as much as you do. It’s just what is coming towards them is a real doozy and it’s just too big, too dark, too powerful for even a big deal psychiatrist like yourself to handle on your own.

Marlena: How dare you presume to tell me what I can and can’t handle.

Susan: Well, I just meant–

Marlena: You know what? I’ve managed just fine for all these years without you. Why don’t you go back to memphis? I’m sure roger’s missing you.

Susan: No. I will not go back to memphis. Not until I figure out what this darkness is that I’m feeling. I just need to protect that little, innocent baby. And you know what? I don’t care if you approve or not.

Marlena: You… are not going anywhere.

Susan: [Gasps] Oh, lord almighty. I know it’s you. You’re the evil presence I felt. You’re the one that’s after the baby.

[Sinister music]

Male announcer: Like sands through the hourglass, so are the “days of our lives.”

[Soft orchestration]

Chanel: It’s time for us to start getting serious? Is this a ring? Ooh, nice presentation.

Johnny: Just open it.

Chanel: Is this your subtle way of telling me you wish I was a blonde?

Johnny: No. It’s for the movie. Celeste is a blonde.

Chanel: Oh, well, now all I need are some high heeled sneakers.

Johnny: You’ll also need to learn how to use these tarot cards.

Chanel: Ugh.

Johnny: That’s the grim reaper.

Chanel: And grim doesn’t quite catch it.

Johnny: Okay, celeste believed in these cards. You can’t act like they smell bad.

Chanel: It is a skeleton with a scythe. I should smile?

Johnny: No, no, but… you have to treat them with respect, right? I mean, you have to believe that they have power.

Chanel: Okay.

Johnny: Seriously, chanel, it’s probably gonna be the hardest part about playing this character. You believe more than anybody else in the movie, in the occult. So you have to convince the audience that you truly, completely believe that the devil is in salem.

Ciara: It just doesn’t make sense.

Ben: What doesn’t make sense?

Ciara: Well, susan said that there’s someone out there who wants to harm our baby, right?

Ben: Right.

Ciara: But we don’t know who that person is. So maybe… this time she’s off her game. I mean, I know that you trust her and usually her premonitions are right, especially when she helped you find me but maybe this particular vision has her wires crossed.

Ben: What do you mean? That this vision could be about someone else?

Ciara: Well, I feel like that makes a little bit more sense. I mean, who would want to harm an innocent baby and why do they want to come after our baby? Our baby, ben.

Marlena: Susan. Susan, you– you think I’m an evil presence? That’s really ridiculous.

Susan: No, it’s not. And it’s the truth.

Marlena: The truth. That I would want to harm ben’s baby? Look, I know you believe in these premonitions, but I just–I don’t know how you could say that to a friend.

Susan: Oh! You are not my friend!

Marlena: You don’t think I’m your friend marlena?

Susan: Nope. Uh-uh. Dr. Marlena and I are friends, but you, you are not her.

Marlena: Susan.

Susan: Mm-mm, mm-mm! You can’t fool me. I know the truth and you– you are the devil incarnate.

[Sinister music]

Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Paulina: Of course I want to marry you. How could you even say that?

Abe: Because you keep wanting to postpone the wedding.

Paulina: Because of your health. You were shot.

Abe: And I recovered. I feel fine. Almost 100%. And even if I weren’t, nothing would stop me from marrying you. Paulina… I could have died. But that reminded me not to take one minute of life for granted. You are so much– so much of my life. So next week, I want to stand up in front of god, our families, and our friends and marry you. And there’s nothing that can stop me from going through with that. Unless, you’re telling me that’s not what you want.

Paulina: I want it more than anything in the world.

Abe: You don’t sound very happy about it.

Paulina: I’m sorry.

Abe: Don’t be. You’ve been through hell. You were worried sick. Don’t–don’t worry about me. I’m not going to do anything stupid. I want to be married to you for a very long time.

