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Ridge: How’s it feel?

Petra: Like a dream.

Ridge: You didn’t have to do that. You can be honest with me.

Petra: I am.

Ridge: Something about the back. What about the shoulder?

Petra: You’re right. It tugs a little.

Ridge: Yeah, now I can see that. All right, I’ll look at it. And, um, we’ll do this again, all right, petra?

Petra: That’s okay.

Ridge: Thank you.

Steffy: Ooh, you look beautiful.

Petra: Thank you.

Steffy: You weren’t at that very long. No changes?

Ridge: Nah, I’M… still not there yet. It’s not gonna happen today.

Steffy: Not feeling it?

Ridge: Just can’t concentrate.

Steffy: Ah, you’re not the only one. What is hope thinking? Inviting deacon into her life?

Ridge: Her lowlife father’s doing everything to get back with her. And it’s working.

Brooke: I know you have to get to the office, honey, and so do I, but I thought we could talk first.

Hope: Sure.

Brooke: It’s about the situation with deacon. I thought since you had a chance to sleep on it, that maybe–

Hope: I haven’t changed my mind.

Brooke: Honey…

Hope: I want a relationship with my father.

Brooke: Look, I know how charming and convincing he can be. And he said things that moved you, and it was meant to move you.

Hope: Mom, I am not being manipulated. My dad loves me, and we’re family, and I want him to be a part of my life, and, you know, if the two of you, if you can’t support that, then maybe it is best for liam and me and the kids to just move out…

Brooke: Honey, no. I don’t want that.

Hope: Well, I don’t want that either, but I also don’t want to live somewhere where my father isn’t even welcome.

Brooke: What does liam say about this?

Hope: He’s away on a business trip, but he should be back sometime today.

Brooke: So he doesn’t even know about your decision?

Hope: Not yet, but he understands what deacon means to me.

Brooke: Honey, yes, of course he’s going to be supportive, because it’s gonna bring up a lot of concerns.

Ridge: Hope has completely bought into deacon’s act. She’s always welcome and her home is his home.

Steffy: Her home is your home. Brooke has to do something.

Ridge: Do what? She doesn’t want to push her daughter away.

Steffy: I get that hope feels like, a connection to deacon, but this isn’t about her. She needs to think about the kids.

Ridge: Yeah. If she can’t, then we will.

[Knocks] Justin, come on in.

Justin: You wanted to see me.

Ridge: Yeah, I have another job for you. I need you to keep an eye on somebody.

Brooke: The last thing I want is for deacon to come between you and liam.

Hope: Well, dad doesn’t want that, either. He doesn’t want to cause any problems for…for you, for me, for anyone. He just wants to get to know me. And I want to get to know him, and…liam won’t stand in the way of that.

Brooke: Because liam loves you. Your wellbeing is paramount, honey.

Hope: Well, isn’t–

[Door opens]

Liam: Oh, cool. Thought you might have left for work.

Hope: Look who’s home!

Liam: Yeah.

Hope: Hi!

Liam: Hey! Missed you.

Hope: [Kiss] I missed you!

Liam: Yeah. It’s funny how, like, one night can just feel like…eons, you know? Not doing bedtime and dinner and reading the kids stories.

Hope: Oh, well, apparently, uh, my story voice isn’t as funny as yours.

Liam: [Scoffs] Obviously.

Hope: [Laughs]

Liam: No, so I’m gonna make it up to them. I’m gonna–I’ll read ’em two stories tonight, or five, or ten.

Brooke: Yeah, you should do that. You just shut the door and all huddle up together. Just the four of you.

Liam: That’s not a bad idea. So, tell me, what’d I miss?

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Justin: Can’t imagine hope putting her kids in a bad situation.

Ridge: That’s deacon. Brings out the best in everybody.

Steffy: I always felt safe sending kelly to stay with hope and liam at the cabin. But I don’t want to do that knowing that deacon could show up.

Ridge: No, you can’T. And you also don’t know what he’s feeding sheila about what the kids are doing, their schedules, all that stuff.

Steffy: Oh, my god, I hadn’t even thought about that.

Hope: Well, neither has hope.& She’s not thinking about anything but getting her dad back into her life. That’s all she’s thinking about. And I feel for her, I do. I… [Sighs] I know deacon leaving when she was a kid had a big impact on her. I was there. I just–I don’t want her to get hurt. I don’t want anyone to get hurt.

Justin: Hey, that guy’s bad news. He’s trying to worm his way back into hope’s life. What does that have to do with sheila? When did those two get hooked up?

Steffy: While he was in prison. I guess they were pen pals or something.

Ridge: Or “something.”

