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 Well, it looks like a good crowd. Yeah, this night is turning out better than I hoped. Show hasn’t even started yet. And I can’t thank you enough for the save. Have you seen what’s going on outside? There’s a line around the block. You have a hit on your hands. You really went all out for my birthday. Well, you deserve it. You deserve this and — and much more. Well, that’s very appreciated. It’s nice being an adult and actually being out of the house for once, isn’t it?

[ Laughs ] And now josslyn and cameron can study for their midterms and have the place to themselves. Okay. We have regular salt, sea salt, himalayan salt, and kosher salt. I am very well prepared. Trina, I already told you that I have plans with cam tonight. Yeah, um, I-I haven’t changed my mind. And I — I know that you packed me some makeup uh, in my bag somewhere, but I — I can’t find that lip gloss that I like. Here, let me look for it. Yeah, I think I found it. Hey, thanks for scoring the tickets. Oh, yeah, yeah, aurora, uh, gave curtis a break on ad rates when he opened the savoy. So in return, he threw in the tickets. It’s nice. We would have been happy to hear downtown. Phideaux is way more exciting.

[ Laughter ] Actually, I’m surprised you and dad didn’t snag tickets for yourself. Yeah, I didn’t want to trouble curtis after what happened last night. It’s fine. Everything’s been handled. So, how was it catching up with — with shawn earlier? Oh. Oh, yeah, I wouldn’t say we were catching up. We were having a great conversation as shawn and i were barely acquaintances, you know, but we do have something in common. Yeah? And what would that be? Yeah. Well, shawn went to prison for you, and I’m probably going to prison for what I did to you. The jason morgan fall line, I see. I hear it’s all the rage for guys beating up goons in back alleys. Ha-ha. I’m doing private security to make up for the ot I’m missing while playing desk jockey at the pcpd. Speaking of security, I actually left mine at home with monica and bailey. Isn’t babysitting a little menial for yuri?

[ Laughs ] He makes bank off valentin. And I better watch out or monica is gonna adopt my bodyguard and he’s gonna start calling the shots at elq. Wait, that’s not squared away yet? The vote’s actually next week, and valentin will finally be out of the ceo chair and a quartermaine, namely my father, will be back in charge of the family business. Austin: How you feeling? Progress is a little slower than I’d like. Eh, progress is progress, don’t knock it. You’re awfully cheerful for a man who surrendered his voting rights to elq. You know, my dad warned me not to tangle with the quartermaines. I didn’t listen to him. I had to learn firsthand how horrible they are. I only wish I didn’t have to be suspended from my job and almost lose my medical license to realize he was right. And your eyes are wide open now. They sure are.

[ Monitors beeping ] The question is, are yours?

Please, please thank mr. Sartore once again for agreeing to display the photo ark at the jerome gallery. We’re just so incredibly honored —

[ Rustling ] Um, you know, I have to run. Thanks so much again for everything. Okay, bye.

[ Phone clacks onto table ] Scott, what are you doing? Oh, ava, you know, this — uh, this was crooked. Don’t touch it! Just keep your hands off it, alright? Sorry, I just, um, straightened it out a little bit. Scott. You stink. Are you — you’re drunk. Have — you been drinking, haven’t you? What if I have been? Come on. Come, come, come. Sit down, alright? I’ll get you some water. Agh, water. Water, that’s not gonna help. Government’s not gonna help. My so-called friends aren’t gonna help. Hey, hey, scott, I’m your friend, huh? Ehh. That’s not gonna do — h-h-how are gonna help me bring liesl home? Well, I’ve locked horns with the quartermaines plenty over the years. I’m not surprised by anything they do. Right. Brook lynn outmaneuvered you, got you to sign over your shares of elq in exchange for access to your daughter. Yeah, it’s true. My…brief moment with brook lynn gave her leverage, but it also gave me bailey. I wouldn’t trade her for all the shares of elq. Well, it’s good you know that, ’cause the elq board vote is coming up, and you’re gonna be out. Yeah, it looks that way. You know what I’m trying to figure out? You’re laying there, telling me how wise you are to the ways of the quartermaines, and yet brook lynn saw you coming from a mile away. Now that the future of elq is all squared away, you can help me with maxie instead of running interference for her like you did at the hospital. I’m just looking out for her. The department is out of leads. Maxie is the last person to have seen her baby. She could have a key piece of evidence and just not know it yet. Don’t you think she would have remembered something by now? Not necessarily. Look, you would be doing me and the pcpd a huge favor if you’d just stop acting like her guard dog and convince her to talk to me. Otherwise, that little girl may never come home. I’ll be fine, I promise. Hey, cam? Is something burning?

