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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Victor told Maggie that Ava was arrested for suspicion of killing Carmine. Victor was happy that she was behind bars. Justin came in and said the prison had some vacancy thanks to Victor and Steve. Justin said he wouldn’t be disbarred since Melinda dropped the charges against him. Maggie was glad and wanted to know what Melinda got out of it. Victor said he hired Steve to find Kristen to Melinda. Justin thanked him for what he did for him and Bonnie. Victor was shocked to see Bonnie out of prison. Victor said he only arranged for Justin and Xander to be released. Bonnie said Steve made arrangements so the deal would include her and Gwen. Justin told Victor that he thought he did something nice for a change. Victor said he did something nice. He said he didn’t do it for Bonnie. Maggie told Victor to let it go. She said Justin and Bonnie wanted to put the mess behind them. Justin wanted to get married. Bonnie was excited. Justin said he needed to call the justice of the peace. He said he had to call Steve and Kayla. When Justin and Bonnie left to change, Victor said he was going to kill Steve. Jack thanked Steve for coming through for him and getting Gwen out of prison. Steve said he owed Gwen a second chance wince he was given many changes. Jack said he has been given chances too. He said Gwen has changed. He said she was done lying and scheming. Gwen and Xander were released. Melinda told Gwen that she was out because of Steve and Victor. Melinda said she got the woman who murdered her daughter. When Melinda was about to leave, Xander told her about giving him his money back. She told him to come back in an hour.

Chad went to see Kristen. She asked where EJ was. Chad said he wasn’t coming. He gave her a letter from EJ. She read that EJ couldn’t take her case because it would look bad for business. He said he would help her behind the scenes. Kristen told Chad she was going to be in prison for the rest of her life without EJ’s help. Chad said he hired a good lawyer. She said EJ was a coward for not telling her to her face. She thanked Chad for coming to support her. She said she was in this mess because of Victor. She said she should stab him in the heart. Melinda went to the interrogation room. She rubbed it in that Kristen was going away for a long time. She said she was going to make sure of it. Kristen apologized for killing Hailey. She said it was an accident. Melinda told her to shut excuses. She said she lost her daughter because of her so she was returning the favor by taking Kristen away from Rachel. Abby wanted Kayla’s help to prove that Gwen was lying ti her father. Abby told her about Snyder blackmailing her for trafficking drugs to keep her father from finding out she was a prostitute. Abby said that was probably a lie. Abby said Gwen was hiding so something. She asked if she could look around Snyder’s office. Kayla let Abby in Snyder’s office. There was only his possesseions left. When Kayla left, Chad showed up. He helped her look around the office. He found a medical record in a book. Abby looked at it. She said it was Gwen’s miscarriage. Abby said the report of the on the exam and finding out about the miscarriage happened before their argument. They went to confront Gwen about it.

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