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Philip is at the Kiriakis Mansion having a drink as he thinks back to overhearing Chloe and Brady talking about not telling anybody about the sex on the conference table. Philip then smashes his glass in his hand.

Brady works at the Basic Black office. Chloe walks in with papers for him to sign. Brady is against using the conference table even though Chloe assures that she washed it off. Brady points out a spot that she missed so Chloe sprays and wipes it again. Chloe adds that when she told Nicole that she and Rafe should stop playing games and put it all out on the table, this is not what she meant.

Gabi is with Jake in the interrogation room. Gabi complains about still being there and that Jake should’ve been out last night. Jake explains that Melinda will still want to nail someone for what happened to Abe and Carmine is dead. Gabi blames Ava and asks why Melinda can’t throw the book at her. Jake mentions that Ava said her dead son did it and that they know that’s not as far-fetched as it sounds. Gabi acknowledges strange things happening in town last night. Jake talks about Nick breaking him out and says they know he’d be in the looney bin if he told the cops what actually happened. Jake remarks that breaking out of jail is not exactly helping his case, as Melinda walks in and agrees. Melinda then tells Jake that he’s in luck as she has a proposition for him. Melinda reveals that she will drop all felony charges against Jake on one condition..

Brady jokes to Chloe that there’s a little bit of irony to this since Marlena was advising him to od the same thing to her while Rafe and Nicole were doing it. Chloe calls that bad advice. Brady asks Chloe to let Philip know that nothing happened between them on the night that he helped her move in to the Salem Inn because he doesn’t need him flipping out on him anymore. Chloe promises him that won’t happen as she really feels Philip knows he needs to trust her, so she thinks they don’t need to bring Brady up at all.

Victor has a drink in the living room of the Kiriakis Mansion, where he sees the broken glass on the table and questions why it’s there. Philip comes back in and tells him not to worry because Henderson said he’d get somebody to clean it up. Victor remarks that it’s about time Philip start cleaning up his own messes or not make them in the first place. Philip feels he’s not just ranting about the broken glass. Victor informs him that he had a chat with Melinda, who told him that Philip is in league with Ava again and that partnership caused Abe to get shot. Philip argues that Melinda doesn’t know what she’s talking about. Victor thinks she does, because she also said that Philip is lucky he’s not in jail.

Gabi questions Melinda’s condition. Melinda responds that she will discuss that with Jake since he’s the one that is handcuffed. Melinda reveals that she and Victor recently made a deal that he’s not that fond of. Melinda states that if Jake agrees to say under oath that Philip was blackmailing him then Jake can neutralize Victor. Gabi complains that Jake is here on nothing charges that would be dismissed on merits. Melinda accuses Jake of breaking himself out of jail. Gabi says it’s tempting to stick it to Philip, but she doesn’t think it’s a good idea to make an enemy of Victor. Melinda remarks that her offer is to Jake, not Gabi. Jake responds that he will take the deal, upsetting Gabi.

Abigail goes to see Jack and asks how he’s doing. Jack claims that he’s okay. Abigail apologizes for blowing him out of the water earlier. Jack is thankful that she told the truth since Gwen wasn’t going to. Abigail asks what happened after they left. Jack informs her that Gwen begged him to understand. Jack says he told Gwen that he’d never understand and walked out, then when he came back, she was gone. Jack hopes Gwen got the message that she’s no longer welcome in this house.

Xander and Gwen have room service together in Xander’s room at the Salem Inn. Xander tries to encourage Gwen that Jack didn’t mean the things he said. Gwen cries that Jack looked at her like he hated her. Xander thinks Abigail wanted that. Gwen acknowledges that she told Jack and Chad that Abigail was the reason that she lost her baby. Xander argues that Abigail is no angel with the things she said about Gwen being an awful mom. Gwen agrees with that and can’t imagine raising a child. Xander argues that Gwen did a good job raising Abigail and Chad’s kids for months. Gwen brings up what she did and notes that Abigail said she’s incapable of loving anyone. Gwen is starting to think that maybe she’s right. Xander asks where that leaves them. Gwen responds that all she knows is that she does not want to deal with real feelings anymore as she is done with making people love her. Gwen regrets coming to Salem. Xander points out that she wouldn’t have met him and asks if he makes it worth it. Gwen tells him that she’s wanted a family who cared for her for her entire life. Gwen states that Xander is the only person who has ever put anything on the line for her. Gwen acknowledges that Xander tried to cover for her with Jack and went to jail. Xander says it wasn’t that bad and he’s out now. Gwen suggests they take Xander’s million dollars and go celebrate on a tropical island so she can forget about all of her trouble. Gwen wants to leave tonight but Xander says he’s sorry as he can’t do that.

