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Hope: He’s my father. I should go after him.

Ridge: He’s a father who’s let you down time and time again. You invite him back into your life, he’s gonna keep doing it.

Brooke: Ridge, maybe we should just leave this for now.

Hope: No, mom, I am not letting this go. Dad came over here, and he poured his heart out like he has never done before, and I know what he has done in the past, but I care about who he is now, what kind of man he is right now! And I believe him when he says that he is committed to being a father worthy of his daughter’s love, and you may not believe him. But no one is going to tell me whether or not I can have my dad in my life, and that includes you, ridge.Ea

[Knock on door]

Sheila: [Sighs] I thought you didn’t want anything more to do with me. What do you want?

Deacon: Can I come in? Thanks.

Sheila: Let me guess. You went to see hope, and… brooke and your daughter shot you down.

Deacon: No. That bastard ridge did.

Steffy: Really impressive, james. This is the kind of unconventional marketing forrester needs, not just typical magazines and press. Well done.

James: Seemed like too good an opportunity to pass up.

Paris: Yeah, every platform is blowing up with this.

James: Thanks. Well, I’ll let you guys get back to it. Oh, hey, we missed you and zende at happy hour. Hope we’ll see you guys there next week.

Paris: Yeah, I’m down.

James: Sounds good. See you guys later.

Steffy: Bye.

Paris: Bye.

[Door closes]

Steffy: Kelly and hayes miss you.

Paris: Like I said, I miss them, especially kelly’s hugs,& but I’ll come by soon.

Steffy: I know you’re busy with the whole forrester foundation and hope for the future, zende’s scholarship fund. You’re also dating him, but did I hear you’re living with thomas? How’s that going?

Zende: Whoa! Give a guy a warning next time, okay?

Thomas: What?

Zende: You, standing there, half-naked. It might be a turn-on for the ladies, but cover up, G.

Thomas: I was working out, and, uh, charlie came into the locker room, told me to leave ’cause of something like maintenance or whatever, so…

Zende: You were, um, looking at pictures of paris. There’s no one quite like her, is there?

Thomas: No. No, there isn’T.

Steffy: Come on. My brother? He is a mess. He leaves his clothes everywhere. Must drive you crazy.

Paris: Actually, no. He goes out of his way to clean up after himself.

Steffy: Thomas? You’re kidding.

Paris: Of course, we’re so busy, we don’t see that much of each other, but…

Steffy: It’s probably for the best.

Paris: But when we are there together, we get along great. Oh! And added bonus, I’ve gotten to hang out a little bit with your nephew douglas, and he’s such a great little guy.

Steffy: I agree.

Paris: I know thomas has done some questionable things in the past, including with my sister, but there’s no doubt that your brother is a caring and loving father.

Zende: I’ve never known anyone like her– the way she lives her life, the things she values, how she inspires, always wanting to make the world a better place. Totally lives by her principles, you know? Not to mention, she’s so damn beautiful. I’m so blessed, man, having her in my life.

Thomas: Yeah. Yeah, you are.

Deacon: But it wasn’t& all bad. All right, so I show up, and I took brooke completely by surprise. Ridge wasn’t there yet. But here’s the thing. I got to talk to hope. I am completely convinced that my daughter wants me to be in her life.

Sheila: But brooke– brooke doesn’T. She went into mama bear mode, came down on you about the misery that you’ve inflicted and how she doesn’t want hope to go through anything like that again.

Deacon: No, she wasn’t happy to see me. I mean, she’s still wary. But I am convinced that she can get to a place of acceptance if it wasn’t for ridge.

Ridge: I’m sorry. I don’t wanna disrespect you or–or you, but I think your emotions are clouding your judgment. Your father’s done nothing but bring heartache to you and your mother, disappointment after disappointment, and to–to bring that back into your life just doesn’t make sense to me.

Brooke: Okay, ridge, I think we need to–

Ridge: And it’s not just you anymore, is it? It’s your kids. You don’t wanna subject ’em to somebody like deacon.

Hope: Subject them? I would never put my children in harm’s way.

Ridge: I-I know that! So good. You–you realize that you can’t have deacon around the house. You just can’T.