Steffy: Hope says that they’re in a relationship.

Justin: A couple?

Steffy: That’s what they want their children to believe.

Justin: Oh, talk about a coincidence, huh?

Ridge: You’re too smart to buy any of this.

Steffy: Hope’s a smart woman. That’s why this is so frustrating. I thought we were all on the same page. But here she is, inviting deacon back into her home, making a place for him in her life.

Justin: Okay. I’ll do some snooping around, see what I can dig up.

Ridge: Thank you.

Justin: Yes, sir.

Ridge: Let me know if you find something.

Justin: Will do.

Steffy: We have to do more than just keep an eye out on deacon. At least finn realizes how poisonous sheila is. Hope has known that about deacon forever, and every time he worms his way back into her life, it ends badly. This isn’t gonna be any different. Only now, we have children, and we need to protect them. To think that hope’s even considering giving deacon access. I can’t even imagine what liam’s thinking right now. He must be going crazy.

Liam: Well, yesterday must’ve been pretty uneventful. Normally I’m getting text updates from you by the hour.

Hope: Well, I just figured we could discuss it once you got home.

Liam: Discuss it? Discuss what? Okay, guys, I can see the look on your faces. Discuss what? Is this–is it the kids? Did something happen?

Brooke: No.

Hope: No, they’re fine. They’re excited to see you.

Brooke: It’s like you said. One night could seem like an awful long time. A lot can change.

Liam: [Chuckles nervously] Okay, but if it’s not the kids, what changed?

Hope: Uh, I made up my mind. It’s something I’ve been thinking over, last night I finally made a decision. But this is a discussion that you and I should have, so mom…do you mind if liam and I can have some alone time?

Ridge: [Scoffs] Yeah. Just promise me something. You will listen to liam’s concerns.

Hope: We’ll be fine.

Liam: So I’m gonna have concerns.

Hope: You will. At first. Liam, I know this is going to impact our family, and we will have a lot of details to work out, but I need you first to listen to me, and to respect my feelings on this.

Liam: Yeah, okay, what– what feelings, hope? Just say it. Just say it, already.

Hope: Well, you know this is something that I have, uh… wanted for a very long time. Although there were moments where I thought it would never happen, so I told myself to forget about it completely, and yet… I think deep down I… I’ve held onto hope. This is about my dad. This is about deacon, and making him a part of my life. Once upon a time there was a reindeer named tiptoe

Steffy: Liam doesn’t want deacon around his family.

Ridge: He has to convince hope of that.

Steffy: I thought he had. What about brooke? She can’t want deacon near hope and the kids.

Ridge: I don’t want that weasel anywhere near brooke. ‘Cause all he does, his being here is just–reminds everyone of…the biggest betrayal she ever made.

Steffy: Hope isn’t sensitive to that?

Ridge: She just sees her dad, you know, that he’s trying, and he’s making amends, and… wants to be with his little girl. We can all trust him now.

Steffy: Uh, no.

Ridge: Not for one second.

Steffy: This is crazy. How can hope have more faith in deacon than the people who truly care about her?

Ridge: She’ll give him a chance… open arms and eyes wide shut.

[Door opens] Hey.

Brooke: Hey.

Ridge: I was hoping you’d get here soon. Hi.

Brooke: Yeah, hi. I just wanted to talk to hope before work.

Steffy: Please tell me she’s changed her mind, she doesn’t want deacon in her life.

Brooke: No. [Sighs] I thought maybe if she had a chance to sleep on it, but…

Steffy: We can’t let this happen.

Hope: She’s a grown woman. I can’t force her not to see her father.

Steffy: This decision affects all of us.

Ridge: It’s already taken a toll on you, you know that.

Brooke: Yeah, I know, ridge. But I am not gonna draw a line in the sand at the risk of deacon coming between me and yet another daughter.

Steffy: You can’t just throw your hands up, either.

Ridge: We know what he’s capable of, the kind of destruction he can cause.

Brooke: I explained all that to hope. I warned her over and over again, but she’s determined to believe that he’s changed.

Steffy: Hello? His involvement with sheila?

Brooke: That’s over. Or so he says. He doesn’t want to mess this up. He’s determined to gain hope’s trust.

Steffy: That is exactly why hope can’t trust deacon. If you can’t convince her of it, there’s one more person who can get through to her. It’s liam. He can talk her out of this insanity. He has to.

Hope: Liam, I can tell you’re already worried, but please just–just listen to me.

Liam: I-I’m listening. I’M…[Sighs] I always listen. I always listen. It’s just… okay. Okay. So you want deacon back in your life.

Hope: Yes. He’s my father.

