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Chloe: How about we stop talking about philip and we get back to work?

Brady: Best steps. Good idea.

Chloe: Brady, seriously, I mean it. You cannot tell anybody what happened here last night. I mean–

Brady: I know what you mean. I know. You’re referring to the sex that happened on the conference table. Okay, listen. I am not gonna tell a soul about it. It will be our secret, okay? Hey.

Chloe: Hey. All of this stuff needs your signature.

Brady: I would put it over there on the desk.

Chloe: Why? I wiped down the whole table.

Brady: I know, I think you missed a spot, though.

Chloe: Good grief. Hold on, where? Show me. Come on, where?

Brady: Here, give me. I’ll get it. I’ll do it.

Chloe: Just point it out.

Brady: Right there. Thank you.

Chloe: You know, when I told nicole that she and rafe need to stop playing games and put everything out on the table, this is not what I meant.

Gabi: I’m so tired of this room, I could scream. I mean, rafe knows that you didn’t shoot abe. You should’ve been out of here last night.

Jake: That’s not gonna be that easy, gabi. Da wants to nail someone for what happened to abe, and carmine’s dead.

Gabi: Because ava vitali knifed him. I mean, why can’t the da throw the book at her?

Jake: Because ava claims her dead son did it, and both you and I know that’s not as farfetched as it sounds.

Gabi: All right, okay, yes. A lot of strange things happen in town last night.

Jake: Including your dead ex-husband breaking me out of here. You know, both you and I know I would be in the loony bin if I told the cops what actually happened. Which is why I said I had to do it myself. So yeah, breaking out of jail isn’t exactly helping my case.

Melinda: That’s right, it isn’T. But you’re in luck, mr. Dimera. I have a proposition for you.

Gabi: What kind of proposition?

Melinda: I will drop all the felony charges against your boyfriend on one condition.

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[Soft orchestration]

Chloe: Ugh. Ick.

Brady: You know, there is a certain amount of irony to this.

Chloe: There’s nothing ironic about having sex on a conference table.

Brady: That’s not what i meant, what I meant was, when rafe and nicole were doing their thing, marlena was advising me to do the same thing to you right there.

Chloe: That’s not ironic, my friend, that’s just bad advice.

Brady: Which I didn’t take. By the way, will you do me a favor and let philip know that nothing happened between us the night I helped you move into the inn? ‘Cause I really don’t need him flipping out on me anymore.

Chloe: That’s not gonna happen.

Brady: Uh-huh.

Chloe: It’s not gonna happen, I promise you. I really feel like philip has changed and he knows he needs to trust me. So I think bringing you up at all is just, you know, we don’t need to do that.

Victor: Ah. Single malt with bromo, just what the doctor ordered. Where’s there broken glass all over this table?

Philip: Don’t worry about it. Anderson said he’s gonna get somebody to clean it up.

Victor: Don’t you think it’s about time you started cleaning up your own messes? Or better yet don’t make them in the first place.

Philip: Get the feeling you aren’t just ranting about the broken glass on the table.

Victor: I had a little chat with melinda trask. Tells me you’re in league with ava vitali again. It’s your little partnership caused abe carver to get plugged.

Philip: She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

Victor: No, I think maybe she does.

Philip: Why would you say that?

Victor: Because she also said you’re lucky you’re not in jail.

Gabi: What kind of condition did you have in mind?

Melinda: I think I’ll discuss that with mr. Dimera since he’s the one that’s cuffed. Victor kiriakis and I recently made a deal, one that he’s not that fond of.

Jake: What kind of deal?

Melinda: If you agree to say under oath that philip kiriakis was blackmailing you, then I will–

Gabi: Then jake can neutralize victor, which is worth more to you than having jake here on these nothing charges.

Melinda: They aren’t nothing charges.

Gabi: Come on, our lawyer says that his charges will be dismissed on merits.

Melinda: And jake is so confident of that he broke himself out of jail.