Hope: But when has deacon ever endangered a child, ridge? I realize that my father has made mistakes, but I also realize that he has paid the price for them and that he wants to move on from that, and I don’t believe that he’s being insincere. I don’t believe he has ill intentions, so whatever your concerns may be, ridge, while I may understand them, I do not share them, and it is not your decision to make. My dad is going to be a part of my life and my family’s life whether you approve or not. I wish we had a sled as fast as cricket 5g.

Steffy: So douglas asked you if you’re his dad’s girlfriend.

Paris: Yeah. But when you think about it, it makes sense why he might wonder.

Steffy: How’d you handle that?

Paris: Thomas and I made it very clear that we are not girlfriend and boyfriend… or we thought we did.

[Laughs] And then douglas asked if I was gonna live with them when his dad found his new house.

Steffy: Sounds like someone has a crush on you.

Sheila: But you said ridge wasn’t there when you arrived.

Deacon: Yeah, thankfully. Brooke was, but then hope showed up. She wound up in my arms, telling me that she needed me, that she needed me. She needed her dad, and then she told brooke. She said for everyone to just quit driving me away.

Sheila: God. If I could just get finn to say something like that to steffy about me.

Deacon: I mean, it was unbelievable to hear hope say that. No one has ever defended me like that before. Then, of course, ridge showed up and tried to throw me out like a piece of trash.

Sheila: But I told you they would defend us. You could’ve used that to your advantage.

Deacon: I know I could’ve, but I didn’t want to. I didn’t wanna…

Sheila: All right, so what? So you let ridge win?

Deacon: Yeah, but, sheila, don’t you get it? I love both of them too much to cause them any more pain.

Sheila: But–but both of them? Are you–what… look, I understand that you’re a loving father trying to reconnect with his daughter, but… this thing with brooke is a fantasy. You know that, right? Right?

Brooke: I think you should think about this just a little bit.

Hope: Mom, I have thought about it a lot, and I trust my instincts, and it feels right. It feels right to have my dad be a part of my life right now.

Ridge: And how do you think liam’s gonna feel about that?

Hope: Well, I understand my husband’s concerns. He loves me, and he trusts me, and he will respect this decision.

Ridge: Yeah, and I’m sure your kids are gonna love this terrible decision, too.

Hope: Are you questioning me as a mother? My children mean everything to me, and I will always take care of them, and you should know that! You both should know that.

Brooke: Of course we both know that. Just, ridge was expressing his feelings.

Hope: You know what? No. I am, um, I’m through explaining myself and defending my decision. If you can’t be supportive of what I am doing, then I think it is best for liam and the kids and me to move out of the cabin.

Brooke: Ridge, if you don’t mind, I’d like to talk to hope alone.

Ridge: Don’t do this.

Brooke: [Sighs]

[Door closes]

Hope: Mom, please understand that I am not trying to give you an ultimatum, but I am serious. If you can’t be supportive of me wanting my dad to have a place in my life, then I think it’s best for us to go.

Don’t stop me, don’t stop me

Zende: So how’s the house hunting going? Any closer to finding something?

Thomas: Eh, not really. My realtor’s on it, but nothing exciting’s turned up so far.

Zende: Well, light a fire under him, will you? I mean, the sooner you find a house, the sooner I get to have this sexy lady all to myself.

Steffy: Oh! Perfect timing. I wanna go over these budget revisions with you.

Ridge: Can we do it some other time, please?

Steffy: What is going on?

Ridge: After everything this guy has done to her, how do you–I don’T…

Steffy: What guy? What are you talking about?-

Ridge: Deacon! He’s playing hope again. I can see it. You can see it. Everybody can see it. Why can’t she see?

Hope: This isn’t just about me and my wishes. I also don’t wanna create any problems for you and ridge, so maybe it is best if liam and the kids and me move out.

Brooke: Hope, no, I-I don’t want that. I love having you and the grandchildren.

Hope: And I love it, too, but I am not going to do battle over my own father. I’m certainly not going to be constantly told by ridge or anyone else whether or not I can even see him.

Brooke: Okay. I understand that. I do. But–

Hope: No “but”s, mom! You heard deacon. He just wants to love me and be a part of my life. Why is that such a bad thing?

Brooke: Sweetheart…

Hope: I should’ve gone after him. I shouldn’t have let ridge just run him off like that!

Brooke: You listen to me. Ridge was just trying to protect—

Hope: I don’t need protection from my own father!