Liam: Well, he’s also a criminal, and people typically don’t want criminals around their families…

Hope: He would never hurt anybody.

Liam: Isn’t that all he’s ever done?

Hope: In the past. But he regrets it.

Liam: Hope, just… [Laughs] Just because somebody says they’re reformed doesn’t mean they’re reformed, and this is deacon we’re talking about.

Hope: No, I know, I… I had my doubts, too, but then as I was writing to him while he was in prison, I saw another side to him, liam. Yes, he has committed crimes. But he’s also paid the price, he has done the time, and it has helped him realize what is important. He wants to– to better himself, and he wants to turn his life around.

Liam: You’re his daughter. I-I completely get you wanting to believe that.

Hope: I do believe it.

Liam: Mmm…

Hope: I do. Because I hear the things that he says to me, I see the way he looks at me, and he looks at me the way a father should look at his daughter. The same way you look at beth. With love. And I want him in my life, and I know…he wants to be a part of mine, too.

Liam: Okay, but, hope–

Hope: Liam, please. I understand that you’re worried about how this is going to affect our family, and how it’s going to impact the kids, but believe me when I say I would not let my dad anywhere near our children if I thought he was a threat, but he isn’T. He loves them. He’s gotten to know all about them through my letters, and he’s been looking forward to the day when he can finally meet them in person. He wants to be a grandfather to beth and douglas and… I want that, too. (Kids chatter)

Steffy: Liam won’t go along with this.

Brooke: I warned hope he might not.

Steffy: What did liam say? How did he react?

Brooke: He just got home from an overnight business trip, so they’re discussing the situation right now.

Steffy: You’re saying hope made this decision without liam?

Brooke: Well, inviting deacon into her life is quite personal for her, so…

Ridge: But it’s not just her life, is it? It’s not personal to her. It’s all of us. She’s thrown this guy into all our faces, and you really think liam’s gonna be okay with that?

Steffy: No, he won’T.

Brooke: Well, I know. That’s what worries me.

Steffy: Liam’s not the kind of guy to tell her what to do, but right now, he needs to. It’s really important.

Brooke: She’s gotta know she’s making a mistake, right? She must understand what she’s putting at risk.

Steffy: Yeah, she needs to step outside of herself and realize that this could damage her marriage, endanger her children.

Brooke: [Sighs] She’s not gonna put beth and douglas in harm’s way. She loves those kids too much. That’s not what I’m worried about. My concern is hope and liam. I mean, this could really cause problems for them if she’s that determined to have her father in her life.

Liam: Wow. I… [Sighs] I mean… you seem really determined to do this.

Hope: I am. And I know we usually make family decisions together, but…this… impacts me differently. This… this is my dad.

Liam: It’s just–okay. You–you wanting deacon to have a place in your life… that’s one thing, right? But–but all this talk now about him being a grandfather to the kids…

Hope: Well, he is their grandfather.

Liam: They don’t even know him.

Hope: Exactly. And now they finally have a chance to. And look, I understand that my father has done things that he is not proud of, but so has yours. And yet we let bill around the kids. I am just asking to give my dad that same opportunity.

Liam: [Chuckles] Nobody is more generous or forgiving than you. But balance, right? You have to exercise some skepticism, too.

Hope: I’m well aware of what my dad has done. But I believe that he has changed, liam, I do. And I know you haven’t had the chance to see that yet, but I have. And we know what it’s like, making mistakes. Wanting to make up for them. And we’ve allowed that of each other. I mean, we’re all about second chances. Look at your dad. His latest stunt landed the two of you in jail, and yet, he’s still around.

Liam: [Sighs] That’s actually fair.

Hope: I’m just saying, I–I believe that deacon has changed, and I am certain of it. Otherwise, this conversation wouldn’t even be happening. I wouldn’t have told mom that I’m willing to move out of her just so I can–

Liam: Wait, wait. M-move out of here?

Hope: They won’t even allow deacon to be on the property, so what other choice do I have, liam? They’re making it impossible for me to have a relationship with my own father.

Liam: I don’t even know what to say here. Um…

Hope: Please say that you understand. Please. Liam… I understand the risks. I know my dad’s history, and I know that I might be the one getting hurt in the end. But my dad wants to make a positive change in his life and he wants to be on the right track, and we can help him do that. I-I really believe if he has the stability and the support that that can really make a difference.

Liam: Look at me. It is not your job to rehabilitate him.

Hope: I am his daughter. Liam… I love you, and I do not want this to come between us. I love you, I love our family, I love our life here. BuT… I really do believe… if we could just give him a chance, if deacon knew that he had a family who believes in him and supports him… just say you’ll give him that. Just say that… deacon can be a part of our family.

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