Melinda tells Jake that he’s a smart man, so she will get the paper work in motion and then he will be out of here. Melinda then exits the room. Jake comments to Gabi that for a second, he thought she was going to make Melinda go back on her offer. Gabi claims that she was just trying to get him a better deal. Jake says he’s okay with testifying against Philip if he has Gabi by his side. A cop then brings Ava in to the room. Gabi calls her the bitch who tried to frame Jake and steal her company. Gabi asks how that went for her. Ava responds that she will beat this. Gabi questions her thinking so since Jake just a cut a deal with Melinda. Gabi adds that while Ava is fighting murder charges, Jake will be free as a bird. Gabi says it will be really nice to go home and Ava won’t be there, adding that she’s never coming back.

Philip tells Victor that Jake got Carmine to come to town, not him. Victor asks if he’s denying using information he got from Ava to reach out to Carmine. Philip says no. Victor asks if he also agreed to install Ava as the head of Gabi Chic which he admits to. Victor calls him a moron while Philip argues that he didn’t have a choice but Victor doesn’t want to hear it. Philip explains that Gabi was setting him up and Jake was helping her, so he had to get rid of them. Philip adds that Gabi would’ve taken Gabi Chic with her and asks what he was supposed to do. Victor argues that he should’ve came to him. Victor then tells Philip that he’s fired.

Abigail tells Jack that she did not come to ruin his relationship with Gwen, she just didn’t believe Gwen’s secret was that she was a sex worker because she knew Jack would understand something like that. Jack acknowledges that he forgave Gwen for drugging Abigail and sleeping with Chad. Abigail says that’s why she made it her business to find out the truth and felt that Jack deserved to know that Gwen had already miscarried before their argument at the top of the stairs. Jack regrets how he treated Abigail after Gwen’s fall. Abigail understands he was in shock but Jack feels there’s no excuse. Abigail tells him it’s over now. Jack complains that Gwen has known for months that he had no idea her mother was pregnant all those years ago and he never turned his back on her. Jack adds that Gwen knows he forgave all the horrible things she did and he opened his arms to her but she still came up with this vicious lie. Jack brings up Abigail leaving town for weeks because he and Chad believed Gwen’s vicious lies. Abigail says it wasn’t just that but Jack insists that it was. Jack can’t stand what Gwen did to Abigail, but he really can’t stand that she did it with his help. Abigail says he did not help her but Jack feels he did by not questioning her. Abigail assures that she’s okay. Jack thanks God for Abigail. Jack breaks down crying as they hug. Jack brings up that Abigail asked about his relationship with Gwen. Jack states that Gwen is still his daughter and he’s not going to stop loving her, but the days of him asking Abigail, JJ, and Jennifer to accept her as part of the family are over. Jack declares that Gwen is his problem now and none of them have to have anything to do with her ever again. Jack gives his word on that.

Gwen questions Xander not wanting to go away with her anymore. Xander clarifies that he can’t because Melinda still has his money and he’s not getting it back. Gwen argues that the money is no longer evidence. Xander reveals that Melinda decided to keep it for herself. Gwen calls that a crime but Xander says no one will believe him with his track record. Gwen argues that she can’t get away with that. Xander responds that she can because she walked in on them talking about Gwen lying to Jack and overheard them. Xander reveals that Gwen threatened to tell Jack everything if he didn’t let her keep the money. Gwen points out that Jack knows now but Xander didn’t know that at the time he made the deal. Gwen calls this unbelievable and declares that Xander not only went to jail for her, he also lost a million dollars to protect her from her stupid lies. Xander points out that it’s not like he made that money and says he’ll make another million. Gwen suggests he toss her out and tell her to never come back again.

Ava tells Gabi and Jake that she’s innocent as she didn’t kill Carmine and nobody can prove that she did. Gabi questions if she really thinks Melinda will believe that Charlie came crawling from his grave to save his mother that he always hated. Ava informs them that Tripp and Allie saw him too. Gabi warns Ava that she’s still on thin ice because Melinda knows that she and Philip were planning to use Carmine to blackmail them and Rafe does too. Ava bets she loved telling him. Gabi confirms that she did but she can’t understand how Ava could be so stupid to think Rafe wouldn’t notice what she was trying to do to his sister. Ava remarks that she wasn’t worried because Rafe is as sick of her as she is. A cop enters and gives Jake his paperwork to sign and then he’s free to go. Gabi tells Ava to have a good day as she and Jake then exit together.