Gabi: You know, as tempting as it is to stick it to philip I just, I don’t think it’s a good idea to make an enemy of victor.

Melinda: Excuse me. My offer is to your boyfriend, not you. Well?

Jake: I’ll take the deal. Why give your family just ordinary eggs

Abigail: Dad.

Jack: Oh, hi, sweetheart. Didn’t hear you come in.

Abigail: I wanted to see how you were doing.

Jack: Me? I’m okay.

Abigail: Kinda blew you out of the water earlier. Sorry.

Jack: For telling the truth? Thank god somebody did. Gwen certainly wasn’t going to.

Abigail: Do you mind telling me what happened after chad and I left?

Jack: Gwen begged me to understand. Can you believe that? She made you believe that you were responsible for the miscarriage and she wanted me to be understanding of that.

Abigail: What did you say?

Jack: I told her I would never understand her putting you in that position. And then I walked out, and when I came back, she was gone. Hopefully she got the message that she’s no longer welcome in this house.

Xander: Jack was off his head when he said all of that. He didn’t mean it.

Gwen: He meant it. Do you know that I kinda just forgot myself for a minute and I called him “dad”? He looked at me like he absolutely hated me.

Xander: Well, it seemed like that was what abigail wanted when she showed up– to make him hate you.

Gwen: And why wouldn’t she? I told our father and her husband that she was the reason that I lost my baby.

Xander: She’s no angel. When you told me about the row you had with her before you fell, things she said about you being a rotten mum.

Gwen: You know what, she’s right. I mean, look at me. Can you imagine me trying to raise a child?

Xander: You’ve raised chad and abigail’s lot for months, and you did a good job.

Gwen: Yeah, by drugging their mother and shagging their father.

Xander: Don’t talk about yourself like that.

Gwen: Do you know that abigail told jack that I am incapable of loving anyone.

Xander: Well, she has a hell of a nerve saying that.

Gwen: Started to think that maybe she was right.

Xander: So where does that leave us? Best friends?

Gwen: All I know is that I do not want to deal with real feelings anymore. I am done with making people love me. Never should have come to this bloody town to begin with.

Xander: But then you wouldn’t know me. I make it worth it, right?

Gwen: Do you know that I have wanted family who cared for me my entire life? The only person who’s ever put anything on the line for me is you. You tried to cover for me with jack and you went to jail.

Xander: Wasn’t that bad, and I’m out now.

Gwen: Almost cost you a million.

Xander: Well, almost doesn’t count.

Gwen: You know what? Let’s-let’s take that money. Let’s celebrate the way it was supposed to be. Just take me to some deserted tropical island where I can just forget about all my troubles. We’ll just have sex on the beach all day, santa marias beach. Will you take me? Let’s leave tonight. Yes?

Xander: I’m sorry, love, but I can’t do that.

Melinda: You’re a smart man, mr. Dimera. I’ll get the paperwork in motion, and then you’ll be free to go.

Gabi: You’re gonna get outta here.

Jake: Yeah. You know, for a second there, thought you were gonna make her go back on her offer.

Gabi: I was just trying to get you a better deal.

Jake: I’m okay with the deal. I’m okay with testifying against philip, especially if I got you by my side.

Gabi: Oh. Oh, well, look who it is. The bitch who tried to frame jake and steal my company. How did that go for you, honey?

Ava: I’ll beat this.

Gabi: Will you? You really think so? Because jake just cut a deal with the da. So while you’re fighting those nasty murder charges, he’s gonna be free as a bird. It’s gonna be really nice to go back home, and she won’t be there. She’s never coming back.

Philip: Jake dimera talked carmine merlino into coming to salem, not me.

Victor: Do you deny using information you got from ava vitali to reach out to that leg breaker?

Philip: No, but I–

Victor: And did you also agree to install ava vitali as head of gabi chic?

Philip: Yeah, because–

Victor: Because you’re a moron.

Philip: I didn’t have a choice, dad.