[ Microwave running ] Everything’s fine. Oh!

[ Sighs ] Alright. Be there in a sec! Well, change of plans. I, um… I hope you like pretzels. Oh, I do. Yeah. And, um, popcorn’s overrated anyway. Is my presence here a problem for you? No, it shouldn’t be. Have you had any more trouble with joey novak? No. He and sonny came to an understanding. Okay, so that’s it. No more trouble from joey? Well, I don’t really speak for my husband’s business anymore, but if sonny says the problem is solved, the problem’s solved. Nina: I gotta hand it to michael — he wanted me brought to justice, and he’s getting exactly what he wanted. I guess I should probably get used to calling prison my new home. You’re getting way ahead of yourself. You haven’t gone to trial. You haven’t been convicted. Yet. Do you plan on using your power to keep me out of prison? You have no idea what I can do with my power. Probably not. But I do know this — that when I do go to trial, D.A. Sheridan’s gonna call you up on the stand and ask you about everything that happened in nixon falls — all the lies that I told, the false life that I created, and… the real life that I kept you from. You’re speaking a different language than me. “What if, you know, you go to trial? What if what happened in nixon falls is revealed?” The point is, you don’t worry about what-ifs. Well, I envy you, because what-ifs is all that I’m about.

what if j never died? What if my baby wasn’t taken from me? What if I was able to watch my baby girl, or at least find her before she spiraled so out of control that it was too late to save her? What if I told the truth the first time I saw you in nixon falls? Well… what if — nuh-uh. Mike and I had… that’s a total waste of time because you can’t change the past. And all sorts of things can happen before the trial. Mm, like what? Like the D.A. Can decide, you know, trying to prove identity fraud is more trouble than it’s worth. Trying to get the conviction is not gonna give him the headlines to help his career. He — he drops the charges. Oh, you better just stop talking right now, because if you keep talking, you might just make me feel better. You know, I think that you underestimated brook lynn. I think you thought she was a lightweight, and she played you, and she could do it because you were so focused on ned and michael. How are you implying that she played me? I think you need to talk to brook lynn’s assistant, gladys corbin. I think she has all of the answers that you need. You’re close with maxie. J-just talk to her. If anyone can convince her I’m not the bogeyman, it’s you. Of course you’re not the bogeyman.

[ Inhales deeply ] I’ll talk to maxie, okay? But I can’t make any promises. There are limits to my superpowers.

[ Scoffs ] Yeah, right. What’s with the attitude? Well, you sure seemed super powerful when you took a girls’ night out just hours before you had to pull over and give birth. You remember? Yeah, I stopped by the quartermaines. Actually, yuri and i bonded over fixing bailey’s crib. That thing could have collapsed, you know. There were a lot of missing parts. Look! I found these underneath the crib, and then I checked the crib and — and it was super rickety. So what? You helped fix the crib. End of story. How was your birthday back at home? Uh, it was really nice. Aiden baked me a cake, and the kids decorated, and they made me this banner, and to top it all off, finn has taken me out. I’m excited to see the performer. It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed live music. But it takes some getting used to, right? Being out without franco, and with finn instead. Finn’s a really good friend. I see you two at the hospital, and sometimes you can’t stop smiling. And other times, you just — you just seem so hesitant, like maybe you’re not ready to move on. Yeah, at times it does seem… overwhelming. If it doesn’t feel right to be out, with or without finn, then don’t be out. But finn — I’m — finn will understand. He certainly knows there’s no timetable for grief. So if you want to, go home. You gotta do what’s best for you.

