Days Short Recap Friday, November 5, 2021

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Recap written by Michele and Cheryl

Kayla told Steve about Abby’s suspicions about Gwen. She also told him about Abby searching Snyder’s office. Steve said he had to clear Gwen’s name because she’s his niece too. He said he was sorry that Gwen was still keeping secrets since Jack thought she changed. Melinda told Xander he could leave the police station with the money, but if he did, she would tell Jack about Gwen’s secret. Xander acted as if he didn’t know what she was talking about. She said she overheard his and Gwen’s conversation. She said she found out how and when Gwen lost her baby. Melinda said she was going to take the money and start a legal defense fund which would help undocumented immigrants in honor of her daughter. She said she couldn’t help her daughter, but she could help someone else. He said it was a good cause, but why did she have to do it with his money. She said it was payback for how much his lies and actions cost people money. She said he wasted her time with his criminal acts. He gave her the money. Abby and Chad confronted Gwen about her lies. Gwen said she didn’t know what she was talking about. Gwen said she didn’t understand why Abby was being so awful to her about that horrible night. Gwen said she fell down the stairs and lost her baby. Abby said both statements were true, but not in that order. Jack was confused about what was going on. He said everybody knew that Snyder was blackmailing Gwen because she was a prostitute. Abby wanted Gwen to tell him the truth. Abby wanted her to tell him that secret was one of her many lies. He asked why Gwen would lie. Chad said the truth was worse.

Abby asked why would Gwen being a hooker be so shocking given all the terrible things she did to their family? She said Snyder was using something bigger to blackmail Gwen. She said when they argued, Gwen wasn’t pregnant anymore. Jack asked Gwen if it was true. Gwen said Abby was off her medication. She said Abby lied. Gwen asked if she had proof. Abby pulled out the medical report proving her case. Gwen said she could have Abby arrested for stealing her file. Jack read the medical report and realized Abby was telling the truth. Chad asked Gwen how she could do something so terrible. He said Abby had nothing to do with what happened to the baby, but she made her think she did. He said Abby felt so guilty that she left him and their children. Gwen tried to defend herself, but it didn’t work. Abby said Gwen wasn’t raised by loving parents so she didn’t know how to love. Abby said she was a toxic person. She didn’t want Gwen in her life. Jack couldn’t believe he didn’t see it coming. He asked how he could be so blind. He asked Gwen how she could do this. Gwen said Abby was wrong when she said she didn’t know how to love. Jack said she didn’t know how to treat people. Gwen said she cared about him. She said he made her feel grateful and safe for the first time in her life. She said she lied to him because she was afraid of losing him. Gwen told Jack that she thought any love he had for her would have been gone when he found out the truth. She said she was right. She called him her father. He told her she didn’t have the right to call him that anymore. She ran out the room.

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