Victor: Oh, don’t give me that.

Philip: Gabi was setting me up; jake was gonna help her. I had to get rid of him. And gabi was gonna take gabi chic with her unless–

Victor: Unless you blackmailed her and installed the mob princess in her place.

Philip: What was i supposed to do?

Victor: You were supposed to come to me. We all know you had a better idea, but you’re a moron.

Philip: You already said that.

Victor: Yeah, well, here’s something I haven’t said. You’re fired. This is the sound of nature breathing.

Abigail: Look, dad, I did not come here this morning because I wanted to ruin your relationship with gwen. You know, I just didn’t believe that the secrets she was afraid to tell you is that she’d been a sex worker for a while. Because I know you, you know, and I know that you would figure out some way to understand something like that.

Jack: I forgave her for drugging you and sleeping with chad.

Abigail: Exactly. Which is the reason why I made it my business to find out the truth. And then when I did so, I just felt like you deserved to know.

Jack: That she’d already miscarried before you started your argument at the top of the stairs. When I think about the way that I treated you after she fell–

Abigail: Dad, you were in shock.

Jack: That doesn’t excuse what I did. And neither does my guilty conscience.

Abigail: Look, it’s over now, okay?

Jack: Well, you know what really galls me? Gwen has known for months that I had no idea that her mother was pregnant with her all those years ago. That I never deliberately turned my back on her. She knows that I have forgiven her for the horrific things she’s done to you, and when she came to me and told me that she was pregnant with your husband’s baby, I-I opened my arms to her. She’s known all that and still, she came up with this vicious lie. And then you– you left–you left behind your two beloved children for weeks because you– because I believed and chad believed her vicious lies.

Abigail: It wasn’t just that.

Jack: It was that. It was. It was. Abigail, I can’t stand what she did to you, but I really can’t stand that she did it with my help.

Abigail: You did not help her.

Jack: I did help her. I didn’t question her. It was all the same thing.

Abigail: Okay, look, I– look, I’m okay. I really am. Dad, please. Hey, look at me.

Jack: God. Thank god. Thank god for you.

[Heartfelt music]

You asked me–you asked me about my relationship with her, with gwen. She’s still my daughter, and I’m not–and I’m not gonna stop loving her. But the days of me asking you and jj and your mother to accept her as a part of the family are over. She is my problem now. None of you ever have to have anything to do with her ever again. You have my word on that.

Gwen: You don’t want to go away with me anymore.

Xander: I didn’t say I don’t want to. I said I can’t, I–

[Sighs] The da still has my money, and I’m not getting it back.

Gwen: But that money is no longer evidence.

Xander: Trask decided to keep it for herself.

Gwen: What? But that’s a bloody crime.

Xander: Right. But with my track record, who’s gonna believe me when I say that?

Gwen: But she can’t get away with that, xander.

Xander: Yeah, she can.

Gwen: Why?

Xander: Remember her walking in on us? We were talking about you lying to your father about when you lost your baby? You were right. She didn’t let on, but she did overhear us.

Gwen: Oh, my god.

Xander: When I went back to see her, she said she’d tell jack everything if I didn’t let her keep the money.

Gwen: But jack knows now.

Xander: I didn’t know that when I made the deal.

Gwen: Oh, my god. This is unbelievable. So you not only went to jail for me, you now also lost $1 million just to protect me from my stupid lie.

Xander: It’s not like I’ve made that money from the sweat of my brow. I’ll get my hands on another million.

Gwen: You know what, could you just do me a favor? Just shut me out of here and tell me never ever to come back again.

Ava: I hate to ruin your little fantasy here, but I’m innocent. I didn’t kill carmine, and nobody can prove that I did.

Gwen: [Scoffs] You really think the da is gonna believe that charlie came crawling from the grave to save the mother that he always hated?

Ava: Tripp and allie saw him too.

Gwen: They’re still on thin ice. Trask knows that you and philip were planning to use carmine to blackmail jake and me. And so does rafe.