[ Cellphone chimes ] Do you want to get that? No, it’s probably nothing. I meant to turn my phone off anyway.

[ Chuckles ] It’s spencer. You know that he’s not gonna stop until you respond. Okay, um… he says that he doesn’t know how to work the register. Oh, well, that’s funny, considering he sure knows how to spend money. Yeah, maybe he would know if he spent a little bit more time focusing on his job and not esme.

[ Phone clacks onto table ] Phone’s off now. Why don’t we ditch this movie? Do you really like esme? Undecided. Come on. Okay, well, she’S… spencer’s girlfriend. So?

[ Scoffs ] I can’t believe that you don’t see that she’s a total fake. I mean, all this, “I’m from europe. I’m so worldly” stuff. I mean, please. But she is from europe and she’s seen a lot more of the world than I have. Yeah, but, you know, why would I want to go on a weekend getaway with her and her condescending attitude? We don’t have to go. Yes. Yes, we do, because she won’t leave us alone if we don’T. And you know I’m right. Look, I don’t really think about esme or what she thinks about us. Oh, me neither. Not really. You want to know who I think about? You.

coffee, okay?We’ll get you dried out. No, no, no, no, I-I don’t need to be dried out. I-I’m thinking better this way. No, no, no. You’ll be of no use to liesl with your mind like swiss cheese. Ugh, no use. What — what kind of a guy am I? I mean, I get chucked out of an airplane like a sack of potatoes, and then my girlfriend is whisked off to parts unknown. Oh, no, no, no, scott. That — none of that was your fault, right? You were — you were tricked. You were duped. You were drugged. Just be glad that you’re alive now, right? So you can work to bring liesl home. Well, you know — and what has that done for me? A-all my time and my energy and my resources, you know what I got? I got goose egg. I got bupkis. I mean, I even put up a reward, and nobody’s responded to that.

[ Sighs ] The only thing… I do know for sure that I succeeded at was, um, l-losing britt just like I lost liesl. Nobody can blame you for britt. No, I knew it was a mistake —

[Clears throat] Bringing jason in — jason morgan, you know. I-I know who he is, and I badgered britt to get him. Now, why couldn’t he have been a good little assassin and done it by himself? But no, they both go. Now they’re both gone missing. Well, you know, there could be any number of reasons for that. Yeah, and none of them are good.

If liesl comes back and she finds that her daughter is missing, fireworks. Britt’s a grown woman, right? So I’m gonna guess that obrecht respects her daughter’s choices.

[ Scoffs ] Ava. Ava, you — you — you don’t get it. Liesl is in love with me. I’m in love with her. I had one job, and that is to protect her. And I didn’T. I failed. Hey, are — are you okay? Yeah, no, it’s just your hands are really cold. Oh, I’m — I’m sorry. It’s fine. It’s no big deal. Forget about it. Are you sure? Is this okay? Mm, sure. Okay. Wait.

[ Grunts ] There’s — something’s poking me.

[ Laughs ] Oh. Um, aiden was looking for that. Oh. [ Laughs ] Okay. Yeah. Um, I should have pre-checked the — the couch for any cooking utensils or art supplies. I — I’m sorry about that. It’s fine. Why don’t we take this to the bedroom? There’s no wooden spoons there. Yeah. Yeah, sure. Yeah?

[ Vehicle approaches ] Help me up. Sorry, what? Help me up on the table. I want to announce to this room how much I love you.

[ Laughs ] Come on. Wha– [ Laughs ] Come on. You don’t believe me? Thank you. For what? For being you. And no, you don’t have to jump on the table, even though I would absolutely love to see that.