Paulina: Me too. Um, do you need anything before I go?

Abe: You’re going?

Paulina: Yes, I just remembered I have an errand to run.

Theo: You know, if you’re worried about chanel, I can talk to her, see if she’s upset.

Lani: You wouldn’t mind?

Theo: You know what? I think sweet bits is just closing. I’m gonna go see if I can catch her.

Paulina: You know, you’re a really great brother.

Theo: You’re not too bad yourself.

[Both chuckle] You know, sometimes I think about what it was like when I didn’t know that I had a sister and how much better everything is now that I do.

Lani: I know exactly what you mean.

Theo: But we are brother and sister, and nothing can ever change that.

Lani: Mm-mm.

Theo: [Chuckles]

Lani: [Chuckles]

Ben: And here’s another thing. Ciara, back when I was looking for you, susan didn’t just tell me that you weren’t alive. I mean, she did everything in her power to try and help us. She tried to have more visions, she tried to understand what the visions meant. And ultimately, that is what led me to you. This woman does not quit. Which means when we have this baby, we’re gonna be a whole lot better off. We’re gonna know a lot more. We’re gonna be ready for whatever else happens. I promise you.

Ciara: Mm-hmm.

Ben: I promise you.

Ciara: Yeah, I guess that’s kind of, um, comforting.

[Knocking on door] Who is that? Did you– are you expecting company?

Shawn: Ben, ciara, you guys home?

Ciara: Oh, my god. Not now, not now!

Ben: It’s all right. Do you want me to get it?

Ciara: No, I got it, I got it, I got it, okay? I just need to calm down.

Ben: Breathe.

Ciara: [Exhales deeply]

Ben: You’re good.

Ciara: Hi.

Belle: Hi, shawn told me the good news!

Shawn: And I was sure you wanted us to stop by unannounced.

Ciara: Yeah, no, it’s fine. Well, come on in.

Belle: Oh, my gosh, how are you feeling? Are you having any morning sickness?

Ciara: Um, uh, not really. Aunt kayla said that it could come later, so–

Shawn: Ciara?

Ciara: Yeah.

Shawn: Is everything okay?

Ciara: Mm-hmm. Yeah, everything’s fine. We are super happy about our baby. It’s just, um–

Belle: It’s just what, honey?

Ciara: Well, susan banks stopped by earlier, and quite honestly, she scared the living hell out of me.

Marlena: Susan, you need to calm down, you’ve– you’ve worked yourself up into a state.

Susan: Mm-mm, mm-mm. No, you have. Mm-mm, and I don’t mean dr. Marlena evans, because she is not the person I’m looking at. She’s not even the person I’m talking to. You’re not even a person. You’re just a thing!

Marlena: You don’t think that I’m marlena?

Susan: No, no. I know you’re not.

Marlena: Oh, susan.


[Sinister music]

Demon marlena: You’re right.

Susan: [Gasps] I knew it! I knew it! I know evil when I see it, and you, you are evil as they come.

Demon marlena: I’ve dealt with people like you before, you know. People that have a little bit of psychic power and think they can best me. Celeste, now you. Let me tell you something. Your paltry powers can’t begin to compare to mine. And you will regret the day you ever took me on. I am going to unleash the full force of my powers and there is nothing you or anybody can do to stop me.

[Sinister music] This is the sound of nature breathing.

Belle: How could susan do that? Ugh, I could just strangle her.

Ciara: Well, she really did believe what she was saying.

Belle: I don’t care what she believes. You don’t come here and intentionally scare a woman who just found out she’s having a baby. Ben, I hope you threw her out.

Ciara: Well, she wasn’t trying to scare us. Really, she was just trying to warn us.

Ben: She knew ciara was pregnant. Nobody told her. She just knew.

Belle: And you believe her?

Ben: I mean, she was right before. She knew that ciara wasn’t dead. And to be honest with you, I would have never found her if it wasn’t for susan.