Ava: Oh, you must have loved telling him that.

Gwen: Oh, I did. But you know what I can’t understand is, you had me, jake, rafe. We’re all living together. How could you be so stupid to think that rafe wouldn’t notice what you were trying to do to his sister?

Ava: Well, I wasn’t actually worried about it because he’s as sick of you as I am.

I’ve got your paperwork here. Sign it and you are free to go.

Gwen: Ready to blow this joint?

Jake: I’m so ready.

Gwen: Ta-ta. Have yourself a good day.

Philip: Well, you gave me a stellar performance evaluation a few weeks ago, and now I’m out of my ass? No wonder the board is complaining about a lack of consistent leadership. That’s on you, father.

Victor: I’ve got the board under control.

Philip: So who’s gonna be next? I know. Justin and xander can run things from jail.

Victor: You’re both out. You’re behind the times.

Philip: You still haven’t told me who’s gonna take my place.

Victor: Well, it won’t be justin, I can tell you that. He’s on his honeymoon.

Philip: He got married to bonnie already? That’s why you’re in such a bad mood and taking it out on me like you always do.

Victor: You’re all in contention for my least favorite relatives. You can trust that xander’s never gonna run titan again.

Philip: So it’ll be brady. Of course it will. First, he steals my girlfriend then he steals my job.

Victor: The hell are you talking about?

Brady: There you go.

Chloe: Thank you.

Brady: You knocking off?

Chloe: Well, yeah, I thought I’d call philip and see if he wants to have dinner out.

Brady: Well, have a good time.

[Phone beeps] I don’t believe it.

Chloe: What’s wrong?

Brady: It’s kristen’s lawyer. She wants to see me. The airport can be a real challenge for new homeowners

Victor: So brady slept with chloe, eh?

Philip: And it’s obviously highly amusing to you.

Victor: Oh, come on, philip. Don’t tell me that you didn’t know that that was bound to happen? At least she’s out of kristen’s clutches.

Philip: Is this you saying I should look on the bright side?

Victor: No, it’s me saying that I should and I am. Both my son and my grandson have dodged a female bullet.

Chloe: Who’s kristen’s lawyer?

Brady: Somebody ej hired.

Chloe: Oh, well does the text say why she wants to see you?

Brady: No, but I’m pretty sure I know why.

Gabi: Oh, man. Thought they would have cleaned that up by now.

Jake: I don’t know about you, but I’ve had enough dead bodies to last me a lifetime.

Gabi: Me too, but at least you’re out of jail. I wonder how ava’s holding up.

Jake: You think the da’s really gonna believe that charlie came back from the dead?

Gabi: Do I believe nick came back from the grave and then buried you alive in it?

Jake: I don’t know, man. Either people in this town are seeing things, or–

Gabi: Those things really happened.

Melinda: This is your statement to commissioner hernandez. There’s a note on it that said that it was made without counsel present.

Ava: Right.

Melinda: I’d like you to read it over carefully and sign it. Why did you do that?

Ava: ‘Cause I can’t sign that.

Melinda: Why?

Ava: Because what I told rafe about my dead son killing carmine, it wasn’t the truth.

Melina: And what is?

Ava: I’m guilty. I stabbed carmine. I killed him. I’ve lost count of how many asthma attacks I’ve had.

Melinda: So you’re confessing?

Ava: Right.

Melinda: What’s the catch?

Ava: Look, I panicked. A former associate of mine was dead on the police commissioner’s kitchen floor.

Melinda: And your first instinct was to make up a totally unbelievable lie.

Ava: Like I said, I panicked.

Melinda: Well, you don’t look panicked now. Why don’t you tell me what did happen?