[ Laughs ] Nah, I believe you. I will keep saying this as many times as you need to hear it. We don’t always need to agree. We won’t always agree. But I still love you, michael corinthos, and I’m here for the long haul, whether you like it or not. No, I like it.

[ Chuckles ] Very much. Alright, sorry that I disappeared like that. I just wanted to call your dad and see what was going on. Did you get hold of him? No, but he’ll be here soon. You don’t need my help to make you feel better or worse. You’re perfectly capable of doing that yourself. Yeah. So in other words, quit your complaining and — and act like a grown up. [ Chuckles ] Well, some things don’t change. What does that — what does that mean? Well, mike was always full of advice, whether I wanted to hear it

[ Sighs ] Or not. Well, one positive thing is phyllis is going to be in my life, and she’s gonna stay in port charles. Yeah? Well, at least she’s managing the place, right? Yeah, that’s a good thing. It’s gonna give her fresh purpose, whether she sees that or not, and the job will keep her busy. Good. I-I just have to find a new watering hole. Oh, I see. You find out that phyllis is putting down roots in port charles, and now you’re gonna do everything you can to keep your distance from her. Sonny, you’re the one — that’s what I’m saying. No, but you’re — what? You’re the one who told me to stay out of your life. Phyllis is gonna be here. You own the place. How am I gonna do that? Listen, I don’t make the rules. I just follow them. Maybe I’ll change the rules. I had nothing to do with that super rickety crib. I’m sure yuri thinks it’s all my fault, but he better watch it because he is paid for his discretion as much as my protection. If anyone needs protection, it’s this poor man from you.

[ Sighs ] Why was gladys so desperate to talk to you? She said she had something to say to me, but then brook lynn showed up and ushered her right out of the room. Weren’t you curious? I was heading into surgery. I was a little preoccupied. But I’m curious now.

[ Monitor beeping ] So, gladys is running around town with brook lynn’s corporate credit card and spending it in decidedly un-corporate ways. She treated me to drinks, plural, at the savoy. She must like you. And then she let slip that she thinks that brook lynn is pulling a scam on you.

I thought your mom would be home from the savoy a lot later than this. Well, it seems like she will be. Someone’s just using the driveway to turn around. Oh. [ Sighs ] You okay? You seem a little off. Too many pretzels, I guess. Joss, we — we didn’t have any pretzels. We don’t have to do this. No, I’m good. You sure? Yeah. Yeah, it’ll pass. Besides, don’t you want to? Well, of course I want to, but only if you do. A-and to be honest, it seems like you don’T. I will have n’neka get you a bottle of champagne. Go ahead. You deserve it. What the hell. I’d love some. Mmm. Alright.

[ Monitors beeping ] What else did gladys tell you? Nothing really. Nothing at all. She did ask me if I wanted to have a drink with her at the metro court, but, you know, I’m in the middle of my shift, so I called her a bunch of times, but she hasn’t called me back. She hasn’t returned my calls. You think brook lynn got to her? Yeah, I do. I think that’s what happened. I think brook lynn either terrified that poor woman or is paying her off to keep her mouth shut. Anyway, I hope that you have more luck with gladys than I had. I don’t need luck. Please tell me I’m having a nightmare. I remember you. Well, you should. You arrested me. Brook lynn’s music producer. Ex-music producer and a total sexist and skeezy sleaze. Now, is that any way to talk to an old friend? What are you doing here? I’d hoped you’d been dumped on a toxic waste site.

[ Scoffs ] I’m here to see the show, of course. The one on the stage, not on the floor. Okay, we don’t want a disturbance, but… if you come within ten feet of brook lynn again, you’re gonna be out on the street. Okay. There’s no need to manhandle me. I know when I’m not wanted. It’s good to see you again, brook lynn. Sonny corinthos is changing his rules, and for me?