Shawn: Okay, okay, but there’s another way of looking at this here. I mean, these premonitions, these visions that she has, I mean, they’re mystical. They’re vague.

Ben: I know.

Shawn: So that at the end of the day she can make it up, and she can say that she was right to whatever extent.

Ben: I disagree.

Shawn: Okay, well, even if you do believe that she sees these things, you can’t trust her. You cannot trust her. I mean, she had will believing he was ej for years.

Belle: And like shawn said, everything she says is vague, generic. I mean, even this threat: Someone wants to harm your baby. That could mean anything.

Ciara: Yeah, well, ben said that she’s gonna keep trying to figure out what’s going on and who this person is.

Belle: Which means she’s just gonna keep trying to push her way into your life. God, I’m so mad that she came here and scared you like that. And now you’re telling me she’s just gonna keep doing it?

Ciara: No, no, belle, like I said, she wasn’t trying to scare us per se. She was just genuinely trying to warn us.

Belle: About some vague threat. I mean, listen, did she say what you’re supposed to do about it? You wanna tie some garlic around your neck or something?

Ben: I don’t think us talking about it right now is really helping.

Shawn: I agree, I agree.

Belle: Okay, all right, fine. Well, no, just one more thing though. Please tell me she’s going back to memphis and isn’t gonna set up some psychic network here in salem.

Ben: I know everybody thinks susan’s like this big hoax. I get it, you know? But there’s something else I didn’t tell you. This woman reached out and put her hand on ciara’s stomach and whatever susan was feeling caused her to faint, knocked out. It freaked me out. And that is why I went to your mother. And I asked her to come over here.

Ciara: She took susan home with her.

Belle: Oh, well, if anyone can talk some sense into her, it’s my mom.

Ciara: Yeah.

Demon marlena: Don’t try to reach for your phone. Nobody can help you now.

Susan: [Grunts]

[Exclaims] There is a power greater than you and he is on my side. “You are the keeper, oh, lord, the shade of our right hand.”

Demon marlena: Oh, brother.

Susan: “Protect us. Protect us from all evil and keep our soul.” Oh, and keep that little baby’s soul.

Demon marlena: Really? You pack a cross?

Susan: I started because of ivan and vivian. Mm-hmm, people said that they weren’t vampires but I knew better. No, no! God knew better. And he guided me to carry this at all times. He brought me here to protect that little baby and to vanquish you and those– those battery operated eyes! And with this in my hand, with this–see this? With this in my hand, there is nothing you can do to me. With him I am more powerful than you.

Marlena: God, you’re dumb. You should never take on the devil. You’ll only lose.

[Sinister music]

Demon marlena: Told ya.

[Knocking on door]

Paulina: Are you in there, marlena? It’s paulina. I need to talk to you.

Susan: [Groans]

Abe: Come on, now.

Lani: No.

Abe: Look, I’m your father. I gave you life. And we’re only talking about 10 minutes.

Lani: No, dad. Look, you’ve been shot and you’re in the hospital and on a restricted diet. So I am not going to buy you a pastrami on rye, russian style. No.

Abe: I am going to be skin and bones by the time I leave here.

Lani: Well, just imagine how good you’re gonna look at your wedding.

Abe: Oh, so now you’re trying to bodyshame me.

Lani: No! Dad, I’m just trying to change the subject. Okay? So have you heard from brandon? Is–will he be able to make it?

Abe: No. No. It turns out and you– you’re not gonna believe this, but he is going on safari with celeste.

Lani: Seriously?

Abe: When they were taking care of theo, when he first got in south africa, apparently they just really hit it off.

Lani: Okay. Well, it’s hard for me to imagine those two as friends. I mean, from everything that I’ve heard about her, she’s, uh, quite the character.

Chanel as celeste: Stefano. You should not have snuffed out that candle. I am afraid you have invited the evil to come in. There may be no stopping it now. Stefano? Johnny!