Philip complains about Victor and blames him for the board being upset about a lack of consistency and leadership. Victor assures he has the board under control. Philip asks who will be the next CEO. Philip suggests Justin and Xander can run things from jail. Victor reveals that they are both out so he’s behind the times. Philip asks again who will take his place. Victor assures it won’t be Justin because he’s on his honeymoon. Philip is surprised to learn Justin married Bonnie already. Philip guesses that’s why Victor is in such a bad mood and is taking it out on him like he always does. Victor adds that Xander will never run Titan again either. Philip guesses it’s Brady then, saying that first he steals his girlfriend and now he steals his job. Victor asks what he’s talking about.

Brady finishes signing Chloe’s papers and asks if she’s taking off. Chloe mentions calling Philip to see if he wants to have dinner out. Brady tells her to have a good time, but then gets a text and says he doesn’t believe it. Chloe asks what’s wrong. Brady responds that the text is from Kristen’s lawyer as she wants to see him.

Victor asks Philip if Brady slept with Chloe. Philip remarks that Victor must find it highly amusing. Victor argues that he knew it was bound to happen and at least Brady is out of Kristen’s clutches so he’s looking at the bright side that they’ve both dodged a female bullet.

Chloe asks Brady who Kristen’s lawyer is. Brady says it’s someone that EJ hired. Chloe asks if the text says why she wants to see him. Brady says no, but he’s pretty sure he knows why.

Gabi and Jake return home and see the chalk outline of where Carmine was killed. Jake says he’s seen enough dead bodies to last a lifetime. Gabi says at least he’s out of jail and wonders how Ava is holding up. Jake asks if she thinks Melinda will really believe that Charlie came back from the dead. Gabi asks if she believes that Nick came back from the grave to bury Jake alive. They conclude that either people in this town are seeing things or those things really happened.

Melinda enters the interrogation room to confront Ava. Melinda asks Ava to read over her statement and sign it. Ava instead crumples it up and tosses it, saying she can’t sign it because what she told Rafe about her dead son killing Carmine wasn’t the truth. Melinda asks what is then. Ava suddenly responds that she’s guilty, she stabbed Carmine, and killed him. Melinda questions if Ava is confessing which she confirms. Melinda asks what the catch is. Ava claims she panicked when a former associate of hers was dead on the police commissioner’s floor. Melinda questions her making up a totally unbelievable lie. Ava repeats that she panicked. Melinda notes that she doesn’t look panicked now. Melinda asks Ava to tell her what did happen as she turns on her recorder. Ava explains that she was making dinner when Carmine showed up at the door, looking for a place to hide out after shooting Abe, but she told him that she couldn’t help him because she’s not part of the Vitali family anymore but he didn’t like her answer. Ava says she threatened to call Rafe and then Carmine tried to strangle her with a dish towel. Ava tries to show the marks on her neck but guesses they are fading. Melinda asks what happened next. Ava says she couldn’t breathe but knew she had to do something, so she grabbed the knife and stabbed him. Ava states that she was just trying to save herself, not kill the guy, so it was self defense. Melinda calls that a very compelling story, but she doesn’t believe a word of it.

Xander doesn’t care if Melinda keeps the money. Gwen tells him to look her in the eye and say that. Xander then admits he does care, but he’s not walking out on Gwen. Gwen calls that sweet. Xander calls Gwen the best thing that has happened to him in a long time. Gwen calls that sad. Xander argues that they are free, together, and better off than they were when they met. Gwen says that’s except for the fact that her father hates her. Xander encourages that Jack just needs to cool off and he’ll come around. Gwen says Xander wasn’t there today and there’s no fixing this one. Gwen then declares they won’t let Melinda get away with blackmailing him. Xander says he can’t exactly cry foul since they tried to blackmail the judge and it blew up in their faces. Xander adds that Melinda knows his hands are tied. Gwen thinks it will look odd if Melinda suddenly has an extra million dollars. Xander explains that Melinda is not keeping the money, but using it for a worthy cause in a legal defense fund for undocumented immigrants in memory of her dead daughter. Gwen wonders if Melinda is telling the truth. Xander explains that Melinda said she regrets not being the best mom to her daughter, just like Jack will regret it if he turns his back on Gwen. Xander wants to make Jack see that.