[Crying] Mom, you saw what happened. Dad left willingly, even though he wanted to stay, and he did that because he didn’t wanna cause you or me any more pain. He has changed, that if he can just have one more chance, maybe… we all–we all get so many second chances in this life. Don’t I owe my dad one? So… [Sniffles] I have to do this, and I need to do this, even if I get hurt in the end.


[Cellphone ringing]

Deacon: [Whispers] It’s hope! Shh, shh.

[Cellphone beeps]

[Normal voice] Hey, sweetheart. Is everything okay?

Hope: Mm-hmm. Um…I’m sorry for what happened at the house before. Can you–can you please come back?

Deacon: Uh, are– are you sure? I don’t wanna cause any more problems.

Hope: I’m positive.

Deacon: Okay. I’ll–I’ll leave right now.

[Cellphone beeps]

Sheila: What, hope wants to see you?

Deacon: I have no idea what the hell this is about, but I can spend some time with my daughter. See ya.

[Door opens]

Hope: Mom… I know what I’m doing. We always talk about being one big loving family. Well, that includes my father, too. On the outside, I looked fine.

Paris: What did I just walk in on?

Zende: I was just saying how I couldn’t wait to have you all to myself.

Thomas: Yeah, zende wants me to light a fire under my realtor’s butt, stat. But he may have to fend off another suitor first.

Zende: Wait, what?

Thomas: My son. He’s really taken to paris.

Paris: The feeling’s mutual. Douglas is a very special little boy. Takes after his father.

Ridge: Ah, no, I don’t know about that guy. I mean, how many times does he have to let hope down before she realizes that is who he is, who he’s always gonna be? It’s not gonna change. It’s not, and, uh, I get it. It’s her dad, and she wants to see some–some great things in him. She wants to have faith in him. But how can you with his track record? And now you’re gonna allow him to see the kids?

Steffy: What?

Ridge: Oh, yeah, yeah. Not just about deacon anymore. She wants him to be part of the kids’ life.

Steffy: You can’t be serious.

Ridge: I am.

Steffy: Hope can’t be serious. Why would she do such a thing?

Brooke: Sweetheart, I know how much you want this, and I also know why you took such a hard line with ridge. But you have to understand ridge raised you. He was there for you when deacon wasn’T.

[Knock on door]

Hope: That must be him. That’s dad. Hi. Thanks for coming.

Deacon: Thanks for inviting me, especially after what happened earlier. Um…is ridge here?

Hope: No.

Deacon: Is he coming back? Because if he’s just gonna blow another gasket…

Brooke: No. No. That’s not gonna happen.

Deacon: Are you okay with me being here?

Hope: Uh, mom and I had a long talk, and she knows I don’t want you going anywhere. Like I said, it’s actually nice having the three of us together as a family.

Deacon: I feel the same way. I just–I don’t think brooke does.

Hope: Well, she has every right to be guarded.

Deacon: Yeah.

Hope: While the two of you may have shared some special times, there were some painful times as well. But I am trying to focus on the present and focus on my family, and that not only includes liam and the kids, it includes you and mom as well. You know, I want this to be a positive time in our life for us to try to get along and move forward, and I know– I know that ridge isn’t there yet. Hopefully with time, he will be, but whether he is or not, he’s not going to tell me what to do because I’m not a little girl anymore. I’m a grown woman, and I make my own decisions. And I believe you when you say that you regret not being a part of my life all those years, and I believe you’re being earnest when you say that you want a relationship with me now. And as my father, you will always be welcome as long as I’m living here on the property.

Brooke: Honey, I don’t want you to leave here. Your children and you belong here.

Deacon: Wait a second. You’re thinking of leaving brooke’s house for me?

Hope: Yes. Yes, if I have to. I’m not going to justify allowing you into my life to anyone. Dad, when you say that you want to prove that you’re a changed man, in my heart of hearts, I believe that. And I can see that you wanna be a good father, and I can see that you wanna be a good grandfather.

[Crying] And I want you and mom to be a part of beth and douglas’ life. I want them to grow up knowing both of their grandparents.

[Whispers] You’re my dad.

[Normal voice] I love you, and my home is your home.

Deacon: Um… do you feel the same way? Can you accept me?

Brooke: I really don’t think that ridge is going to agree with this, but, um… I have to support my daughter’s wishes.

Hope: This is a fresh start! A chance for us to put the past behind us and to try to start fresh as a family again. Welcome home, dad. Home. [Laughs]

[Crying and laughing]

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