[ Sighs ] I didn’t bring phyllis in to run charlie’s to have you stay away from her. Phyllis doesn’t know it yet, but she belongs in port charles. She could see whoever she wants to see. Even if that means you’re going to have to breathe the same air as me? Okay, nina, understand me, okay? I’m gonna tell you again. Stay away from carly. And you respect michael’s wishes when it comes to wiley. I will, I promise. I know you said that you could change the rules at any time. I just never thought it would be this soon. And in my favor. Oh. I’m doing this for phyllis. It it — if the change happens to work for you, so be it.

I know that the wsb knows more than they’re letting on to the public. What’s that supposed to mean? Well, I know that they captured a man during that assault on that compound in crete. You mean the — the one nikolas owns? Used to own. Anyway, this man that they captured, he claims to have a lead on peter august. Well, if that’s true, why is nobody telling me? I mean, I-I’m running around here like a — a chicken with no head? I don’t know. I don’t know anything. I don’t know much. I just know that this — this — the man in question, he’s demanding a — a heck of a lot in exchange for cooperation. How bad could this guy be? Well, apparently, he’s committed many crimes and acts of espionage going back decades, and the wsb, they want to prosecute him. They don’t want to cut him a deal. Oh, ava. Come on. You — you gotta help me, okay? Liesl’s life, it — it’s at stake here. Please. Who’s this guy? Oh, scott. It’s nikolas’s uncle. It’s victor cassadine. Oh, god! Ava, f or crying out loud.Now this all makes sense. That’s why nikolas didn’t help me out — ’cause he was protecting his uncle. And that’s why you didn’t help me, ’cause you were protecting your husband. Hey! You’re not drunk at all, are you? You just came in here, and you tricked me so I would spill my guts. Yeah, I did. To get the truth.

[ Scoffs ] Well, get out of here! You cretin! You ought to be ashamed of yourself. Well, I’ll tell you this, ava, though — if the shoe was on the other foot, I would do exactly what you’re doing. Okay? So, isn’t life and love all grand? I just feel so dumb. Why? Because I was the one pushing for this, and now I’m the one hitting the brakes. You’re allowed to change your mind. I know. I just don’t want to disappoint you. Joss, this is supposed to be about the two of us. Not just me. Do I want to have sex with you? Yeah, more than anything. But sex wasn’t even on the agenda this morning until, you know, it was suddenly put there. I know. Maybe it’s being at college or being around esme, who doesn’t miss an opportunity to remind me of how advanced she is. And it’s embarrassing to admit this, but you know how competitive I am, and I think a part of me just wanted to keep up. And the other part of me just wanted to get it out of the way so it wouldn’t take up all this space in my head. Well, you shouldn’t have to think about it that way. This is not a volleyball game that you have to win. I know. And I truly don’t want my first time to be about something between me and esme or about every other girl at pcu having sex. I want it to be about you and me. And I just want it to be right. Sorry, I’m late. Hi, hi. Hi. Uh, did i miss anything? No, nothing yet. I’m just glad you made it. Is everything okay? Yeah. Curtis: Everyone, can I please get your attention? Tonight is a very special night here at the savoy. So thank you all for being here. Now, it is my privilege in my honor to present, fresh from his sold-out summer tour, phideaux.

[ Cheers and applause ]

Ladies and gentlemen boys and girls all you citizens of the world come on do what you will oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh oh oh-oh-oh, oh-oh-oh-oh come on and do what you will welcome to reality we hope you stay this is your choice and you’re all okay mired in a binary of good and bad give it up for everything you ever had ladies and gentlemen boys and girls welcome to reality the natural world there’s a war in heaven there’s a war in rome there’s a war much closer than you even know there’s a war in heaven there’s a war in rome doesn’t matter whose side you’re on when you come home welcome to reality it’s all we know keep your grip onto this rock and don’t let go oh-oh-oh oh-oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh oh, don’t let go oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh, oh-oh oh, oh, oh, oh, oh