Ava: So I was making dinner and carmine shows up at my door. At the police commissioner’s door. He told me that he just– he shot the mayor, and he wanted a place to hide out, and I told him that I couldn’t help him because I’m not part of the vitali family anymore. He didn’t like my answer. So when I threatened to call rafe, he grabbed a dish towel from the counter. He twisted it around my neck, and he tried to strangle me. Look, you see the marks? Well, I guess they’re fading.

Melinda: So what happened next?

Ava: Well, I couldn’t really breathe, so I knew I had to do something. I grabbed the knife that I’d been using, and I stabbed him. I was just trying to save myself. I wasn’t trying to kill the guy.

Melinda: So it was self-defense?

Ava: Exactly.

Melinda: That is a very compelling story, ms. Vitali. Only one problem. I don’t believe a word of it.

Xander: Look, I don’t care if the da does keep that money.

Gwen: Xander, you look me in the eye and you tell me that.

Xander: All right, I do care. But I’m not walking out on you, gwen.

Gwen: Well, that’s sweet.

Xander: Why would I? This is my room. And also, you are the best thing that’s happened to me since, well, in a long time.

Gwen: I’m the best thing that’s happened to you? Well, that’s just bloody sad.

Xander: Why? We’re free. We’re together. We’re both better off than we were when we met.

Gwen: Except for the fact that my father hates me.

Xander: Jack just needs to cool off. I mean, he’ll come around.

Gwen: No, you weren’t there today. There’s no fixing this one, and that’s on me. But we are not gonna let melinda trask get away with blackmailing you.

Xander: I–I can’t exactly cry foul. Not since we tried to blackmail that judge and it blew up in our face. My hands are tied, and trask knows it.

Gwen: Don’t you think it’s gonna look quite odd if the district attorney just suddenly has an extra million dollars?

Xander: She’s not keeping it for herself–she’s using it for a worthy cause.

Gwen: And what’s that? The melinda trask retirement fund?

Xander: A legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants in memory of her dead daughter.

Gwen: You think she’s telling the truth?

Xander: She says she wasn’t the best mum to her daughter, and now she regrets it. Just like jack will regret it if he turns his back on you. And if he can’t see that for himself, I’m gonna make him see it.

Brady: I’m pretty sure that kristen wants me to help her see rachel. How am I s–how am I supposed to do that knowing that she just attempted to kidnap her?

Chloe: You can’T. I mean, how can you?

Brady: I mean, as it is, I have to sit that little girl down and tell her that her that her mom is not the pied piper, and that her mom is not gonna take her on some special trip. And that her mom isn’t coming back.

Chloe: I’m sorry that you have to deal with that.

Brady: I can’t let kristen get back into our lives. Chloe, I’m still in recovery. That woman is like a line of cocaine for me.

Chloe: So are you saying that you’re not going to go see her?

Philip: I told you over and over what chloe means to me. Are you really saying to my face that you’re glad she’s with brady?

Victor: For your sake, yes.

Philip: Damn you. I hope whoever takes over titan tries to burn it to the ground. I hope you have to stand there looking at the flames as I throw gasoline on the fire. Like many people with moderate to severe ulcerative colitis

Jack: How could you possibly want me to give gwen another chance?

Abigail: I just think in putting this all together, I finally understand what happened the day gwen fell. You know, after you asked her to move into the house, she went to the hospital because she started having contractions and dr. Snyder did a sonogram and saw that there was unfortunately no longer a fetal heartbeat. So gwen came to the dimera house looking for chad, and I think if she had found him before me, she might’ve told the truth and said she had lost the baby. And then I wouldn’t have had that argument with her, and she wouldn’t have fallen down the stairs, and then maybe all of this pain and misery might’ve been avoided.

Jack: What about all the pain and misery you’d already suffered? She drugged you. When gwen slept with your husband. When gwen tried to destroy your mother’s and my marriage, abigail. Gwen has tried her best to tear this family apart. And even if she’d just begun to see the error of her ways, there’s a choice to be made here. It’s finally clear to me now, thanks to you. So please don’t apologize to me for making me see the light. Just–just accept my humble appreciation that you care about me enough that you’re helping me to see.