Johnny: Uh, what?

Chanel: It’s your line.

Johnny: Oh, sorry, my bad.

Chanel: Are you sure you wanna do this? I mean, stefano was your grandfather. This could be weird for you.

Johnny: No, I wanted to do the movie and trust me, it’s gonna get a lot weirder than just reading his lines.

[Clears throat] I want you to get rid of these cards and the rest of your voodoo superstition. I have a more important task for you. I want you to help me with marlena.

Chanel as celeste: Stefano, please, you must not continue on this quest.

Johnny as stefano: Celeste!

Chanel as celeste: No, believe me, I am not speaking out of jealousy. No, it’s fear. Genuine fear that you have unleashed something terrible. And if you continue to fight for marlena then–

Theo: Grandma? Is that you? My nunormal?

Theo: My uncle chad told me that you’d be playing my grandma celeste in johnny’s movie. But I guess I just have to see it to believe it.

Johnny: Theo, man, it’s been forever. It’s great to see you.

Theo: And now you’re directing a movie.

Johnny: Yeah, yeah, pretty exciting stuff. And I think chanel’s gonna be fantastic.

Theo: With a lot of work, maybe.

Chanel: Um, what is that supposed to mean?

Johnny: My grandma grew up in new orleans. She has a creole accent.

Chanel: You didn’t say anything about doing an accent.

Johnny: I guess I didn’t think about it.

Theo: Don’t worry. I’d be happy to coach you.

Chanel: Great, thanks.

Theo: No problem. But would you mind doing a favor for me in return?

Chanel: And what would that be?

Theo: Talk to lani.

Chanel: Lani?

Theo: She’s feeling kinda weird about this whole matron of honor thing.

Abe: Speaking of celeste, wonder how she feels about me getting married again.

Lani: I’m sure she is really happy for you, dad.

Abe: What?

Lani: I’m just thinking about how her and aunt paulina are gonna get along. Given everything that I’ve heard about her.

Abe: That should make family reunions pretty interesting.

Lani: Speaking of, where is aunt paulina?

Abe: She said she had an errand to run.

Lani: Ah, probably something about the wedding?

Abe: Mm, maybe.

Lani: Dad, what’s wrong?

Abe: All day long, she seemed nervous, on edge. She kept trying to fluff up my pillows and ask if there’s anything else that I wanted.

Lani: Dad, she’s trying to take care of you.

Abe: I know. She said she still thought that we should postpone the wedding.

Lani: Well, I can see why she feels that way. Dad, when you got shot, she was so scared she was gonna lose you. So you might have to prepare yourself for her being kind of over-protective for a while.

Abe: Yeah, that’s what she said. And she was worried that it might be too soon, that I wouldn’t be up to– for the ceremony and everything. But…that’s only part of it. It seems like there’s something else that’s– that’s going on with her.

Marlena: Paulina, how nice to see you.

Paulina: Well, you may not feel that way once you hear what I’ve come to say.

Marlena: Come in.

Paulina: I’ve decided that I have to keep my secret. I cannot tell abe he’s not lani’s father. I can’t do it to him and I cannot do it to lani.

Marlena: Well, I didn’t say it was going to be easy I’m afraid that if you don’t tell them, your marriage to abe may be doomed.

Paulina: You don’t understand, I heard theo talking to lani. I can see how much she loves him, how much she needs him. I’ve decided that neither one of them can know the truth.

Marlena: Well, that might not be up to you.

Susan: [Groans softly]

Paulina: What was that? Serena: It’s my 3:10

Marlena: What was what?

Paulina: I heard a sound like–like someone was groaning.

Marlena: Groaning?

Susan: [Groans softly]

Paulina: Like that! Oh, my goodness!

Shawn: So do you think your mom’s gonna tell her to go back to memphis and take her craziness with her? Or am I gonna have to go over there and do it myself?