Brady is pretty sure that Kristen wants him to help her see Rachel and asks how he’s supposed to do that when Kristen just attempted to kidnap her. Chloe feels that he can’t. Brady says he has to tell Rachel that her mom is not taking her on a special trip and that her mom isn’t coming back. Chloe is sorry that he has to deal with that. Brady states that he can’t let Kristen back in to their lives and that he’s still in recovery, comparing Kristen to a line of cocaine. Chloe asks if he’s saying he’s not going to go see Kristen.

Philip tells Victor that he’s told him over and over what Chloe means to him, so he questions if Victor is really saying to his face that he’s glad she’s with Brady. Victor says for Philip’s sake, yes. Philip hopes whoever takes over Titan tries to burn it to the ground and that Victor has to stand there looking at the flames as he throws gasoline on the fire. Philip then storms out of the mansion.

Jack questions how Abigail could possibly want him to give Gwen another chance. Abigail thinks in putting this all together, that she finally understands what happened on the day that Gwen fell. Abigail goes over Dr. Snyder finding out Gwen’s miscarriage, so Gwen came looking for Chad, and she thinks that if Gwen found Chad instead of her, she might have told the truth about losing the baby and then they wouldn’t have had the argument that led to her falling down the stairs, so all the pain and misery would’ve been avoided. Jack asks about all the pain and misery that Abigail already suffered from Gwen drugging her, sleeping with Chad, and trying to destroy he and Jennifer’s marriage. Jack declares that Gwen has tried her best to tear this family apart and even if she’s begun to see the error of her ways, the choice is finally clear to him now thanks to Abigail. Jack asks Abigail not to apologize for making him see the light and to just accept his appreciation that she cares about him enough to help him see it. Jack then hugs Abigail.

Xander tells Gwen that he’s going to talk some sense in to Jack. Gwen tells him it won’t work and he’s already done so much for her. Xander says he’s doing this for Jack too and he knows Jack doesn’t want to lose her, so he’s going to make him see that. Xander kisses Gwen and tells her it will be okay as he then exits the room.

Gabi tells Jake that she can’t believe that last night she thought she lost him forever and now they are together in the house with Carmine dead, Philip dead in the water, and her company is still hers. Jake reminds Gabi that they did lose their jobs. Gabi assures they will find a new partner for Gabi Chic. Jake hopes so but says right now the only partner he can focus on is her as they kiss.

Ava questions Melinda not believing her and says that’s her problem. Melinda responds that it’s Ava’s problem. Ava argues that it’s her word against Carmine’s and he’s dead. Ava asks if Melinda is going to make a murder charge stick. Melinda tells her to leave that to her. Ava brings up her family history and warns Melinda to tread carefully. Melinda asks if that’s a threat. Ava calls it a fact as she knows a certain amount about the law, so if she brings charges against her, she will walk and Melinda will be humiliated. Ava says that Melinda can throw her in front of a grant jury if she’s inclined, but if it were her, she’d just be happy that she helped bring the man who shot Abe to justice and that Kristen DiMera is behind bars. Ava suggests Melinda quit while she’s ahead.

Xander goes to see Jack. Jack asks what he wants. Xander wants to have a word with him about forgiving Gwen and says he’s not leaving until he sees his way of thinking.

Gwen goes to the interrogation room. Melinda questions what she is doing there. Gwen knows Melinda has Xander’s million dollars, so she’s here to explain why she needs to give that back to him.

Ava goes home and complains about Jake and Gabi going at it. Gabi questions what Ava is doing there. Ava responds that she decided Gabi was right that Melinda wouldn’t believe her true story and statement, so she told her what she wanted to hear and here she is. Gabi asks if Rafe knows she’s here because she doubts she is still welcome in his house. Ava tells Gabi the same. Ava then decides she’s going to shower and remarks that she hopes Gabi has already taken one because there won’t be any hot water left.

Brady thanks Chloe for helping him figure out what he’s going to do. Brady texts the lawyer back that he does not want to see or hear from Kristen again. Chloe asks Brady if he will be okay if she leaves. Brady assures that he’s good and it will just take some time. Brady mentions that he was really glad she was there when he got the text as she soothes him and is a good friend. Chloe says the same to him. Brady tells her to go have a nice dinner with Philip because she deserves it.

Philip walks to the park where he and Chloe planted their new tree. Philip thinks back to them planting it. Philip then rips the tree out of the ground and throws it in to the lake.

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