[Sentimental music]

Gwen: Where are you going?

Xander: To talk some sense into jack.

Gwen: It won’t work. And xander, you’ve already done so much for me already.

Xander: Hey, I’m doing this for him too. I know jack. He’s hot under the collar right now, but he doesn’t wanna lose you. And I’m gonna make him see it. Okay? You’ll be okay.

[Heartfelt music]

Gabi: I cannot believe it. Last night I thought I lost you forever, and now here you are in my arms, in my house. Carmine’s dead, and philip’s dead in the water. Company’s still mine.

Jake: Gabi, I don’t wanna burst your little happy bubble, but you know, we did lose our jobs, right?

Gabi: We’ll find a new partner for gabi chic.

Jake: Hope so. Right now, the only partner I can focus on is you.

Ava: You don’t believe me. Now, that would be your problem.

Melinda: Seems to me like it’s yours.

Ava: Why? It’s my word against carmine’s, and he is dead. How are you gonna make a murder charge stick?

Melinda: You leave that to me.

Ava: I take it you’re aware of my family history?

Melinda: Oh, yes.

Ava: Then I suggest you tread carefully.

Melinda: Is that a threat?

Ava: It’s a fact. I know a certain amount about the law. And if you bring charges against me, I’ll walk, and you’ll be humiliated. So you can throw me in front of a grand jury if you feel so inclined. If I, were you, I’d just be happy that ava vitali helped me bring the man who shot the mayor to justice. And that kristen dimera is behind bars. And I would definitely quit while I was ahead.

Trelegy for copd.

Xander: Good evening.

Jack: What do you want?

Xander: To have a word with you about forgiving gwen. And I’m not leaving till you see my way of thinking.

Melinda: What are you doing here, ms. Rizczech?

Gwen: I know that you have appropriated xander cook’s $1 million. And I am here to explain to you why you need to give that back to him.

Ava: Ugh. Do you two ever read or watch tv or anything? Or do you just go at it like rabbits?

Gabi: What the hell are you doing here?

Ava: Oh, well, I decided you were right. That trask wouldn’t believe my true story and my statement. So I told her what she wanted to hear. And here I am. So pat yourself on the back, little gabi gabster– you finally did a good deed.

Gabi: Does rafe know that you’re here? Because I seriously doubt you’re still welcome in his house.

Ava: Oh, does he know that you’re here? Because same. Gosh, you know what, I’m so in need of a shower, so I hope you’ve already had yours because there’s not gonna be any hot water left.

[Tense music]

Brady: No, thank you. Thank you for helping me figure out what I’m gonna do.

Chloe: I did that?

Brady: Yes, you did.

[Phone beeps] Please tell your client that I don’t want to see her nor do I wanna hear from her again. Thank you. Send. Yeah.

Chloe: Are you gonna be okay if I go?

Brady: Yeah. Yeah, I’m good. It’s just gonna take some time. I’m really glad you were here, though, when I got that call from that lawyer. You soothe me. You’re a good friend to me.

Chloe: Back at you.

Brady: Okay. You may go now. Go have a nice dinner with philip ’cause you deserve it.

[Pensive music]

Chloe: Oh, my. Okay, let me guess. You’re giving up corporate life to become a gardener?

Philip: Are you laughing at my symbolic gesture?

Chloe: And what exactly does it symbolize?

Philip: Me fixing the mistakes of my youth.

Chloe: With a tree. Okay, where exactly did you find that tree?

Philip: I got it at the garden center.

Chloe: [Laughs]

Philip: It was in my trunk; I thought we could plant it today in the same spot as our old tree.

Chloe: Seriously, you want me to help you dig a hole in this dress?

Philip: Come on. Give me a break.

Chloe: I’m sorry, I’m sorry.

Philip: I know you can’t erase the mistakes of the past, but I was hoping it could be the start of a new, better beginning for us.

[Tense music]

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