Ben: I think we should still have a toast. Sorry, no champagne, but–

Shawn: Are you kidding me? Beer’s great.

Ciara: Oh, no!

Belle: You can’t have that.

Ciara: And shawn.

Shawn: Uh, yeah, ciara?

Ciara: I know that you are just, you know, worried about me and ben and the baby, but I think we can handle susan our way.

Shawn: Oh, look at you. You’re all mature. Not that long ago, you would’ve just told me to butt the hell out.

Ciara: Oh, good, so you got the memo.

Shawn: Yes, consider me butted out.

Ciara: Good. All right, so how ’bout that toast? Here is to nine months of sparkling water.

Shawn: And to a healthy and happy baby who’s picked himself or herself two really great parents.

Ciara: Whoo, yes, I sure hope so. Because when I got those test results back, I was like, “oh, my god, I’m so happy. But I’m also having no clue about being a mother and I’m feeling so much elation and I’m terrified at the same time.” All in one flat second. Whoo!

Ben: Cheers to that.

Belle: I know that feeling. I actually think I know something that might help.

Ciara: [Chuckles]

[Elevator dings]

Lani: Hey, chanel. I’m sorry, visiting hours, um, they just ended.

Chanel: Oh, well, um, I brought these for your dad.

Lani: Oh, that’s– that’s so sweet, um, thank you. I will make sure he gets these.

Chanel: But I actually came by to see you.

Lani: Ah, theo. He spoke with you, right?

Chanel: Yeah. And he told me that you felt weird about being my mom’s matron of honor, but it’s fine. It really is. I know things were crazy the night your dad got shot.

Lani: Yeah, um, they were. See, when your mom came over to talk to me that night. You know what?

Chanel: What?

Lani: Even that– even that was odd. She just–she showed up and she was so serious, not herself at all. And she said she had to talk to me and I have to tell you, I thought it was a lot heavier than her asking me to be her matron of honor.

Chanel: So she went by your apartment to ask you to be her matron of honor?

Lani: Yes, but she never got the chance. First, the twins woke up, and then, well, eli came home and told us about my dad. And then we rushed to the hospital.

Chanel: Mama, I–I know you’ve been through a lot and I’m so glad that abe’s going to be okay. But hearing that you want lani by your side at the wedding and not me, that really hurts. Couldn’t–couldn’t you have told me first?

Paulina: Oh, baby, I wasn’t planning it. When I first got engaged, of course I thought you would be my maid of honor. But in the past 36 hours, lani and I, we’ve been through so much. Because her father, he was the one who was hurt and she was so terribly, terribly worried. I just want to extend myself to her in some way. To distract her, you know?

Lani: But she didn’t ask me at the hospital either. I mean, now that I think about it, we were all so worried about my dad that I think maybe she forgot that she had to talk to me. But I had to ask her. Like, I needed to know what she wanted to talk to me about.

Chanel: Well, you know what, lani? I’m glad we talked about this.

Paulina: Well, what have we here?

Marlena: Oh. This is susan. Susan, meet paulina. Paulina, susan.

Paulina: Pleased to meet you, susan. Oh, well, the– the cat, is she okay? I never heard a cat make a sound like that before. Is she all right?

Marlena: Yeah. Well, well, she’s had some problems. Health issues, mental issues, dental issues.

Paulina: Oh, yeah, I can see her teeth are a little odd. Never seen buck teeth on a cat before.

Marlena: She’s not doing so well. I’m afraid we may get to the point where I have to put her down.

Shawn: Wow, ben and ciara really tore out of here.

Belle: Yeah, I think they wanted to get to the bookstore before it closed.

Shawn: To buy that amazing book that you recommended?

Belle: Yes, I hope it helps.

Shawn: You know, I can’t help but feel like ciara regretted telling us about susan.

Belle: Well, I don’t know. I think she–she needed to talk about it and then maybe realize she didn’t want anyone to know about it. I think that we should go see my mom.