[ Cheers and applause ]

[ Cheers and applause continue ]

Hey, chase. I noticed mr. Brown was bothering brook lynn. Does she even know that guy? He was her music producer. They have a history. Brook lynn and the guy got into it, and I ended up arresting them both. Really? Excuse me. Brook lynn, right? Yeah. Hey. Hi. You know, I’m sorry that linc brown guy was bothering you. I would be happy to refund the cost of your ticket to make it up to you. Thanks. That’s sweet of you, curtis. But, uh, linc wasn’t bothering me. I was just surprised to see him. Thought he knew better than to show his face in port charles again. Quartermaines run him out of town? Just one quartermaine — my dad. Well, if he gets in your face again, you let me know. I was afraid that if we didn’t do it, you’d be upset and you’d dump me.

[ Scoffs ] Joss, like that’s gonna happen? Well, it’s not like you couldn’t find someone else. I mean, the girls would be lining up. Okay, “a”, that’s just not true. And “b”, the only girl I want is you. I mean, I’ve waited years to hold your hands. I could wait a little bit longer for sex. Look, however long it takes, I know it’ll be worth it. If you had enough, we could sneak out at any time. Are you kidding? Why do you look so surprised? I was just concerned that all this might be too much for you. I know this isn’t an easy birthday. It’s not. But you’re making it special for me. H-hey. Sorry, I’m late, but for good reason — I have a line on liesl. What?! Did you — did you take it to anna? Anna devane is the last person I would take anything to. Scott, please. Just don’t go to liesl’s rescue like britt did — on your own. Okay, we all want to find her. You’ve got to put wsb in the loop. I intend to go to the wsb, but when you do, you can’t make any mistakes. You know, like when you go to sonny corinthos. So how’d it go with phyllis? Did she agree to manage charlie’s? On a trial basis. It was — that’s her decision, not mine. But that’s great, right? I mean, I know how important phyllis is to you. Well, it’s the right decision, and she’s gonna be a terrific manager. Great. We’ve never hung out at charlie’S. Well, I mean, julian jerome didn’t exactly make it appealing. Yeah, that’s true. But julian is gone and phyllis is running the place, so there’s our excuse to get to know charlie’s better. So, I — I can’t help liesl tonight. So let’s strategize about your trial. I think the best defense is a good offense. We’ve got to get sonny and michael to back off. Okay, do you have something in mind? Well, the only thing you have in common with that family is you have a legitimate claim. Mmm — mnh-mnh. Wiley’s out of bounds. No, no, no, listen. Now that nelle’s gone, you have legal rights for your grandson, and you’ve got to use those legal rights, and you’ve got to push them, push them to get sonny to back off. No, but I’m not going to use my grandson. And, scott, you’re looking at this the wrong way. Michael is the one that got the llantano county D.A. To press charges on me, not sonny. Eh, michael — michael, he takes his cues from don vito. Well, maybe the pre-nixon falls don vito, but not the man that sonny is now.

[ Scoffs ] The band is amazing, and so is this night. I’ve been doing a little table-hopping, and everybody’s having a wonderful time. Great. Except you. What’s wrong? Linc brown, the band’s producer. Chase had him arrested a while back, and ned quartermaine ran him out of town. Why? Some– something he had against brook lynn quartermaine. You know, I’m beginning to think that his appearance here wasn’t a coincidence. So you think he deliberately came here to help you out when your original band canceled? I’m thinking someone put him up to it. What do you want? What do I want? For the information on brook lynn and gladys, you must want something. No, no, no, no, we’re good on that. I mean, I can kind of tell from the way we’re talking that brook lynn may soon find herself in the hottest corner of hell. That’s enough for you, is it? Yeah, brook lynn’s misery would be my joy. I mean, if you’re feeling extra generous and you want to show some appreciation, right after you give brook lynn what’s coming to her, just tell her, “austin says hi.” Give brook lynn my regards.

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