Shawn: No, ciara told me to butt out.

Belle: We’re not butting in. We’re just gonna go and see if that premonition was as bad as it seems.

Shawn: Okay, well, I guess doesn’t hurt to try. But I’m gonna have a hard time keeping my mouth shut and not telling susan a piece of my mind, all right?

Belle: Okay, let’s go.

Paulina: Well, I’m–I’m sorry about your cat and I don’t wanna keep you, but I just want you to know that I changed my mind.

Marlena: For the record, I think you’re making a mistake, but of course, it’s entirely up to you.

Paulina: But you’re–you’re not gonna tell anyone are you?

Marlena: Oh, no. No, of course not. But I’d still be glad to officiate at your wedding if you want me.

Paulina: Well, it’s very important to abe and to me. Well, I hope your cat feels– feels much better. Okay, well, night.

Marlena: Good night.

Demon marlena: Got more work to do there. But right now, susan, you are my top priority

Lani: Actually I’m the one who did all the talking. I still wanna know how you feel about all this.

Chanel: Lani, you don’t have to worry about how I feel. You have nothing to feel bad about. All you did was say yes when she asked you. So if anyone’s to blame, it’s her. No, that came out wrong. I just– now that I know that she went to see you, made a special trip to ask you, that means that this is obviously what she wants.

Lani: Are you sure?

Chanel: It’s her day. It’s all about making her happy.

Theo: So you and chanel, uh?

Johnny: Uh, yeah, yeah, we’ve been dating for a couple of months. Is that weird for you? I know you guys used to date.

Theo: Not for that long, no.

Johnny: Good, I don’t want anything to be awkward.

Theo: No, no. What would be awkward would be running into ciara and ben.

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Demon marlena: I could change you back, but life is simpler this way. And besides, I think I like you better this way. Come on, let’s go for a ride.

Belle: Oh–

Marlena: Oh, hi, what a surprise. I was just going out.

Belle: Where’s susan?

Marlena: Susan had to leave.

Shawn: When did you get a cat?

Marlena: A cat? Oh. Oh, no, this isn’t mine. I just found it wandering around the hall. Now if you’ll excuse me.

Belle: Actually, no, we wanted to talk to you. Ben and ciara just told us about susan’s premonition.

Marlena: Oh, yes. Well, you know what? They’ve got nothing to worry about, but they’re so terrified. I mean, the fact is, susan has no idea what she’s talking about.

Ciara: Hi, theo, johnny.

Johnny: Hey, how’s it going?

Ciara: Good. Um, I didn’t know you were back in town.

Theo: I flew back when my dad got shot.

Ciara: How’s he doing?

Theo: A lot better. He’s actually getting married next week. That is, if somebody doesn’t, you know, kidnap his bride on the way to the church.

Johnny: Hey, king of cups! That’s a great card! That’s a great card.

Ben: Uh, would you give your dad our best, please?

Ciara: Yeah. Um, ben, we should probably get going. We just came into town to pick up a book so–

Theo: Oh, I’ll get it. “The abcs of having a baby?” You guys are having a baby?

Lani: Well, I’m glad this didn’t screw things up between us. We are cousins and about to become sisters.

Chanel: I always wanted a sister. But I already told you that.

Lani: [Chuckles] Yeah, you did. And I’ve always wanted one too. I will leave these with my dad’s night nurse and I will see you later. Bye.

Chanel: Night.

Paulina: Chanel? Oh, what are you doing here?

Chane: Leaving.

Marlena: I promise you, nobody has to worry about susan. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve gotta get this cat to the shelter.

Belle: Oh, wait, you’re– you’re turning her in already?

Marlena: Well, I’m–I’m sure somebody’s missing her.

Belle: Well, what if they can’t find her owner? Don’t they sometimes put them down?

Marlena: They do. See you later. Catch the door for me.

Belle: What was that about?

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